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  • It is a strongly aromatic evergreen shrub, growing to seven feet in height producing narrow, dark green, pinelike leaves and tiny, pinkish-purple, orchid-like flowers along its stems. Rosemary is one of a small genus that has four species of Mediterranean evergreens. — “Rosemary”,
  • Lingonberries grow wild in forests all over Scandinavia— they have a tartness similar to cranberries but with an earthy, pinelike undertone. — “Sabayon Lingonberry Mousse: 2000s Recipes + Menus : ”,
  • No results found for "pinelike" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “pinelike definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Ephedra information and resource guide. Find out more about the benefits of Ephedra herb. This herb comes from the ephedra species-an evergreen with a pinelike odor that grows in certain desert regions of Asia and the United States. — “Ephedra Herb - Uses And Side Effects”, best-home-
  • Pinelike definition, any evergreen, coniferous tree of the genus Pinus, having long, needle-shaped leaves, certain species of which yield timber, turpentine, tar See more. — “Pinelike | Define Pinelike at ”,
  • Articles. Pinelike, sweet, savory. Squah Blossom, Cucurbito pep species. Salads, sautés, stuffed/battered. Sweet, nectar flavor. Thyme, Thymus vulgaris. Add to Salads, and for making teas. Lemony, adds a nice light scent. Violet, Viola species. — “Eden Florist and Gift Baskets - Articles - Edible Flower Chart”,
  • Coffee (Coffea arabica), banana (Musa x paradisiaca), and cacao (Theobroma cacao), are a few such. Some may not recognize our rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) and cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) plants at first glance. It is a cycad with fernlike leaves and pinelike cones, and was planted as early as 1896,. — “Botanic Garden at Smith College, Palm House”,
  • First 150 characters of the entry text (finishing all words that are started) The so-called kauri pine, although pinelike in appearance, belongs to another family (see monkey-puzzle tree). — “Entry - Facts from the Encyclopedia on Yahoo! Kids”,
  • Learn to cook with these and you'll never go back to dried. Flavor: pinelike with slight sweetness. Fast fix: Chop and sprinkle onto potatoes or vegetables before roasting; bake into bread. — “How to Use Fresh Herbs - Cooking Tips - Every Day with”,
  • Acorus gramineus Variegatus is available at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery Named for the pleasant, pinelike fragrance that emanates from the entire plant, Acorus is neither a grass nor. — “Acorus gramineus Variegatus at Digging Dog Nursery | White”,
  • A hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub, creeping rosemary has a prostrate habit and attractive flowers and fragrance. This plant is loved for its strong pinelike flavor and fragrance. — “Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus' (Creeping rosemary”,
  • Stomp out stinky gym shoe odor - Ask the experts: answers to your questions from the Leaders in Natural Medicine - odor-absorbing powder - Brief Article from Natural Health provided by Find of bergamot essential oil combined with the spicy pinelike scent of cypress will make your sneakers smell. — “Stomp out stinky gym shoe odor - Ask the experts: answers to”,
  • Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area - About 225 million years ago this area was a vast floodplain crossed by many streams. Tall, stately, pinelike trees grew here, sheltering a myriad of r. — “ - Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area”,
  • Lingonberries grow wild in forests all over Scandinavia — they have a tartness similar to cranberries but with an earthy, pinelike undertone. Active time: 45 min Start to finish: 2 3/4 hr Servings: Makes 8 servings. subscribe to Gourmet. — “How do you make lingonberry mousse cake?”,
  • Casuarinaceae (plant family), the beefwood family of dicotyledonous flowering plants, with two genera (Casuarina, 30 species; Gymnostoma, 20 species) of trees and shrubs, many of which have a distinctly pinelike aspect when seen from afar. They. — “Casuarinaceae (plant family) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • A narrowly conical tree 12-23 m tall, with a spire-like crown. Bark gray, thin, smooth, in age often becoming broken into irregular brownish scales. Needles 1-ranked particularly on lower branches to spiraled, curved upwards on branchlets exposed. — “Zodiac signs Astrology and Plants - Trees Fir Tree”,
  • Cascades of rosemary emit a pungent pinelike aroma with a woody camphoraceous note. This aromatic shrub, Rosmarinus officinalis, has scaly bark and dense, leathery needlelike leaves. Tiny pale blue blossoms abound from December through spring. — “Rosemary - Aromatherapy - iVillage”,
  • The name for this versatile herb comes from the Latin ros maris or "dew of the sea. With its pinelike, camphor flavor, rosemary is more potent than most herbs, and its flavor is not subdued by cooking. — “ShopRite Supermarkets”,
  • We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word pinelike: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "pinelike" is defined. — “Definitions of pinelike - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Scent: Pungent, herbaceous, peppery, pinelike, camphorlike. • Warms and relaxes tight and sore muscles (draws blood to area to Helps increase circulation and release fluid retention (e.g., during. — “Juniper Oils - Juniper Essential Oil”,
  • is newstalk radio's homepage. The internet home of John Gambling, Joan Hamburg, Steve Malzberg, Dr. Joy Browne, and many others. Pinelike rosemary, rarely used with fish, complements salmon's rich flavor, and is especially appropriate since the word rosemary means "dew of the. — “Main Course Seafood - WOR News Talk Radio 710 HD”,
  • araucaria n. Any of several evergreen coniferous trees of the genus Araucaria native to South America and Australia, having awl-shaped leaves and Any pinelike coniferous plant (see conifer) of the genus Araucaria (family Araucariaceae). — “araucaria: Definition from ”,
  • This delightful herb has light blue flowers and gray-green foliage with a delightful pinelike aroma. This upright rosemary has gray-green foliage with a pinelike aroma and long-lasting flowers. — “R”,

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  • CigarBox Guitar: come home to the blues KitchenGuitars 004."come home to the blues" 3 string cigarbox guitar. 25.5 inch scale hardwood neck with 16 silver frets. custom made 12 inch box, pietzo pick-up and handmade bamboo beading. tuned Dad light as a feather and a real sweet tone
  • oh my gosh there's people running out of the tunnel at Sugar Pine like crazy people all the while being watched by strangers.
  • Part4 of Blunt Extravaganza Series-Lighting The Blunt /Smoking Yes and now were smoking the blunt looks very nice and tasted pretty good too had a pine like smell and taste along with the grapes gone wild blunt wrap, since this blunt and the upload of this vid i have smoked three more =P i missed smoking blunts
  • The Plantations at Pine Lake Apartments - Tallahassee Tallahassee apartments - The Plantations at Pine Lake apartments for rent in Tallahassee, FL. Get into the swing of things! Call 866.665.3059 or Visit for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability. Capture the ease of the old south at The Plantations at Pine Lake Apartment Homes. Rolling hills lined with majestic oaks, cascading Spanish moss and architectural pillars surround you at this extraordinary community. Conveniently located at major highways, fine dining, shopping and excellent schools, The Plantations at Pine Lake is a place you'll proudly call "home". Spend the afternoon rocking your cares away on our country porch or just relax poolside. Spacious one and two bedroom floor plans feature designer kitchens with breakfast bar islands, microwaves, fireplaces, carpeting, washer/dryer connections and much, much more. Our staff will charm you, southern-style, with our prompt, courteous and professional service. Come to The Plantations at Pine Lake ...and make yourself at home. Special: Free Application!
  • Harbor Town-Original Song by Tom Cellie about New England Growing up in New England was the best! I have lived in Kansas City for 11 years and it has been ages since I went home. I lived just blocks from the ocean in a town called Beverly just 8 miles south of Gloucester which has a major fishing industry. I spent many weekends driving up the coast to Gloucester and points north. It's literally like a postcard and I wanted to put that postcard into a song. I hope this song gives a visual of what its like in New England at winter. This is a live run with MANY mistakes. Please forgive the dingers on the guitar, when I get inspired for the words I need to record them in a hurry so as not to forget the the melody and embellishments. So maybe one of these days this song will really be produced,,,until then...its just another ugly baby ;-) Click "read More" for the lyrics The main pavilion's frozen The sidewalks all covered in snow Made dirty by the people that come and go living lives they wished were different passing by with no commitment The harbor in this sleepy town resonates with familiar sounds as the heartbeat of the northern coast calls the fisherman to board their boats and a bittersweet dawn lights the frozen ground for the people in this place called harbor town Well at least we got the seasons Cept the winters here can get as cold as hell and the jobs ran so far back I can't tell But I'd never leave for nothing cause at least our history's something The salt air in this frozen town drapes the people like a royal gown and ...
  • How to Build a Table With Removable Legs : How to Attach Table Leg Braces Learn how to attach table leg braces in this free carpentry and woodworking video. Expert: Michael Etzrodd Bio: Professor Michael Etzrodd is Assistant Technical Director for the USC School of Theater. He builds stage sets & props, & also teaches carpentry. He has 14 years of woodworking experience. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • Custom Crafted Cigar Box Guitar by D Guitars Miami Here we have a custom crafted Cohibacaster cigar box guitar built by Master luthier Doron Markowitz of D Guitars Miami!! Check us out at /dguitarsmiami. You'll notice the antique doubloon inlaid at the headstock, a trademark of D Guitars Miami, so you know that owning a custom crafted guitar from D Guitars Miami is like owning a piece of treasure!! This is number 002, completed on 10-19-07. What makes this cbg unique is the fact that it is a true "shred box" in every sense of the word. It has an extremely comfortable 6 string maple neck w/a soft "v" shape and rosewood fretboard with a gorgeous grain, and low, fast action, enclosed chrome, a GFS Dream 180 humbucking pickup in the bridge, and a 60's Teisco single coil in the neck for any tones ranging from hot electric guitar leads, to serious bluesman-approved honk. The body is made out of a Bolivar box with brass corners, and modified arm rest. This is semi-hollow, so yes, you can strum this acoustically as well. The controls consist of a 3 way tele pickup selector, volume control w/a Pignose knob!! Additional hardware includes, sink drain sound hole screen, chrome trapeze tailpiece, antique-style brass skeleton key bridge saddle with perfect intonation , currently setup with 11 gauge strings tuned to standard tuning, chrome contemporary strap buttons, and a picture hanger loop on the back of the headstock so when you aren't playing your Cohibacaster, you can hang it on the included picture hanger hook in ...
  • "Huizen" Miserablebloke's photos around Huizen, Netherlands (yacht marina huizen netherland) Preview of Miserablebloke's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Huizen, Netherlands Entry Title: "Huizen" Entry: "Comes for our annual global sales meeting. As usual, our TB has chosen a very nice place (last place he chose for us is Kijkduin, a Den Haag North Sea beach suburb) for this. Well not exactly him but I'm always surprised that in a place which gives dull, industrialized region like Holland-hoek, we can still find a place as beautiful as this. Hotel Newport is a very nice hotel. Unless I'm deeply mistaken, the hotel is an all-suite hotel. Huge rooms, very nicely appointed, with ensuite kitchen and livingroom. Unfortunately I do not exactly know how much the cost since our biz secretary only said we got "a very special rate" and not divulging anything more. Huizen is a small town next to a big lake (Huizen lake?). Hotel Newport is not an easy one to find, as it involves taking a dirt road that only leads to this hotel and apartment complex. Having said that, the hotel complex itself must be a very upmarket place, having its direct access to a marina where plenty of yachts are moored. On my first day I took a walk around the hotel. Drizzling, as I expect Holland would be in September, but nice nonetheless. Walked around the marina, then doubling back towards the white-sands lake-beach. The pine-like trees made interesting sounds - whispey ...
  • Handbuilt Guitar Demo - Masonite Delight 1 of 2 (clean) by Brandon Long A demo of a semi-hollow guitar that I made using masonite and pine-like the old Silvertones. Peavey Super Ferrite pickups give this guitar a lot of bite and twang, making it pretty nice for garage/blues tones. The paint and overall look of the guitar is distressed to make it look much older. Some highlights include an oven knob for a master volume knob, a pickguard and pickup rings made from an old metal can, and a sawed-off tele bridge.
  • Alexander Velky ...Has Doubts - Never Knowingly Undersold Never Knowingly Undersold From the cradle to the grave You'll always be my favourite slave. Your life: a creaky corridor, All too short, towards death's door; I am your wallpaper If you can afford me. I am your ferry, man; Come and climb aboard me! Pay me now and I promise Not to dump you overboard: You are my gentle little lamb, I am your shepherd: I am your lord. I can be your grimacing reaper, I can be your girlish guide, If you find a Sherpa cheaper I will commit suicide: I will fall upon my sword, Cut my own umbilical chord With my milk-white, pearl-bright teeth. I will bury me beneath The foundations of your maisonette; I will be the rotting zombie Of your lukewarm regret: Yes, you will say, I felt it before: I now know that in that instance I should have paid a little more. I was wrong, you will say, And I'll be there to take your hand, And say hush, now, little customer, And though I'll never understand Why from your ocular organs You are leaking all that brine I can say: here's a tissue, That'll be two ninety nine. You may be a woman, You may be a man, You may be a grandson, You may be a gran, You may be an hermaphroditic dwarf with piles For all I care: I will provide you with designer tiles And product for your hair. And a million types of candle, None of which smell of wax, At seasonably reasonable prices Including value added tax. My time is your effort, My space is your time, My love is your liquor, My law is your crime. You'll take what I give you, pay what ...
  • Barsaat (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 10 Subscribe: For More Entertainment; Facebook: Barsaat Full Movie, English Subtitle, Hindi Movie, Watch Online, SominalTv, SominalTvTheater, Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu
  • MR PINE! Mr Pine Like You've Never Seen Mr Pine Before!!!
  • How to Make a Finger Joint Box : Rounding Box Joint Edges with a Router Rounding box joint edges makes the finger joint box look a little more interesting. Learn how to round box joint edges with a router in this free woodworking video. Expert: Michael McGeary Bio: Michael is a musician, artist, and woodworker in Austin, TX. He has been designing and building furniture for 25 years. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • Harbor Town (LIVE) Original by Tom Cellie new england Harbor Town is a fictional place that exists in my mind. It is inspired of course by real experiences and places I have been growing up in New England. In Harbor Town life is harsh but the people still would never leave because the spirit of the town IS the people and their ancestors before them. New England is rife with history and New Englanders EMBRACE their past like nowhere else I have been in America. I'm like that myself. I have lived in the Mid West 11 years and I can STILL smell the salt air that would permeate the upstairs of my house in the evening as we were just 5 blocks from the beach in Beverly, Ma. I remember vividly the summers we spent on the grass at Dane Street Beach or the sensory overload of jumping into 45 degree water to swim out to the raft (a floating dock chained to the beach that the city would put out for the summer every year) on a 90 degree day just to lie on the warm boards and dry in the sun only to brave the freezing water when you had to go back to shore. I remember partying on the Jetty in the evening and tying rope around a 12 pack of beer so we could keep it cold by submerging it in the freezing water. I remember summer nights partying on any number of yachts that were docked at Jubilee Yacht Club in Beverly as my best friend John did odd jobs at the club. Oh if those boat owners only knew what we did on their boats when they were home in their seaside mansions sleeping with their families. Honestly I have post card memories and I ...
  • "The Flaming Cliffs / Ongi Monastery" Wareameye's photos around Ongiin Khiid, Mongolia (omnogovi) Preview of Wareameye's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Ongiin Khiid, Mongolia Entry Title: "The Flaming Cliffs / Ongi Monastery" Entry: "Friday, July 6, 2007 The Flaming Cliffs / Ongi Monastery Dear Readers: It is amazing how much rain we are encountering in the Gobi Desert! Today it rains buckets, but always timed for when we are eating or driving, rather than when we are out walking or sightseeing. We have a long drive today, and it is not even the longest one of the tour. It can be a bit trying if you are feeling impatient to get somewhere, but the beauty of this tour is in how this place calms you down and teaches you to appreciate the immensity of nature. The lead driver is the oldest of the four. I ask our guide how old she thinks he is. She says he is over 60. I comment on the fact that there does not seem to be a gray hair on his head. Oyunaa says that Mongolian men get gray hair very late in life because they are not too stressed. It is true. He and the other drivers speak softly and gently and don't seem to get too excited about anything. Kilometer after kilometer rolls past. The scene is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors and mountains and clouds and rain and animals roaming freely across the vast open spaces. We talk and listen to music, but often are silent for napping or contemplating the beauty of the moment. The Gobi is ...
  • Making Essential Oil on the Farm. Douglas Fir smells like sweet lemons with a pine-like background. Its good for essential oil blends with lemon or citrus to back up other citrus oils and lend more "staying power" in your citrus scents. (Citrus fruit oils lose scent rapidly) Read more about Douglas Fir uses below: Rainier Distillers website: Tell him Bonnie sent you! Rainier Distillers Youtube: More info on Douglas Fir EO: Extracted from the needles by steam distillation. Scent is crisp, clean resinous and citrus. Use hydrosol in a mist bottle to reduce severity of hot flashes. When traveling use to freshen rental cars and hotel rooms. Use in your home for freshening scent, Mind/Body Aromatherapy use: Meditation, focus, clarity, arousing, awakening, feelings of empowerment. Medical use: May be beneficial for asthma, bronchitis, cough, depression, hemorrhoids, stress-reduction, urinary infection. May increase production of human growth hormone and reduce cortisol production. Cortisol reduction may be beneficial in weight loss in the abdomen area. Used for muscular or rheumatic pain, external treatment of burns, sores and cough. We do not make any medicinal or cosmetic claims on our essential oils. Not evaluated by the FDA. These statements are a compilation of research into traditional, cultural and/or aromatherapy uses of Douglas Fir Essential Oil and Hydrosol. Essential Oils and Hydrosol Available at
  • Ты у меня одна, Визбор / You're One and Only Mine, Vizbor (Subs by V. Chetin) Thank you Edgar. Oleg Mityajev sings a song by Yuri Vizbor YOU'RE ONE AND ONLY MINE You're one and only mine Luna-like in the night, Pine-like in open wilds, Spring-like in a year cycle. There has never been Suchlike across a stream, Or beyond foggy blinds Or beyond distant climes. Wires above, in rime, Cities, by dusk entwined. Here, the Star's up high So that to always shine So that to light through gales, So that to lay the bed, So that to rock all night Our little daughters cradle. What a surprising bend River's a sudden made! You may deprive of rest, Give up and then forget. You may pay off your debts, You may love someone else Or quit without regret, Only do shine your best!
  • Brad discusses Great Jones by Bond no.9 A fresh orangy pine-like scent
  • phineas gauge - i pine like tree phineas gauge kicks ass
  • Fishing: Part 1 Pontoon boat scenes: Pine Like, Plainwell, MI Pontoon boat - "The Minnow" - furnished by Pine Lake Boat and Motor Bluegill fishing scenes: Austin Lake, Portage, MI (also known as Fish Lake, due to the number of fish in the lake)
  • x-mas freeverse dressed like santa claus comin in ya house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse santas lil helpers out by the sleigh we gon rob ya goodies and haul them away sippin on the egg nog blowing on the pine still keep it gangster at christmas time ....(pause)...... at christmas time .still keep it gangster at christmas time keep it gangster at christmas time but all year long I blow that pine like I said before im on my grind we party hard aint no silent night downing some egg nog I got the fire so u get the logs flippin this money like pogs so icey call me frosty hater get mad shake em off me underneath the mistletoe u cant kiss my lips but u can kiss my dick ohh wrap it so im sterile beat it so hard swore I made her christmas carol beat thanks to labmatik
  • Tubing on Big Pine Lake Just another fun summer day tubing behind the boat and getting some air.
  • Aradhana Dashing pilot Arun - Rajesh Khanna loves Vandana Tripathi - Sharmila Tagore, they become very intimate, and as a result Vandana gets pregnant. Arun and Vandana have a quiet wedding ceremony in the temple, and Arun leaves to re-join his duties. Unfortunately, Arun is killed, and Vandana is unable to convince anyone of her marriage with him, and as such must re-locate to hide her shame. She gives birth to a baby boy, whom she must place in an orphanage to be adopted. Unfortunately for her, the boy, Suraj, is adopted by someone else. She manages to find out their whereabouts, and gets a job as a servant. When she is about to be molested by Shyam, a relative, Suraj witnesses this, and kills him. Vandana takes the blame for this killing and is sentenced to imprisonment, leaving her son and her life behind, for a crime she did not commit. When she returns everything has changed, and she is unable to locate the family where her son was. Fantastic music and a dashing leading man aside, the main reason why Aradhana works is perhaps because of the wonderful story line and direction.
  • Cordwell's Tree Service Large Pine Removal John Cordwell Taking Down a Big Ass Pine, Like a Machine.
  • "Diversion through the Lake District of Argentina" Thymeoff's photos around Villa La Angostura Preview of Thymeoff's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Villa La Angostura, Argentina Entry Title: "Diversion through the Lake District of Argentina" Entry: "With memories of the Peruvian government's inflexibility regarding our van permit extension still vivid in our minds, we were very aware of the approaching three month deadline on our Chilean permit. To avoid the possible frustration and hassle of an in-country renewal, we decided to make a slight detour to Argentina. Re-entry into Chile would then provide an automatic additional three months. Sixty-nine km after leaving Pucón behind, we experienced the quickest and most civilized border crossing since leaving Canada just over a year ago. In complete contrast to the considerable time and money spent at each border crossing in Central America, the Chile-Argentina customs and immigration formalities at Paso Mamuil Malal left us feeling totally relaxed. Perhaps the customs officials were somewhat humbled by snow-capped Volcán Lanín, rising majestically beyond their handsome and recently constructed wood and stone offices. Minutes later, having entered the Parque Nacional de Lanín, we were straining our necks to catch better glimpses of the volcano, and marvelling at the immense stands of the convoluted monkey puzzle trees (Araucaria araucana). Fairly unique to this area of the world, they are ...
  • Corker's Creek The overcast sky shed a muted gleam through the trees of the Shad Landing State Park, causing the atmosphere along Corker's Creek to be all the more eerie. Lining the banks were many cypress trees, their gnarled black roots -- the cypress knees -- jutting up from among the shallows of the water. It felt as though we were engulfed in the bony fingers of wooden giants hiding in the swamp. Fresh pine-like scent filled the damp air as birdsong echoed throughout the forest canopy. Shad Landing State Park provides a great opportunity for individuals or families to be outside and enjoy nature, while at the same time being near major attractions like Ocean City, Crisfield and Assateague. They are a full service park, which means their grounds include hiking trails, creek-side marina where boats can be docked or rented, campgrounds (or cabins, if you prefer), and a pool. As far as boating sites go, Shad Landing has very low boat traffic, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the pristine sights of Corker's Creek without disturbance. The Trail of Change provides access to the cypress swamp, the only swamp of its kind in Maryland.

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  • “There are/or were until recently other "manimals", like the Almasti (I believe), and that The flowers were probably woven into a pinelike shrub. The most numerous of the flowers”
    — Could Neanderthals live again?, page 2,

  • “Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area - About 225 million years ago this area was a vast floodplain crossed by many streams. Tall, stately, pinelike trees grew here, sheltering a myriad of r”
    — - Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area,

  • “Yes, I too now have a Blog. Don't laugh. Tri-Wog StL. Nov 19, 07 14:55. Post #10 of 29 (524 Some people detect a clean, pinelike quality. One minor drawback is that slices brown”
    — Slowtwitch Forums: Lavender Room: Calling ST Chefs: Good,

  • “It has pinelike, camphor flavor. Traditionally used in Italian cooking, with lamb, It has pinelike, camphor flavor. Traditionally used in Italian cooking, with lamb,”
    — The art of healthy cooking,

  • “Thought it might be handy to have a thread for some of the more advanced brewers to give some advice on recipes. Let's see how it goes eh "A strong hop with a unique flavor profile, characterized by a nice pinelike aroma with a hint of citrus. It has a significant amount of Selinene, as”
    — Recipe Advice Thread -,

  • “The whole mountainside is covered in snow and forests of trees that are rather pinelike (and for the purposes of this arena I'll call pines), except where the strange Well, I'll be testing him myself, but he's having some technical difficulties getting on the forum”
    — Sleipnir's Stuff :: View topic - Arena Workshop,

  • “Welcome to Spice World, in which Gut Check looks at overlooked spices from around the world, introducing those you Gin itself, of course, gets its pinelike flavor and name from juniper berries: In French "juniper" is genièvre; the Dutch call it jenever”
    — Sippin' on Gin and Juniper - St. Louis Restaurants and Dining,

  • “Frommer's guidebook editors share insight into finding the best the world has to offer. Forums Photos Members Blogs - Arthur Frommer's Blog - Cruise Blog - Between Bites - Behind the Guides”
    — On the Road in New Zealand: From Blenheim to Nelson on Behind,

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