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  • Do students who do not plagiarise have a high level of engagement with, and interest in, their topic? home, may have some bearing on how easy it is to plagiarise or the level of engagement. — “Information use and secondary school students: a model for”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The verb plagiarise has one meaning: Meaning #1 : take without. — “plagiarise: Information from ”,
  • While there is little hard evidence of NDTV plagiarising content, the ease with which mainstream media can borrow concepts should and other blogs on INI towards the common cause of the Indian Right rather than shamelessly plagiarise. — “" Gujarat Fake encounter case - Journalists plagiarise from”,
  • Translations of plagiarise. plagiarise synonyms, plagiarise antonyms. Information about plagiarise in the free online English dictionary and plagiarise - take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property. — “plagiarise - definition of plagiarise by the Free Online”,
  • Plagiarise, Plagiarise, Plagiarise. Nov. 8th, 2010 at 5:14 PM. Hitler's take on the Cooks Source copyright theft saga. By an odd coincidence we caught the original film that's used in all these videos on SBS the other night. Sad to say we were. — “Inane Ramblings of a Demented Predator”,
  • DON'T PLAGIARISE. The current UCL definition of plagiarism, and the Why do students plagiarise? There are two main types of plagiarism – intentional. and. — “DON'T PLAGIARISE”,
  • 1: take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property [syn: plagiarize, lift] Kazarelth: @flyyoufools Not really - your tweet sounded like there was one and well ah***it Plagiarise tweet>. — “Plagiarise - Define Plagiarise at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Plagiarise cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Plagiarise Cartoons and Comics”,
  • The paper presents students' perceptions of plagiarism (intentional and unintentional), percentages of students plagiarising across different forms of assessment, and any correlations found between plagiarism and demographic, situational and perceptual factors. — “ASCILITE 2004: Alam - is plagiarism more prevalent in some”, .au
  • Plagiarise this! We bloggers have been so busy exposing plagiarists in the print media that we missed what was going on right here in the blogosphere. Amit Varma reports here about a creature who goes by the name Rohan Pinto (it could be his. — “Jabberwock: Plagiarise this!”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. plagiarise. — “Plagiarise - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • I've learnt about this blog a couple of months ago, but as it began to uncover more of Kong Hee's allegedly plagiarised articles, I began to feel a little disturbed. Underestand that I am not talking about copyright infringement, which is an entirely different issue. — “Did Kong Hee plagiarise? | The Online Citizen”,
  • An obscure Australian slang word used to define the act of taking something that isn't yours and claiming it as your own. Derived from the Aborigin To plagiarise. Comes from the name of G-Dragon, member of Korean boy band BIGBANG, who has been involved in a plagiarism scandal with his new song ". — “Urban Dictionary: plagiarise”,
  • Crime or confusion - why do students plagiarise? Crime or confusion - why do students plagiarise? As schools, libraries and homes connect to the Internet, the range of resources that students can access has grown exponentially. So also has the possibility for students to plagiarise. — “SCIS | Crime or confusion - why do students plagiarise?”,
  • In journalism, plagiarism is considered a breach of journalistic ethics, and reporters caught plagiarizing typically face disciplinary measures ranging from suspension to termination of employment. caught plagiarizing in academic or journalistic contexts claim that they plagiarized unintentionally, by. — “Plagiarism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Submit papers to be compared against a Web-built database, searched with a proprietary plagiarism detection algorithm. According to a survey by the Psychological Record 36% of undergraduates have admitted to plagiarizing written material. — “”,
  • The following are ten examples of reasons why students might plagiarise. However, particular problems arise if the institutional policy encourages students to plagiarise merely to see if they can get away with it. — “Why do students plagiarise? : JISC”,
  • [edit] Verb. to plagiarise (third-person singular simple present plagiarises, present plagiarising, simple past and past participle plagiarised). — “plagiarise - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of plagiarise in the Medical Dictionary. plagiarise explanation. Information about plagiarise in Free online English dictionary. What is plagiarise? Meaning of plagiarise medical term. What does plagiarise mean?. — “plagiarise - definition of plagiarise in the Medical”, medical-
  • plagiarise - Bukisa - Share your plagiarise Knowledge, Earn Money from publishing plagiarise content - Invite your Friends to join. — “plagiarise content - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money - Bukisa”,
  • Why do students plagiarise? It is fact that students are plagiarising but there are provide unparalleled opportunities for them to plagiarize but it can also be a powerful. — “Issues in Plagiarism for the New Millennium: An Assessment”,
  • One in four students have copied and pasted material from the internet into an essay and passed it off as their own work, a survey from the plagiarism watchdog revealed today. Quarter of students 'plagiarise essays'. — “Quarter of students 'plagiarise essays' | Education”,
  • Plagiarise definition, to take and use by plagiarism. See more. transitive verb : to copy and pass off (the expression of ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's work) without crediting the source plagiarized material —Smith v. Little, Brown & Co., 265 Federal Reporter Supp. — “Plagiarise | Define Plagiarise at ”,

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  • “If you have any concerns about the forum or website please contact [email protected] as · Do be aware of copyright regulations when posting on the forum”
    — Forum,

  • “Plagiarise till you become famous. And when plagiarism is then uncovered, feign ignorance R Golding & Norbert Faulkner play) ب. blog. print. share. rss. Recently by bubbly. Comments”
    — Cameron's Avatar Plagiarised From Terra Incognita,

  • “LTC Blog. How many students plagiarise? And how big a deal is it? Also worth checking out is the blog Ch-Ch-Ch Changing Librarian which argues that”
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  • “Plagiarise this: UK universities may use law to validate submissions - ZDNet (blog) Plagiarise this: UK universities may use law to validate submissions ZDNet (blog)With”
    Plagiarise this: UK universities may use law to validate,

  • “So why do some photographers feel the urge to plagiarise? We all plagiarise, and like everything else, it's just how well we do it, finding new”
    — Why plagiarise? : Tom Hoops Blog,

  • “With plagiarism detection software under UK law, either students can hand over their intellectual property rights and potentially succeed, or refuse”
    Plagiarise this: UK universities may use law to validate,

  • “Teddy, "I did not plagiarise anything": Friday September 25, 2009 Korea Group: Forum Seniors. Posts: 7,196. Joined: 31-December 05. AFzs 946. Posted 27 September 2009 - 09:59 AM. Who would want to be in that situation?! Teddy is not stupid. With all those hits that he arranged, he proves to be really”
    — Teddy, "I did not plagiarise anything" - AsianFanatics Forum,

  • “A look at 12 of the most uncanny cinematic identical twins. Film Blog. Community. Cinema Listings. Home > Film Blog > Can you plagiarise yourself? Hollywood can. Can you plagiarise yourself? Hollywood can. Can you plagiarise yourself? Hollywood can. A look at 12 of the most uncanny cinematic”
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  • “Clone But Don't Plagiarise. One of the psychological barriers that stop people from Andrew Forshaw's blog. Delicious. Digg. Google. Yahoo. Technorati. So what do you think!”
    — Clone But Don't Plagiarise | Brackenhill - Leading Graphic,

  • “Plagiarise and you will be found out - While doing a routine check on my Alexa stats, I decided to look at some of my blog's backlinks that Alexa lists. One of the sites listed had decide”
    — LittleFish Web Design Blog " Blog Archive " Plagiarise and,

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