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  • A web resource for light microscopists seeking to identify ciliates and other fresh water micro organisms. An introduction to peritrich ciliates with photomicrographs. — “Protozoa: Ciliates: Peritrichs. An introduction with”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for peritrich in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “peritrich - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Mobiline peritrich riders on Australian calanoid copepods Calanoid copepods from billabongs near Wodonga, Victoria, Australia were found to be infested with a disc-shaped mobiline peritrich ciliate belonging to the genus Trichodina. — “IngentaConnect Mobiline peritrich riders on Australian”,
  • Encyclopedia article about peritrich. Information about peritrich in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “peritrich definition of peritrich in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • I. Zoologisches Institut der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Vorstand: Prof. Dr. R. Epistylis galea EHRENBERG, ein polymorphes Peritrich. Von DIETER MATTHES ünd JÖRG SCHEUBEL. — “index”,
  • Peritrich. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. This article does not cite any references or sources. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Peritrich" Categories: Ciliates. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from July 2009 | All. — “Peritrich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • English Translation for peritrich - German-English Dictionary. — “ | peritrich | English Dictionary”,
  • Authentic and relevant information on Peritrich, causes of Peritrich, symptoms of Peritrich and many other relevant information on Peritrich. — “Peritrich - Medicow”,
  • peritrich (plural peritrichs) (microbiology) A ciliate protozoan of the subclass Peritrich on Wikipedia.Wikipedia. Retrieved from "http://en.wiktionary. — “peritrich - Wiktionary”,
  • peritrich (biology), any ciliated vase-shaped protozoan of the order Peritrichida (more than 1,000 species), found in both fresh and salt water. Usually nonmotile (sessile), they attach themselves to underwater objects, but a few genera, such as. — “peritrich (biology) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Vaginicola (vadge-in-ee-cola) is a sessile peritrich ciliate. Platycola, a loricate peritrich. This one forms a flattened lorica with apical apertures through which the cells extend while feeding. Two contracted. — “Vaginicolidae - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Ultrastructure, Eneystment and Cyst Wall Composition of the Resting Cyst of the Peritrich Ciliate Opisthonecta henneguyi of the Resting Cyst of the Peritrich Ciliate Opisthonecta henneguyi. — “Ultrastructure, Eneystment and Cyst Wall Composition of the”,
  • Peritrich are unicellular aquatic protozoa, within the class ofciliates, in the subclass of Peritrich and the orders of Vorticella, Carchesium, or Epystilis. — “Bug of the Month: Peritrich”,
  • Cothurnia (co-thur-knee-a) is a sessile peritrich ciliate. One of the peritrich ciliates, distinguished by having a wreath of cilia around the anterior of the cell. — “micro*scope - version 6.0 - March, 2006”,
  • peritrich. per·i·trich [ pérrə trìk ] (plural per·i·tri·cha [ pə ríttrəkə ]) noun. Definition: microscopic organism: a simple microscopic invertebrate protozoan covered in tiny filaments cilia that it uses to move around [Early 20th century. — “peritrich definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • This contribution to the knowledge of the peritrich fauna of Argentina is based on the Freshwater, colonial peritrich. Zooids funnel-shaped; covered with mucilaginous, granular material, including. — “Gayana (Concepción) - PRIMER REGISTRO DE ALGUNOS CILIADOS”,
  • peritrich ( ) n. , pl. , peritrichs , also peritricha . Any of various protozoans, such as the vorticella, having a wide oral opening surrounded by. — “peritrich: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Peritrich - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of peritrich in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of peritrich. Pronunciation of peritrich. Translations of peritrich. peritrich synonyms, peritrich antonyms. Information about peritrich in the free online English dictionary and. — “peritrich - definition of peritrich by the Free Online”,
  • Attachment of the peritrich epibiont Zoothamnium intermedium Precht, 1935 (Ciliophora, Peritrichia) to artificial substrates in a natural environment Peritrich ciliates are commonly found as epibionts, colonizing living organisms, or attached to non-living. — “Brazilian Journal of Biology - Colonização de substratos”,
  • Peritrich definition, (of bacteria) having flagella on the entire surface. See more. — “Peritrich | Define Peritrich at ”,

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  • to be contracted suddenly to avoid danger Some hitch lifts on larger creatures Peritrich ciliates are often found for example on Cyclops or other copepods Vorticella A peritrich ciliate showing cilia and twisted contractile stalk myoneme
  • peritrich 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 44K winter01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 69K Outflow01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 69K warnhampond jpg 23 Oct 2004 12 06 82K
  • opercularia 002 jpg
  • pond3 JPG 23 Oct 2004 14 42 220K peritrich 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 44K marsh summer jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 41 122K map01 html 06 Apr 2005 11 41 6 9K
  • pl konjugációkor sok párosodási típussal bírnak míg fúziókor csak kettõvel Ilyenek még az angiosperms tunicata A peritrich csillósok elvesztették konjugációs rendszerüket és a fúziós géncsrére tértek át csak kétféle nem van
  • peritrich 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 44K Pond2 JPG 23 Oct 2004 14 42 224K pond3 JPG 23 Oct 2004 14 42 220K Pond gen01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 130K
  • 59 1µ average peristome width 35 6µ 27 3µ 43 2µ average maximum body width 26 5µ 20 4µ 31 8µ average stalk length 112 1µ 91µ 122 7µ stalk width 5µ Vorticella pulchella Sommer 1951 Fig 16 Small ovoid to globular freshwater peritrich solitary Peristomal lip conspicuous peristomal disc arched
  • average length 52 8µ 45 4µ 59µ average aperture width 17 6µ 15 4µ 20 4µ average maximum width 22µ 19µ 23µ average stalk length 5 1µ 4 7µ 5 5µ Cothurniopsis valvata Stokes 1893 Figs 8 9 Small freshwater loricated peritrich Borders of lorica pliable and used to close the aperture when
  • DP2 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 41 41K peritrich 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 44K winter01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 69K Outflow01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 69K
  • Outflow01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 69K peritrich 01 jpg 23 Oct 2004 14 42 44K Pond2 JPG 23 Oct 2004 14 42 224K pond3 JPG 23 Oct 2004 14 42 220K
  • Click on the above image to see a gallery of images of this free swimming peritrich ciliate For a AVI video ~3MB click here
  • the dominant peritrich from April 15th to April 21st but was outnumbered by Vorticella spp Linnaeus 1767 on May 12th showing an increase in subsequent samplings as shown in Figure 1a During the same period Z intermedium was found attached to adult and juvenile stages of A tonsa and E affinis at an infestation rate that varied between 4 5 and 39
  • opercularia 003 jpg

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  • ciliate protozoan
  • Vorticella (High Magnification) A Peritrich (Vorticella) soon after it detached itself from it's stalk.
  • Unknown Species Found Spinning by McNally Team One.
  • MOV00993.MPG Protozoa - Ciliates - Peritrich - Carchesium ? Protozoo - Ciliado - Peritrich - Carchesium ? Inóculo para un reactor aerobio de mezcla completa a escala de l...
  • Epistylis sommerae The peritrich ciliate Epistylis sommerae (Sommer 1950) Schödel 1987 lives on the legs of gammarids. It forms small and short colonies.
  • Stichotricha sp. An unusually large, colorless Stichotricha in its mucuous tube. Body length 270 µm. The rapidly-contracting colonial peritrich at the top of the screen is a ...
  • Large Free-Swimming Peritrich Probably Opisthonecta; thanks to http:///BruceDSTaylor.
  • Zoothamnium gammari The peritrich ciliate Zoothamnium gammari Korfsmeier 1948 lives on the back and the outer side of the coxal-plates of gammarids. It forms high colonies.
  • Possibly Opisthonecta Created using Serif MoviePlus!
  • Colpoda & Peritrich (Funny) The Peritrich is getting squished by two air bubbles as the water on my slide evaporates.
  • From: wikipedia - They are stalked, inverted bell-shaped ciliates, placed among the peritrichs. Each cell has a separate stalk anchored onto the substrate, w...
  • Vorticella colony (merismo microscopy)
  • Another Peritrich
  • Animal Smaller Than Protozoa Rotifer, Colpoda, and a Peritrich.
  • Peritrich Probably Vorticella.
  • Carchesium sp.
  • Peritrich (Vorticella)
  • Peritrich Colony This is a colony of unidentified peritrichs. Anyone who knows what this is, please tell me.
  • Vaginicola-species Vaginicola species. Is a peritrich ciliate that makes a clear test (shell) Notice how the oral cilia make currents to bring food...
  • Ruthiella gammari Ruthiella gammari Schödel, 1983 is a loricate peritrich ciliate living on the labium of freshwater gammarids.
  • Platyias patulus I think that I've been calling this rotifer Keratella for years. This is Platyias patulus (also known less commonly as Brachionus patulus) that I found in my...
  • Actinophrys This is a video of a heliozoan that I found in a sample of still water that was collected near a creek. It looks like it has caught a couple small feeder cil...
  • Interesting peritrich colony (Carchesium) I am uncertainly labeling this as a Carchesium colony, but I am not very sure. The individual organisms are very big, they are stringed on a stalk sideways, ...
  • Vorticella colony a small colony of Vorticella ciliates (Protista) that I scraped from the side of one of my aquaria.
  • Close-up of parasitic Carchesium on Ostracod A close-up of the Carchesium on the ostracod. This is the same colony as in my previous video.
  • Trichodina pediculus (possible conjugation) Trichodina pediculus -- the so-called "polyp louse" (Roesel, 1760) -- is a small peritrich ciliate that lives parasitically on freshwater Hydra. There were t...
  • Free-Swimming Peritrich Ciliates These free-swimming ciliates resemble very large vorticella, but have no stalks. They might be vorticellids in a telotroch phase, but I don't see a ring of p...
  • Paramecium Colony Bio experiment Rosal 2015 November 8, 2012 Philippine Science High School Agham Road, Quezon City.
  • Campanella umbellaria Thanks to BruceDSTaylor for the confirmation. This is a video of a Campanella umbellaria in my microbe aquarium, bigger than the Vorticella, with a Lacrymari...
  • Peritrich - A Ciliate I have no better identification for this guy at this time. Peritrich means a ciliate where the only cilia on his body are at the opening, where food enters. ...
  • Peritrich.avi
  • Tiny Peritrich (High Magnification)
  • Peritrich Spinning.avi
  • Orbopercularia steffani Orbopercularia steffani Matthes & Guhl 1972 is a loricate peritrich ciliate that lives on the legs on the water-beetles Enochrus coarctatus and Cymbiodyta ma...
  • Epistylis kolbi The peritrich ciliate Epistylis kolbi Nenninger 1948 lives on the bristles on the legs of gammarids.
  • Campanella umbellaria (peritrich ciiates) with Colacium (epibiontic algae) A big sessile peritrich ciliate, with a finely annulated body on a branching, non-contractile stalk. These ones have epizoic flagellates (Colacium) affixed t...
  • Another unidentified stichotrich or hypotrich Another one of these from ditch water. Just around 9:00 at night, I dumped the whole ditch water jar into my microbe aquarium, hopefully a good choice.
  • Peritrich (Dome-Shaped) A dome-shaped Peritrich; these are generally smaller than the bell-shaped Peritrichs I've seen.
  • Amoeba ( species unknown ).avi
  • Unidentified Ciliate I think it is a spirotrich.

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