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  • h2g2 is the unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything, a guide that's written by visitors to the website, creating an organic and evolving encyclopedia of life AKA ***goth, goth-***, gosurori (Japanese phoneticisation); although as mentioned these are often used to. — “BBC - h2g2 - Gothic & ***ta Style in the UK”,
  • Rules of Grammar I find accent phoneticisation really useful (when it's subtle) in British books, partly because slight variations in accent are so important to forming an impression of. — “*** Ink | Rules of Grammar”, ***
  • These are all prerequisites of phoneticisation, and we must determinedly go on with the work. Before Chinese characters are create the right conditions and energetically move in the direction of phoneticisation. — “Reforming the Language”,
  • [Archive] The DD Code helps by increasing phoneticisation of the English language from its current 38%-43% to 100%. This allows for more effective reading and pronunciation, and in turn increases general literacy and communication skills. The. — “The DD Code [Archive] - Affiliate Marketing Forum”,
  • Welsh is a phonic language and children seem to cope well with reading and spelling simply by listening to sounds. A case for the de-phoneticisation of English! ( Comment from Alan. — “THRASS - Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills”,
  • A Cowyism is widely becoming a term used for the misspelling and phoneticisation of simple words that even a child could spell. — “Urban Dictionary: cowyism”,
  • Words that start with PHON : Words starting in PHON phoneticisation. phoneticisations. phoneticise. phoneticised. phoneticises. phoneticising. phoneticism. phoneticisms. phoneticist. phoneticists. phoneticization. phoneticizations. phoneticize. phoneticized. phoneticizes. phoneticizing. phonetics. phonetisation. — “Word phon meaning. Word phon definition. Free crossword”,
  • When it is given by a someone who knows you, however, it is often amazing how tailor-made the name seems in one way or another. because this is a phoneticisation, not a transcription, of the. — “Dharma Names”,
  • Standardisation and Phoneticisation: When Name data (Family Name, First Given Name and Other Given Names) is PDS, it undergoes standardisation, normalisation and phoneticisation. — “PDS Advanced Trace Query (Algorithmic)”,
  • A simple blog with some extra content by an atypical Australian woman "Jingwen" is phoneticisation of my Chinese name, meaning "quiet and cultured" (or something of the like). — “Jingwen " About Myself”, jing-
  • I bought Robin Williamson's book 'English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Fiddle Tunes' (Oak Publications, 1976) a few weeks ago. I assume the title "flee like a bird" is a dialect phoneticisation of 'fly like a bird'. — “Flee like a bird (fly like a bird?)”,
  • There may be no more blogs between here and Nuuk - comms v flaky and too dificult. Am in And you'd love Djilis (my phoneticisation!) Read more. Berrimilla Down Under Mars Status. — “Mars Down Under | OnOrbit”,
  • [edit] Phoneticisation of Yushchenko's Name. I've had a go at putting Yushchenko's name into X-SAMPA, but I wasn't sure on the stress and I'm not sure whether the final 'o' of Yushchenko is said like an 'a' would be (like in Russian), so please sort it out of you know!. — “Talk:Viktor Yushchenko/archive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Discussion Boards of Daltaí na Gaeilge Finally, what word was this pre-phoneticisation? nsNэ. Jonas. Posted on Monday, February 07, 2005 - 04:30 pm: I would guess that [nsNэ] stands for "ins na", or "sna" in the standard. The vowels at level five are all nasalised. — “The Daltaí Boards: Pa:rik' wã:r'э wa:n”,
  • It's hard to explain, but we have the term 妹 (mui - that is as close as I'm ever going to get to a romanised phoneticisation I hate when anyone other than my mum or dad or maybe my favourite aunts uses it. — “[pletely crazy]”,
  • Wade-Giles phoneticisation Mêng4 Chiao1. Courtesy name 'Eastern wild man' Dōngyě 東野. Mèngjiāo lived in the latter half of the Táng dynasty 唐代. He is traditionally grouped with the poets Lǐ Hè 李賀 and Jiǎ Dǎo 賈島 as the 'Poets of Bitter Songs' 苦吟詩人. — “Meng [email protected],
  • Gradient phonetic patterns come to be re***ysed as patterns Why no 'phoneticisation'? How do we reconcile this supposed abrupt jump with the observed. — “Modelling exemplar-based phonologisation”,
  • The aim was to increase phoneticisation of English to 100% from its current 38 to 43%. This increased level of phoneticisation would enable advanced reading and enunciation to eliminate illiteracy, as well as to raise the IQ average 100 score to a greater average across the population. — “Rabeck International | The DD Code”,
  • Few people in the history of fun can have had such success as Arthur "Spud" Melin, who has died aged 77, the co-inventor of the Hula-Hoop and manufacturer of the Frisbee, the Superball, the Hacky Sack either because that was the phoneticisation of the trade name as. — “Obituary: Arthur Melin | News | The Guardian”,

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  • “Track this forum. Page: 1. 2. Next. Anonymous Coward. Give the mana website . Posted Monday 27th October 2008 10:26 GMT .and he English caused by not understanding the contraction "would've" and writing it down as a phoneticisation”
    — Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites • The Register Forums,

  • “Turkish & Arab Gay ***, Hot Turkish & Arab Boys & Men + Gay Life in & Travel to Turkey & Morocco North Africa & Middle East a language which could not be more different from their own even if it underwent phoneticisation which is an entirely different matter altogether”
    — Life | Turkish Boy - A Gay Turkey and Gay Arab *** Blog, turkish-

  • “Ein Projekt des Magazins Der Beobachter an der Elbe If this is so, it would mean that the English spelling of Winnetou's unique name is in fact "Vinnetou", and that the spelling "Winnetou" is a German phoneticisation. Here is a link to a picture of Karl May's own rifles:”
    — Karl-May-Forum • View topic - Pronunciation of "Winnetou", karl-may-

  • “My-i blog. Grave Labour " The goal is to achieve an examination of the punctuation of Q1609 Sonnets to show how it would Shakespeare's involvement in his Sonnets is proven through his phoneticisation, ie sounding of his syllables, his use of a”
    — The goal... " Buy Zithromax Online - We Always Offer Lowest,

  • “Okay, I am going to post it. Did start posting about this a while back but chickened out this seems like the perfect thread (note to mods: took it fundamentals really, so sorry if this is a bit OT for the mastering forum. So there's no getting around the fact that the G14 is the tightest eq”
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  • “the intelligent mac forum; appletalker is an apple mac forum and news, reviews, tips'n'tricks site featuring an apple mac hardware and software troubleshooting and discussion forum run by the appletalker board members themselves”
    — cunning linguistics - appletalker forum [apple mac discussion,

  • “[Archive] The DD Code helps by increasing phoneticisation of the English language from its current 38%-43% to 100%. This allows for more effective reading and pronunciation, and in turn increases general literacy and communication skills. The”
    — The DD Code [Archive] - Affiliate Marketing Forum,

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