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  • Angel of Contractions Angel armed with burning spears contracting, you peristaltically cast me from paradise. Evicted from my womb-home and scarce reacting to my wailed complaints, my first loud cries. I would have chosen dark and warm and. — “can someone help me write a sonnet for my mom?”,
  • Peristalsis definition, the progressive wave of contraction and relaxation of a tubular muscular system, esp. the alimentary c***, by which the contents are forced See more. peristaltically. — “Peristalsis | Define Peristalsis at ”,
  • Pumping abrasives peristaltically? Instead of using the usual expensive peristaltic tubing, why not use a common, mass produced tire? Concrete wears down the rubber in a peristaltic pump. This invention looks at the use of ordinary auto tires as a cheap source for replacement rubber. — “Radial Squeeze Pump For Concrete -Concept”,
  • The device is going to move peristaltically similarly to the motion principle of an Therefore, the device being developed is named PADeMIS (Peristaltically Actuated Device for Minimal Invasive Surgery). — “Projects”, maschinenbau.tu-
  • Please explain, then, how sham acupuncture produces similar, if not more efficacious, effects as true acupuncture. It works like the intestine does, peristaltically, like the heart does, peristaltically. — “Possible Cause of Relief from Acupuncture Found, page 7”,
  • The mesothelium produces a lubricating fluid that is released between these layers, allowing moving organs (such as the beating heart, the expanding and contracting lungs, and peristaltically active intestine) to glide easily against adjacent internal body parts. Source. Loading content. — “Mesothelium”,
  • for modeling peristaltically operated microelectromechanical systems devices where fluid motion Peristaltically driven flows for micromixers. Downloaded 25 Jun 2001 to — “ARTICLES Peristaltically driven channel flows with”,
  • Definition of peristaltically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of peristaltically. Pronunciation of peristaltically. Translations of peristaltically. peristaltically synonyms, peristaltically antonyms. Information about peristaltically in the. — “peristaltically - definition of peristaltically by the Free”,
  • [[image:Peristaltic.jpg|thumb|A time-space diagram of a peristaltic wave after a water swallow. High pressure values are red, zero pressure is blue-green. The ridge in the upper part of the picture is the high pressure of the upper esophageal. — “Peristalsis | ”,
  • Moreover, when a side wall moves peristaltically by propagating the wall displacement in one direction, it transports water in the same direction. We attached 10 vibrating pistons to an elastic wall of an open channel, which made the wall move peristaltically. — “- Research Theme 17”,
  • in the pumping position to peristaltically pump a fluid therethrough. of the peristaltic pump in pumpable association with a conduit to peristaltically pump a fluid therethrough when the conduit is in a pumping space,. — “(WO/2007/039351) LIQUID FOOD DISPENSER WITH PERISTALTIC PUMP”,
  • idea that I think a species of wingnut, as well as marginal breeding partners at the edges of its range--collective noun Reagantot, for its having passed, peristaltically, through the educational system circa 1976 through 1988--seems to suffer. — “Bats Left/Throws Right: Cracker. The Other White Bread”,
  • Definition of peristaltically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of peristaltically. Pronunciation of peristaltically. Definition of the word peristaltically. Origin of the word peristaltically. — “peristaltically - Definition of peristaltically at”,
  • Definition of peristaltically in the Medical Dictionary. peristaltically explanation. Information about peristaltically in Free online English dictionary. What is peristaltically? Meaning of peristaltically medical term. What does peristaltically. — “peristaltically - definition of peristaltically in the”, medical-
  • We consider incompressible, viscous fluid confined in a rectangular cavity. Both the bottom and top walls are made of thin membranes. Traveling waves with the same amplitude and frequency but opposite phase are transmitted in these membranes and. — “"Peristaltically induced motion in a closed cavity with two”,
  • Psychology Wiki does not yet have a page about Peristalsis, even though this subject is If this subject is relevant to Psychology Wiki, consider creating this article. If not,. — “Peristalsis - Psychology Wiki”,
  • peristalsis n. , pl. , -ses . The wavelike muscular contractions of the alimentary c*** or other tubular structures by which contents are forced peristaltically per'i·stal'ti·cal·ly adv. — “peristalsis: Definition from ”,
  • The perfect smoke air flow visualisation tool for wind tunnels. The smoke is produced by peristaltically pumping an innocuous, medicinal quality white oil to the tip of a probe, where a low. — “Wind Tunnel Air Flow Tracer Smoke Machine”,
  • Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced A time-space diagram of a peristaltic wave after a water swallow. — “Peristalsis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Peristalsis_2ends_movie1.avi Velocity magnitudes due to a closed cavity with peristaltically driven walls. It just looks cool!

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  • “Topic says it all. What do you think about this? Is it real?http:///watch?v=JImiA3eT_vE feature=related a single, perforated dorsal tube which pulses peristaltically, and in doing so helps circulate the hemolymph”
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  • “The queen is laying eggs, we see, through a gigantic, semi-prosthetic, peristaltically-powered external ovarian sac – and the scene exemplifies the encounter with the We curate and re-blog articles, researches, exhibitions and projects that we notice during our everyday practice”
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  • “Michael Buchino was a blip in the the mindspace of one of our great minds. ~ Salvador Molly's: A World of Flavor Okay, kids, here's the deal: You're gonna march down to Molly's and order a dish of five Great Balls of Fire. You will eat one. If”
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  • “Polyps (in verse) peristaltically created. Into groups they are divided. first the lesions neoplastic. Then those simulating tumors. hamartomas hyperplastic. It's the neoplastic lesions”
    — Polyps (in verse), crohns-

  • “By Candace Dempsey Never underestimate the twitter, the blog, the poem you have in you, the song you always knew you could write, the off-beat message board, the Blue Danube, the college theater department, Hamlet, Cymbeline, the heartsick parent who just knows”
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  • “reply posted on 14-5-2010 @ 05:48 PM by idontKNOWanything. Originally posted by intestine does, peristaltically, like the heart does, peristaltically”
    — Possible Cause of Relief from Acupuncture Found, page 7,

  • “Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND® System, DS and Other Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options. Blog. Goals. My Groups. Health Tracker. Forum Posts. SETTINGS. General. Profile. Manage Avatar”
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  • “ a sci-fi monster that ingests people in great gulps, pumps them peristaltically through its digestive tract in a semi-delirious Real Clear Arts This blog is about culture in America as seen through my lens, which is informed and colored”
    — Real Clear Arts: Search Results,

  • “On the website there are thousands of topics and discussions taking place all the time, check out the latest discussions and gossip in the forums”
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