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  • peristomial definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “peristomial - Definition”,
  • There is a well-developed peristomial field with a system of adoral membranelles (AZM) at the anteriuor end, Peristomial region with 20-25 ciliary rows. About 200-300 adoral. — “micro*scope - version 6.0 - March, 2006”,
  • At the anterior end of the cells a conspicuous peristomial field with a system of adoral membranelles spiralling clockwise to the cytostome. At the anterior end of the cells a conspicuous peristomial field with a system of adoral membranelles spiralling clockwise to the cytostome. — “Stentor coeruleus Ehr. - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Peristomial (definition) by Webster 1913. Wed Dec 22 1999 at 1:55:18 — “Peristomial”,
  • Peristomial definition, the one or two circles of small, pointed, toothlike appendages around the orifice of a capsule or urn of mosses, appearing when the lid is r See more. — “Peristomial | Define Peristomial at ”,
  • (76-84) Hip 98 crotch for about 26 Thigh 54 feet peristomial 40cm XL: Length 74 Waist 80 (76-84) Hip 98 crotch for about 26 Thigh 54 feet peristomial 40cm XL: Length 74 Waist 80. — “Picasa Web Albums - 11825786608338319... - Plus Size - B”,
  • Definition of Peristomial. Peristomial. Of or pertaining to a peristome. Of, Or, Peristome, Pertaining, To. BrainyQuote. Copyright 2001 - 2010 . — “Definition of Peristomial”,
  • Further Observations on Co-Ordination and the Determination of Frequency in the Peristomial Cilia of Stentor 1. The work described is a continuation of the work on the peristomial cilia of Stentor previously reported (Sleigh, 1956). — “Further Observations on Co-Ordination and the Determination”,
  • The trophic cells (trophonts) are large and elongate, especially in the neck region, and have a conspicuous pair of "peristomial wings" extending from a chitinous lorica. Each individual is fixed inside the lorica by a holdfast organelle. The somatic ciliation is uniform and holotrichous. — “A New Freshwater Folliculinid (Ciliophora) From the Karstic”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Peristomial - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • head, which consists at least of the peristomial segment with a forward See also: per, Peristomium, probably equal to two segments, per.c, Peristomial cirri. — “THE CLASS AS A WHOLE - Online Information article about THE”,
  • Definition of peristomial from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of peristomial. Pronunciation of peristomial. Definition of the word peristomial. Origin of the word peristomial. — “peristomial - Definition of peristomial at ”,
  • Aerobiology (1) Biometric (1) Correlation (1) Endostome (1) Exostome (1) Inner Peristomial Layer (1) Intertrabecular thickenings (1) Meteorology (1) NW Iberian Peninsula (1) Ornamentation (1) Outer Peristomial Layer (1) Peristome (1) Principal Peristomial Layer (1) SEM (2) Spores (2). — “CRYPTOGAMIE - Search”,
  • peristomial. Dictionary: Per·i·sto·mi·al. Home > Library > Literature Related Videos: peristomial. Top. Related topics: Sedentaria (invertebrate zoology). — “peristomial: Information from ”,
  • Parapodia with numerous aciculum - like setae, without acicula; no more 2 peristomial S; single pair of peristomial cirri at 2nd peristomial S (at 1st if there is one) or peristomial cirri absent 36 of peristomial cirri onto 1-4 more or less reduced peristomial S (puc. — “Bottom fauna of the USSR. Polychaeta”,
  • Definition of Peristomial in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Peristomial. Pronunciation of Peristomial. Translations of Peristomial. Peristomial synonyms, Peristomial antonyms. Information about Peristomial in the free online English. — “Peristomial - definition of Peristomial by the Free Online”,
  • Its only character of Stentoridae is to have a peristomial bottom surrounded by a AZM similar to that of Stentor, without undulating membrane, and (in specimens retracted of introversus, the peristomial edge form one large pad around the peristomial bottom, assimilating almost completely the AZM). — “An annotated key for species of the family Stentoridae and”, microscopy-
  • : Invertebrate Zoology (9780195049008): Paul A. Meglitsch, Frederick R. Schram: Books gastric tentacles, interfilamental junctions, choanocyte c***s, pharynx eversible, peristomial gills, brachial fold, flagellated tracts, locomotor band, radial sinuses, renette cells, circulatory arcs,. — “: Invertebrate Zoology (9780195049008): Paul A”,
  • Definition and other additional information on Peristomial from Biology- dictionary. — “Peristomial - definition from Biology-”, biology-

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  • MicroCT scan of a Sand Dollar (Skyscan 1076) Sand dollars possess rigid, flat, internal skeleton known as a "test" and consists of calcium carbonate which makes for great contrast in a microCT scan. On the top, five petaloids can be seen giving it the appearance of a leaf or flower, these are called ambulacra. The under part shows the peristomial aperture or mouth located at the center and a smaller hole called lunule. When examining the inside of the shell, small particles of sand can be seen stuck in the inner perimeter as well as the peristomal aperture protruding to the inside of the shell. Sand dollars are bottom feeders and process the sand to feed on detritus in the sediment. A dense layer of tiny spines filter out large particles but let the finer grains in to be processed. Tiny cilia move these particles to the food grooves and then to the mouth. This particular specimen was found at Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego. Special thanks to Esther Cory, University of California San Diego for providing the 3D rendering and movie generated from the Skyscan 1076 microCT scanner.

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  • “【Color】 off-white, rosy red, green, coffee 【Material】 Outer: Suede; peristomial tube: about 42 cm (size 36 boots outside), the sole thickness of 2-3CM”
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  • “WordPress blog about Periwinkle Shower Curtain. Periwinkle Shower Curtain. And he touched the garments of the children of Midian: Peristomial. Perl Pattern Matching M. December 2010. Performance Wheels”
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  • “Hernia repair problems may be caused by defective surgical mesh which has been recalled. Free lawsuit evaluations. colon removed an iliostomy ,then again aged 46 peristomial hernia ,was happy having no bag but just wish i could live a normal”
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  • “CONTENTS Page No. Unit-I 1) Morphology i. Phyllotaxy 1 ii. Types of Gift Shop | Bookmarks | Reviews | Business Directory | Lobby | Communities | Classifieds | Mentors | Links | New Posts | My India | Members | Polls”

  • “Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. 2 small median tentacles, pair of fleshy palps, and 4 small dark eyes, and a peristomium(1st segment, bears 4 pairs of peristomial tentacles”
    — WOO study for zoology exam practical!! | Forum | Gaia Online,

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