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  • Definition of pistil in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pistil. Pronunciation of pistil. Translations of pistil. pistil synonyms, pistil antonyms. Information about pistil in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “pistil - definition of pistil by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • Definition of pistil from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of pistil. Pronunciation of pistil. Definition of the word pistil. Origin of the word pistil. — “pistil - Definition of pistil at ”,
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  • pistil (plant anatomy), the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules; a. — “pistil (plant anatomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The Pistil, which is also known scientifically as the gynoecia, is a part of the flower that is associated with female reproduction. This part of the flower is usually found in the center of the flower with numerous stamen, or male parts, surrounding it. — “Pistil”,
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  • pistil (plural pistils) (botany) A discrete organ in the center of a flower which receives the pollen and produces a fruit, consisting of one or more fused carpels. Some plant species have more than one pistil per flower. [edit] Translations. — “pistil - Wiktionary”,
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  • Because of this difficulty in interpreting carpel number and arrangement, some people use the term pistil (from Latin pistillum meaning pestle) to describe the visible structure(s) in a gynoecium. Longitudinal section of carpellate flower of squash showing ovary, ovules, pistil, and petals. — “Gynoecium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Pistil. Information about Pistil in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Pistil definition of Pistil in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • PISTIL: The central female reproductive organ around which the other flower parts are arranged. At the base is the ovary, where the seeds develop. A long style extends from this. The tip is swollen and flared to form the stigma. The stigma receives the pollen. Also see: Ovary, Stigma, Style. — “Daylily Dictionary: Pistil”,
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  • Pistil definition, the ovule-bearing or seed-bearing female organ of a flower, consisting when complete of ovary, style, and stigma. See more. — “Pistil | Define Pistil at ”,
  • The pistil is usually called the female reproductive organ of a flowering plant, although the actual reproductive structures are microscopic. A pistil is composed of one or more highly modified leaves (carpels), each containing one or more ovules. — “pistil — ”,
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  • pistil n. The female, ovule-bearing organ of a flower, including the stigma, style, and ovary. [French, from New Latin pistillum , from Latin,. — “pistil: Definition from ”,
  • A flower may have one or more pistils which consist of a basal portion called the ovary which contains the embryo seeds or ovules and area where the pollen is received called the stigma. The pistil consists of ovule-bearing basic units called carpels. — “The parts of a flower - pistil”, botany.uwc.ac.za

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  • 12" double petal with pistil 12" double petal with pistil shell. Outer petal - Aqua to silver chrysanthemum Inner petal - Purple to Green Pistil - Silver flitter. Shot at the May '08 Crackerjacks shoot. Windy night.
  • Winter Hats from Pistil, Shred Alert and SmartWool! Created on January 7, 2010 using FlipShare. SmartWool Flecker Hat: Pistil Nolan: Pistil Cable Wristlet: Shred Alert:
  • Multibreak BP Rocket - 3" Red (Blue Pistil) and TT/Ti to 5 Ti Salutes YAY! first ever Round ball shell and Cylindrical shell Combo! The 3" round shell, with the stars iginted, with a fairly clean break? (very windy), which in turn ignited the spolette for the cylindrical shell that contained the 5 salutes (supposed to be in a ring, but the break angle didnt allow the effect), which probably could have done with a shorter burn on the timing, but overall really chuffed! Enjoy!
  • 5" Glitter shell with red pistil 5" shell with pop glitter rising (mine style) effect, and D1 glitter outer with buell red pistil
  • 5'' violet stars with willow pistil shell Amazing amateur shell with beautiful willow pistil and little pale violet stars.
  • Scene Two: Pistil Eden: Earl Haig's 25th Annual Fashion Design Awards Designs by Emma Hargadon Choreography by Lee Levine-Poch and Shayna Levine-Poch
  • 12" double petal w/ pistil 12" double petal w/ pistil and tail. Aqua to silver chrysanthemum with green inner petal, gold strobe pistil. Silver tail. Made and shot back in 2005.
  • Pistil Violet 7695120 Product Description: # You're sure to turn heads in the Pistil™ Violet cap. # A brimmed cap with intricate knitted flower details for added feminine flair. # Tab logo on side. # Stretch to fit. # Circumference: 23". # Materials: 9.6% spandex, 4.2% mohair, 5.8% wool, 72.9% acrylic, 7.5% nylon. # Hand wash, lay flat to dry. # 2.00 oz.
  • Pistil Chickadee Beanie 7695136 Product Description: # You'll surely look sweet with the enticing and serene Chickadee from Pistil™! # A charming beanie made of one-of-a-kind Lana Cotta boiled wool. # Sweet bird details adorn the beanie. # Interior lining offers added comfort. # Made in Italy. # 100% wool. # 2.00 oz.
  • Pistil Blitz Beanie 7695157 Product Description: # The simplistic looks of the Pistil™ Blitz Beanie are sure to pair with anything in your closet. # A classic beanie made of Lana Cotta boiled wool. # Interior lining. # Embroidered logo on side. # Stretch to fit. # Circumference: 20". # Made in Italy. # Materials: 100% wool. # Washing instructions: - Hand wash. - Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. # 2.00 oz.
  • Latte pistil noche de fiesta chandler community college april 17 2009
  • Fireworks Shell:7"crackling pistil to multicolor blooming mine with multicolor blooming dragon eggs 7"Display Shell: Effect:crackling pistil to multicolor blooming mine with multicolor blooming dragon eggs
  • 5" tigertail with lampblack and pistil a 5" canister shell fired in a little to windy weather
  • Experimental Aerial Shell - "glitter with red pistil" This was a small (1 3/4") plastic ball shell with an inner petal of red falling leaves fuse and an outer petal of glitter stars. The glitter stars were not real consistant; they were more or less random crumbs. The result was still kind of cool though.
  • Quel heurt est-il ? (Mme Pistil) France 2002, 8'17" DVCam, comedy/experimental. Boys, girls, urban furniture and household objects...
  • Pistil Fee Beanie 7695162 Product Description: # Style doesn't cost a thing when you're in the Pistil™ Fee Beanie. # A classic knitted beanie with a mini brim. # Tab logo on back. # Stretch to fit. # Circumference: 18". # Made in Argentina. # Materials: 100% acrylic. # Washing instructions: - Machine wash cold. - Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.
  • Burst Pistil - 'Jean Genet' The latest opus from Burst Pistil.
  • "The Pistil Of The Pistol" by "Post Modern Dead Era" All music written, recorded and performed by Tyler Dedera.
  • Pistil Otto Beanie 7695158 Product Description: * Add simple style to even the most complex man in the Pistil™ Otto Beanie. * A traditional, knit beanie with clean, classic lines, made of Lana Cotta boiled wool. * Interior lining. * Embroidered logo on side. * Stretch to fit. * Circumference: 23". * Made in Italy. * Materials: 100% wool. * Hand wash, lay flat to dry. * 2.00 oz.
  • 5'' red stars and TT pistil shell Beautiful shell with small red stars (many different formulas, TT pistil and TT to red star ring. Cloudy sky :(
  • 6 inch Thousand Flashing Salutes with Crackling Pistil Ok just so you know if the Chinese say it is 1000 salutes it means 10 salutes. But when them ***es charge you 1000 dollars for fireworks it really means 1000 dollars. They got a similar trick with the firecrackers when they count them also. Can we say "Chinese Fuzzy Math". Still a great display shell.
  • WECO 8 Inch Brocade Crown with Crackling Pistil
  • Pistil at Local 506 Pistil at Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC 4/1/10.
  • Salvo 8 - 1x 4 inch Meganta w silver pistil 1x 4 inch lemon peony 1x 3 inch white peony 1x 4 inch Meganta w silver pistil 1x 4 inch lemon peony 1x 3 inch white peony Mooie shells
  • Hot Proboscis on Pistil Action: Nectar Blossom *** Some 1080 and Slo Mo Proboscis on Pistil action. Check out the ecstatic wing clapping as he thrusts his apparatus all the way into her nectaries and sucks up that sweet juice. Her carpel will never be the same. This butterfly gets the whole bush rocking.
  • 5 inch canister shell Golden Streamer / Fuchsia Pistil 5 inch canister shell Golden Streamer / Fuchsia Pistil 20 gram flash booster The comet fell off and I thought that was the shell, for a brief moment I was thinking 'huh, that was supposed to be enough lift?' too bad but I still filmed it quite ok. I made this for my brothers bachelor party, but during the day my best friend called and told me his mother died after a long time of being sick. I left the party and we fired the shell as a final salute to his mother. His father and sister watched the shell from about half a mile and they were real thankful, tears in their eyes, remembering how their mother/wife loved the color pink. The father said he will never forget this. Fireworks, how magical!
  • pistil off santa
  • Pistil Pima Beanie 7695128 Product Description: * You'll simply adore the cute simplicity of the Pima Beanie from Pistil™. * A traditional knitted beanie with a tasseled, pom-pom accent. * Tab logo on side. * Stretch to fit. * Circumference: 22". * Materials: 70% acrylic, 30% wool.
  • purple 130 mm with green pistil.avi Purple 130 mm peony with green core(pistil) and kyoku do( win 11 on red core) Stars with magnalium and perchlorate, binding with red gum. Bursting charge = KP coated on cotton seeds. Weight od shell = 1100 g ang 10% homemade lift.
  • Pistil Cabbie 7695108 Product Description: # Zoom around town in simple, clean style with the Cabbie cap from Pistil™. # Cabbie-inspired style hat with a feminine button accent. # Cute, floral printed interior lining. # Embroidered Pistil logo on side. # One size. # Elastic back for a better fit. # Circumference: 15". # Materials: 60% wool, 40% polyester.
  • Wren at Pistil Meadow Wren at Pistil Meadow ... Filmed in May 2010 at Pistil Meadow, The Lizard, Cornwall ... Video Produced by Goldfinch Garden ( Wildlife in Cornwall )
  • The Es*** - Pistil @ Spike Hill 2.26.2011 Ken Herman, Guitar Matt Leskovic, Trumpet Ben Markowitz, Bass Adam McKee, Drums Dan Reitz, Trombone Dalton Ridenhour, Nord Electro John Ritchie, Alto Sax
  • Epic Fireworks - Razor Rocket - Red Ring To Red Crossettes With Time Rain Pistil Razor Rocket -
  • Burst Pistil - 'Ghosts in Static' Ghosts in static by Burst Pistil.
  • Pistil Ingrid Beanie 7695129 Product Description: # You'll get the warm and fuzzies each time you slip on the Ingrid Beanie from Pistil™. # Knitted, luxe acrylic beanie with contoured shape and tassel accents. # Internal lining. # Tab Pistil label on the back. # Stretch to fit. # Circumference: 18". # Materials: 100% acrylic. # Washing instructions: - Hand wash, lay flat to dry. - Do not bleach. - Do not iron. # 2.00 oz.
  • 6" Nishiki Kamuro w/Green Pistil Fireworks descriptions have been based on flowers (chrysanthemum, peony, etc.) to describe the layers. For more info and better quality videos check our the website.
  • Szelka 6'' UD5621 Brocade crown to red with glitter pistil (Arka)
  • Pistil Wren 7695117 Product Description: * It's cold, miserable and ugly outside and you're thinking this day is definitely for the birds! It's not a total loss; protect yourself against the elements with the Wren women's cap from pistil™ and see if your mood doesn't change. * Features a chunky, hand-knit looking cap with a modern, contemporary design. * Fits well around the ears for added warmth and comfort. * 100% acrylic * Circumference: 18"
  • 100S Cake-Wave Willow with Color Strobe Pistil with Brocade Crown Tail Wave Willow with Color Strobe Pistil with Brocade Crown Tail

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