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  • Physiological and Transcriptomic Evidence for a Close Coupling between Chloroplast Ontogeny and Cell Cycle Progression in the Pennate Diatom Seminavis robusta1[C][W][OA] Here, we investigated the relationships between the cell cycle and chloroplast development in the pennate diatom Seminavis robusta. — “Physiological and Transcriptomic Evidence for a Close”,
  • Pennate diatom. Cocconeis pediculus. 1. Diatom. Cocconeis placentula. 3. Pennate diatom Pennate diatom. Surirella angusta. 1. Pennate diatom. Surirella ovalis. — “Aquire Search Results”,
  • pennate. pen·nate [ pé nàyt ] or pen·nat·ed [ pé nàytəd ] adjective. Definition: 1. zoology with feathers: having feathers or wings. 2. marine biology bilaterally symmetrical: describes diatoms which are bilaterally symmetrical. Order Pennales. 3. botany. Same as pinnate. — “pennate definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • : The A to Z of Dictionary Definitions on the Net! Definition of pennate. Translate pennate to. Definitions of 'pennate' Princeton's WordNet. 1. (adj) pennate. having feathered wings. Definitions of 'pennate' Webster Dictionary. 1. (adj) pennate. alt. of Pennated. — “What does pennate mean?”,
  • Pennate is used to mean "winged", "feathered" or simply "shaped like a wing" Pennate diatoms are bilaterally symmetrical, and belong to the order Pennales. This article has not been added to any categories. — “Pennate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for pennate in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “pennate - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of pennate in the Medical Dictionary. pennate explanation. Information about pennate in Free online English dictionary. What is pennate? Meaning of pennate medical term. What does pennate mean?. — “pennate - definition of pennate in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Definition of pennate from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “pennate - Medical Definition”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of PENNATE : of, relating to, or being usually elongate bilaterally symmetrical diatoms of an order (Pennales) having a raphe or a similar. — “Pennate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Variable gearing in pennate muscles. Emanuel Azizi*, Elizabeth L. Brainerd, and Thomas J. a pennate muscle to match the output of the muscle motor to the. — “Variable gearing in pennate muscles”,
  • Aspects of the topic pennate muscle are discussed in the following places at Britannica. The deltoid muscle in the human shoulder is said to be pennate; relatively short fibres attach diagonally onto a tendon that penetrates far into the. — “pennate muscle (physiology) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of pennate from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of pennate. Pronunciation of pennate. Definition of the word pennate. Origin of the word pennate. — “pennate - Definition of pennate at ”,
  • Translations of pennate. pennate synonyms, pennate antonyms. Information about pennate in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. In pennate muscle, changes in muscle size may also depend upon changes in fibre pennation angle which becomes greater (more perpendicular to the. — “pennate - definition of pennate by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Ferritin is used for iron storage in bloom-forming marine pennate diatoms Ferritin in pennate diatoms probably contributes to their success in chronically low-iron regions that. — “Ferritin is used for iron storage in bloom-forming marine”,
  • Tardegrade and other Microscopic Creatures rendered as Jewelry from Luna Parc in sterling silver and bronze. Pennate. This is a Pennate Diatom, genus gomphonema. Diatoms are in the class of protists, somewhere between plant and animal, there are numerous shapes of diatoms. The. — “Tardegrade rendered as Jewelry from Luna Parc”,
  • pennate ( ) also pennated adj. Having feathers or wings. Botany . Pinnate. Of or relating to diatoms of the class Pennales, distinguished by. — “pennate: Definition from ”,
  • Pennate definition, winged; feathered. See more. — “Pennate | Define Pennate at ”,
  • Pennate Musical Co., ltd. 2005-2007 copyright all right reserved. — “new_template3”,
  • Pennate information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Pennate - ”,
  • pennate definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “pennate - Definition”,
  • Scientific Stock Photography by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. The Image Gallery contains hundreds of scientific, biological and medical images Caption: Marine pennate diatoms on stalks (Gomphonema sp.). Stalked, marine pennate diatoms are usually benthic diatoms that produce extracellular. — “Dennis Kunkel Microscopy - Electron Microscopy Science Stock”,

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  • 1798814 jpg
  • Cicerbita alpina Cicerbita alpina Lattuga alpina Laitue des Alpes Pianta alta 50 150 cm con succo lattiginoso Le foglie sono inciso pennate con lobo terminale
  • sinter 5 Clusters of cemented pennate diatoms aligned perpendicular to the approximate air water interface dashed blue line 6 Close up of 5 showing aligned pennate diatoms
  • Lentisco Arbusto cespuglioso con foglie pennate lucide e persistenti fiori rossi piccoli in rametti ascellari densi Il frutto è una drupa rossa globosa di circa 1 2 cm di diametro nero a
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  • Click Here to see image Legend Mixed diatoms Chrysophyta Bacillariophyceae Keywords Chrysophyta diatoms bacillariophyceae algae pennate Click Here to see image Legend Ceratium Pyrrhophyta an armored dinoflagellate Keywords Pyrrhophyta dinoflagellate algae
  • Pseudo nitzschia seriata Cleve H Peragallo A common truly planktonic pennate diatom Girdle view © Robin Raine
  • Finally I found that some diatoms had attached along their edges colonies of bacteria and even some other smaller diatoms This is shown in the photomicrograph below If you look closely you can see little hairs sticking off the long pennate diatom The hairs are actually rod shaped bacteria I find this frequently both for diatoms and
  • to view the original The ovoid shape of this Surirella species as well as the shapes of most other pennate diatoms could be best described by increasing the value of m to 2 Surirella fastuosa Ehrenberg Kutzing Click image to view the original
  • and pennate In addition I found a number of red patches in the floating mat that turned out to be a tightly colonial Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria One of those colonies is shown below The individual bacterial cells are small this photomicrograph was taken at 400X magnification and they appear to produce a gel that holds the colony together We have found floating
  • Licmophora flabellata is a sessile colony of pennate diatoms that lives attached to seaweeds such as red algae Pennate diatoms the elongated ones with bilateral
  • and even death in serious cases This toxic bloom was first reported off the Canadian coast in 1990 Ref The offending organism in Canada was the pennate diatom Nitzschia pungens King Scallop Pecten maximus Plankton Blooms 1999 Times article 31 July 1999 Link 11 13 July 1999
  • dalle acque con attenzione e vista acuta ecco apparire altre lame pennate di cui una di lunghezza fuori del normale e due pugnali uno dei quali molto particolare con nervature centrali Lo stupendo solitario simbolo solare dell Anguillara Arrivati alla sella vera e propria un esplosione di simboli lame pennate simboli sessuali femminili mani graffiti con notevole gusto
  • Bacillaria paxillifer formerly B paradoxa a bizarre colony of pennate diatoms also known as the carpenter s rule diatom The following
  • cosi è proprio un clone del mio glicine Immagine 46 01 KB non conosco l essenza ma se ha foglie pennate pendule un impostazione di questo tipo potrebbe andare
  • pennate si poggia la figurazione Per suonare utilizzare uno o più accordi e ripetere ad libitum la battuta finché non è chiara Lavorare con un metronomo o una batteria elettronica
  • in Cocos non ramificato o raramente dicotomo Hyphaene e di diametro costante dal basso verso l alto con all apice una rosetta di grandi foglie coriacee sempreverdi palmate o pennate lunghe fino a qualche metro Il fusto si può
  • Quella all ombra rimaneva verdastra Adesso ti mostro le foto dove meglio si possono apprezzare il particolare delle foglie impari pennate con 7 segmenti ciascuna Siamo sempre a S Matteo
  • Click image to view the original whereas the four sided shapes shown here including the rhomboid shape of the pennate diatom Pleurosigma angulatum are achieved when m=4 Biddulphia antediluviana Ehrenberg van Heurk forma antediluviana Click image to view the original
  • Fragilaria sp Planktonic pennate diatoms that form long chains
  • Pennate oblique view MC Photographer Michael Clayton Up one directory
  • alla famiglia delle Polypodiacere con fronde pennate di colore verde chiaro In generale ha bisogno di luce diffusa temperatura più o meno costante poca acqua ma spesso Il Capelvenere è una felce originaria del Brasile raggiunge un altezza di 30 40 cm Le sue fronde sono piccole triangolari di colore verde pallido Esiste una varietà la
  • Close up of the surface of the pennate diatom Epithemia from a colelction taken in the Russian Arctic Credit Peter Siver Connecticut College
  • doughnut around Antarctica with small pennate species like the one shown here Fragilariopsis curta which love very cold waters and love sea ice at least nine months of the year Click on image for a larger version We get the open ocean species that generally take up the circumpolar distribution shown here in green Fragilariopsis kerguelensis is the most
  • di squame di colore rosso bruno e fronde triangolari pennate di colore verde chiaro o verde bronzeo che di solito non superano la lunghezza di 15 25 cm Davallia trichomanes Davallia bullata Giardino Botanico di Berlino foto www agraria org Davallia trichomanes Giardino Botanico di Berlino foto
  • to the female from behind with his abdomen and his fore legs raised and with his mid and hind legs just behind the female s mid and hind legs His wings were in constant motion Figure 1 Gradually he lowered his forelegs down beside the female s head so that she could see the pennate black and white tarsal segments on either side He also stepped back slightly with his hind
  • his forelegs down beside the female s head so that she could see the pennate black and white tarsal segments on either side He also stepped back slightly with his hind legs Figures 2 4
  • A chemically cleaned shell of a pennate diatom makes the fine texture of punctures of the cell wall and the slit like raphe in the centre clearly
  • norm 44fadda3b33a3 Tremors+3+ 2001 jpeg
  • Click Here to see image Legend Four centric and one pennate diatom Keywords Chrysophyta Bacillariophyceae diatoms Pennales Centrales pennate centric Click Here to see image Legend Red snow seen here near Beartooth summit in Wyoming is caused by Chlamydomonas a unicellular green alga Chlorophyta
  • next Diatoms Optical sections of an interphase cell c 30 µm long of the raphid pennate diatom Sellaphora taken using interference contrast optics The photographs show progressively deeper levels
  • in San Francisco Bay salt marshes Beggiatoa is in the minority and Chromatium dominates Chromatium contains a red pigment and in large numbers gives the mat a distinctly red color Figure 7 Minority members of the summer Cyanobacterial mat 800X magnification Other diatoms were found in the summer mat but the typical pennate Diatom shown here occurred in by far
  • sul tempo ma in un secondo momento potrete usare pennate diverse come ad esempio pennate consecutive in giù nei passaggi tra note che si trovano su due corde diverse ed adiacenti Notate che risolvo sempre su una nota dell accordo Le note cerchiate sono quelle appartenenti all accordo mentre le altre per il momento diciamo che sono estranee dico per il momento
  • his forelegs down beside the female s head so that she could see the pennate black and white tarsal segments on either side He also stepped back slightly with his hind legs Figures 2 4
  • However many important identifying characteristics cannot be seen without the higher powered scanning electron microscope SEM Taking a good micrograph is difficult and time consuming These SEM micrographs of modern diatoms show the whole frustule of a centric diatom A two whole pennate diatom frustules B a single valve of a centric diatom C and another centric
  • Click Here to see image Legend Phacus Euglenophyta Keywords Euglenophyta algae Click Here to see image Legend Four centric and one pennate diatom Keywords Chrysophyta Bacillariophyceae diatoms Pennales Centrales pennate centric
  • their no 1 physical relationship is Another relationship that we will see in a minute is also sea ice cover The closer you are to Antarctic sea ice the more the relationship changes Click on image for a larger version So what we end up having is this blue doughnut around Antarctica with small pennate species like the one shown here Fragilariopsis curta
  • BESTMG6 euglena pennate epi jpg
  • Sorbus domestica Linneo Famiglia = Rosaceae Nome volgare = Sorbo domestico Albero alto fino a 15 mt con foglie alterne impari pennate lunghe fino a 20 cm con 6 10 paia di foglioline lanceolate arrotondate alla base con apice acuto di colore verde
  • e g flexor pollicis longus E Bipennate e g rectus femoris F Multipennate e g deltoid Pennate muscles usually contain a larger number of fibers and hence provide greater power Click for high resolution image

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  • Diatoms Moving In A Tube These small pennate Diatoms formed an extensive mat of "sheath-like" Tubes on the bottom of a salt marsh pond in Heron's Head Park salt marsh, near study site OS-1. In most of the Tubes the Diatoms were packed, but the sparse population of Diatoms in this Tube made possible videomicrography of the Diatoms moving slowly along the Tube. Microscopy was with Hoffman Modulation Contrast optics at 1000x magnification, oil immersion. The videomicrograph was taken with a Nikon Coolpix P5100 attached to a threaded Leitz Wetzlar 10x eyepiece. How the Diatoms form the Sheath Tubes is not known.
  • Chapter 04 - Walden by Henry David Thoreau Chapter 4: Sounds. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Gord Mackenzie. Playlist for Walden by Henry David Thoreau:
  • Triceratium (Diatom # 033) - January 14, 2009 Salt Water Diatom, taken from the Atlantic Ocean. Original compressed avi format, flash version and micro-photographs are available for non-commercial, private and educational purposes.
  • Big Golden Pennate Diatom Rolls Along This big [about 0.2-mm long] golden diatom was in a sample from a Heron's Head Park Salt Marsh Pond, San Francisco Bay. Shots were taken with a Swift FM-31 Field Microscope at 400X using a Nikon Coolpix 885 Digital Camera. Diatoms are algae in a glass case - the two shells that enclose a diatom are made of silicon. Algae are plants, so Diatoms get their energy and manufacture sugars from the sunlight and CO2. They also frequently move with a slow, but steady motion. Diatoms evolved at about the same time as mammals, so they are relative newcomers.
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  • Side Lateral Raises Alternating Superset.AVI The side lateral raise mainly triggers your anterior (front) trapezius head, anterior + medial deltoidseus pennate heads. This exercise also triggers your Sternocleidomastiodeus, Sternohyoideus, Omohyoideus & Scalenus (neck muscles). Pectoralis major (chest), Triceps brachii + Brachialis, Biceps brachii (upper arm muscles) + Brachioradialis, extensor carpi radialis longus, Olecranon, Anconeus, extensor carpi radialis brevis Extensor digitorum (forearm muscles) to act as stabilizers.
  • Diatoms in Antarctica Video of a microscopic examination of some diatoms. These diatoms were recovered from a 1000+ meter sediment drill core under the ice under the ocean near McMurdo base.
  • Odontella (Diatom) #002, Friday May 19, 2009 Atlantic Ocean Intracoastal Waterway Featured in this video is the dinoflagellate Oblea (pink and oval shape). This diatom was captured in the Intracoastal Waterway of the Atlantic Ocean, on May 19, 2009. Odontella is a diatom monitored among toxic algae for potential blooms by NOAA's Phytoplankton Monitoring Network.
  • Spirochaetae and Diatoms Lead a Busy Life This film was made using a Swift FM-31 Field Microscope and Sony DSC-W7 Cybershot Camera, viewing a sample taken from a San Francisco Bay Salt Marsh pond at 800X magnification. The "snake-like" critters are Spirochete bacteria and the "boat-shaped" ones are Pennate Diatoms. Diatoms are algae in glass [silica] shells. That means they are tiny photosynthetic plants, using sunlight for energy. The role of the Spirochetes in this pond community is not known. Of the many millions of species of bacteria, only a very few are pathogens and even fewer are human pathogens. These little guys probably make their living digesting the remains of plant and animal material in the pond. The water in salt marsh ponds is often very salty, being as much as 5% salt.
  • Cylindrothecia diatoms and a Pennate Diatom in the Weep At 200x magnification. Weep site, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Reserve, near Drawbridge.
  • Giants Win the Pennate! Sports Bar action! Giants win the Pennate.
  • Odontella (Marine Diatom) #61 - January 14, 2009 Odontella (Marine Diatom) #61 - January 14, 2009 The original compressed *.avi (29648 k) is available in download for educational use. Includes flash version (13648 k) and micro-photos.
  • ThatChannel com Interview 2011 03m 07 Frank Pennate
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  • The Shot Heard 'Round The World 1951 World Series Giants Win Pennant
  • Amoeba with Ciliate and Diatoms An amoeba collected from the Weep site, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Reserve, moves slowly among Ciliates and Diatoms. Magnified 200x. Related videomicrographs can be found under the tage DBWeep.
  • Pennate Femme Fatale by Rebecca & Kayyin Gerenz
  • Our Freshwater Microverse: Diatoms [1] Diatoms are single celled members of the Protist kingdom and are a diverse group within the freshwater community. This specimen is from the pennate class. Diatoms have a two part shell composed of silicon oxide that reveals intricate patterns under high magnification. Collected from a freshwater wetland in Southeast Michigan. Filtered illumination (450-550nm). Real time video rate. Scale: 20 microns.
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  • Pleurosigma (Marine Diatom)- # 014 - January 14, 2009 Pleurosigma (marine diatom) caught in a phytoplankton sample on January 14, 2009 in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), Atlantic Ocean, Southeastern United States. The original compressed *.avi is available for download, including flash video format (5408 k) and micro-graphs for personal and educational use. Experimental Music Clip true-love-forever-
  • Pig in a Pen This is a video of my wife Brenda and I playing with our Old Time Ensemble folk music class. It was a hoot to play!
  • Love At Sea, Disaster On Land // 9 Copyright Disclaimer: I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted work described above is not authorized by the copyright owner (or by a third party who is legally entitled to do so on behalf of the copyright owner) and is not otherwise permitted by law. ------------------------------------ ***With Stephanie*** Stephanie's Mom: You've got to unpack Hun! You were away somewhere on the ship, and I couldn't find you... Stephanie: I was with Alex Mom. Stephanie's Mom: Okay. That's good then. You know that I don't like it when you're around with strangers. Stephanie: Yeah..*Starts unpacking* Stephanie's Mom: Then once you're done you can go anywhere you want to go. *walks to the living room and watches the telly* Stephanie: *Unpacking* Mikayla: Hey sis! Stepanie: Hey Mikayla.. Mikayla: So where were you? With Alex? Stephanie: Yeah..And Guess who we ran into Mikayla: Who? *curious* Stephanie: KEITH!! Mikayla: What?! Where is he? I'm gonna get him for what he did to my sis!! Stephanie: NO! It's fine..He won't bother me anymore.. Mikayla: What makes you sure about that Steph? Stephanie: Alex took care of it.. Mikayla: *a bit happy* That's good then. You're lucky to have him as your best friend... *walks out the room* Stephanie: Yeah, I am..*Smiles and continues packing* *With Alex* Nate: *Still in shock,Walks into the room* Alex: *sees Nate* What's up man? *a bit curious becuase of the look on his face* Nate: I just got a big shock.. Alex: Dude.. you shouldn't be ...
  • I'M RANCH WILDER!!!! From "Angels in the outfield" when the angels win the pennate and the owner of the team fires the announcer
  • Amoeba with ingested Diatoms This large amoeba has ingested many pennate diatoms. Focus changes to show cell contents and pseudopodia.
  • Let's go... Bluejays drummer

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  • “A consortium has sequenced the genome of the Phaeodactylum tricornutum, the first diatom of the pennate lineage to be assembled, and compared it to its cousin, marine centric diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana. Blog. What About a Job in Policy? One blogger says she had no idea that those who work in”
    — This Week in Nature | The Daily Scan | GenomeWeb,

  • “A blog about technology, science, fractals and other interesting topics. The galleries exhibit the traditional and digital artwork of Stacy Reed. She also gives away classes: centric diatoms (Coscinodiscophyceae), pennate diatoms without a raphe (Fragilariophyceae), and pennate diatoms with a raphe”
    — She Dreams In Digital :: Post Comment,

  • “pennate muscle fibers. ilio psoas muscle. iliocostalis lumborum muscle. iliocostalis muscle printers and copiers muscle shoals al. courtney morley muscle. prominent flexor hallucis”
    — muscle --- depolarising muscle relaxant,

  • “The first blooms of phytoplankton have not really got going yet, so this was a bit sterile, with just a few pennate diatoms. You are currently browsing the Lancashire MCS Blog weblog archives for the day Thursday, March 27th, 2008. Pages. About”
    — Lancashire MCS Blog " 2008 " March " 27,

  • “Forum: Share Insights Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:34 am Subject: 444TRUMPETS like The Pennate I Swings With Swings Of Glory Stay On Position. brain Waves Cover Bout Mile Range Aim H”
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  • “this loss blows balls, but it's not like getting beat 19-8 like Boston did at home in a pennate game. Search this Forum. Advanced Search. Recent Posters. skynyrd45 "Votto's future in CincyIt's pretty safe to assume”
    — Cincinnati Reds,

  • “In various lectures he has gone on to support his view by claiming that the tibialis anterior is not the fusiform muscle it appears to be but rather a radial pennate muscle and explaining that the two portions (superficial and deep) have the ability to act almost independently”
    — Anatomy Trains / Medial Arch Support,

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