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  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching your pattern: Show: All 27. perisarcal. 28. protocercal. 29. pyrcal. 30. rafael furcal. 31. rocio durcal. 32. rocío durcal. 33. rocío dúrcal. 34. shaila durcal. — “Words that match the pattern "*rcal" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Myspace profile for Saggleb with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more perisarcal & perisarcal & perisarcal. — “MySpace - Saggleb - 36 - Male - hollyhood, FLORIDA - myspace”,
  • perisarc ( ) n. A *** external covering that encloses the polyp colonies of certain hydrozoans. [ PERI- + Greek sarx, sark- , flesh.] perisarcal per. — “perisarc: Definition from ”,
  • View the terms and definitions for words before and after Peris Perisarcal PerisarcalView a custom Glossary about this definition+glos. PerisarcousPerisarcous is referenced in the following:. — “Peris Glossary Broswer - ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about perisarcal. Information about perisarcal in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “perisarcal definition of perisarcal in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • perisalpingitis perisarc perisarcal "perisalpingitis perisarc perisarcal" found [5] perisarc perisarcal perisarcous "perisarc perisarcal perisarcous". — “perirectitis”, w9
  • Description and life cycle of the hydrozoan Hydractinia uniformis, encrusting mat with or without perisarcal covering, frequently with chitinous or calcareous. — “Zootaxa, Hydractinia uniformis (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa”,
  • What is a perir, definition of perir, meaning of perir, perir anagrams, perir synonyms perisarcal. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique. — “Word perir meaning. Word perir definition. Free crossword”,
  • None of the three species showed any preference for or against shells supporting only the perisarcal crust of dead Hydractinia colonies. 4. Our results indicate that occurrence of Hydractinia on gastropod shells acts to partition this resource. — “SPECIFICITY IN THE ASSOCIATION BETWEEN HYDRACTINIA ECHINATA”,
  • Hydrothecal base about 112 µm wide, with triangular perisarcal projections extending proximally; hydrothecal orifice oval, 98-136 µm wide from internode, and usually with a perisarcal projection protruding from. — “Revista de Biología Tropical - Anthoathecatae and”,
  • (Hirohito,1988) having a perisarcal cup at the base. of the dactylozooids, but H. monoon zooids with a basal perisarcal cup, 20-40 filiform. tentacles in three whorls; gonozooids. — “The taxonomic status of the genus Stylactaria Stechow, 1921”,
  • The hydranths are lodged in perisarcal cups ox hydrothecae ( = calycles) and are borne by This hydrophyton consists of the coenosarc above-mentioned and its perisarcal investment. — “50. Sea-Fir (Sertularia Abietina)”,
  • operculum generally lost and hydrotheca reduced to a perisarcal collar; hydranth with intertentacular web, tentacles amphicoronate, moniliform-like base with annular perisarcal thickening and membranous diaphragm. — “Conica”,
  • Words starting with P (page 49): periplasm, periplast, periplus, periproct, peripter, peripteral, peripteries, peripters, periptery, perique, peris, perisarc, perisarcal, perisarcous, perisarcs, periscian, periscope, periscopic, periselenium,. — “Words starting with P (page 49)”,
  • Definition of perisarcal in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of perisarcal. Pronunciation of perisarcal. Translations of perisarcal. perisarcal synonyms, perisarcal antonyms. Information about perisarcal in the free online English dictionary and. — “perisarcal - definition of perisarcal by the Free Online”,
  • Perisarcal definition, the *** or chitinous outer case or covering protecting the soft parts of hydrozoans. See more. — “Perisarcal | Define Perisarcal at ”,
  • The word hydrotheca, taken from the Greek words for "water" and "a receptacle," means "one of the perisarcal cups of calycles in which the polypites in certain Hydrozoa are lodged." Here is a picture, with explanation, of the hydrotheca of the Obelia dichotoma or sea plume. — “More New Free Rice Words--Third Essay”,
  • blastostyle by a small concave perisarcal support. The female gonophores. of the peduncles, which persist after planula release as a small concave perisarcal. — “03 October 2005”,
  • ヒメトゲトビムシTomocerus minutus TULLBERGに寄生するグレガリナGregarina sp.について [in Japanese] On a Gregarine Parasitic in Tomocerus minutus By one perisarcal septum, the body is clearly divided into protomerite and deutomerite. — “CiNii Article - On a Gregarine Parasitic in Tomocerus minutus”,

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