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  • When isolated caudal pereiopods were immersed, beginning at the distal end, in water, water flowed along pereiopod VI as far as the proximal end of the ischiopodite, but water flow along pereiopod VII occurred only in conjunction with the basipodite. — “Water Uptake via Two Pairs of Specialized Legs in Ligia”,
  • Branchial region with small pubescent areas; coxal projection of 4th pereiopod long and curved, dagger-like; thelycum with rounded median boss Ischial spine on 1st pereiopod much smaller than basial spine; telson. — “PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORLD SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON THE BIOLOGY”,
  • This cDNA hybridized predominantly to a 9 kb transcript in RNA from olfactory organ, pereiopod, brain, and eye-eyestalk and to several smaller minor transcripts only in eye-eyestalk. in a single 130 kDa band in olfactory aesthetasc hairs, olfactory organ, pereiopod, dactyl, and brain. — “A Lobster Phospholipase C-beta That Associates with”,
  • an expanded portion (rounded protuberance) on the mesial surface of coxa of fourth pereiopod of male crayfishes. in crayfish literature applied almost exclusively to first pereiopod. — “Glossary”,
  • Pereiopod: The decapod crustacean, such as a crab, lobster, shrimp or prawn, is made up of nine*** body segments grouped into two main body parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Each segment may possess one pair of appendages, although in. — “Pereiopod”,
  • Pereiopod 1-4 with epipods and arthrobranchs, pereiopod 5 with setobranch. Second pereiopods asymmetrical: pereiopod 2 right: carpus of 20-22 segments, merus occasionally with indistinct annulations at distal end; pereiopod 2 left: carpus of 50-65 segments. — “Marine Species Identification Portal : Pandalus montagui”, species-
  • Pereiopod definition, (in a crustacean) an appendage of the thorax. See more. — “Pereiopod | Define Pereiopod at ”,
  • The pereiopods bear the ***ual organs, which are the third pereiopod in the female and the fifth pereiopod in the male. from the second maxilla to the fifth pereiopod also bears a gill. — “Decapod anatomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Peregrina. peregrination. Peregrine. pereiopod. pereira. Perelandra. perelman. peremptory pereiopod isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: pereiopod”,
  • As the pereiopod only move around the joints, they can only rely on the lateral side of the pereiopod forward, on the other side lying in the rampage In addition, since the same side a few pairs of pereiopod long ago, after a short encounter obstacles when they can only turning around to go, often. — “pets - Quotation of car rent in Beijing”,
  • See: Pereiopod [Martin, 2005] An appendage of the pereon. [Brusca and Brusca, 2002] Non-maxilliped thoracic limbs; five pairs in Decapoda (thoracopods 4-8) and three pairs in Stomatopoda (thoracopods 6-8); includes one pair of chelipeds and four pairs of walking legs in Brachyura. — “Crustacea Glossary::Definitions”,
  • PEREIOPOD(S) Period: NEOGENE. Epoch: PLIOCENE,LATE. Publication Information: No. Catalog PEREIOPOD(S) Period: NEOGENE. Epoch: PLIOCENE,LATE. Publication Information: No. — “Collections Search Results | Invertebrate Paleontology”,
  • ensis within peneids seems to agree with some atypical morphologic characters like the petasma with distolateral projections, the lack of pleurobranchia and exopod on fifth pereiopod, the fifth male pereiopod modified and the presence of basial spine on third maxilliped and pereiopods 2-3. — “basial - definition of basial in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • asymmetry is not related to the outcome of fights, whereas fluctuating asymmetry in the fifth pereiopod, individuals, as the fifth pereiopod is likely to be mechanically important in maintaining stability and. — “Asymmetry and fighting performance in the shore crab Carcinus”,
  • spines on the merus of the second pereiopod, combined with the absence of any carpal spines. second pereiopod, in the relative size of the inner pair of. postero-lateral telson spine. — “A new species of Euryrhynchus Miers, with a discussion of the”,
  • Above sand, pereiopod movement is variable, with four different movement patterns The most common pattern of pereiopod movement above sand is the pattern apparently used for digging: pereiopods 2 and 3 shovel sand forward from underneath the animal, while pereiopod 4 shovels in the opposite. — “ingentaconnect The locomotor toolbox of the spanner crab”,
  • These include antennae, mouthparts (including mandible s, maxilla e and maxilliped s), wings, elytra, gill s, walking legs (pereiopod s), swimming legs (pleopod s), ***ual organs (gonopod s), and parts of the tail (uropod s). Typically, each body segment carries one pair of appendages. — “Appendage | ”,
  • - Alphabetical listings of research topics from percipient through pereiopod from our extensive online library of research topics, facts, information, and pictures. — “Encyclopedia entries from percipient to pereiopod at”,
  • 2nd pereiopod slender, chelate, with fingers 1/5 palm, hand about 2/5 Although this new species is superficially pandalid in general appearance, the chelate 1st pereiopod and the entire carpus of the 2nd pereio­pod immediately exclude it from that group. — “Antarctic Invertebrates: Lipkius holthuisi”,

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  • CRAZY LOBSTER SCRATCHES ITS EYE - HILARIOUS! We all get the occasional itch now and then... and lobsters are no different. This guy has an itchy eyeball and uses one of its pereiopods (primarily walking...
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  • “從以下文章所知, 橙紅陸寄居蟹對海水要求十分高, 因為牠們不會遠離海岸居住, 所以飼養時的要點是一定要有相當高度的海水盆給牠們. 其實在網站內的飼養資料裏也有提及. 海水盆的深度要足夠牠們整隻浸在盆裏. http:///species_perlat of each pereiopod (on an appendage of one of the first five abdominal segments), and a long coxal tube (an extension of a pereiopod which is joined”
    — 陸寄居蟹的網路日誌陸寄居蟹研究室: - 飼養橙紅陸-重點在於海水,

  • “I also belong to a shrimp forum. I've been breeding shrimp about a year longer than picture of the Catemaco, it is the first pereiopod and the dactyl is indeed on the inside”
    — • View topic - Has anyone seen the movie "Mr,

  • “Just another IGG blog. Return to IGG BLOG. Home. Album. Profile. Forgot Password? dailybreadq Nine black eye line 3, pereiopod robust, abdomen long red hair and brown stripes, the”
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  • “ hind foot rear, front legs kicked out fast with one knee raised, namely, Jeet Kune Do requirement "off the pereiopod kick. front legs can quickly launch an attack, the formation of "off the pereiopod play," but speed disadvantage”
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  • “Posts in this forum are automatically generated when members upload new documents to the carpal spine on the first pereiopod of O. pardalotus (present in O. placidus) and can be”
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  • “ is een sociaal informatie netwerk voor zieke mensen, patienten en hulpverleners. Van patienten voor patienten en lotgenoten en betrokkenen, voor de betering van hun kwaliteit van leven”
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  • “[Archive] Missing words in English Linguistics Actually I started (http:///forum/showthread.php?t=25017), but I don't have the energy to continue. patte: well we have foot, leg (technically only the lower part), limb, forelimb (for animals), paw, claw, even pereiopod and pleiopod”
    — Missing words in English [Archive] - Europe Forum,

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