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  • Beattys Builders is the premier Canton, Ohio metal building and pole building contractor. Call 330-339-2333 for service. We have taken the traditional pole building to the next level and turned it into a vertical framing pattern instead of a standard pole building with horizontal perlins. — “Canton Pole Buildings (Beattys Builders) Ohio Metal Building”,
  • Trade Me is New Zealand's leading shopping website, with thousands of online auctions and classifieds. Buy and sell online at! 236 plus 5 to 6 m douglas fir perlins. — “Corrugated iron, perlins, steel trusses for shed for sale”,
  • Pictured is a large pergola we constructed around the corner of a poolhouse, complete with built in shower enclosure, copper lights, custom trelliswork panels to match existing architecture, and large half lap joints to construct perlins and lintels. — “:: Woodcrafter's Guild - Home ::”,
  • On top of the trusses are perlins running from one truss to the next. The girts and perlins are spaced on 24 inch centers providing a frame capable of receiving nearly any type of siding or roofing available. — “Pole Barn Kits utilizing patented improved pole barn kits”, polebarn-
  • Cedar shingles vs. other roof options: perlins or T&G 1 x 6 boards as roof decking. Cedar shake shingles need to breathe, so they are installed using 1 x 4 strips of wood (cedar or Treated Pine) called "perlins". — “Structural Details | ”,
  • How to Build a Barn Garage. Building a barn garage is not as hard as you think it might be. I will show you an efficient way to achieve your goals and have extra room for your needs. They support a double truss (2 trusses nailed together) with 2"x 6"x 10' perlins attached by hurricane clips. — “How to Build a Barn Garage | ”,
  • Welcome to the PIC Iron official website. We specialize in custom decorative wrought iron and steel fabrication. Structural Shade structure with decorative perlins and copper sheet roofing. — “PIC IRON”,
  • we have two perlins running full length of the roofbut wouldd like to build the dorma higher and wider than them meaning e would need to take them out is that possible. — “can you build a roof dorma if you have exsisting perlins in”,
  • Lifting the Steel perlins into position was a heavy job and called for help from family and friends Once the perlins were in position i could start work on constructing the central section of the ceiling joists and roof. — “DIY Construction Projects”, rab3
  • Producing custom structural glued-laminated timbers. The plant consisted of a sawmill, a woodenware factory, a sash and blind factory and loggers in the woods, employing 800 persons. — “Sentinel Structures, Inc”,
  • Tommy Car Wash Systems is the industry leader in cutting edge car wash equipment, car wash building construction, rollover car wash, car Wash brush. We offer solutions for everything you need to get involved in the car wash business. — “Solar Panel Car Wash Building : Car Wash Construction”,
  • We overcame this problem by using 20guage steel perlins instead of wood. We then screw the metal panel of your choice to the metal perlins. — “Myflroofer | Quality at Affordable Price”,
  • Featuring the Port-A-Cool, a portable, self-contained evaporative cooler. Our experienced team can manufacture your portable buildings for almost any need, from basic storage to custom order. — “General Shelters of Texas, Inc”,
  • Photos by Chuck & Char, Jan 5, 2000 - My first major construction job on the house. We put a few perlins between each of two trusses and cranked them to the top of the post with come alongs. — “Picasa Web Albums - Chuck & Char - Our Back Porch”,
  • Twist of Nature products are available finished and unfinished, and can be ordered with a rustic look or the traditional blonde log look. Add perlins–$100. Slab Mantles-$40/ft. Add perlins-$100. Half Log Benches. 4ft–$190. Average 10" deep seat. Add or subtract $30/ft thereafter. Full log. — “Custom Log Furniture | Cabin Furnishings | One Year Warranty”,
  • ROOF: shed roof covered with straw bales which are supported by heavy metal perlins attached to the top plate, straw bales covered over with corrugated metal (such as R-profile, "standing seam" is much more expensive, recommend a "galvalume" finish. — “Plans for a Small "Starter" Straw Bale Home or Guest House”,
  • Members of the Perlins Project will be showing their pottery, alongside a visual record depicting the The Perlins Project is a personal development scheme for adults with learning disabilities in the lovely village of Durley, to the South of the Winchester District. — “Perlins Project Exhibition at City Space”,
  • Vap Construction's process for the construction of post frame barns and buildings is rooted in our 25 years of building experience. The top is finished using 2"x4" overlapping perlins. All wallboards and perlins are #2 grade lumber. Our fastening system incorporates neoprene. — “Post Frame Construction | Post Frame Barns & Buildings”,
  • My boathouse is now finally under construction, and I am debating with the contractor over types of roofing underlayment and structure to be used. I have settled on dark green metal R channel (?) panels fastened to treated 2'x4' perlins. He. — “Metal boathouse roof | Underlayment | Metal Roofing Forum”,
  • Once the hammerbeam is upright, the truss has to be supported by guides until the 2nd truss and perlins are in place. After all three hammerbeams are in place, the front section perlins are added one at a time. — “The Raising of the Croft”,
  • The roof is mounted on top of the tank. Galvanized Z perlins are fixed on top of the tank at calculated distances. The cladding, fixed to the Z perlins, has a polyester coating. — “Metallic Roof Mounted On Top Of a Tank”,
  • have been created out of necessity as an ideal solution for rural property owners who Is the roof structure designed with 8" perlins? Is the pipe structure used or new pipe?. — “Reichardt Construction, LLC. Metal Buildings with Living Area”,
  • We specialize in Milled Lumber for Log Cabins and other lumber products Roof Perlins. Log Screws & Foam. Other sizes and profiles available. Call for information and prices. 16' x 26' Camp $10,000. Call for an appointment to see the model. — “Edmonds Lumber”,

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  • Rorschach's Mask with Perlin Noise A simple mockup created by applying a threshold to 3d Perlin Noise. This was written in C++ using SDL and Kevin Perlin's noise functions.
  • Procedurally Generated Terrain This project was to explore procedurally generated content for a game, more specifically procedurally generated worlds. There are two main options or routes to take with procedurally generated terrain, perlins noise or some form of it, or procedures that aim to simulate real-life geographical events but significantly sped up, so to create a terrain. This application emulates a few main geographical principles to create life-like procedurally generated terrain.
  • 9-yr old's buzzer beater from 1/2 court This shot was made by a 9 yr old on 3/13/2010 at the Championship Game of the Savage Boys and Girls Club, Boys 9-10 league.
  • Nick Perlin's buzzer beater Nick Perlin, a member of the Maryland Terps team in the Savage (MD) Boys and Girls Club, Boys 9-10 division, made this shot as time expired in the third period of the championship game on 3/13/10.
  • SIGMAFAB's AMT ROLL FORMING LINES Write to us at [email protected] Contact Artin +1(818) 270-3264 Our partner AMT Engineering offers roll forming lines for the production of various standard sheet metal profiles used for roofing and inside dividing walls within a building, as well as custom non-standard profiles. Development work in the design and the physical testing of our procedures/ systems have resulted in a unique capability of producing profiles of high precision and of any length (for up to 6,0 mm thickness). To minimize the tool adjustment time required when changing over from one profile to another on the same roll forming line...we developed and patented an Original and unique module design which includes five stations. The modules are installed in one block on a common supporting frame and can be detached easily...quickly. This design allows the reduction of tools adjustment time to 15-60 minutes.
  • Installing a post frame building Dandi Buildings is a manufacturer of post frame building kits. Our buildings are pre-engineered and manufactured for your specific building codes and requirements. Check out our website and feel free to contact us to fine out more about our patented building system
  • Like Dandelion Dust webisode - Stunt Girl What does a stunt double do? Find out on this behind-the-scenes webisode from the Like Dandelion Dust starring Rachael, Monte Perlin's daughter. Thefavorite at the Deauville American Film Festival, winner of a dozen Audience Choice Awards for Best Picture, and recipient of the HEARTLAND TRULY MOVING PICTURE AWARD, LIKE DANDELION DUST is, according to USA TODAY, "the next Blind Side". Directed by Jon Gunn (MY DATE WITH DREW, MERCY STREETS) from a screenplay by Academy Award® Nominated Stephen J. Rivele (ALI, NIXON), the film is based on the novel by New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury. "Like Dandelion Dust" is a compelling drama about a young boy who lives an idyllic life with his adoptive parents on the coast of Florida. It's a postcard childhood until the day they receive a disturbing phone call: his birth parents want Joey back. A judge's decision could tear him away from the only home he's ever known. One family is determined to keep the son they love, the other to begin a new life, one they've always dreamed of, and rise above the challenges of alcoholism and domestic abuse that have plagued them. Joey's future hangs in the balance as issues of parenthood and class warfare play out. Someone must make the bravest decision of their life; sometimes the greatest love is letting go. Starring Academy Award® Winner Mira Sorvino, Golden Globe® Nominee Barry Pepper, and introducing child actor, Maxwell Perry Cotton.
  • Text input in VR: QuickWrite with a TrackIR Here's a demo of Ken Perlin's QuickWrite using Virtools and a NaturalPoint TrackIR to input text in a virtual world. see for more infos and a higher quality video.
  • smoke mtz smoke simulation using ken perlin's flow noise
  • Visual Noise Working with Perlin's visual noise as inspiration
  • Thanksgiving in Chicago, 2007 Thanksgiving dinner at dad's, lunch the day after at Aunt Eva's and relaxing with the Perlin's Saturday morning.
  • Procedural planet demo A demo video showing a fly over a planet generated using Perlin's simplex noise. The planet is entirely generated by the computer's graphics card using no pre-generated textures. It is running at interactive frame rates (around 50-70 FPS on an ATI HD 4750 hardware).
  • Flow Noise 1 fire simulation using ken perlin's flow noise
  • Fooling around in Ken Perlin's Face Demo This is just me fooling around in Ken Perlin's Face Demo, which eventually was used for Facial Expressions in the Source Engine. If you want to try this yourself, follow this hyperlink: This is also featured in the Gamespot Documentary "The Last Hours of Half-Life 2, which can be found here:
  • viva raul gonzalez blanco perlines en accion!
  • Fire simulation fire simulation using ken perlin's flow noise
  • Perlina Para Sa Senado (Just For Fun) taking videos while perlin's coloring the qwek qwek. LOL.

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  • “Not about tractors Power poles with 2x6 fir perlins that were studs in a large grain bin.I have enough 2x14x24ft douglas fir planks to make rafters.that length works out to about 12ft rise”
    — Not about tractors,

  • “ is a community of roofers, roofing contractors and people seeking information about their roof. A place to discuss things about roofing. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Disclaimer. The information and advice provided by the community are for informational purposes only. The site”
    — - Wood fiber board under pole barn metal roof,

  • “I am having a 30' x 40' x 10' pole building built this spring by a contractor-will The roof will be 5 pitch with trusses 4' on centers and 2' x 4' perlins with 7/16' OSB and metal roof on top of OSB”
    — Pole Barn Question - AllisChalmers Forum,

  • “Like Reader Forum articles, Candidate Forums represent the writer's opinions and not If you would like to comment on this Candidate Forum, you must include your full name”
    — Candidate Forum | GazeboNews,

  • “: Northwest news and information from the Seattle Times. Daily local news, sports, arts and entertainment, and classified ads. Posted by Lee Perlins at 07:41 PM, Dec 24, 2006. Although Seattle Opera's Italian Girl in Algiers was fabulous, my favorite 2006 opera moment wasn't”
    — The Seattle Times: Reader comments,

  • “The heat loss occurs through the roof perlins, which are typically exposed, or lightly insulated on the It comes with countersunk screw holes, and teck screws to secure to the outside face of the perlins”
    — 2008 " Norsteel,

  • “In the morning, it is going out in the dark and watching the gradual change from dark to Replacing perlins. Borate as a preservative. Tags: log home maintenance, log home repair,”
    — Check out our Blog,

  • “Old-House-Friends Forum posts about register It still retains 90% of the origonal structure the beams and perlins have bark on them in places. Some of the boards in the ro”
    — Register in the Old-House-Friends Forums,

  • “With regard to the Perlins's substantial income and expenses, the Bankruptcy Court opined here is no evidence that the Perlins schemed to conceal or misrepresent income, inflated”
    — BankruptcyProf Blog: No 707(a) Dismissal even with $400,000,

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