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  • Telephone Directory: Internet Yellow Pages, Internet White Pages - You can find what is generally regarded as the best phone book online at . Online maps, reverse phone number search and more. — “Switchboard”,
  • White pages, business listings, and residential telephone directory, for Australia. Find people, companies, or government offices. — “Australia White Pages”, .au
  • A simplified XML based phone book database using LINQ; Author: tadeze; Section: LINQ; Chapter: Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries. — “Simplified XML Based Phone Book Database using LINQ - CodeProject”,
  • Organization charts and searchable personnel locator for DOE employees and contractor staff around the country. — “Department of Energy National Telephone Directory”,
  • The search engine accepts the percent sign (%) as a wildcard. Click Here for examples. If your phonebook record needs to be updated or you would like to disable display of your CU ID Photo, please login into Phonebook results are updated nightly from the CU Student and Employee Data Warehouses. — “Clemson University Phonebook”,
  • Find people, businesses and places in the UK with Directory enquiries, a people finder, business listings and detailed maps with aerial photos. — “”,
  • AT&T's AnyWho is a guide to residential, business, and government directory listings, including phone numbers and addresses. AnyWho provides a free White Pages People Search so you can quickly lookup phone numbers listed in the White Pages phone book. — “AnyWho Directory Services”,
  • Find email addresses, phone numbers, and area and zip codes for people and businesses. Name Popularity Neighbor Search Reverse Phone Reverse Address Phone Number Browsing. — “”,
  • Find local business listings, driving directions, maps, people and local information at . — “Yellow Pages Online, Phone Book & Business Directory | DexKnows”,
  • Phone Book Manufacturers Verified with 3 or more face-to-face visits by Global Sources Choose Verified Wholesale Phone Book Manufacturers & Suppliers. — “Phone Book Manufacturers & Suppliers”,
  • Try our free white pages search to search for people's address and phone information. Try our free Yellow Pages search. Find email addresses and use our people search form. — “Phone book, White Pages People Search from ”,
  • People Search & Telephone Directory with White Pages™. Free people search and business directory for New Zealand. — “New Zealand Residential & Business Directory”,
  • PETAWAWA -The town's councillors are not big fans of the new Bell Yellow Pages phone book. The 2010-11 edition lists alphabetically the phone. — “Petawawa councillors critical of new Bell phone book - The”,
  • Business phone numbers and address finder for U.S. businesses. Also includes browsing by yellow pages categories. — “Verizon ”,
  • eBay: Find Uniden (DWX337) 70 NUMBER PHONEBOOK in the Electronics , Telephones Pagers , Corded Telephones , Other category on eBay. — “Uniden (DWX337) 70 NUMBER PHONEBOOK - eBay (item 260690675983”,
  • "white pages phone book" Showing 1 - 16 of 486 Results. Choose a. Department. to enable 130 Million Listings: The Ultimate Phone Book by American Businees Information, inc. — “: white pages phone book”,
  • A telephone directory may also be called a phone book or may be known by the color of the paper it is printed on. It is preserved as part of the British phone book collection by BT Archives. — “Telephone directory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find residential and business listings for Republic of Ireland. — “eircom phonebook online: residential and business name search”,
  • Backed by WhitePages (), Ban the Phone Book () today released 10 reasons consumers believe paper white pages phone books are irrelevant. Following survey results released in August 2009 indicating that 81. — “Top 10 Reasons Paper White Pages Phone Books Should Be”,
  • The Guam Phone Book online web directory Motions is dedicated to bringing thought-provoking topics, lively stories and visually energetic designs to its reader. — “The Guam Phone Book™”,
  • Find local businesses at ! Yellow Book is the leading source for free online yellow pages. — “Local Business Yellow Pages and Phone Book Directory”,
  • TELUS online directory provides phone numbers, addresses, Yellow pages & White pages listings. — “myTELUS phonebook, business and people finder, Canada 411”,
  • Search The Phone Book from BT to find contact details of businesses across the UK. — “Business Type - The Phone Book from BT”,
  • You can also go directly go to the Phonebook site of any country The Internet adress is always the same example: Phonebook of for Brazil Phonebook of for Germany Each directory provides you with the most up to date available data. — “Phonebook of the World”,

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  • The World's Oldest Phonebook IEEE Spectrum ( ) visited Christie's auction house to get a look at the 1878 New Haven, Connecticut phone directory, the earliest of its kind. Hardly the antiquated paper brick we know today, the New Haven directory only had 40 pages. It contained names of individuals and businesses, but no numbers. (It also gave instructions on how to begin and end phone conversations). It turns out that some phonebooks still have some (considerable) value to them.
  • How to Pull Fenders - Phonebook Method I made this video for some guys on the S:N forums who had questions on how to pull their fenders using the phonebook method. This is the same method which was used on my car and it comes out nice. -ATX350
  • Phonebook Prank Our buddy went skiing for the weekend and forgot to lock his door...
  • XPERIA X10 Fall 2010 Update - Timescape, Social Phonebook and in-call UI This clip breifly describes the experience of Timescape, Social Phonebook and the dialler in the updated software of the Sony Ericsson X10 fall of 2010 update. For more information visit
  • Phone Book of FAIL! I'm ripping my phonebook in 1/2 because it's useless to me. If we're always on the internet, what's the use? I filmed and edited this video LIVE on BlogTV for my Twitter friends. If you'd like to catch watch shows like this live, FOLLOW ME on Twitter: WATCH THIS VIDEO IN HD!: Congradulations to Leon Verhelst picking the best title in my "Name The Video" contest held on Twitter / Vimeo.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab has Super TFT Display Samsung executive confirms that Galaxy Tab has Super TFT LCD. ()
  • Calls, texts and using the phone book on the Nokia 5800 from Vodafone A 'How to' guide for using the phonebook, making calls or sending an SMS (Text) message on the Nokia 5800 fromVodafone. For more help and support, please visit /help We are always looking to continuously improve our help video's and would love you to send us some feedback. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to send us some feedback: Thanks for viewing!
  • Phone Book Salesman... Check out edbassmaster, he is by far THE funniest guy on the internet!! check him out!!!! Tequila rejected me =[
  • console - phonebook another great video from console
  • Koufomata - Phone book Cult surreal greek TV show from the 80's
  • The Inbetweeners | Anyone Famous in your Phonebook? | E4 The boys reveal who their famous friends are...| Watch The Inbetweeners FREE on 4oD Catch-Up Download on iTunes Visit the official website at
  • phonebook ------------------------------------- From Japan made this conversion between an iPhone and a picture book for children. Just slide your iPhone inside the hybrid book to make it interactive. What a cool idea!
  • BMW Bluetooth Operation - Voice Dial - Phone Book - Etc This video will cover using your BSW Bluetooth Retrofit kit
  • Mythbusters - Phone Book Friction 2 phonebooks together. It tooks 8000 pounds to separate them. #200 Comment: TheSupaTube
  • Phone book rip - Jack Beers at 94 Go to to find out more about Jack. Jack Beers, at 94, rips a Greenwich, Connecticut telephone book into 4 pieces with his bare hands. Find out about the award-winning documentary on his awesome life.
  • Mythbusters Uncut: Phone Book Friction The Uncut scenes from The Phone Book Friction Myth.
  • How to rip a phonebook in half With this technique anyone can rip a phonebook in half. Check out my art and instructional DVDs at
  • Criss Angel Card trick with phonebook Criss Angel Card trick with phonebook one guessing the card second make in it works
  • Wittycall, open public phonebook Wittycall is a search engine related to phone numbers, a new concept based on a social phonebook. The value added to the service is that users can sort the results of the search by the most called contacts (user habit), commented (user feedback), voted (user preference) ... as well as by date and by name. From Wittycall users will be able to perform the call, send a SMS/text message or go to an Internet address by clicking on the contact detail. If you want to join our pre beta release visit and request an invitation, we appreciate your feedback. More product info A free open global phone directory made of user created phone contacts, a new open directory where phone contacts are published, promoted, rated and commented by the users. Wittycall lets users to share and recommend their favourite services located on a concrete place or country (restaurants, hotels, taxi services, professional services...) with the rest of users, and the most important thing, it lets users to perform a search for a phone number and retrieve an important extra information based on users habits, feedback, preferences and experiences. More info and contact in
  • Phonebook Ripping The real deal.
  • Doro PhoneEasy 410 - Using the Phonebook Feature Terry from Consumer Cellular walks you through the process of easily adding or deleting a contact to your Doro PhoneEasy 410 phone in this simple how-to tutorial.
  • MythBusters - Phone Book Friction New episodes return Wednesday, Oct. 7th @ 9pm E/P on Discovery! Check out exclusive footage straight from the MythBusters' own video cameras: Will Tory and Kari successfully pull apart two phone books in 30 minutes (without breaking their teeth)? Connect with us on Facebook:
  • Mythbuster - Phone Book Armor Junior mythbusters are trying to bust a myth that phone books can save you and your car from bullets.
  • Phonebook Glider A walkalong glider i designed made primarily from phonebook paper reinforced with thin strands of carbon fiber and super glue, the wings airfoil is made by creasing the paper to desired shape then painting on the carbon fiber tow ribs setting it. It's possible to surf it with just your hands, but you have to launch it high to benefit from the additional air rising up your corp.
  • PhoneBook Rant If you have a computer, which I'm assuming you YellowBook and tell them to stop sending you phone books.
  • How to open a bottle of Wine with a phonebook Rossi demonstarting that if you don't have a cork screw, there is an alternative way to open the bottle!
  • The new phonebook's here! Navin R. Johnson sees his name in print for the first time!
  • Phonebook Fun! If you have a phonebook that you don't need and your parents don't care if you mess it up i suggest you try this. :)
  • 'The Jerk' (1979) - Phonebook/Sniper One of the funniest scenes of all time. (And, yes, I'm aware it's backwards, but it's for copyright reasons.)
  • Design a Phonebook With SQLite This shows how to use SQLite to build a simple phone book in a SQLite table. It shows also how to add entries, delete entries, update entries, and search for phone numbers and names. For more information on SQLite, see
  • How to Rip a Phonebook in Half! - Scam School Learn how you can rip a phone book in half - even if you're a 98-pound weakling! Discover the secrets of amazing feats of apparent strength from Dennis Rogers. See our latest episodes! Never Miss New Shows - Subscribe for Free! Twitter Facebook Watch some of our other shows! REVISION3 is a TV network for the internet generation!
  • Phone Book Samba Stomp Yip. You know dis. Like this video? Click the link to tweet about it: Watch my other videos: Follow me on Twitter: ...and Facebook: Song is kinda Sérgio Mendes - Fanfarra (Cabua Lê-Lê). Only kinda, though. -Subtitles- Portuguese:
  • Discovery Mythbusters - The Phone Book Myth Created for a mythbusters contest. Two Phonebooks folded together are inseperable..Or are they?! This video won First Price! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!!
  • Tear a Phonebook in half trick explained Learn how to rip a Phonebook in half with this simple techniquee. It just takes a little practice. I learn to do this when I was only 10
  • Talking Phonebook: Eyes-Free Communication Device eyes- Pressing the menu button while in the Talking Dialer toggles between dialing mode and phonebook. When in phonebook, you get eyes-free access to your contacts with the ability to quickly move to the contact that you wish to call. When in the phonebook, you can scroll through your contacts and press the call button to call the current contact. In addition, you can use stroke dialing as explained below to quickly move to a specific contact. 1.1 Entering Letters Using Stroke dialing We covered eyes-free input with the touch screen in the earlier video on stroke dialing — in that video, we illustrated the concept via a traditional phone keypad. Here, we extend that technique to enable textual input. In the explanation below, we will use compass directions to help with orientation. As before, we will use relative positioning ie, for the rest of this explanation, you can start anywhere on the touch-screen — though we recommend (for reasons that will become evident) that you start somewhere close to the middle of the screen. 1.2 The Eight Compass Directions Defining the center as where you first touch down on the screen, notice that you can stroke in any one of the 8 compass directions, and that opposite pairs of compass directions eg, North and South, can be thought of as opposites. So we get 4 pairs. We enumerate these below, associate them with the 4 Google colors, and equate them to their equivalent strokes from the stroke dialer: * Red: North-West ...
  • Phonebook Burnout A friend and I stole a Louisivlle Metro phonebook and well, the rest is history.
  • Phonebook 2 - Contacts Android app replacement reviews Phonebook 2, an app to replace contacts on your Android phone. control groups, contacts, Twitter etc.

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  • “By Blog Stories at 11/18/2007 11:57. When you're traveling, especially if it's a long trip, Entreprenuer Blog. Telecom News. Top searches: * ready * phone book archives * phone book archive * telephone book archives. Office,”
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  • “Hi All, new to Androidand smart phone. How do I enter people into my phone book? You must be registered by AndroidPIT in order to participate in the Android Forum registriert”
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  • “Ban the White Pages Phone Book! by John Lusk on August 13, 2009. 16 Comments. Rather than sit here and continue to blog about questioning why people are still using the white pages phone book (aka WPPB'), WhitePages has decided to get involved and take action!”
    — Ban the White Pages Phone Book!,

  • “How to add contacts from phonebook. From Forum Nokia Wiki. Note. API is deprecated in S60 3.2 so while using this API do consider There are plenty of occasions when you need to add contacts from Phonebook to your Symbian C++ application”
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  • “Archived from groups: (More info?) Can someone please tell me the best software on a PC for transferring the phonebook in the phone's memory not on the sim card from a 6310i to”
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  • “A bulletin board system written in PhoneBook Online Forum " Business Marketplace " Products & Services offered " Real Estate Introduction”
    — Real Estate Introduction - Products & Services offered, .pk

  • “Forum Nokia. Nokia Press Bulletin Board. Ovi Service Terms | Privacy All Ovi, all the time: the Ovi Blog gives you the news, views, insights, sneak peeks and”
    Phonebook – Ovi Blog,

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