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  • ( 1) The post-conviction court held that, by not investigating experts regarding impeachment and credibility issues for petitioner's third trial before deciding not to use them, petitioner's trial counsel had not exercised reasonable professional skill and judgment. — “Oregon Judicial Department - Publications”,
  • The Petitioner has not met his burden of demonstrating entitlement to purchase creditable service for the period of time that he served as a Health Educator for the City of Fall River from 1994 through 2002. During that period of time, the. — “Nicholas Salmon v. TRS and Fall River Retirement System, CR”,
  • Definition of petitioner in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is petitioner? Meaning of petitioner as a legal term. What does petitioner mean in law?. — “petitioner legal definition of petitioner. petitioner”, legal-
  • the petitioner is one who plea for the request in court ( faisal ) In this case, the petitioner is said to seek "redress of grievances"; this is a political act instead of a legal one, and usually involves approaching the legislature. — “Petitioner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In 2000, while employed at Dan River, petitioner began experiencing pain in her neck and shoulders. Petitioner continued to suffer pain, however, and she stopped working. — “Hardt Amicus Brief, supporting petitioner”,
  • Petitioner Party requesting action in the court. A taxpayer is quite often the petitioner (plaintiff) in a tax dispute to appeal an IRS position. — “Petitioner: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Petitioner's Writ of Certiorari cited several grounds under which Petitioner alleged the hearing officer departed from the essential requirements of law and violated her right to due process of law. This Court granted certiorari review and conducted a hearing on September 25, 2008. — “CORINA L. WILLARD, Petitioner, v. STATE OF FLORIDA | Stone”,
  • Petitioner's Exhibit B – A list of the exhibits to be presented by the Petitioner's Exhibit C – A complete appraisal/summary report presented. — “REPRESENTATIVES FOR PETITIONER:”,
  • Find the definition of petitioner free using Nolo's online dictionary and translate this and other confusing law terms and legal definitions into plain English. — “petitioner definition - Nolo's Free Dictionary of Law Terms”,
  • petitioner's first habeas petition challenging his. current sentence, the Eleventh Circuit petitioner's due process claim was part of a "successive" petition. — “Petitioner”,
  • Appeals further rejected Petitioner's argument that. Fla. Stat. provided the trial court Petitioner does not claim that Public. Law. 280. grants. a full. range. of. — “Petitioner,”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Petitioner. Wikipedia petitioner (plural petitioners) (law) Someone who presents a petition to a Retrieved from "http:///wiki/petitioner". — “petitioner - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of petitioner in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of petitioner. Pronunciation of petitioner. Translations of petitioner. petitioner synonyms, petitioner antonyms. Information about petitioner in the free online English dictionary and. — “petitioner - definition of petitioner by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of petitioner from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of petitioner. Pronunciation of petitioner. Definition of the word petitioner. Origin of the word petitioner. — “petitioner - Definition of petitioner at ”,
  • Petitioner, along with numerous codefendants, including Gomez-Barajas and Bravo, was charged with participating in a far-flung At the time of petitioner's trial, the District Court was considering Gomez-Barajas' offer to plead guilty to certain charges stemming from the conspiracy, and had. — “WHEAT V. UNITED STATES, 486 U. S. 153 :: Volume 486 :: 1988”,
  • Petitioner definition, a formally drawn request, often bearing the names of a number of those making the request, that is addressed to a person or group of persons See more. — “Petitioner | Define Petitioner at ”,
  • 74 F.3d 1 Warren HENRY, Petitioner,v.IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE, Respondent. Petitioner, a 24-year-old Jamaican national, has resided in the United States since late 1984. — “74 F3d 1 Henry v. Immigration and Naturalization Service”,

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  • Sound of Hope Radio: Chinese Petitioners Abused in Mental In Speaking of the protests outside Peking University, Sound of Hope Radio interviewed one Chinese woman who was at the protests. She was there because she had in the past been detained in a mental hospital for petitioning. Here's her story. Last week, more than 100 petitioners protested comments by Peking University professor Sun Dongdong, who said 99% of petitioners are mentally ill. One protestor is Sha Tongmei from Fushun city of Liaoning Province. She says she's perfectly healthy, but police put her in a mental hospital as punishment for petitioning to central authorities. [Sha Tongmei, Petitioner from Fushun]: (female, Chinese) "They detained me seven times in a mental hospital. Their reason is that I petitioned." She joined protests at Peking University last week to demand justice and compensation for being jailed. Police arrested her, taking her to Haidian police station. Sha Tongmei called Sound of Hope Radio to tell the story of how she'd been detained many times prior in mental institutions because she petitioned. This is what she observed in those places. [Sha Tongmei, Petitioner from Fushun]: "All petitioners in the mental hospital will be fed with drugs. So after many detentions, the petitioners will go insane After they've taken the drugs they'll depend on them, just like taking opium or morphine—they're all psychiatric drugs. Sometimes, after taking the drugs, they can't move their limbs, and can only fall into sleep." Because of attention from the media, Sha ...
  • The Petitioner- part 3 The last of my AR Blurb
  • petitioner takes a stand for rights How to handle this rental cop.
  • Beijing Police Use Daughter to Hunt Down Petitioner Tomorrow, Beijing will celebrate the 60th anniversary of communist rule over China. Now a local petitioner has revealed the new lows authorities are resorting to in their efforts to ensure security. Chinese authorities employ many methods to stop petitioners from appealing their grievances. For Beijing petitioner Zhang Shufeng, the latest tactic used against her was shear trickery. Last week, Zhang received a text message on her phone. The sender purported to be a nurse telling her she was needed at the hospital because her daughter may have contracted the H1N1 virus. Zhang, who has been in hiding from police, did not go to the hospital, but instead sent a message to her daughter. Two hours later, police had tracked her down and arrived at her hiding place. [Zhang Shufeng, Beijing Petitioner]: "I think they are just despicable, resorting to this method to trick me. As soon as I sent my daughter a message, they were able to find where I was." Just the day before, police had tried to kidnap Zhang's 14-year-old daughter in an attempt to lure her out. [Zhang Shufeng, Beijing Petitioner]: "My child is only a minor, what are they trying to do by taking her away? They dragged her and pushed down on her head. They can be so cruel to a child, I really feel they are not human." For weeks, Beijing police have been monitoring petitioners as part of the security measures for the October 1st celebrations. Long-time petitioners like Ms. Zhang who persist in having their legal disputes ...
  • New York Times v. Sullivan Petitioner Opening Argument Recorded on September 23, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 21-Year-Old Petitioner Raped in Chinese 'Black Jail' This is 21-year-old Chinese petitioner Li Ruirui, being interviewed by the press. Now shes back home in Anhui Province, recovering from an ordeal at a Beijing hotel last week. The hotel is one of Chinas many so-called black jails. Local officials use them to detain petitioners trying to air grievances to the Central Government. Petitioners are held in dormitory-like rooms, referred to as simple rooms.
  • Beijing Clamps Down on Petitioners Ahead of Oct. 1 Celebrati A group of armed police patrols a railway station in Zhejiang Province. This is just a fraction of the strict security arrangements that have been set up around China. Authorities here want nothing to disturb the October 1st events that will celebrate 60 years of communist rule. Over the weekend, city streets around Beijings Changan Avenue were shut down. Tanks and rocket launchers replaced cars on the roads for a rehearsal parade for October 1st. Residents here are being asked to re-register for identity cards, as authorities try to maintain control over individuals entering the region. Victor Gao, Director of China National Association of International Studies, told Globe & Mail that while pedestrians and drivers may experience unhappiness with the inconveniences, these feelings will be overwhelmed by the great zeal of the happy occasion. It appears, however, that not everyone shares this great zeal. Scores of petitioners in Beijing are being sent back to their hometowns. There, they may face illegal detention or even so-called re-education. [Hongren Liu, Jiangsu Petitioner]: We were petitioning at the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. They treated us very badly. There isnt much hope for petitioning during the 60th anniversary celebration. There are plain-clothed police everywhere. The ones from your prefecture will take you away and beat you up, and send you to re-education classes. Yesterday there were 2000 petitioners at the Bureau of Letters and Visits ...
  • Doubts over Wen Jiabao's Meeting with Chinese Petitioners For more news visit ☛ or Follow us on Twitter ☛ http For the first time ever, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has met with petitioners. They are people from all over China who go to Beijing hoping to resolve problems back home. The public meeting on Monday was widely broadcast by state-run TV, but some, including long-time petitioners, are questioning the highly publicized event. Every year in China, tens of thousands of petitioners across the country flock to the capital of Beijing. They hope to file complaints that their local authorities did not address. It's a growing social problem where many petitioners are sent back home or are detained illegally. On Monday, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao met with petitioners in Beijing for the first time to hear their concerns. But the highly publicized event is already raising doubts. [Wu Huaying, Fujian Petitioner]: "The petition office had just eight petitioners inside. When I went, there were always long lines with hundreds of people. This is a basic fact. We are long time petitioners and have experienced this. News like [this meeting] no longer excites us, because we have been disappointed too many times." State-run television widely broadcasted Wen's visit to the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, the central office that handles petitioners. Some, including Beijing-based rights lawyer Ni Yulan—a former petitioner herself—believes it's probably just for show. [Ni Yulan, Beijing Rights Lawyer]: "I think it's ...
  • Delhi HC fines Dhobi Ghat Petitioner! The Delhi High Court fined the petitioner Rs 25000 for filing a 'pointless' suit on the director Kiran Rao for the film Dhobi Ghat.
  • CCP s Stability Maintenance Fund Aims to Stop Petitioners Chinese media reports that the Communist Party has set aside as much as 15 billions dollars for "Stability Maintenance Offices" around the country. These local offices are established under the Central Leadership Office for Maintaining Stability. They're hiring people to act as a web of informants for local authorities. The main task: to monitor and ensure so-called social stability. And one way that's being achieved is through controlling petitioners. [Ma Yaliang, Shanghai Petitioner]: "The central government gives a stability maintenance fund to local authorities every year. These authorities use the money to watch and monitor petitioners. Or they use them in deals, like if you promise us you won't petition in Beijing, I'll give you this amount of money. Some petitioners who are struggling to live or are in other situations would accept this deal." Ma says that local authorities also use the money to pay for hotels—also referred to as black jails—to detain petitioners who do go to Beijing.
  • Bhopal gas leak petitioner on verdict Speaking to NewsX, the petitioner for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims said that he was shocked that why no one was allowed inside the court for the verdict and it was sheer pressure from the government that the CBI was not allowed to inspect the west Virginia plant.
  • Manchester, NH: Ron Paul high schoolers swarm petitioner Sponsor: - You haven't lived till you've been surrounded by 18-yr-old voters chanting about the gold standard. I just ran into these folks by accident, all Manchester High students apparently. Music by Dada Orwell (aka Ridley) If you want to commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 5 is roughly two cents per video view. But creation of the ad is free, views after the first week are free and your hyperlink in the video descrip is free. PM me here at the Youtube channel or e-mail me: RidleyReport at live period com Additional Keywords: dave ridley report ron paul revolution free state project new hampshire libertarian party freedom secession independence united states constitution constitutionalist market anarchist anarchism anarchy talk live marketeer liberty republican democrat mary ruwart bob barr michael badnarik staters government paulville rights law federal feds fed bill hillary clinton barak obama john mccain election vote campaign 2008 operation live free or die r3volution debates manchester high school marijuana cannabis pot but grass drug war on drugs iraq *** ***agers frank guinta
  • COUNCILWOMAN'S AIDE HARASSING PETITIONER Dana Beyer, a senior aide to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg, and a member of Hillary Clinton's Lesbian, Gay, Bi***ual and Transgender Steering Committee, is seen via cell phone video falsely telling petition collectors and would-be signers they would be asked to leave a Giant food store's sidewalk, saying "An email went out; you're going to be asked to leave. Any petitions gathered today are illegal." Press release for more information :
  • Ayodhya verdict: Petitioner worried about politicking Mohammed Hashim Ansari, 90, the oldest Muslim litigant in the case, is worried about the politicking in the name of Ayodhya.
  • NH: More postal workers confront petitioner Sponsor: - More angry postal officials descend on me as I attempt to petition outside a Manchester PO This is part 2 of 3. Link to Part 1: Music by Ridley's little bro Stephen: Additional Keywords dave ridley report ron paul...
  • Tinker v. Des Moines Petitioner Opening Argument Recorded on September 16, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • CBI says Bofors petitioner's claim rubbish The CBI today pleaded before a Delhi court that the ruling of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal in Bofors pay offs case is "nothing new" and its application for withdrawing the proceedings against Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi should be allowed.
  • Ayodhya: Petitioner moves SC to defer verdict RC Tripathi files SLP in SC to defer Ayodhya verdict, court to hear petition at 2 pm
  • Petitioner claims Datacom biggest beneficiary of 2G rigging Prashant Bhushan, lawyer for the petitioner closed his arguments in the SC saying that Videocon-owned Datacom is the single biggest beneficiary of the alleged rigging in the 2G scam case, reports CNBC-TV18's Malvika Jain.
  • China Arrests Petitioners in July 1 Crackdown July 1 marks the 12 year anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China. For the past 12 years, this day has been commemorated with an annual protest rally that draws thousands of people. But its not just Hong Kong residents who use this day to protest, many petitioners inside China also travel to Hong Kong to petition on July 1st. According to one petitioner, though, the Chinese Regime has been arresting them in a pre-July 1 crackdown. Jinbao Shen is from Shanghai. He and five others, who are members of a group of Chinese petitioners, traveled to Hong Kong at the beginning of June to petition against the World Expo project in Shanghai. Their houses had been destroyed and they had been forced to move. They timed their trip to coincide with the 20 year anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4. But according to Jinbao Shens ex-wife, Jinti Zhu, all five were arrested and detained by the local police on June 26th. Petitioner Jinti Zhu believes this is a deliberate crackdown by the Chinese Communist Party in the lead up to July 1. She's calling for the rescue of her ex-husband. [Jinti Zhu, Shanghai Petitioner]:(female) "I must urgently call to rescue my ex-husband because he went to Hong Kong on 1st of June with four other petitioners. Now before 1st of July, the Chinese Communist Party begins to crackdown on us petitioners. Now he has already been sent to jail." Jinti Zhu says that the Chinese Communist Party steals people's property and then ...
  • The Petitioner- LouisianaCarry's AR-15 A little clip about my AR- The Petitioner. Click on "More from atimetobuild" below for part 2.
  • Big victory for consumers of justice: Petitioner Subhash Aggarwal, the man who petitioned court, said that he was happy and that the verdict will infuse transparency in judiciary.
  • 2011 New Haven Youth Moot Court Competition (R. Durant, 3/5/11) [Part I - Petitioner's Argument] Final Round of the Second Annual New Haven Youth Moot Court Tournament (Yale Law School, March 5, 2011). Hosted by the Yale Law School Marshall-Brennan Project.
  • UN IV Committe - 2009 - Petitioner Cynthia Basinet An matters of decolonization. Speaker - Cynthia Basinet (Note: those fairing disinterest are the petitioners from Morocco, they have no choice but to adopt this stance.) From : "CYNTHIA BASINET, singer and actress, said she was but a small piece of the larger delegation returning year after year to plead the case that the Saharawi people were not only self-determined, but were also self-reliant in supporting freedom. Once again, the international community must be reminded of the reality that peaceful solutions must be rewarded and violence abolished. She said that in this new century, the world faced another reality -- the energy demands of an ever growing world -- which must be addressed. Many of the new possibilities for a better reality could come to fruition, thanks to the efforts of solar energy, which was also in keeping with the Saharawi values. In addition to solar power could also be used to clean water, charge cell phones and increase communication, and solar ovens could be built for less than $1, and with simple supplies. The most urgent need for the Saharawi people was clean water, since their wells were currently closed due to health reasons and there was a so-called shortage in water tankers, as those were too expensive and few non-governmental organizations could supply them, she said. On the other hand, pumps could be chargeable by local power, they were affordable, and could be managed by local hands. In eradicating poverty, solar power ...
  • - Komaram Puli producer thanks petitioner : Twist Komaram Puli high court stay, high court stay against Komaram Puli release, chennai high court orders stay against Komaram Puli release, Komaram Puli release date, pawan kalyan komaram kuli, pawan kalyan, komaram kuli, latest telugu news, telugu cinema news, tollywood news
  • Pinoy Panawagan: New Dead Petitioner Law The petition does not have to die with the petitioner! Attorney Lou explains the new law for those hoping to come to America.
  • Chinese Petitioner Sentenced And now to China, where a petitioner from Zhengzhou, Henan Province has been sentenced to over 3 years in prison. In a radio interview, he speaks of long term harsh treatment by local Chinese authorities. For generations Lu Conglis ancestors have owned this land, where Hunan House a family restaurant in Chinas Henan Province operated for more than 20 years. Since 2003 Lu's been in a bitter dispute with Chinese communist authorities over the forced demolition of his family business. The site is situated at a prime location in Zhengzhou City and despite his repeated refusal to give the state access to the land, local authorities organized a demolition crew to come in the middle of the night. He petitioned the move but only ended up beaten and hospitalized. Lu says the 27th district deputy mayor, also the Public Security Bureau deputy head, Pang Cheungsing, even went so far as to intimidate him not to petition anymore. He refused to stop and told Pang that he was being unreasonable and left. On the same day Lu was detained for 10 days, charged with "kicking up a fuss". Lus more recently been sentenced to three and a half years in prison. [Lu Congli, Zhengzhou Resident]: "He had said that he must let me die in prison thats just because I turned my back on him that day. I was bleeding inside the prison and the detention center director told me that everything I experienced was organized from high above. My family cannot come visit me. I wont be sent to a hospital, and no ...
  • NH: Postal officials confront petitioner Sponsor: - I may be in big trouble shortly. Manchester's main post office is a place where petitioning is allowed. But try to videotape officials who tell you otherwise...and out come the big guns. Music by Ridley's little bro Stephen Additional Keywords...
  • Chinese Petitioners Welcome Nancy Pelosi to Beijing US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the middle of an eight day trip to China. She arrived there last Sunday. Once word got out of her visit, thousands descended on Beijing to welcome the speaker, who is a well known supporter of human rights in China. On the morning of May 25, thousands of petitioners from all over the country gathered and protested outside Beijing South Gate. They were there to ask the US government and US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi to pay attention to Chinas human rights issues. People there ranged from young children to an 80-year-old man and everything in between. [Chen Fengqiang, Petitioner from Guangdong Province]: (male) The scene is spectacular. Petitioners from all over the country use this as a place for to vent their frustrations. They did not even register at the relevant departments. They are all here to show their grievances. Later in the morning police cars were sent to block petitioners. [Chen Fengqiang, Petitioner from Guangdong Province]: (male) The reason why we are at this stage is because of the Chinese governments one-party dictatorship. There is no democracy, no effective oversight, which led to corruption, collusion between upper and lower departments officials help one another. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the US governments harshest critics of human rights in China. She has spoken in support of the Tibet movement, as well as Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in the Mainland.
  • NTDTV: Warm Hearts Help Beijing Petitioners Survive a Harsh Winter Every year, thousands of petitioners from all over China go to Beijing as a last resort to have their legal disputes resolved. But once they get there, they have little or no financial support. Many are forced to live in makeshift shelters on the street, or under bridges. Now with Beijings temperature plummeting to record-breaking lows, its even tougher to survive. Beijing petitioner Li Lirong says they dont have enough support. [Li Lirong, Beijing Petitioner]: These things should be done by the government. Those people have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Some have to pick up leftover food, others go around the streets to beg for food. Since Christmas last year, these petitioners have been giving out food and sweets to fellow petitioners, bringing a smile to their faces. [Zhao Cunhong, Petitioner from Hebei Province]: Life for us petitioners is very bitter. Weve forgotten what sweetness is all about. After eating the candies, the petitioners were happy. We wanted to offer our love through this activity. But its been a struggle even for those wanting to help. Petitioner Zhao Cun-hong from Hebei province says Beijing city patrol officers have been trying to take away their belongings to drive them out of town. [Zhao Cunhong, Petitioner from Hebei Province]: When the city patrol tries to take their things, the petitioners say to them, if you take it, we cannot survive, and we will die in a suicide pact to protest. So the city patrol officers left their belongings alone ...
  • Petitioner hitting up Wal-Mart Man making money , hustling out front of Wal-Mart. Poor guy was ripped off $12000 by Mark Jacoby of YPM but is not doing anything about it!
  • The Petitioner- part 2 Continuing the blurb about my rifle. Click on "More from atimetobuild" below for part 3.
  • Peking University Petitioners Beaten, Arrested We told you last week about petitioners protesting for several days outside Beijings Peking University. They continued to protest on Saturday, and many were arrested. Protestors outside Peking University are still angry about comments by professor Sun Dongdong. He had said last week that 99% of China's petitioners are mentally ill. On Saturday, petitioners continued with their fourth day of protests, and police responded by beating some of them and dragging them off to the Majia detention center in Beijing. Petitioner Zhang Binjin is from Hubei province. [Zhang Binjin, Petitioner from Hubei]: (male, Chinese) "The approach [police] take is to drag people, pull them, detain and beat them. For foreign reporters, the approach is to stay close to them and block them out." As of Saturday evening, petitioner Xu Baoli was still being held at the Majia detention center. She says on Saturday at noon, she was sitting alone against a wall outside Peking University taking her medicine when police came over and kicked her in the back. [Xu Baoli, Petitioner]: (female, Chinese) "I asked him, 'What are you kicking me for?' When he was done, he gnashed his teeth and then three of them pulled at me, twisting my arm. Now my arm is numb and my whole lower back is purple." Police forced petitioners into a bus heading to Majia. Those who refused were beaten, according to petitioner Mr. Wu. The 58-year-old was beaten until he went deaf in one ear. [Mr. Wu, Petitioner]: (male, Chinese) "They ...
  • China's Beaten Petitioners Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Communist government's Central Inspection Team (CIT) started to receive petitioners in a building in Shanghai. Still, during the petition process, some petitioners have been violently beaten by police. Let's take a look. Recently, thousands have gone to CIT to redress their grievances and to petition. A petitioner named Chen Qiyong in Shanghai went to the CIT office on April 7. He was violently beaten by the police for no reason. Petitioner Chen said: They robbed my petition letter, pushed me onto the ground, beat and kicked me. Then they pulled me against the wall and frisked me. Previously, over 200 petitioners have been detained in the park outside of the CIT building. Petitioners said that the police detained them for a long time without providing any food, and then transported them by buses. Wang Cheng (petitioner): what can I say? They seem to be making fun of us. Xiang Wenyin, living in Yangpu District, Shanghai, was received by CIT on April 7, 2011. The two people receiving him were very indifferent. One of them was recognized as a previously hired thug in the Shanghai Petition Office. After his old house being demolished in 2004, Xiang petitioned and was repeatedly jailed illegally. Xiang said that although he finally met with the CIT, he doesn』t believe this approach can solve any issues. He talked to them for just 3 min before being asked out. Xiang said he would continue to petition for ...
  • Chinese Petitioner Sentenced For generations Lu Congli's ancestors have owned this land, where Hunan House a family restaurant in China's Henan Province operated for more than 20 years. Since 2003 Lu's been in a bitter dispute with Chinese communist authorities over the forced demolition of his family business. The site is situated at a prime location in Zhengzhou City and despite his repeated refusal to give the state access to the land, local authorities organized a demolition crew to come in the middle of the night. He petitioned the move but only ended up beaten and hospitalized. Lu says the 27th district deputy mayor, also the Public Security Bureau deputy head, Pang Cheungsing, even went so far as to intimidate him not to petition anymore. He refused to stop and told Pang that he was being unreasonable and left. On the same day Lu was detained for 10 days, charged with "kicking up a fuss". Lu's more recently been sentenced to three and a half years in prison. [Lu Congli, Zhengzhou Resident]: "He had said that he must let me die in prison that's just because I turned my back on him that day. I was bleeding inside the prison and the detention center director told me that everything I experienced was organized from high above. My family cannot come visit me. I won't be sent to a hospital, and no medicine is allowed." Lu's mother recently passed away as a result of severe depression, and his father remains bed-ridden. [Lu Congli, Zhengzhou Resident]: "A female secretary named Zhang San, she let ...
  • Petitioners Gather in Beijing for National Law Awareness Day For more news visit ☛ Chinese petitioners travelled to Beijing over the weekend, calling for intervention against local government corruption as China celebrates "National Law Awareness Day." Chinese petitioners gathered outside state-run CCTV headquarters in Beijing on Saturday, to mark "National Law Awareness Day." State-run Xinhua news agency reported that about 1000 petitioners had gathered there. But by the time foreign media arrived on the scene, only several dozen petitioners remained. Many of their companions had already been taken away by police. These petitioners traveled to Beijing from across China. They are calling for justice on a variety of issues, from illegal land grabs to pollution. [Petitioner] "They confiscated my eight mu (half a hectare) of land and didn't give me a penny. I have no land and they gave me nothing. I came here to petition them to help me and they haven't resolved anything, instead gangsters come to beat up my whole family." This woman from Handan in Hebei province wants the central government to rectify growing corruption at the local level. [Zhang Caihong, Petitioner]: "Here it is totally different to your country—we have no rights at all. Their slogans say that this is a country ruled by law, but here it's so corrupt that our case of injustice from 2000 has not been resolved even now. We've been petitioning for so many years. We come to petition through the correct procedures and then we get detained, our problems ...
  • Just moments after tribal cops assault a petitioner for walking in the RBC building. Petitioner Carl Wadena get assaulted by a tribal officer.
  • Union Thugs Destroy Recall Petitions This video was shot minutes after a union advocate destroyed several petitions at a recall Jim Holperin Rally in Merill, WI. The event was moved to the court house grounds because the private location originally slated to host the event was threatened with arson. It should be noted that police were present when the protestor destroyed these recall petitions, but stated to us that there was nothing they could do about it. The female protestor, who had a young child with her, approached the recall table pretending to be interested in signing the petition, then proceeded to write F--- You! She then ripped up other completed petitions before being stopped. Her actions were met with great approval from the rest of the crowd, who took up the chant heard in the video.
  • A New Hampshire petitioner's colorful tales Sponsor: - Lots of amusing encounters to report during my May 23 petitioning efforts. I'm helping the NH Advantage Coalition fight for a spending cap in Manchester. RidleyReport cartoons by Joseph Hart: Music by my brother Stephen Ridley! Ifyou want to commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 5 is roughly two cents per video view. But creation of the ad is free, views after the first week are free and your hyperlink in the video descrip is free. PM me here at the Youtube channel or e-mail me: RidleyReport at live period com Additional Keywords: dave ridley report ron paul revolution free state project new hampshire libertarian party freedom secession independence united states constitution constitutionalist market anarchist anarchism anarchy talk live marketeer liberty republican democrat mary ruwart bob barr michael badnarik staters government paulville city hall petitioning new hampshire advantage coalition tammy simmons spending property taxes rights betsi DeVries ray executive councilor mayor frank guinta tom donovan john lynch
  • Petitioner Arrested by Police According to Beijing police, there were a total of 77 applications for protest in Beijing during the Games, but 74 applications have been withdrawn; two applications needed additional paper works and one application was rejected for legal reasons. On this exclusive video, a petitioner airs her grievance and gets arrested.
  • Ex MP new petitioner
  • Petitioners Plead Their Cases on Video in Beijing Petitioners Plead Their Cases on Video in Beijing 2010-02-26 09:52 [Yang Qilin, Sichuan Petitioner]: In 2002 my parents were killed, and when I tried to petition for justice I was targeted and attacked. Injustice has occurred to two generations and I request the National Peoples Congress to govern legally and deal with my case in accordance with the law, and to uphold the dignity of the law. That was Yang Qilin. Hes one of hundreds of petitioners gathered in Beijing whove pleaded their cases on a video compiled by human rights activist Wu Guangzhou. Wu suffered severe injuries from being attacked by property developers 10 years ago, and became a petitioner himself. Then he started helping others defend their rights as well. He wants to give his video to the Chinese regimes National Peoples Congress— or NPC—during the plenary session in March. [Wu Guangzhou, Rights Activist]: Every day, hundreds of people will attend the filming. I have recorded nearly one thousand speeches. Everyone has a film clip, because everyone has something to say. To sum it up, they just want corruption to be punished and stopped, and they want the National Peoples Congress to fulfill their responsibilities. Every year petitioners from around the country gather in Beijing, when the NPC and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference hold their plenary sessions—also known as the Two Meetings. Petitioners are often driven out of town by Beijing police and security ...

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  • “I've always thought that the petitioner became one with that plane, as well. On its home because most of the petitioner's spirit was compatible with that plane's alignment and”
    — When petitioners die off-plane | Planewalker,

  • “Also read LawMemo Arbitration Blog " Job losses continue with no end in sight | Main Petitioner's brief in Gross v. FBL Financial. The issue before the US Supreme Court is:”
    — Petitioner's brief in Gross v. FBL Financial - LawMemo,

  • “ A law blog from the Law Office of Vida Gosrisirikul, PC The person filing the petition is called the Petitioner. The person you are filing for is called the Beneficiary. Your 837 Comments. FAQ,”
    — Tag " petitioner " @ ,

  • “petitioner. Shanghai. From his balcony in Shanghai, Feng Zhenghu greets petitioners who petitioner. In another instance of the Chinese government almost actively recognizing the”
    petitioner | Laogai Research Foundation,

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