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  • petulant (comparative more petulant, superlative most petulant) irritable. Lack of sleep is causing Dave's recent petulant behavior. [edit] Synonyms. — “petulant - Wiktionary”,
  • 'Petulant' in Wiktionary. Advice for Business Credit Report online , or Back to Webster Petulant moods." Macaulay. Syn. -- Irritable; ill-humored; peevish; cross; fretful;. — “Petulant”,
  • petulant: Definition and Pronunciation over some trifling annoyance: a petulant toss of the head. Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright. — “petulant: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Petulant definition, moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, esp. over some trifling annoyance: See more. — “Petulant | Define Petulant at ”,
  • petulant adj. Unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered; peevish. Contemptuous in speech or behavior. [Latin petulāns, petulant- , insolent, from. — “petulant: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • video and photo news about petulant visitors, but shortly before half time UWE front-man Jordan Rogers was given an early bath as he saw red for a petulant kick out. — “petulant news,petulant videos,petulant images,petulant headlines”,
  • Become petulant's friend and be the first to leave a comment. By petulant. 247 views. Chris Matthews interviews Joshua Muravchik of the American Enterprise Institute who wants to bomb Iran now. Matthews does his job as a journalist by asking Muravchik to explain his logic which falls. — “petulant on Dailymotion”,
  • We found 32 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word petulant: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "petulant" is defined. General (28 matching dictionaries) petulant: V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of petulant - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • petulant - Definition of petulant - online dictionary powered by . — “petulant - Definition of petulant - online dictionary powered”, vocabulary-
  • Definition of petulant from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of petulant. Pronunciation of petulant. Definition of the word petulant. Origin of the word petulant. — “petulant - Definition of petulant at ”,
  • petulant got 37% correct on Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Soda? petulant got 37% correct on Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Soda? Quiz posted by Sarah Kuo, September 20,. — “Serious Eats: petulant's Profile”,
  • 1. cranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peevish, peckish, pettish, petulant, testy, tetchy, techy, ill-natured (vs. good-natured) usage: easily irritated or annoyed; "an incorrigibly fractious young man"; "not the least nettlesome of his countrymen". — “Synonyms of petulant — ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for petulant in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “petulant - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • a man of ill temper. over very extreamly trifle banter! Usually of welsh decent! Also usually called Eddy or Ed Generally of Welsh origin now livinging in England with English wife and child. Also generally a rugby player. wow Taffy st being so Petulant!!!! anger childish welsh wannabe rugby. — “Urban Dictionary: petulant”,
  • English Translation for petulant - German-English Dictionary. — “ | petulant | English Dictionary”,
  • Find petulant synonyms and petulant antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Petulant Synonyms, Petulant Antonyms | ”,
  • brings you news, reviews, blog posts, photos and videos related to Politics. — “This domain may be for sale. Contact ”,
  • Definition of petulant in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of petulant. Pronunciation of petulant. Translations of petulant. petulant synonyms, petulant antonyms. Information about petulant in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “petulant - definition of petulant by the Free Online”,
  • Story archive hosting Harry Potter fanfiction and original fiction and poetry. The Patronus skin was created especially for The Petulant Poetess by TarahFae. — “The Petulant Poetess :: Fiction Archive”,
  • Oxford's denial of her [Margaret Thatcher's] honorary degree in 1984 was no petulant fluke but an accurate measure of her unpopularity with the whole profession. — “Petulant - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Get short, timely messages from Petulant. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated follow @Petulant. Get updates via SMS by texting follow Petulant to. — “Petulant (Petulant) on Twitter”,

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  • Petulant Pionus I tried to teach him how to do chicken noises, what can I say, he doesn't like chickens!
  • Okami - Masu's Monster Manifest - Petulant Lightning Another side quest in Okami...part of it anyway. XD
  • Zhang Ziyi - 2046 Footage 'Zhang Ziyi Footage' extra from Disc 2 of the Mei Ah Region 3 2046 2 DVD set. Zhang Ziyi on the set of Wong Kar-wai's highly acclaimed follow-up to In the Mood for Love.
  • alex being petulant A surly *** glowers at the camera
  • The Way of the World - Petulant The self-important amoral elite will never go away. Thats what makes William Congreve's Restoration Era classic "The Way of the World" perfect for updating into modern day Los Angeles. Adapted and directed by Colleen Reilly, this sharp-tongued satire exchanges puffy vests for Armani jackets while nobles cheat, manipulate and lie to win a family fortune and get away with ***ual deviancy. Surprisingly, in the midst of all this depravity, two young people fall in love. But, when everyone around them is looking out for themselves, how can the young lovers trust that those feelings are authentic? Opening March 20th. For more information, go to
  • Countdown Palin the petulant
  • But I Was Going Into Tosche Station To Pick Up Some Power Converters best Star Wars line. ever.
  • Dick Ikon and the Petulant Princess Watch as our heroes Dick and Coppertop venture into the unknown on a quest to find the lost treasure. Created for the DVXUser Quest Fest 2009 Read about The making of DIAPP:
  • 2011: Obama Set To Run into a Huge GOP Wall of 'Re-Petulant' 'Feces' The Founding Fathers of The 'Re-Petulant' Party:
  • Petulant Child - The Beach Bouncing about Gabe's Bar in Ware, MA. August 2008
  • End of Game Brawl - Finland vs. USA - May 11 08 Fighting/Shoving/Brawl at the end of the Finland vs. United States game. IIHF World Championships in Halifax. May 11, 2008. Selanne, Brown, Kapanen, Bacchus, etc. involved.
  • Petulant, Whining GOP Brats Holding START Treaty Hostage Because of 'The Gays' EVIL Obstructionist Republicans:
  • Petulant Adults 5-7-10.avi When Jesus told us to be like 3 year olds it was not for temper tantrums.
  • Petulant Child - The Silly Man Getting Silly at Gabe's Bar in Ware, MA. August 2008.
  • A Petulant Child In The White House!.wmv Idiot: we cannot sustain oops, was that my oh goodness that is alright all of you know who I am. But I am sure it is somebody back there that is really nervous right now, do not you think they're sweating bullets back there yikes, a petulant child in the WH; do you really believe someone is "sweating bullets" Hussein? Any idea how much respect a serial lying Marxist community organizer Muslim Usurper buffoon is entitled to? America is dangerously close to an uprising, even civil war, you incompetent, fraudulent Jack-Azz! Idiot: the private sector created jobs 9 months in a row now that's the truth the truth is, screaming fool, you're a usurper Hussein & thanks to you - 50 years after welfare reform our Nation is again a welfare Society. I understand people being sorry for supporting & voting for you. What I don't get is judges are now 100% aware you don't even have American citizensip, yet, the cowards on the bench are scared witless. Idiot: there a 3 mil Americans who would not be working today if not for the economic plan that Joe & I put into place, that's the truth. the truth is, you're lying again; how much did you have to dish out to get the crowd cheering for a THUG like you? Contrary to what many thought in 2008, you're downright stupid, Hussein; 57 states, 'eh? FOOL! I suggest the media try to have a conversation with you without your idiot board. No one gives a flip what you say, most of America figured out that you're a sonorous, arrogant BORE, the emperor has ...
  • Petulant Frenzy Visual Test of Petulant Frenzy Basement Gig Song
  • (2006) Illinois plants flag at Spartan Stadium After a shocking upset, Illinois players run to midfield and plant their flag on top of the Spartan "S". A scuffle breaks out.
  • [ClipDub] God of War III - Petulant Child! Woohoo! Another God of War 3 clip! This one was especially fun to work on because there's actually characters on the screen this time. Anyway I do not claim rights to God of War in anyway. God of War series is copyrighted to Sony Santa Monica Studios. This is a non-profit fandub intended for purely entertainment purposes. Castist: Alex "AxerJ" Newhouse as Kratos Steven "Sarifus" Kelly as Zeus
  • PLUCKA DUCK FINAL HEY HEY 06.11.1999 Plucka Duck Broadcast 06.11.1999 Hey Hey it's Saturday Final Show
  • Good Day LA Recognizes Franken As "Petty And Petulant" Good Day LA 12.17.09
  • Act 1, Scene 8 - Pampered Petulant Souls Pitt Med Scope & Scalpel 2010 Pampered Petulant Souls
  • Countdown: The Petulant President Keith and Rachel Maddow shoot down all of the Bush administration excuses for why Congress needs to pass his version of the FISA bill, and it is to protect him, not the American people, and not the telecom companies.
  • PUMA & Just Say No Deal leader Elizabeth Joyce gets petulant with Larry King Just Say No Deal and Hireheels co-founder (and proud PUMA) Elizabeth Joyce appeared on CNN's Larry King Live following Hillary Clinton's great speech at the Democratic National Convention on August 26th, 2008. Joyce's interview has to be seen to be believed. The PUMA movement just gets sillier by the minute.
  • Petulant Frenzy#2 (Zappa covers) HiQ Sydney 2007 NOTE: I recommend HIGH QUALITY MODE for this (if you don't mind the extra bandwidth). Re-uploaded second video of this dedicated Zappa tribute band based in Sydney, Australia. The first is also available in High Quality mode: This has the "fun stuff" - including (SPOILER ALERT) bits of Led Zeppelin's The Immigrant Song and Eye of the Tiger by... Survivor (I had to look that up). My virtual home:
  • Petulant Penguin presents......... ***ogue Brew Taken from the Petulant Penguin launch night. Here's a clip of the great '***ogue Brew'.
  • jared underwood with Petulant Frenzy
  • Countdown: FISA & Fallon - Our Petulant President President Bush has been doing his best to remind the American people that he's still around, and what better way to do that than to throw a few hissy fits? As Keith Olbermann says on today's Countdown, from the tone of Bush's voice, it sounds like he's just given up. The president is once again chiding House Democrats for drafting new FISA legislation that does not include amnesty for telecommunications companies who illegally spied on Americans, calling those companies - "patriotic." Right. Rachel Maddow joined Keith and as always, her ***ysis is spot on. She points out that President Bush was willing to veto the safety of the American people all in the name of protecting corporations and himself from prosecution. They also touch on the "resignation" of Admiral Fallon and how it was obviously a shot across the bow of anyone in the Pentagon who wants to be a real patriot and save the country from launching another unprovoked war against a sovereign nation. Maddow:"The other part of this strategy is that they're using a biplane to fly a picture of Eric Shinseki around the Pentagon to remind everybody what happens when people don't toe the line and do something that's right instead of what the President wants."
  • Race to the White House: Obama As a Flip Flopper Meme During the panel discussion on Race to the White House Rachel Maddow argues with the four conservatives she's up against that Obama has not changed his stance on Iraq and has always said that he would listen to the advice of the generals on withdrawl plans. Joe Scarborough as usual has to resort to grade school like insults and hand raising for the panel when arguing with Rachel.
  • Petulant Child at the Elevens rawk
  • ohkaykaykay Rages the Entire Goddamn Game Like a Petulant Toddler ...
  • Let's Play Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Pt. 05 - A Petulant Welcome Level 3 - The Ancient City Items: Backpack Keys: None
  • The Petulant Beggar I'm sorry for the bad quality but my movie making program stopped working so I had to put it in another program. I just threw this together so don't judge me on this one! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poor man and his speech!
  • Petulant Frenzy#1 (Zappa covers) HiQ Sydney 2007 NOTE: I recommend HIGH QUALITY MODE for this (if you don't mind the extra bandwidth). Re-uploaded video of this dedicated Zappa tribute band based in Sydney, Australia. And here's a second one: There's one more available, but I'll wait on it. I should add that this show was about 3 weeks after the brilliant Zappa Plays Zappa tour, and was still just as enjoyable. For those who can never get enough Frank in their lives, I've posted an orchestral performance of Strictly Genteel here: And don't forget to RATE THIS VIDEO. My virtual home:
  • Petulant Little Lip Clip Director: ArhurCox
  • FBH new ceremony ceremony from FBH vs gogo, 2008 Proleague finals. Video is from jon747
  • Shriekback - Petulant
  • Petulant Huns React to 4-0 Drubbing 1969 Scottish Cup final: Celtic vs. Huns at Hampden.
  • Petulant Mars Rover A petulant Mars rover complains about its sibling.
  • NITA 2010 10 01 be petulant

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  • “While Jacques Chirac's quasi-Napoleonic strutting on the world stage looks silly, the French president couldn't care less if the anglophone press portray him as bad-tempered and petulant, writes Ros”
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  • “COW Blogs : Sonnyboo's Blog : Petulant Interjections. A rough cut of a new short is done, but needs some work. The display of style creates a forum for people to work together.I'm also knee deep on the feature length script”
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  • “Find meaning of petulantly blog search or so later, I found myself in another moment of fury, this time occasioned by a nasty, imperious, petulant telephone call from a Marine General”
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  • “National, Maryland, local Carroll County news, politics, opinion and commentary. Read them, read us, then decide. A view of our Republic from a Constitutional perspective”
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  • “Find meaning of petulant blog search 5 THE MOST CAKE _ _ Blog Archive _ _ Colour me in: racial diversity in Without meaning to sound petulant or incredulous, I find it hard to believe that the BBC, who churn out thousands of hours of programming every year, would leave such”
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  • “*** By Guest Blogger Kingsjester *** Petulant 1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior 2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill”
    — The Petulant President | Manly's Republic,

  • “Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers. Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions. In a petulant blog post, company representatives blamed's disintegration on Twitter because the”
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  • “Find synonym for petulantly blog search (D) petulant 13. Recent border confrontations between the two military groups lend credence to the rumors of an impending war”
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