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  • Definition of percutaneous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of percutaneous. Pronunciation of percutaneous. Translations of percutaneous. percutaneous synonyms, percutaneous antonyms. Information about percutaneous in the free online English. — “percutaneous - definition of percutaneous by the Free Online”,
  • Patients who can benefit from percutaneous disc decompression or 'percutaneous discectomy' as it is called, are those with pain arising from a contained herniated disc - that is a bulging disc where there is no rupture in the outer wall. — “Percutaneous Discectomy”,
  • The percutaneous approach is commonly used in vascular procedures. More often, percutaneous is typically used in reference to placement of medical devices using a needle stick approach. In general, percutaneous refers to the access. — “Percutaneous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of percutaneous in the Medical Dictionary. percutaneous explanation. Information about percutaneous in Free online English dictionary. What is percutaneous? Meaning of percutaneous medical term. What does percutaneous mean?. — “percutaneous - definition of percutaneous in the Medical”, medical-
  • Overview: Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive, image-guided therapy used to relieve pain from a vertebral body fracture. It has been used for Percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) usually involves percutaneous injection of a cement, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), into the vertebral bodies. — “Percutaneous Vertebroplasty: eMedicine Clinical Procedures”,
  • Learn more about Percutaneous. Find the Web's best health guides, medical reports, news, videos and tools for Percutaneous. Share Percutaneous experiences and get advice from experts. — “Percutaneous Overview - References, Advice, News, Videos”,
  • Discectomy is the surgical removal of herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord. Percutaneous means "through the skin" or using a very small incision. — “Percutaneous discectomy for a herniated disc”,
  • Current and accurate information for patients about Percutaneous Abscess Drainage. Learn what you might experience, how to prepare for the exam, benefits, risks and more. — “Percutaneous Abscess Drainage”,
  • Online Medical Dictionary and glossary with medical definitions home > medterms medical dictionary a-z list > percutaneous definition. — “Percutaneous definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • valve surgery - Heart and Vascular Institute heart doctors and heart surgeons are experts in treatment of valve disease, including non-surgical options Percutaneous aortic valve replacement (AVR) is a new treatment being investigated for select patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis. — “Heart Valve Disease - Percutaneous Interventions”,
  • For those of you who are unfamiliar with topic of percutaneous lengthening, it relates to a type of surgery applicable to cerebral palsy, chronic illness, spina bifida, Percutaneous surgeries have been used in a wide variety of disorders,. — “Perc Lengthening”, pediatric-
  • In surgery, percutaneous pertains to any medical procedure where access to inner organs or other tissue is done via needle-puncture of the skin, rather than by using an "open" approach where inner organs or tissue are exposed (typically with the use of a scalpel). — “Percutaneous”,
  • percutaneous adj. Medicine Passed, done, or effected through the skin. percutaneously per ' cuta ' neously More often, percutaneous is typically used in reference to placement of medical devices using a needle stick approach. — “percutaneous: Definition from ”,
  • An exciting new technology is known as "percutaneous" or "trans-catheter" valve replacement. Another percutaneous aortic valve that has been implanted overseas is the Medtronic CoreValve shown below. — “Percutaneous Valve Surgery”,
  • Percutaneous vertebroplasty is a newer technique in which a medical grade cement is injected though a needle into a painful fractured vertebral body. This stabilizes the fracture, allowing most patients to discontinue or significantly decrease ***gesics and resume normal activity. — “Percutaneous Vertebroplasty: New Treatment for Vertebral”,
  • Percutaneous Biliary Drainage in Benign and Malignant Biliary Obstruction. Variant 1: Therapeutic procedure Percutaneous internal/external biliary catheter. 6. Most appropriate whenever endoscopic treatment. is unsuccessful. Surgery (transplant or. — “Percutaneous Biliary Drainage in Malignant Biliary Obstruction”,
  • who do not wish to try percutaneous diskectomy first before considering It is best to be evaluated by a spine surgeon before having percutaneous. — “Percutaneous Diskectomy”,
  • Percutaneous discectomy is a class of minimally invasive surgical procedures that treat Specific procedures within the class include manual percutaneous lumbar discectomy,. — “Manual percutaneous lumbar discectomy”,
  • Definition of percutaneous from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of percutaneous. Pronunciation of percutaneous. Definition of the word percutaneous. Origin of the word percutaneous. — “percutaneous - Definition of percutaneous at ”,
  • Percutaneous. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Percutaneous. Risks of Percutaneous Disc Decompression, Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty, Complications During the Removal of a Feeding Tube, Wh. — “Percutaneous | ”,
  • Background: Percutaneous tracheostomy (PT) has gained an increasing. acceptance as an shown superiority of any of the percutaneous techniques described. — “Percutaneous tracheostomy”,
  • Over the next few years, Smith and colleagues at the University of Minnesota, Alken and Marberger in West Germany, and Wickham and colleagues in the United Kingdom, began to remove selected stones in the renal pelvis and ureter through percutaneous nephrostomy tracts. — “PERCUTANEOUS NEPHROLITHOTRIPSY (PCNL)”,
  • Percutaneous Left Ventricular Support Devices. Michael S. Lee, MD, Raj R. Makkar, MD. Cardiovascular Intervention Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, 8631 West Third Street, Room 415E, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA. — “Percutaneous Left Ventricular Support Devices”,

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  • Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty is an Animation video by Focus Medica Pte. Ltd. The complete video can be purchased from For more information please visit .
  • Percutaneous Liver Biopsy This patient education video explains percutaneous liver biopsy, what it is for, as well as its possible risks and complications. It also explains some liver diseases and alternative tests.
  • Percutaneous Discectomy Dr. Paul Lynch demonstrates a Percutaneous Discectomy procedure to remove excessive disc material from bulging or contained herniated discs, thus reducing pressure in the disc and providing pain relief.
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy (PEC) A video showing insertion of a percutaneous endoscopic colostomy in a frail patient with recurrent sigmoid volvulus.
  • Percutaneous Transtrapezial Scaphoid Fixation This video shows the technique of percutaneous transtrapezial scaphoid fixation
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery (PCNL) for large kidney stone PCNL surgery is highly effective in removal of very large and complex kidney stones without the need to make a large incision on the patient. .sg
  • Percutaneous transillumination tecnique (part one) Percoutaneous transillumination in Phlebology. Advanced techniques. Part one.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Minimally Invasive surgery for a very large kidney stone
  • Percutaneous Valve Repair Procedure During a percutaneous procedure, a catheter or tube is threaded through the skin in the groin, and into a vein to the left atrium of the heart. Here, just above the valve, a clip is used to close the mitral valve using the edge-to-edge technique. The chest is never opened during this procedure. A small delivery catheter which holds the clip is threaded through the tube all the way to the left atrium, and placed at the area where the leak originates. Once in position, the clip is then retracted to grasp and close on the valve leaflets. When the clip is closed, it brings the two leaflets together to seal the leak, thereby reducing MR. Unlike most open-heart surgeries, this procedure is performed without the need to stop the heart, and recovery time is only about two days.
  • The Impella percutaneous LVAD - a device from Abiomed Percutaneous and minimally invasive Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD) and Left Ventricular Assist Systems (LVAS) are promising alternatives to standard LVAD surgery.
  • Blue Rhino Percutaneous Tracheostomy (Bronchoscopic view) This video highlights the perc. trach. technique from within the trachea.
  • Percutaneous Approach To Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair On November 14th, 2007, at 9 am PST (Noon EST) the vascular surgery team at Kaiser Permanente Fontana Hospital, consisting of Paul Aka, MD, FACS, Jeffrey Hsu, MD, Majid Tayyarah, MD and Trung Vo, MD, will perform an endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair through a percutaneous approach with the GORE EXCLUDER® AAA Endoprosthesis. The procedure will be moderated by Jeffery Hsu, MD, also of Kaiser Permanente Fontana Hospital.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Kidney stone is fragmented and suctioned out from a percutaneous approach using an ultrasonic lithotriptor
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) - Alegent Health Clinic Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), commonly known as coronary angioplasty or simply angioplasty, is one therapeutic procedure used to treat the stenotic (narrowed) coronary arteries of the heart found in coronary heart disease. These stenotic segments are due to the build up of cholesterol-laden plaques that form due to atherosclerosis. PCI is usually performed by an interventional cardiologist. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), which bypasses stenotic arteries by grafting vessels from elsewhere in the body, is an alternative treatment. Most studies have found that CABG is better than PCI for reducing death and myocardial infarction. However, PCI does improve quality of life. Related Links: Himanshu Agarwal, MD Alegent Health Heart & Vascular Specialists Cardiology Blog Alegent Health Podcast #27 Heart Palpitations Alegent Health Clinic
  • Endoscopic and Percutaneous Drainage of Symptomatic Walled-Off Pancreatic... Dr. Michael Gluck discusses his m***cript "Endoscopic and Percutaneous Drainage of Symptomatic Walled-Off Pancreatic Necrosis Reduces Hospital Stay and Radiographic Resources." To view the print version of this abstract go to
  • Coronary Artery Angioplasty (PCI, Heart Stent Surgery) Visit for FREE videos, illustrations and patient handouts for healthcare providers. This 3D heart animation shows a coronary artery angioplasty surgery, also called a percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI, to correct a blocked artery in the heart. It begins by showing the buildup of plaque in an artery wall of the heart, blocking the flow of blood. Afterwards, the patient lies on a testing table while contrast dye is injected into the arteries of the heart, showing the location of the blockage. A guide wire is then moved through the lumen of the blood vessel, followed by a balloon and stent mechanism. The balloon inflates, putting the metal stent in place, so that the lumen of the artery is open and the red blood cells can flow freely. ANCE00178
  • Percutaneous coronary Intervention stenting Percutaneous coronary Intervention stenting visit my website for more medical animations and their downloads:
  • Percutaneous Oblique Transillumination. Percutaneous Oblique Transillumination. Diagnostic & terapeutic application.
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Percutaneous Pedicle Screws, Lumbar Fusion Jeffrey J. Larson MD performs Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion Surgery Using Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Technique
  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy with Ambesh T-Trach Kit Percutaneous tracheostomy is one of the most commonly performed bedside surgical procedures in critically sick patients. The indications of tracheostomy are: prolonged mechanical ventilation, isolation of airway, easier tracheo-bronchial toileting and oro-dental hygiene. A number of percutaneous tracheostomy kits are available. The latest addition is the 'Ambesh T-Trach Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kit' which is quite simple to use and economical. The contraindications are: age less than 16 yrs, distorted anatomy of neck, incorrectable coagulopathies, local sepsis and undefined anatomical landmarks.
  • Percutaneous Aortic Valve replacement - TCT 2008 - Live from Massy - France Aortic Valve replacement by femoral approach. Performed by Drs Marie Claude Morice, Thierry Lefevre and the ICPS team Jacques Cartier Institute, 91300 Massy, France. http//
  • Percutaneous transillumination tecnique (part two) Percoutaneous transillumination in Phlebology. Advanced techniques. Part two.
  • Percutaneous pulmonary biopsy with real-time CT fluoroscopy New fluoroscopic CT procedures allow radiologists to better guide tissue biopsy and allows the guidance of minimally invasive surgery or micro-therapy. Conventional CT can only acquires one image at a time, like a pocket camera or simple radiograph. Fluoro CT is more like a video camera (or x-ray fluoroscope) and allows acquisition and immediate display of up to 9 images per second. Thus Fluoro CT allows the physician to continuously monitor the trajectory of the needle or surgical instrument as it is inserted, eliminating the slow slice by slice process and allowing a significant streamlining of CT guided interventional procedures.
  • NCPTA: Non Cardiac Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty A non-cardiac percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, or NCPTA, is done to restore blood flow in an artery blocked by atheroscl*** plaque. This 3D medical animation depicts the steps involved in preforming a Non Cardiac Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty.
  • Podcast: Percutaneous Vertebroplasty a treatment for... Over 700000 vertebral compression fractures -- broken spinal bones - occur annually in the United States. Many of these fractures result from untreated osteoporosis, and vertebral fractures can cause severe pain for nearly a third of people with the condition. On Wednesday, June 7, Marshfield Clinic physicians on staff at Saint Joseph's Hospital will discuss a leading surgical treatment for spinal compression fractures called percutaneous vertebroplasty. The program, featuring a pre-taped surgery of a vertebral compression fracture patient, will be webcast from 4 -- 5 pm central daylight time. Expert commentary about the procedure will be provided by Fergus McKiernan, MD, metabolic bone disease...
  • Percutaneous Cecostomy Grant was born with feeding problems that seemed to get worse as time went on. As his family searched for an answer, they were led to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where a special procedure gave them new hope.
  • Percutaneous Aortic Valve 2008 live Baltimore Part 1 Live transmission from Massy (France), of a Percutaneous aortic valve replacement performed by Dr Lefevre, Morice and the ICPS team. Internationnal CCC meeting, June 2008 at Baltimore
  • Heart Surgery or PCI (Percutaneous coronary intervention) by Jerrold Levy, MD A discussion of the treatment of coronary artery disease with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), commonly known as coronary angioplasty vs cardiac surgery and the different techniques and therapeutic procedures used to treat the stenotic (narrowed) coronary arteries of the heart found in coronary heart disease. Performed with a rap tune by DocMD-z, and featuring Mary Z, from the Emory Cardiac Surgery ICU and Catheterization Lab, and including some local stars.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for big kidney stones PCNL A video that shows the less traumatic endoscopic treatment for large kidney stones
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) This patient education video explains what a PEG tube is, why and how it is placed and what to expect after the procedure.
  • Delcath Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (PHP) Delcath Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (PHP) for cancers of the liver Delcath Systems Rockefeller Center 600 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10020 212-489-2100 [email protected] Nasdaq Symbol - DCTH
  • Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion to Treat Malignant Melanoma In this two-minute video, Dr. H. Richard Alexander, professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and surgical oncologist at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center discusses a recent nation-wide clinical trial that tested a new procedure, known as percutaneous hepatic perfusion, in the treatment of malignant melanoma that has spread to the liver. Dr. Alexander talks about the preliminary results of this clinical trial and the implications these results could have on the future treatment of this disease. Related Links: University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center Surgical Oncology Program Gastrointestinal Oncology Program Video: Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma Patient Education
  • Percutaneous management of mitral valve disease Cardiology Conference Hosted by: Sunil V. Rao, MD FACC Assistant Professor of Medicine Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories Durham VA Medical Center Presented by: Andrew Wang, MD Director, Fellowship Training Program Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Duke University Medical Center
  • Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement At the recent ESC Congress (September 2009) in Barcelona / Spain, Siemens and Medtronic organized satellite symposia on new frontiers conquered in cardiac imaging and therapy. Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement has the potential to change the therapy of aortic valve disease according to Dr. Lutz Bullesfeld from the Heart Center in Siegburg, Germany.
  • PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) by Dr. Dennis G. Lusaya, MD. FPCS. Manila, Philippines .wmv Minimally Invasive procedure to remove large burden kidney stones esp. staghorn calculi. Stone fragmentation and removal is achived using Ultrasonic Lithotripter, For more information call or text moble: +639196084859 or email : [email protected]
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy Download more at ..
  • HydroCision Percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy for Spinal Lumbar Disc Herniation
  • Blue Rhino Percutaneous Tracheostomy (External View) This is a step by step video demonstrating the Blue Rhino percutaneous tracheostomy kit for performing a perc. trach.

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  • “Title: New Study Of Percutaneous Tibi. Tags: Blog Entry: a{TEXT-DECORATION:none} Urgent PC is a proprietary minimally invasive, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) device”
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  • “I know this forum is about drugs but has anyone gone through this procedure? percutaneous diskectomy. Please let me know. thanx 3 discs”
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  • “Mitral Valve Repair Clip Named Top Medical Innovation For 2009 By Cleveland Clinic For 2009, the number five-ranked medical innovation was a non-invasive, percutaneous mitral valve regurgitation repair system”
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  • “Editor's Blog. Home " Health & Wellness. Percutaneous Mechanical Disc Decompression is the Treatment of Sciatica:A State of the Art Percutaneous Mechanical Disc Decompression, a state of the art alternative to back surgery, is a less invasive procedure”
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