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  • [edit] Phonemicization. It's not unusual for the second consonant or vowel of a word to have an allophone conditioned by what the first consonant or vowel is. When this conditioning element is lost in initial dropping, these allophones become phonemes. [edit] New vowels. — “Initial dropping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Textbook - Rent Buy Sell Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction by Beekes, Robert S. P. - 9781556195051, Price $60.67. Phonemicization of Changes. — “Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction”,
  • Title: Preliminary Phonemicization of Kawaiisu. Contributors: Carol Klein (depositor), Sheldon Klein (researcher) Language: Kawaiisu. Extent: 1 folder (16 pp.) Date: October 12, 1958. Description: Typescript sketch of Kawaiisu phonology. Images associated with this item: None available. — “Preliminary Phonemicization of Kawaiisu [SCOIL]”,
  • Phylogenetic steps in the evolution of vocal communication have a bearing on the brain mechanisms involved in the emergence of human language and speech. used to explain the sequential stages in the ontogenetic process of phonemicization in the human infant, and special emphasis is placed on vocal. — “Phonation, emotion, cognition, with reference to the brain”,
  • It is simply assumed that the phonemicization is correct, and any phonetic In each case one could argue that the first phonemicization leaves us with a gap in the system,. — “Proceeding from Syllable Inventory to Phonemic Inventory in”,
  • Even his debate with Paul Radin over the phonemicization of Patwin is left unresolved here, though someone must have decided long ago who was right (if either was) Even his debate with Paul Radin over the phonemicization of Patwin is left unresolved here, though someone must have decided long. — “: E. N. Anderson's review of Rolling in Ditches”,
  • This book suggests a reformulation of Proto-Indo-European (PIE) phonology based on an examination of recent language data, including Hittite, according to the principles of structural linguistics. These were two: 1. phonemicization of pitch accent; and earlier: 2. phonemicization of stress accent. — “Proto-Indo-European Phonology: Chapter 15: The Development of”,
  • Even the Teymaniy (with one exception), Bavliy and S'phardiy (Israeli) pronunciations are simple to communicate recognizably with phonemicization. I recognize that phonemicization doesn't communicate every nuance or pronunciation, much less. — “Re: Josephus & DSS”,
  • Phonemicization Fun. Norwegian. du−: "outhouse" s™®: "say" go−: "go" sa ha−ÏÏ "hung", *ha−:Ï. hemme "hamper" br™®:me "the surf" la−ÏÏe "reach". — “Phonemicization Fun Norwegian du−: "outhouse" s™®: "say" go”,
  • Romanization and Phonemicization of Japanese. Timothy J. Vance Comparisons of the two systems often say that Hepburn romanization. is based on English. — “Romanization and Phonemicization of Japanese Timothy J. Vance”,
  • Phonemicization of uvulars in Old IE? I just had a nifty idea that I'm trying out. Bear with me. Again, this all refers back to my pdf containing my latest summary of theories of detailed chronology in Pre-IE so it might be interesting for any. — “Paleoglot: Phonemicization of uvulars in Old IE?”,
  • The phonemicization of new vowels, including diphthongs and long vowels, is shown to result from stress-induced vowel reduction and metaphony. This general process of "vowel hybridization" yielded results that differed from one language to another, and sometimes within the same language. — “HAL :: [halshs-00524988, version 1] Unraveling the history of”,
  • I should like to explore it further in cases involving the adaptation of foreign words, namely the 'phonemicization' of French words by Japanese native speakers of the Tokyo dialect. I use the term 'phonemicization' to refer to the adjustment of the sounds of French onto those of Japanese. — “Persée : The roles of the syllable and the mora in Japanese”,
  • Vocalization, phonemicization, and syllabification: An outline of a model of phonological development in a general problem-solving perspective Vocalization, phonemicization, and syllabification: An outline of a model of phonological development in a general problem-solving perspective, Franz. — “Vocalization, phonemicization, and syllabification: An”,
  • The SIL French-English Glossary of Linguistic Terms is a bilingual glossary of linguistic terms in French and English. Le Glossaire français-anglais de terminologie linguistique du SIL est un glossaire bilingue des termes linguistiques en Eng phonemicization. — “The SIL French/English Linguistic Glossary”,
  • phonemicization (countable and uncountable; plural phonemicizations) The act, process, or Retrieved from "http:///wiki/phonemicization". — “phonemicization - Wiktionary”,
  • become unstable, possibly leading to the phonemicization of pitch. phonemicization of coda-conditioned pitch. First, the final consonant /–h/ is. — “Eastern Cham as a two-tone language”,
  • (neutralization), as in the intuitively correct phonemicization of writer [raj requirements on a valid phonemicization (invariance, linearity and biuniqueness). — “Generative Phonology”,
  • This course covers the principles of language change and the methods of historical linguistics on an elementary level. The Phonemicization problem: Nahuatl. 55. Phonemicization problem: Hidatsa. — “Linguistics 110 Home Page”,

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  • “also Vokaltrapez, mal sehen ob das arme Forum das schafft that this is an example of phonemicization, where erstwhile allophones undergo a split”
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  • “Moses dictionary Phonemicization rules. Ewa wrote yesterday: Basically there are three crucial things to keep in mind when phonemicizing: 1. The "alphabet" is phonemic, so wherever a transcription deviates from the alphabet it is phonetic. 2. Raised vowels are schwas which are clearly”
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  • “Home: Forum: English: Canadian Raising. Canadian Raising. Pages: 1 2 Next page. Guest Sat May 26, 2007 1:57 am such is likely not really due to firmly established phonemicization but rather due to incomplete sound shift (which is likely”
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  • “ productive in Michif, or different phonemicization accounts for patterning differences. My music blog related to languages (in Spanish) Ponape. 4. 660. 17.07.2010 07:50. Last Post: cupmate. View a Printable Version. Send this Thread to a Friend. Subscribe to this thread. Add thread to Favorites. Forum Jump:”
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