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  • The economic importance of piassava is in the extraction of its industrial fibres, highlighting the manufacture of brooms, car seat filling and brushes. The residue obtained following cleaning, which is known as pulp, tape or dregs, is used to cover houses in rural and urban settings. — “Products – Piassava Palm " Brazilian Fibres – Fibra de Sisal”, .br
  • The bristles are made of various materials such as horsehair, goat hair Tampico fiber (from plants unique to the semi-desert areas of northern Mexico) and piassava (bass) fiber, depending on their use. More Information > Iris Hantverk Swedish Washing-up Whisk - Two Windings/broom Root $16.98. — “Iris Hantverk”,
  • African Sherbro or Piassava comes from Sierra Leone in Western Africa. It grows as part of the leaf structure of the Bassa Palm, and is harvested by the traditional method of cutting the leaves from the trees and soaking until the outer husk begins to break down. — “Welcome to Lawrence Long Ltd”,
  • Facts about piassava: use in brush, The hair of other animals such as horses, oxen, squirrels, and badgers is used in certain kinds of household and toilet brushes, as are various types of plant fibres, the most important of which are piassava. — “Facts about piassava: use in brush, as discussed in brush”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. a palm yielding piassava; especially : either of two Brazilian palms (Attalea funifera and Leopoldinia piassaba). — “Piassava - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Bahia Bass/Piassava (Attalea funifera Martius) Bahia palm. Bahia comes from the state of Bahia in Brazil, and was first brought to Europe in cargo boats as packing It is interesting to note the origins of the usage of the term "Piassava" or "Piassaba" by which Bahia is generally known. — “Suppliers of dressed raw materials to the brush industry”,
  • piassava also piassaba n. Either of two South American palm trees, Attalea funifera or Leopoldinia piassaba, from which a strong coarse fiber is. — “piassava: Definition from ”,
  • Coco Loco offers a wide, affordable selection of cocnut jewelry and more - buy directly from our website! Colorado Drops - $15.00 Mixed Colors. Piasava Drops - $5.00 Small. Shiva Hoops - $8.00. — “Coconut Earrings, Organic Jewelry”,
  • The World Market for Vegetable Materials Used Primarily in Brooms and Brushes Including Broomcorn, Piassava, Couch Grass, and Istle: A 2009 Global Trade Perspective by Icon Group (Paperback - Sept. 30, 2008) Brooms and Brushes Including Broomcorn, Piassava, Couch Grass, and Istle Export Supplies. — “: istle”,
  • Old Piassava broom. Piassava, which is also called Piaçaba and Piasaba or Pissaba, or Piassaba, is a fibrous product of two Brazilian palms: Attalea funifera and Leopoldinia piassaba. It is often used in making brooms, and for other purposes. [edit] References. — “Piassava - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • What is a piassava, definition of piassava, meaning of piassava, piassava anagrams, piassava synonyms. — “Word piassava meaning. Word piassava definition. Free”,
  • Piassava definition, a coarse, woody fiber obtained from either of two palms, Leopoldina piassaba or Attalea funifera, of South America, used in making brooms, m See more. — “Piassava | Define Piassava at ”,
  • Like chair cane and raffia, piassava is a palm fiber (= leaf or leaf rib fiber from The piassava fiber is a yellow to dark brown, resilient fiber of. — “Piassava”, tis-
  • Piassava Manufacturers & Piassava Suppliers Directory - Find a Piassava Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Piassava Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Piassava-Piassava Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Taxonommical information on Raphia vinifera P. Beauv., or commonly known as West African piassava palm. Botanical information such as scientific names, english common names and plant family group on Raphia vinifera P. Beauv. (West African. — “Raphia vinifera P. Beauv. - West African piassava palm (id # 592)”, .au
  • Definition of piassava from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of piassava. Pronunciation of piassava. Definition of the word piassava. Origin of the word piassava. — “piassava - Definition of piassava at ”,
  • The World Market for Vegetable Materials Used Primarily in Brooms and Brushes Including Broomcorn, Piassava, Couch Grass, and Istle: A 2007 Global Trade Perspective This. — “The World Market for Vegetable Materials Used Primarily in”,
  • The words I examine today begin at the bottom of page 927, and include phallocentric and its related words, as well as philosophe, phragmites, phytophagous, and piassava. Phallicism/Phallocentric Finally piassava are "any of several stiff coarse fibers obtained from palms and used esp. — “phytophagous and piassava and phragmites and phallocentric”,
  • piassava definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary piassava. medical dictionary. A fibrous product of two Brazilian palm trees (Attalea funifera and Leopoldinia Piassaba), used in making brooms, and for other purposes. — “piassava - Definition”,
  • Definition of piassava in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of piassava. Pronunciation of piassava. Translations of piassava. piassava synonyms, piassava antonyms. Information about piassava in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “piassava - definition of piassava by the Free Online”,

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