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  • Notice how the top of the Perithecium protects the spore layer, compare this to the spore sacs in an apothecium. To return to the Check List Page, please use your browser's back button. Questions about content of these pages should be directed to: Comments. — “Perithecia link”,
  • Head blight or scab is an important disease of wheat, oats, barley and spelt in years when warm, wet weather persists during the heading and blo They survive as a***ual spores (conidia), mycelium, and perithecia within which are borne the ***ual spores (ascospores). — “Head Blight or Scab of Small Grains, AC-4-96”,
  • Perithecium: this has the shape of a skittle or a ball. Its distinguishing feature is Perithecia are found for example on Xylaria (Dead Man's Fingers, Candle Snuff) and Nectria. — “Ascocarp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of perithecia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of perithecia. Pronunciation of perithecia. Translations of perithecia. perithecia synonyms, perithecia antonyms. Information about perithecia in the free online English dictionary and. — “perithecia - definition of perithecia by the Free Online”,
  • Once a host is colonized, perithecia are typically produced on the plant crown or embedded in host tissues Remove the parafilm or cotton plug from the inoculated tube, and using the forceps, gently retrieve bentgrass or wheat plants with perithecia. — “Following the disease progression of an ectotrophic root”,
  • Perithecia are found for example on Xylaria (Dead Man's Fingers, Candle Snuff) and Pseudothecium: this is similar to a perithecium, but the asci are not regularly organised. — “ascocarp: Definition from ”,
  • These are actually the tops of tiny spore bearing structures called perithecia which are embedded in the surface. See Pimple-Like Perithecia On Crustose Lichen. According to C.M. Cristensen (Common Fleshy Fungi, 1974), fruiting bodies of Daldinia concentrica taken into the laboratory and kept in. — “Satan's Boletus”,
  • There seems to have been some historical transformation in the characteristics of a perithecium; I'll have more on that when I finally put the Ascomycetes up. Perithecia are characteristic of the class Pyrenomycetes, and although " pyrenocarp". — “Ascocarp type”,
  • disease survey, Fusarium solani, Nectria haematococca, orchids, pathogenicity, perithecia Usually, several small red granules (perithecia) with white mycelia were observed on the discolored sheath surface. — “SHEATH AND ROOT ROT OF PHALAENOPSIS CAUSED BY FUSARIUM SOLANI”,
  • The perithecia occur in the cortex of the land plant Asteroxylon Ascocarp of globose, nearly spherical perithecia with short neck positioned beneath host stoma; perithecium wall of two layers of. — “Perithecial ascomycetes from the 400 million year old Rhynie”,
  • The fungus survives in diseased wood and produces perithecia in old, affected host tissue under conditions of Ascospores are discharged from perithecia soon after rainfall. — “Eutypa Dieback”,
  • Later, black, pimple-like ***ual fruiting bodies (perithecia) originate beneath the bark, which expel white masses of spores during wet weather that collect on the surface of the bark. The "Valsa" stage appears as flask-shaped perithecia formed beneath and in a circle around the old pycnidia. — “Cytospora Canker - Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of AZ”,
  • black perithecia embedded in bark. maples. large flaring canker, fans. Hypoxylon canker conidia first on mat and pillars, then perithecia in stroma. — “Forest Pathology - Cankers on Parade”,
  • M. poae is a heterothallic Ascomycete species and perithecia are rarely observed in nature. The asci inside the perithecia are eight-spored, straight to slightly curved, and have a refractive ring at the apex. — “Magnaporthe poae”,
  • Most Hypoxylon taxa have spherical to obovoid perithecia. Long tubular perithecia are usually produced in taxa with more massive stromata. Hypoxylon croceum, H. lenormandii, and H. undulatum are easily identified in usually having more than half of the perithecial mounds exposed. — “:Xylariaceae: Hypoxylon”,
  • Encyclopedia article about perithecia. Information about perithecia in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “perithecia definition of perithecia in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Leaf spot is one of the most common and widespread diseases of strawberry. Mycosphaerella fragariae is also the cause of black seed disease of strawberry fruit, which occurs occasionally in North America Perithecia are produced primarily on upper surfaces of overwintered leaves. — “Leaf Spot of Strawberry - Tree Fruit & Berry Pathology”,
  • Definition of perithecia from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of perithecia. Pronunciation of perithecia. Definition of the word perithecia. Origin of the word perithecia. — “perithecia - Definition of perithecia at ”,
  • Some ascomycetes have fruiting bodies called apothecia while others have perithecia. fruiting bodies in which the fertile tissue is exposed to the environment, whereas perithecia are flask shaped structures built into the thallus of the lichen in which. — “caloplaca coralloides lichen ***ual reproduction apothecia”,
  • In some single-mating-type strains, protoperithecia may enlarge and become pigmented so as to resemble small perithecia. False perithecia can be of serious concern, however, in crosses where legitimate true. — “Hints and precautions for the care, feeding and breeding of”,
  • Perithecia with sticky ascospore masses that collect at the tip of long necks for insect dispersal. The fungus produces conidia and perithecia in the black/gray areas. — “Ceratocystis fimbriata Diseases”,
  • Infected vine wood left on the vineyard floor over winter is especially suitable for the development of stromata, the fungal tissue that gives rise to the perithecia. Ascospores are ejected from mature perithecia within 1-2 hours of the. — “Practices and Prospects for Eutypa Control”,

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  • “Pycnidia, and later perithecia, develop at or near the point of entry. As with sudden months after the death of the tree, perithecia develop, at first at ground level, and”
    — Sumatra disease at Natural Remedies For You, natural-remedies-for-

  • “Its black spores are produced just below the glistening upper surface in tiny pear-shaped structures called perithecia. perithecia–you can tell they're lurking just below the surface from the little bumps, which are where the perithecia open”
    — The elusive dog's nose fungus :Cornell Mushroom Blog,

  • “Many of you may have recently heard of cordyceps and their benefits, but may still be wondering what the heck these are. You've heard it's some sort of fungus or a parasite of some sort and from this point may have lost interest in its appeal”
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  • “I have been hearing a lot of various of apocalypses that could happen, whether it be a Zombie Apocalypse that could happen, a Planetary Cataclysm that could ki”
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  • “David Loren Sullivan is an internet entrepreneur and writes a blog designed to assist others in internet marketing. The stroma bears many small, flask-shaped perithecia that contain the asci”
    — Kiiera Success Blog,

  • “i'm away from the texts right now but if those coral perithecia are distinct round bumps then yes I see them a lot on dead spots 0 registered and 0 anonymous users are browsing this forum”
    — TreeBuzz Board: Insect & Disease ID Trivia,

  • “The perithecia of G. zeae are ephemeral. Under laboratory conditions, a perithecium forms of perithecia in these samples. The distribution of proportion data was normalized with”

  • “We observed crossed perithecia, and then looked at asci under light microscopes in order to deduce the events From a genetics point of view, I just can't see how this can happen at all (so I'm hesitant to post in this forum at all!”
    — Genetics in Sordaria fimicola and arrangement of ascopores, biology-

  • “Global Effort to Predict FHB and DON. • Tremendous effort to develop prediction. models Perithecia development (T, RH & Time) Macroconidia production. Spore release and survival”
    — Advances in the Epidemiology of Fusarium Head Blight and,

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