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  • Pimento pepper - 1,809 results from 381 stores, including Alessi Red & Yellow Peppers, Sweet Pimento Fire Roasted, 12 Oz (340 G) Pack Of 12, Round of Hungary Pimento Pepper 4 Plants - Heirloom, 1 Lb Sweet Pepper Seeds - 'Pimento' Bulk Vegetable. — “Pimento pepper - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • pimento n. , pl. , -tos . See allspice . Variant of pimiento . [Spanish pimiento , red or green pepper, pepper plant, from pimienta , black pepper, pimento or allspice, common names for a tree (Pimenta dioica or P. officinalis) of the family Myrtaceae (myrtle family) cultivated in the West Indies. — “pimento: Definition from ”,
  • Authentic Italian Mario Pizza Mobile Chef Mario catering Italian Kitchen special events menu Pimento's pizzeria is all about. an Italian guy having fun. making great Italian pizza. Only the finest ingredients are used including Italian organic. — “Pimento's”, pimentos.ca
  • Pimento trees were later discovered in Cuba and were presumed to have been taken there by migratory birds which had eaten the berries. To most English speaking people the tree is called "pimento" and the berries "allspice". — “Jamaican Pimento”, wwwchem.uwimona.edu.jm
  • Pimento - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Pimento”,
  • Pimento wood is the wood of the Jamaican allspice tree, found only in Jamaica. If you've been to Jamaica, and have been fortunate enough to enjoy jerk chicken, then you'll appreciate the genuine smoky flavor of pimento wood and the tangy spice of pimento leaves and berries. — “Pimento Wood”,
  • Encyclopedia article about pimento. Information about pimento in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “pimento definition of pimento in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Local news for Pimento, IN continually updated from thousands of sources on the web. — “Pimento News - Topix”,
  • Learn about Pimento on . Find info and videos including: What Are Pimentos?, What Is Pimento Cheese?, How to Process a Cheese & Pimento Spread and much more. Pimento refers to a type of pepper, and there are many different peppers in varying degrees of heat intensity that are classified. — “Pimento - ”,
  • Pimento - Definition. Allspice, also called Jamaica pepper, Myrtle pepper, Pimento, or Newspice, is a spice which is the dried unripe fruit of the Pimenta dioica plant. (Note however, that the name pimento is also used for a certain kind. — “Pimento - Definition”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is a Pimento? When most people think of a pimento, they think of the red chunk of pepper that is in the center of a green olive; however, pimentos go far beyond that in their use. — “What Is a Pimento?”,
  • Pimento definition, pimiento. See more. pimento - 8 dictionary results. Pimenton. Get La Tienda Imported Spanish Food Free Catalog. Hundreds of Recipes. /Paprika. Spanish Paprika/Pimenton. Traditional Smoked Pimenton semi. — “Pimento | Define Pimento at ”,
  • The flesh of the pimento is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than that of the red bell pepper. Pimento" or "pimentão" are Portuguese words for "bell pepper", while "pimenta" refers both to chili peppers and to black peppercorns. — “Pimento”,
  • Home > Recipes > pimento. Professional Cooking, College Version. by Wayne Gisslen. Key features of this new Sixth Edition include: * Over 100 new, fully tested recipes * A brand new chapter on vegetarian cuisine, featuring differ 155 results for pimento. — “ - Recipes - Pimento”,
  • The simple blend of cheese, mayo and sweet peppers known as pimento cheese is so ingrained in the lives of Southerners that they don't realize others don't share their passion. — “Pimento Cheese: It's A Southern Thing : NPR”,
  • Pimento Manufacturers & Pimento Suppliers Directory - Find a Pimento Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Pimento Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Pimento-Pimento Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • pimento or allspice, common names for a tree ( Pimenta dioica or P. officinalis ) of the family Myrtaceae ( myrtle family) cultivated in. — “pimento Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • The pimento or cherry pepper is a variety of large, red, heart-shaped The flesh of the pimento is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than that of the red bell. — “Pimento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 35 companies & businesses in Indiana. Search or browse our list of companies in IN by category. 5526 E French Drive, Pimento IN. Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface. — “Pimento, Indiana (IN) Companies & Businesses”,
  • The pimento or cherry pepper is a variety of large, red, heart-shaped chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) that measures 3 to 4 inches (7 to 10 cm) long and 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 cm) wide (medium, elongate) Some varieties of the pimento type are hot, including the Floral Gem and Santa Fe Grande varieties. — “Pimento”,
  • We found 89 results for "pimento cheese" Showing 1-12 of 89. Sort by: 1. Pimento Cheese. Clip this. Rated 5 stars out of 5. 13 ratings. Recipe courtesy Greg Auten, co-owner The Penguin Roasted Jalapeno Pimento Cheese. Clip this. Rated -9223372036854775808 stars out of 5. — “pimento cheese : Food Network”,
  • Definition of pimento in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pimento. Pronunciation of pimento. Translations of pimento. pimento synonyms, pimento antonyms. Information about pimento in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “pimento - definition of pimento by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • http:///rec/search/0,1-0,pimento_cheese_spread,FF.html Here are a variety of recipes for it . I use to love it when I was a girl. guess I will have to make some too now!! My grandfather was from New Orleans. that is why I. — “homemade pimento cheese spread.? Most of you Yankees won't”,

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  • This Week on Get Cookin with Paula Deen: Pimento Cheese!!! Alright yall, only one day left to get your Pimento Cheese recipes in to Get Cookin. Wed love to see your creativity and cooking skills! If you dont want to make a dish, make sure to stop by and see what other folks are making. Click on the community section to see all the great dishes. Bye yall!
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  • How to Make Sparkling Wine ***tails and Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwiches | Pottery Barn Sisters and coauthors of The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook demonstrate making a sparkling wine ***tail and simple pimento cheese tea sandwiches. Pottery Barn glassware: Pottery barn serveware:
  • Cheddar Grit Cakes with Pimento Tapas We're cooking Cheddar Grit Cakes with Pimento Cheese Tapas with River Run Restaurant .
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  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment -Body & Soul Parks Conference The Pimento Report / Le Piment A journal on green and social issues drawing on science and art from North America and around the world.
  • Recipes: Pimento Cheese and Romesco dips Mary Constantine stirs up Pimento Cheese and Romesco dips.
  • Vege, Mushroom, Carrot, Pimento and Cheese pizza. This is a recipe for a delicious pizza with mushrooms, carrots, pimento peppers and cheese, Yummmm!!! enjoy! xoxoxoxo
  • connie's kitchen, pimento cheese how to make pimento cheese spread
  • Cooking with Mother - Pimento Cheese Spread This is a wonderful easy and refreshing recipe. I like to use my electric meat grinder (a Waring Pro) for the texture it gives this dish. the recipe used in this video is: 1 - 2# block of good quality mild cheddar cheese 8 ounces pimento (I like Rolands whole pimentos, then I give them a rough cut) 1/4 C (approx) mayonnaise - just for creaminess. I also added a splash of the pimento juice while grinding. Directions: Cut the cheese into chute size pieces and give the pimento a rough cut (if you used whole). Alternate feeding the chute with cheese and pimento. I begin and end with cheese, then add just enough mayo for a creamy texture - but not overbearing. You don't want the mayo to override the flavors. Serve atop crackers or stuff celery - use your imagination. It's good on top of dry toast, too. This is excellent to serve at parties. My kids like to swipe the cheesespread and make sandwiches out of them! Enjoy! Here's a definition, "pimiento; pimento A large, red, heart-shaped sweet pepper that measures 3 to 4 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. The flesh of the pimiento (the Spanish word for "pepper") is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than that of the red bell pepper... Pimientos are the familiar red stuffing found in green olives."
  • Pimento Cheese Sandwiches & Bacon,Basil & Tomato Sandwiches When you're in need of the perfect finger food to serve at a luncheon or picnic during the summer you must try these two most delicious sandwiches. They're very easy to put together and your guests will absolutely love them.
  • Jamaican wild pimento and mountain vistas If you go to Jamaica you must check out the mountains, the views are breathtaking.
  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment #002 Le Parc écologique The Green Coalition advocating the ecological archipelago park of Montreal, establishing, by statute, a necklace or lacework of all the parks and greenspace in the biologically rich section of Quebec that has as its center, the island of Montreal.
  • The Pimento report / Le Piment #14 The Turcot Challenge Montrealers Discuss Key Transit Choice -- Jason Prince, Pierre Brisset, Sophie Thiébaut...Mass Transit versus Car Addiction
  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment #003 Avrom Shtern Railway Man Green Coalition on Railway travel
  • Pimento Loaf It's the loaf that you're needing. It's the loaf that you're missing. It's the loaf of your life.
  • Pimento Cheese Sticks - Cooking with Palmetto Cheese Ritz cracker encrusted Palmetto Cheese sticks served with Roasted Red Pepper Ranch. Visit for all retail locations. Join Palmetto Cheese on Facebook for more recipes and videos.
  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment # 007 Bill Crain: Lead in Synthetic Turf Expert in children talks about lead in synthetic turf
  • What makes up a good Pimento Cheese? Pimento cheese, what brand comes out on top? What makes them different and who is the best? For info on Palmetto Cheese visit or Facebook at http
  • Pimento Report #28: Lansdowne Speaks Lansdowne en parle! Lansdowne residents speak.
  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment #005 Canada's Whistleblower Dr. Shiv Chopra interview
  • Paula and Jamie Deen Make Pimento Cheese - Get Cookin' with Paula Deen Cooking with my boys is one of my favorite things in the world. This week Im making Pimento Cheese with Jamie. He did such a wonderful job and we had a good laugh. Make sure you check out http to see this weeks winning Pimento Cheese recipes.
  • Spicy Sweet Chicken Havana Recipe : Chopping Pimento For Spicy Sweet Havana Chicken How to chop the pimento when makingauthentic Spicy Sweet Havana Chicken; learn more about traditional Cuban food in this free cooking video. Expert: Sven Robinson Bio: Sven Robinson began his culinary career in 1983. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Pimento Cheese Hamburgers - Cooking with Palmetto Cheese Episode 3: Cooking with Palmetto Cheese - Pimento cheese stuffed hamburgers.
  • Jamaican Pimento Precious talks about the many uses of Jamaican Pimento. Here at Kew Park we have many large Jamaican Pimento trees along the ridge line above the coffee farm.
  • Pimento Cheese Cooking with Vinny. Humorous motivational speaker, Vinny Verelli prepares a Southern favorite with a Brooklyn twist. http: Vinny's Pimento Cheese Amounts are approximate 8 oz Sharp Cheddar 4 oz Pepper Jack 12 oz jar of High Quality Pimentos -- or fresh roasted red peppers 2 medium sized dill pickles Grate the cheese and chop 2/3 or the pimentos into small pieces. I eyeballed this so the end product has enough red pimento showing in the spread. Also chop one medium dill pickle into small pieces. Combine the above ingredients, folding everything as not to mush the cheese. THE SAUCE ¼ of an 8 oz block Cream Cheese, I guess that means 2 oz Remaining pimentos from the 12oz jar 2 big table spoons mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon Horseradish (or to taste) 1 medium dill pickle Garlic and onion powder, salt and fresh ground pepper - to taste Put all the above ingredients in a food processor. Blend until smooth and adjust to taste Fold the sauce into the grated cheese and chopped pimento. Cover and place in refrigerator for several hours to blend flavors. Taste and adjust
  • PIMENTO CHEESE SLIDERS.wmv This recipe video was made as a tribute and special surprise to my wonderful mother who grew up in the south and just LOVES Pimento cheese. Any southern "born and raised" gal knows how tasty taking a soft piece of Sunbeam® bread and slathering on a nice layer of pimento cheese tastes! So heres to you Mom—I love you and Happy Mothers Day! And Happy Mother's Day to Paula and all of our Real Women of Philadelphia moms!
  • Feather Pimento Feather Pimento. Directed By Kevin Jordan. Short Film on Super 16.
  • Project: Pimento Tiki Oasis 2010 San Diego - Crowne Plaza Hotel August 20, 2010
  • This Week on Get Cookin with Paula Deen - Pimento Cheese!!! We are making Pimento Cheese this week. Make sure you stop by the website and upload your video, photo, or recipe of you making your own special version of Pimento Cheese or cooking a delicious dish featuring Pimento Cheese. We are giving out cookbooks to our favorite recipes!
  • The Dover Boys of Pimento University Hilarious Chuck Jones animated short.
  • Pimento Cheese Recipe - Turkey and Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese Salad Soulful Recipes presented by Palmetto Cheese, The Pimento Cheese with Soul. Today's recipe is Turkey and Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese Salad. All recipes presented will be step by step so you can easily produce at home. Join us a fan on Facebook for information on Contests and Prizes. Visit us on the web at
  • How To Cook Spanish Chicken & Rice : Dicing Pimentos for Spanish Chicken & Rice How to dice pimentos for an authentic Spanish chicken and rice dish; learn more about making traditional Spanish food in this free cooking video. Expert: Lizbeth Muller Bio: Liz Muller is the owner of Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. She has been a professional Hair Designer and Color Specialist for over 23 years. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
  • The Pimento report / Le Piment #016 Richard Register - The Ecological City
  • How to make pimento cheese How to make delicious southern pimento cheese with a modern twist.
  • The Pimento Report / Le Piment #021 - Meadowbrook, The People Speak The People of Montreal Tell Their City to Save Meadowbrook...Guilbeault: Il faut sauvegarder Meadowbrook...Citzens go to City Hall, see and hear citizens in action
  • Pimento 24: David Fletcher Walks in Woods #3 Nature Walk through Woods#3 with David Fletcher...Trillium, Fresh-Water Shrimp...Gaia..Ecology of Woods...Importance of Montreal Greenspace
  • Pimento Cheese Eggrolls - Cooking with Palmetto Cheese Episode 1: Palmetto Egg Rolls. Palmetto Cheese, vegetables and meat stuffed inside homemade egg rolls. Served with Sweet Chili Sauce. Watch episode 2 here: Palmetto Cheese is now available at Harris Teeter, starting May 28th. Visit for more info or join PC on Facebook http
  • Pimento Report / Le Piment #018 Meadowbrook: Natural Spaces Mayor Tremblay Commits..Montreal Natural Spaces Programme...Meadowbrook beauty told by Jo Ann Goldwater...GC's Fletcher Urges Montreal to Honour Pledge
  • Project:Pimento @ Maker Faire 2007 A short excerpt from the groovy theremin lounge band, Project Pimento. Recorded live at Maker Faire 2007.

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  • “This second part on Spicefactory will delve into the details of writing a Grails plug-in for this framework. Be prepared to read a lot of code! Let's try”
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  • “The other day, I saw pimento cheese mentioned in passing on a sibling blog. As far as I know, pimento cheese doesn't even exist outside the Confederate States”
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  • “Enunciated precisely, pimento cheese sounds about as dumb as the ignorant elite who scoff the proudly Southern concoction of grated cheese, mayonnaise and chopped pimento peppers”
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  • “South by Southwest - Roasted Pimento Cheese Chicken: If you've been following my blog or our newsletter you know that my mind is focused on pimento cheese. It's only natural – when friends come over for dinner that it is what they want to sample”
    — Callies Charleston Biscuits - South by Southwest - Roasted,

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