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  • performative (comparative more performative, superlative most performative) Being enacted it is said. An example of a performative utterance could be, "I name. — “performative - Wiktionary”,
  • Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival. The Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival (M:ST) festival that celebrates innovative and critically engaged performative art in the. — “M:ST * Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival * M:ST”,
  • Performative: Relating to or being an utterance that peforms an act or creates a state of affairs by the fact of its being uttered under appropriate or conventional circumstances, as a justice of t. — “performative - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • n. sing. the performative act of establishing one's emo identity through music, poetry, or online journaling before a real or virtual audience; a p. — “Urban Dictionary: performative”,
  • Inspired by the cultural studies of the 1990's, the concept of performance and the performative have recently entered the discourse on cultural production. The concept has also made its appearance in connection with curatorial activities as so-called performative curating. — “Kunstverein München”, kunstverein-
  • Performative plc - the performance initiative; the objective perspective and expertise to transform sales performance for more predictable business success. — “Performative - Improving Business Performance, Transforming”,
  • The notion of performative utterances was introduced by J. L. Austin. Although he had already used the term in his 1946 paper "Other minds", today's usage goes back to his later, remarkedly different exposition of the notion in the 1955. — “Performative utterance - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Performative Verbs. Doing as you say. In a sociolinguistics class years ago, each of the students had to complete a major project on the topic of their choice, and the professor met with each of us to discuss what sorts of things we were thinking of researching. — “Performative Verbs: Interesting Thing of the Day”,
  • Kip Jones' narrative + performative social science research methods and dissemination new media "The present moment is defined by a performative sensibility, by a willingness to experiment with different ways of presenting interview text. — “”
  • being or relating to an expression that serves to effect a transaction or that constitutes the performance of the specified act by virtue of its utterance — compare constative. — performative noun. First Known Use of PERFORMATIVE. 1955. — “Performative - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • in crossing or bridging the social science-arts, in taking up "performative approaches", is "What re 58, Brian Roberts: Performative Social Science: A Consideration of Skills, Purpose and Context ". — “Roberts”, qualitative-
  • As Timothy Gould argues, this distinction might seem "quite simple and even simple-minded," to characterize the constative and performative as simply to say something and do something. For a smooth, happy performative, six conditions must be satisfied:. — “performative”,
  • To a certain extent the Performative documentary can possibly distort reality by being to subjective in its attempts to evoke emotion. "The Thin Blue Line" (1988) by Errol Morris is a documentary with performative elements which evoke the same mood and atmosphere found in Film Noir thrillers. — “Performative”,
  • p e r f o r m a t i v e . c o m (c) 2007 lindsay kelley. — “p e r f o r m a t i v e . c o m”,
  • The performative turn is a paradigmatic shift in the humanities and social sciences that Underlying the performative turn was the need to conceptualize how human practices relate to their contexts in a way that went beyond the traditional sociological methods that did not problematize representation. — “Performative turn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The performative rescue is based on a pragmatic claim: it's useful to think of the two as different. From a performative point of view, this is a logical error: the performative is all about people performing actions with words;. — “Performative Pragmatics Teacher's Guide: Chapter 4”,
  • Definition of performative from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of performative. Pronunciation of performative. Definition of the word performative. Origin of the word performative. — “performative - Definition of performative at ”,
  • The term "Performative" was introduced by John Langshaw Austin (1911 - 1960) in his philosophical lectures How to do things with words (1962), which was published two In the context of Austin's theory of speech acts "performative" was applied to those utterances which are used to perform an act. — “Performative - Glottopedia”,
  • Austins approach to classify performative sentences / utterance and their use in religion and rituals. — “Performative • • • Whorf and Sapir • • • Linguistic”,
  • Definition of performative in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of performative. Pronunciation of performative. Translations of performative. performative synonyms, performative antonyms. Information about performative in the free online English. — “performative - definition of performative by the Free Online”,
  • performative utterances Term introduced by J. L. Austin in his book How to Do Things with Words , for an utterance by the making of which some further. — “Performative utterance: Definition from ”,

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  • Performative Ecologies Interactive Installations and Interactive TV
  • Performative Doc this is a trailer to one of the more famous examples of this stylized form of doc. Rent it on DVD if interested
  • Performative Domain An experimental
  • Signs of Change - Amanda Yates - Performative Gardening .nz Presented at Signs of Change National e-Conference, 15-16 November 2010, NEW ZEALAND Urban Wellington is the site and stage for a summer season of garden performances that draw attention to urban ecologies and sustainable food production. From November to February a series of mobile gardens will move in a choreographed dance through the central city, greening urban space with fruiting plants and scented herbs. Sited near once productive Pa gardens, the movable plots remember that past through plantings of fruiting Cabbage trees and heritage kumara, and reference successive waves of immigrants who brought their food cultures with them parcelled in seed form. Designed by landscape architect Meaghan Pierce-Delaney and architect Amanda Yates the gardens, as urban performance, make a space for public discussions about food and energy security as oil becomes an increasingly contested and expensive resource. Sustainability issues are complex and it is not easy to initiate public debate: making change at the small-scale and in a performative manner enables us to engage the public and act as a sign of change within the city. Events and workshops will be sited in the gardens -- citydwellers can eat organic cherry tomatoes while listening to an ecologist discussing urban ecologies or a health researcher talking about how to make healthier cities through sustainable design. As an urban intervention the performative gardening project will explore how we could ...
  • Permorphance: New Performative Architectures in Techno Music By Ali Rahman and Ashley Wong Post-millennial technophilia and the ubiquity of laptop computers conspired to form a new class of electronic musician. The laptop musician. Often times these individuals faces were obscured by their screens as the sat on stage and played intensely sophisticated compositions focused on timbre, pulse and collage. Are these people actually performing though? Or are they just pressing play? What is the difference anyway? This short documentary sought to explore these and other questions surrounding the laptop scene that was peaking in 2004. Featuring some of Montreal's finest experimenters.
  • SL'Etude - performative presence rendered across worlds A work by Franziska Schroeder, Pedro Rebelo and Chris Chong. The piece explores in two directional fashion two performance environments: a virtual SecondLife one, and a physical space, the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. It allows the virtual users (avatars) to spatialize sounds in the RealLife space by positioning specifically designed objects (coloured balls) in SL. These balls consist of pre-recorded solo saxophone sounds, and they can be 'played' by the avatars in the SL space. For example, if an avatar touches ball 1 he/she will hear a specific sample linked to that ball. The avatar can throw the ball closer to one of the loudspeakers in the SL space which will result in sound spatialization in the RL space. The saxophonist in the RL space will musically interact with the avatarsʼ compositional strategies. The piece aims to explore and to connect physical and virtual sound worlds.
  • Ruairi Glynn - Performative Ecologies, Responsive Environment 2007 Three autonomous but very sociable performative robots search and orientate to face human inhabitants or at times each other and engage in gestural interactions. When performing for human inhabitants they learn which of their performances are most successful and discard unsuccessful ones using facial recognition to assess attention levels. Using a Genetic algorithm they assess fitness of their performances disregarding less effective dances and trying out more effective alternatives. As well as this they are able to teach each other which of their performances are most successful and then negotiate new performances together. As an ecology together with human inhabitants they construct an intertwining of networks rich in circularities of reciprocal communication and adaption; Where individual participants both human and synthetic operate within a larger ecology of agents, each performing independently, but continually negotiating their actions with each other. Myself, as a designer of these interactions, have built the framework but then relinquished control of the environment to find its own place within the wider world. 'Performative Ecologies' examines the potential of responsive environments to engage in gestural and performative forms of non-verbal communication and conversation. This explorative project based over a series of iterative installations considers how architecture could enter into a dialog with its inhabitants and surrounding built environment. How can we ...
  • The Danube Exodus • 1998 The Hungarian filmmaker Péter Forgács is one of the most prominent so-called found footage filmmakers. In particular home movies and amateur films serve as the basis of stories he reveals and compose by using recovered personal and historical events. He is primarily interested in the way in which these films seem to depict only happy moments, but on closer consideration they also appear to tell a hidden history, which can be brought back to the surface by the recycling filmmaker. In the travelogue The Danube Exodus, he documents the Jewish exodus from Slovakia just before the beginning of World War II. In two boats, a group of nine hundred Slovak, Austrian Jews tried to reach the Black Sea via the river Danube, in order to get to Palestine from there. Forgács based his film on the amateur films of Captain Nándor Andrásovits, the captain of one of the boats. He filmed his passengers while they prayed, slept and even got married. At the end of this journey, it is clear that the boat will not return empty: a reverse exodus takes place, this time of repatriating Bessarabian Germans, fleeing to the Third Reich because of the Soviet invasion of Bessarabia . . . More info at:
  • The Hands That Feed You :: Performative Dinner Performative Dinner :: Symposium :: This Sentence Is Now Being Performed :: Vienna Art Week
  • Performative Ecologies - Ruairi Glynn of Interactive Architecture for TENT DIGITAL A community of autonomous but very sociable robotic 'dancers' collectively form the interactive kinetic installation, Performative Ecologies. Using their illuminated tails, each 'Dancer' attract the attention of people entering their environment and improvise performances in an attempt to learn how keep their audiences captivated. Experience this installation at TENT DIGITAL | Tent London | Truman Brewery | Brick Lane | EC1V 9LT
  • Video Puppetry: A Performative Interface for Cutout Animation Authors: Connelly Barnes, David E. Jacobs, Jason Sanders, Dan B Goldman, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Adam Finkelstein, Maneesh Agrawala Abstract: We present a video-based interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly create cutout-style animations by performing the character motions. The puppeteer first creates a cast of physical puppets using paper, markers and scissors. He then physically moves these puppets to tell a story. Using an inexpensive overhead camera our system tracks the motions of the puppets and renders them on a new background while removing the puppeteer's hands. Our system runs in real-time (at 30 fps) so that the puppeteer and the audience can immediately see the animation that is created. Our system also supports a variety of constraints and effects including articulated characters, multi-track animation, scene changes, camera controls, 21/2-D environments, shadows, and animation cycles. Users have evaluated our system both quantitatively and qualitatively: In tests of low-level dexterity, our system has similar accuracy to a mouse interface. For simple story telling, users prefer our system over either a mouse interface or traditional puppetry. We demonstrate that even first-time users, including an eleven-year-old, can use our system to quickly turn an original story idea into an animation.
  • MOLD | Performative Installation Documentation The MOLD project is a hot zone-themed wet lab and workshop that investigates the science, politics, and culture of food decomposition. The audience is invited to participate in various experiments and build their own amateur bioindicators (living species used to monitor the health of an environment or ecosystem) to assess food quality and safety. According to Finishing School, food molds have an anecdotal value in determining the quality of their hosts by demonstrating the presence of decay-fighting preservatives, additives, and genetic engineering. The goal of the installation is to engage participants in a critical experience and conversation about the quality and safety of the food we consume.
  • Lecture Performative Choreographic Production (Part 3 of 3) Lecture continues
  • Film Project- Performative Mode Peter Zanghi plays the geetar
  • Performative sound piece by Scott Johns (SMOTH) SMOTH performing at EPCOR CENTRE's Soundasaurus Festival.
  • Lecture Performative Choreographic Production (part 1 of 3) Lecture Performative Choreographic Production, by Christopher Engdahl, May 2010. This is an online lecture for you who've requested to see this lecture but couldn't physically come to the College (Dartington College of Arts, UK)
  • in blik - performative sound installation for tin cans in blik is a performative sound installation for five tin can towers by Cathy van Eck. Tacile transducers are attached to metal plates and tin cans. Nowadays, most music is heard through loudspeakers. Typically, a loudspeaker is made for reproducing sound and its own sound should be inaudible: the music should be untouchable by the loudspeaker. In the piece in blik the loudspeaker coils do not have their own membranes, but transport their sounds directly to the tin cans and the loudspeakers therefore shape their own sounds.
  • Judith Butler "Performative Politics and the Critique of State Violence" Judith Butler "Performative Politics and the Critique of State Violence" Goethe Institut Athen 16/12/2009 [the conclusion]
  • Milton Model Covert Hypnosis -Lost Performative Easily use the powerful Milton Model to conversationally hypnotize others. Today's pattern is the "lost performative" and can be very powerful in getting your idea accepted as absolute truth without argument. For more information, click on the link above and have a look at my blog.
  • Performative Documentary "Videshi Khwaab" Bloopers. Following Bloopers are part of Videshi Khwaab which is a performative documentary directed by RSW .In brief this documentary puts light on Amrik Singh who comes to Australia as a cookery student and highlights problems faced by him. Being performative documentary all characters played are fictitious and does not resemble any particular individual. Thanks to organisations such as Brew factory, Hobart, Amrapali Indian Restaurant, Launceston Aviations, Syrup Night club.
  • Saying Red : Performative Text Saying Red is a series of interactive installations and performances which explore new forms of text-based expression while serving as test sites for several technology research efforts. These installations and performances use a combination of real-time video ***ysis, captured speech and dynamic typography to visualize the spoken word. These visualizations are combined with the live video of the speaker(s) so that users can interact with their own speech.
  • Performative Autoethnography Section of a my performance at the First Symposium of Qualitative Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA, 2005.
  • Citationality and Performative Utterances Theory with Derrida, Butler, and Austin...
  • ORTLOS lecture: "Performative Networked Design" 6.30pm Wednesday 19th January 2011 G01/2/3, Bartlett School of Architecture, Wates House,22 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0QB Bartlett School of Architecture International Lecture Series ORTLOS lecture: "Performative Networked Design" More info here: University College London Bartlett's International series of open lectures covers a wide range of ideas in architecture, design, technology, history and theory. The series totals some 25 lectures in a typical year and ranges from such personalities in the architectural world as Bernard Tschumi, Zaha Hadid or Daniel Libeskind, to the first public lectures by talented newcomers. It also includes lectures from young and established scientists, engineers and makers looking at the ways in which architectural worlds are conceived, made and subsequently perceived by others. Also addressed are a wide range of issues concerning related disciplines such as art and art theory, philosophy and critical theory, urban geography, cultural studies, journalism and criticism, with speakers such as Alain de Botton, Jean Baudrillard, Patrick Keiller and Mark Wigley. ORTLOS Space Engineering is an immersive spaces design studio which develops innovative environments as a new channel for engaging with communities and building spatial experiences. The studio translates 21st century technologies into spatial systems and strategies packing the ideas and visions into architecture. Ortlos is a German for placeless and appropriately describes this ...
  • Lecture Performative Choreographic Production (part 2 of 3) Lecture continues
  • The Confessional | Performative Documentary | Tom Smith | SD
  • Performative Architectural Territories (with Subtitles) Reconstruction of HSW in Brisbane Redefining Library Experience in the Techno-Social Landscape
  • Indian Students in Australia : Performative Documentary Videshi Khwaab part 2.wmv We Regret for any editing mistakes . A replacement has been done by the following link Documentary "Videshi Khwaab" is a story of an Indian immigrant Amrik Singh who migrates to Australia in search of residency and better lifestyle .The story takes you on a journey and depicts problems faced by immigrant clause by clause. The main message conveyed by documentary is to make people aware that life overseas is not easy as portrayed by many .Hence this documentary levies light on education agents which further depicts how people are deluded by agents instead of getting wise advice.
  • Performative Social Practice
  • In Soul Possession - a collaborative performative public installation. **NOTE: This is the rough-quality version. When we tweak it more I will post the final version.**In collaboration with Andrea Distephano and Ann Waters; filmed by Usman Khan with additional footage by Tim Garrigan. "In Soul Possession" investigated how quickly we are to give up our autonomy - by definition, the only thing we truly have control over - in order to be part of something larger than ourselves. Participants quickly signed away their images, identities, and (literally stated) sould with little thought of the consequences, something that happens in everyday life in a consumer society. We then created life-sized cutouts - the identities transformed into 2-dimensional objects - and reinstalled them in the original location. The public, raised in an individualistic, commercial society, were suddenly interacting with these identities as objects in a way they would never interact with them as fellow human beings. ALL CONTENT IS SOUL PROPERTY OF THE ARTISTS
  • Brainwave Music LAB: Performative Experiments on Human Test Subjects Brainwave Music Lab is a unique, quasi-scientific project, the purpose of which is to find interactive applications of brainwave music through various trial-and-error experiments. Our agenda is to make it possible for everyone to effortlessly create emotion-compatible real-time music with their own brainwaves, thus rendering the whole music recording industry completely unnecessary. More info: Concept: Marko Alastalo Working Group: Marko Alastalo, Marko Ahokangas, Jenni Kääriäinen, Maija Mustonen, Lauri Nurminen, Miika Pihlaja, Timo Säämänen. Video: Anna Cadia (shooting), Marko Alastalo (editing)
  • Performative Documentary, Mass Communication FCCU A project of MCOM 410: Documentary Making. Supervised by Dr. Saleem Abbas, Directed by Sadia Khalid, SMSaqib, Maila Robin, Aroon Shuker Ullah & Laraib Qadir. Department of Mass Communication, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) This documentary tells about the performative mode of documentary along with examples
  • Indian students in Australia : Performative Documentary Videshi khwaab part 1.wmv Please Leave your Valuable comments and Criticism .Both are necessary for next project . Documentary "Videshi Khwaab" is a story of an Indian immigrant Amrik Singh who migrates to Australia in search of residency and better lifestyle .The story takes you on a journey and depicts problems faced by immigrant clause by clause. The main message conveyed by documentary is to make people aware that life overseas is not easy as portrayed by many .Hence this documentary levies light on education agents which further depicts how people are deluded by agents instead of getting wise advice.
  • Performative Documentary 9/11, esp focusing on Flight 93 and the 9/11 commission. The third documentary class project.
  • Performative literacy - functional literacy - informational literacy - powerful literacy One of five video definitions of literacy concepts from Patrick Finn's book Literacy with an Attitude. Produced by the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science course LIS 518A, Community Informatics. Production team included Anthonia Ahonsi, Michelle J. Bourgeois, Portia E. Carryer, Amber R. Castens, Chieh-Li Chin, Joseph A. Coyle, Jared D. Dunn, Aaisha N. Haykal, Helen G. Jentzen, Elizabeth C. Kent, William S. Kent, Marlene A. Kvitrud, Brette A. Levitan, Alaine Martaus, Zachary P. Matthews, David R. Mattson, Carolyn G. Mead, Ashlee M. Norton, Erin Prentiss, Tamara S. Redenbaugh, Colin H. Rhinesmith, Ashley M. Rosener, Andrei Rosulescu, Renata K. Sancken, Stacey L. Snyder, Tesfaye Wolde-Medhin, and instructors Kate Williams and Aiko Takazawa. Flip cameras courtesy of the U of I undergraduate library; other equipment courtesy of the GSLIS helpdesk.
  • [PERFORMATIVE] ArirangTV News : 2009 Light Wall at Seoul Museum of Art Summer Night with Light Festival 2009 Light Wall * Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Seoul, Korea * Exterior wall of the SeMA main building * August 1 ~ September 19, 2009 * 8 pm ~ 10 pm Tuesday through Saturday Feast of colorful lights to embroider walls of the museum in midsummer nights! Fantastic fairy tale world and dynamic performance of images take place! This exhibition is a new type of outdoor exhibition in which artistic images are projected onto exterior wall of the museum. It is inspired by overseas light festivals like Lyon Light Festival, Quebec Winter Carnival and Sapporo White Illumination. This exhibition will show a number of artworks from 8 to 10 pm in the evening. It is designed to the purpose that the museum would be recognized as the familiar cultural space by the citizens. The images to be displayed on the walls are composed of fantastic fairy tale images and other dynamic movements. Participating Artist Group * Production of images by the media art group "Mioon" * Architectural Mapping Projection by the group "PERFORMATIVE" See Also... * Exhibition Outline : * About Us : * Our Blog
  • Performative Language One example of a non-argumentative language (ie, language that is NOT an argument) is Performative Language. Since the concept is not explain in our textbook, it'll be important to explain it carefully here. It'll also be important to review the practice examples. But what is performative language? The definition I'll give you is "Language that's attempting to perform a NONCOMMUNICATIVE action." The key likely will be understanding how I'm using the term "noncommunicative." In this video my son, Mateo, and our dog, Poppy Seed, will help us explain this complicated, but fascinating concept:
  • Heidi Kumao - Performative Technologies Brought to you by UM School of Art & Design. Thursday, January 24, 2008 Working at the intersection of sculpture, theater and engineering, Heidi Kumao presents carefully sculpted moments that explore personal responses to imposed social structures. Her work demonstrates the poetic affect that memory and emotion instill in our everyday interactions. Her "Performative Technologies" generate artistic spectacles using forgotten technologies from previous centuries and powerful tools from the digital age.
  • Play With Purpose: Relational and Performative Practices in Everyday Life This is a highlight video of the Play With Purpose: Seminar at Sea sponsored by the Houston Galveston Institute and the Taos Institute. The seminar was titled Play With Purpose and explored relational and performative practices. The seminar was held on a cruise ship from February 5-10, 2011.

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  • “CFP: Theatricality and the Performative in the Long Nine***th Century RC Blog | Electronic Editions | Praxis Series | Pedagogies | Reviews | Scholarly Resources | About RC | RC MOO. Romantic Circles is published by the University of Maryland. General Editors: Neil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones”
    — Romantic Circles Blog " CFP: Theatricality and the,

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    performative : Clint Catalyst,

  • “Blog. Magazine. Inflight Movies + More. Flash. Film Festival. Calgary Mountain Standard Time is a performative art festival (yes, you read right—performative art) that happens every two years”
    — enRoute | Performative art is the new performance art,

  • “GUEST EDUCATION BLOG FROM EDUCATION CONFERENCE SPEAKER. Ecologically Performative Landscapes and The Green Performative theory has been applied to many facets of social theory including economic theory, and regionalism in architecture”
    — Texas Nursery/Landscape Expo: GUEST EDUCATION BLOG FROM,

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  • “The CSC Blog. Monday, February 2, 2009. Prayer as a Performative Speech Act. What is this Perhaps prayer is a performative speech act, which would mean that we are part of the”
    — The CSC Blog: Prayer as a Performative Speech Act,

  • “Still from the performance, Car Bibbe 2, based on a script by Al Hansen, and featuring the avatar of Bibbe Hansen. Second Front, 2008. © All rights”
    Performative Interventions: The Progression of 4D Art in a,

  • “(News and Calls for Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies) The performative turn is thus not limited to the ***ysis of performativity in a narrow sense, i.e. to ritual, play, liminality etc. as thematic fields of inquiry; it amounts to a conceptual shift towards a”
    — " Blog Archive " the performative turn,

  • “Performative Web is a powerful tool built for design agencies who want to offer dynamic web sites (such as a CMS, blog or web app) For example, recently added products or the last 3 stories from their blog”
    — How Performative Web uses our API to build and send dynamic,

  • “Dmitry Chernikov's Blog - Philosophy, theology, economics, and liberty. Performative Contradictions. They are sort of philosophical hypocrisy, in which the very act of arguing for something refutes your argument. For”
    — Dmitry Chernikov's Blog " Performative Contradictions,

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