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  • Definition of Patents in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Patents? Meaning of Patents as a legal term. What does Patents mean in law?. — “Patents legal definition of Patents. Patents synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Patents how to articles and videos including How to Share Transfer Agreements, What Classifications to Use in a Patent Application, Who Can Help With the Next Step for My Product If I Have a Provisional Patent? and much more!. — “Patents - How To Information | ”,
  • Hyperlinked information on what a patent is, who may apply for one, governing laws, history, and related articles. — “Patent - Wikipedia”,
  • provides a comprehensive worldwide source of searchable indexed patent pages available in 15 native languages. — “”,
  • General Information about Patents and Intellectual Property. General Information Concerning Patents. The online version of the USPTO publication of the same name, this site provides answers to most of the general, informative questions that newcomers to the patenting process need to know. — “Internet Resources for Patents”,
  • Invention Patents: How to patent invention - inventor patent information How to get an Invention Patent and Patent Help First steps to patent an in. — “Invention City | Invention Patents: How to patent invention”,
  • The basics about U.S. patents and how to apply for them. — “Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks - Patents”,
  • - Protecting your inventions, designs and trademarks using the patent offices around the world. — “PATENTS DESIGNS COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK ACTS AND REGISTRATION”,
  • Patents - laws, what can be patented, who may apply The Constitution of the United States gives Congress the power to enact laws relating to patents, in Article I, section 8, which reads "Congress shall have power. — “Patents”,
  • A patent is a grant by the government of exclusive rights in a new, useful and non-obvious invention in exchange for the disclosure of that invention. The rights holder may use the patent to exclude others from making, using, selling or exploiting the invention for a limited period of time. — “Patents - IPR Toolkit India - U.S. Embassy of the United”,
  • PatentStorm provides patent search capability of the US Patent Office patent information. Search for inventors and their inventions or browse the latest patents of their inventions. — “PatentStorm: U.S. Patents”,
  • Utility patents. may be granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful Office, in Russia it is the Russian Agency for Patents and Trade Marks (formerly the. — “PATENTS”,
  • Patent and trademark information at UC Berkeley. Patents contain an invaluable chronological record of information and provide a stimulus to further invention in every field which they cover. — “Patent and Trademark Information”,
  • Search and find the full text to over seven million U.S. patents from the USPTO. — “Google Patent Search”,
  • Official site for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Find how-to guides, office policies and laws, forms, fee schedules, news, upcoming conference and meeting details, and other patent resources. — “United States Patent and Trademark Office”,
  • Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data ***ytics Services. — “Patent Searching Database”,
  • Examples of utility patents range from the well-known artificial heart valve (#4,490,859) to the microwave clothes dryer (#4,490,923)". (Levy, Richard. Inventing & Patenting Sourcebook, Detroit: Gale Research Inc, p.6) Examples of design patents range from the ordinary combined. — “Patents”,
  • Patents protect inventions and intellectual property from being copied. Learn about the uses of patents, the history of patents and about intellectual property law. — “HowStuffWorks "How Patents Work"”,
  • Some people may confuse patents, copyrights, and trademarks. All U.S. patents are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO. — “Guide To Patents And Filing USPTO Patent Applications”,
  • patent n. A grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set. — “patent: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • onecle - legal research portal for lawyers and attorneys 8. Classification of patents The Director may revise and maintain the classification by. — “Patents - 35 USC Title 35 - US Code”,

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  • Red Ice radio - 9.6.2011 - Iran's Flying Saucer & Plasma Reactor Technology Mehran Keshe - Iran's Flying Saucer & Plasma Reactor Technology June 9, 2011 Mehran Keshe, originally from Iran, joins us from Belgium to discuss his development of plasma reactor technology and Iran's flying saucer. The technology Mehran has developed has multiple applications, such as space flight, anti-gravity, energy-generating and medical. He is the author of "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters" and "The Structure of the Light". He formed the "International Space Institute" with the assertion that commercial space flight will be made available to the general public in the near future. This includes a "Moon trip program", currently scheduled for 2016-2017 and eventually travels to Mars. Iran as the first government in the world has showed interest in Mehran's technology and we discuss the initiation and current status of Iran's flying saucer project. In 2005 Keshe filed two patents with the European Patent Office for a "Micro plasma reactor" and a "Gravitational and energy system". Mehran Keshe was born In Iran in 1958, he is the son to an X-ray engineer, he moved to Europe in the mid-seventies for further education in the field of nuclear physics. In 81 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor technology system control. Since 2002 he has concentrated his effort to finish the full design of his technology for launch into the scientific world and industry. He also claims that at the end of 2005 and ...
  • Lab patents medical marijuana patch for dogs.
  • Hippie Clinic Patents Medical Marijuana For Dogs! (CLICK HERE)
  • DJ Dummy @ Vital with Traktor Scratch & Kontrol S4 When we heard that Common's DJ, the legendary DJ Dummy, was going to do a rare in-store appearance with the S4 and turntable control, we rushed a couple of cameras down to catch the master at work. We only managed to capture sound from our live camera - but we loved his performance so much that we had to share it with you. Dummy first quick mixes with the S4's on board controls using cue points then mixes things up with vinyl beat-juggling. Learn a lot from the Dummy. All S4 purchases in July 2011 worldwide will qualify for the S4 Scratch Upgrade for free, expanding the S4 to Traktor Scratch hands-on control with vinyl or CDJs. More info: www.native- Traktor Scratch is authorized for use under license of patents owned by N2IT Holding BV, including US Patent Nos. 7012184 B2 and 7238874 B2.
  • How To Protect an Idea - Patent Assistance Worldwide www.patentassistance- Learn how to Illustrate your patent and protect your ideas with Patent Assistance Worldwide. Search tags: how to patent invention a invention com domains copyrights registered trademark patent agents how to register a trademark how to patent an idea patent an idea patent idea idea patent patent a idea how to patent idea how do i patent an idea how to patent and idea patent and idea how to patent a idea how patent an idea to patent an idea idea to patent patent for an idea patent for idea patent on idea how to get a patent get patent names registered how to copyright a name free patents online domain registered how to patent a product copyright search patent ideas how to patent ideas patent a name patent name obtain patent obtain a patent submit idea how to copyright something how to protect an idea getting patent domain names registered inventors patent how to copyright an idea copyright an idea pattents need a patent how to copyright a product help patent
  • Vox V845 Classic Wah Pedal: A Gearwire Pro Review Does the world really need another "budget" wah-wah pedal? What if it's got "VOX" stamped on the rocker? Introduced earlier in the year, the Vox Classic Wah-Wah v845 streets for $69.99, putting it in direct competition with entry-level wahs from the likes of Jim Dunlop and Morley. Plus, if you purchase a v845 before the end of the year, Vox will give you a $20 rebate, making this pedal less expensive than even the rock-bottom Behringer "Hellbabe" wah. Still, fifty bucks is fifty bucks, and while the Vox brand may be associated with wah-legend, the Classic v845 still needs to meet three basic requirements to be worthy of your hard-earned Grant: is it well-built, does it sound good, and barring acceptable stock tone, can it be easily modded? I put the v845 and my web-forum-raking skills to the test to find out. Wah's In A Name? Ahh, US Patent No. 3530224: the "foot-controlled continuously variable preference circuit for musical instruments." It's become as much a cornerstone of the sound of classic rock music as US Patents No. 2089171, No.3213181, and No.2438259. The first commercially available wahs were produced under the Vox brand when it was owned by the Thomson Organ Company, and originally branded as an effect for woodwind instruments—hence the first Vox wahs bearing the image and endorsement of trumpeter Clyde McCoy (though, notably, the schematics filed with the circuit's US patent application show the input signal originating from a crudely-drawn, four-stringed ...
  • White Board: Goolsbee on Patent Reform In this White House White Board, Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, explains the President's plan to reform the patent system so great American ideas can be turned into the jobs of the future quickly and effectively.
  • A Passion for Invention: IBM Inventors Break Patent Record IBM inventors discuss their passion for inventing and why patents are important to the company's commercial success. The company received a record 5896 US patents in 2010, marking the 18th consecutive year it has topped the list of the world's most inventive companies. IBM became the first company to be granted as many as 5000 US patents in a single year.
  • The CHEMTRAILS PATENT: laminar Microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids Patent n. 4.412.654 (November, 1, 1983) Laminar Microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids Abstract A laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying involve the use of a streamlined body having a slot in the trailing edge thereof to afford a quiescent zone within the wing and into which liquid for spraying is introduced. The liquid flows from a source through a small diameter orifice having a discharge end disposed in the quiet zone well upstream of the trailing edge. The liquid released into the quiet zone in the slot forms drops characteristic of laminar flow. Those drops then flow from the slot at the trailing edge of the streamlined body and discharge into the slipstream for free distribution.
  • Tech News Today 295: Google Threatens Death by 1000 Patents Hosts:Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar, and Denise Howell Samsung crushes Apple, AT&T redefines unlimited (now mens throttled), we reveal the smartest browser users, andmore. Download or subscribe to this show at Submit and vote on story coverage at . We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Running time: 43:12
  • Apple Sues HTC Over IPhone Patents Apple has sued HTC, accusing the rival smartphone maker of violating patents related to the popular iPhone. (March 2)
  • How software patents work Video demostrative: How software patents work
  • Google buys patents from IBM to protect Android PLease subscribe !
  • Intellectual Property: How to Review a Patent Application Patent Attorney Katherine White of Enterprise Partners Venture Capital kicks off this new speaker series with advice for inventors on securing successful patents in a talk sponsored by the Von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement at UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering. Series: "Von Liebig Forum" [5/2004] [Public Affairs] [Business] [Show ID: 8679]
  • Patent Assistance Worldwide - The History of Patents www.patentassistance- Patent Assistance Worldwide explains the history of Patents and how a patent can help you make money while your ideas and inventions are protected from theft. Search Tags: how to patent patent how to invention what is an invention an invention what is...
  • P2 The Key To Stanly Myers Water Car, Gas Core Transformer, Self Staining Device....wmv P2 The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, Self Staining Device... Please email this information to everyone you can so the word spreads fast! This is important information! Here is the link to the video, please download it and upload it to your servers and Youtube! Here is a link to the Youtube Video: Stanley's info patents and photos: Please see these videos: Part 8,9,10: Part 1: see all parts! Other: For R&D donations please use paypal to send and donations to the email address [email protected] Here is a link to a file of what I will be needing if you would like to donate parts or anything else: The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, Self Staining Device... All rights to this video and information is open source and free to do with what you want! But if you build one of these be careful!!! It may explode... you could be dealing with plasma! Please get back with ,me if you build and test this device! Please Upload and mass email this information and do it now!!! You can download and upload the Video File with the extension flv. my email [email protected] please be patient for replies! my youtube: The you tube video link: Download the video flv file here: You can play the flv file with ...
  • patent wars Do you know that a lot of money is wasted each year for developing products already patented? Do you know that fighting over intellectual property is prohibitively expensive? Do you know which strategies enterprises use in such conflicts? The MATRIXWARE™ VIDEO is an exciting journey through the amazing world of inventions and patents. Enjoy! Text & Concept: Peter Kawinek Editing: Ralf Traunsteiner Speaker: Dunkan Larkin
  • Apple sues HTC for patent infringement Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is being sued by Apple for infringing on its patents. HTC has already lost a preliminary ruling. If it loses the case, it may be unable to cell its popular handsets in the North American market.
  • Pharmacies, Drugs and Patents A short video about the history of pharmacies, drugs and patents.
  • Bill Gates an honest entrepreneur? (critique of The Morality of Profit) More videos on intellectual property: This is a response to: The Morality of Profit ----- "If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today's ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today. I feel certain that some large company will patent some obvious thing related to interface, object orientation, algorithm, application extension or other crucial technique. If we assume this company has no need of any of our patents then they have a 17-year right to take as much of our profits as they want. The solution to this is patent exchanges with large companies and patenting as much as we can." -Bill Gates, Challenges and Strategy Memo. 16 May 1991
  • Court report: software patents in New Zealand
  • Alan Watt on Geoengineering and Chemtrails - "you're being poisoned folks!" Alan Watt US Patents March 1, 1927 Patent #1619183 Process of Producing Smoke Clouds from Moving Aircraft June 30, 1936 Patent# 2045865 for Skywriting Apparatus April 8, 1952 Patent# 2591988 Process for producing improved tio2 titanium pigments April 8, 1969 Patent# 3437502 "Pont DU" forTITANIUM DIOXIDE PIGMENT COATED WITH SILICA AND ALUMINA September 29, 1970 Patent# 3531310 PRODUCTION OF IMPROVED METAL OXIDE PIGMENT other patents February 1924 Patent# R15771 by Savage March 1966 Patent# 1022621 in United Kingdom Documentary What In The World Are They Spraying, by G Edward Griffin and Michael Murphy Methods Used Atmospheric Science Program HAARP online data Wikipedia Geo-engineering proposed methods UCAR Magazine Article Media Articles International Symposium in Ghent, Belgium on Global Aerosol Spraying Congressional Research Service- on geoengineering NASA Rockets to Create Clouds coto2 Geo-engineering Conference Now Public Weather Modification Science Daily Artical announcing aerosol particulate matter studies and testing Moratorium RUETERS: UN urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects ...
  • TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 The 100% TAG Heuer-built Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept Chronograph capitalizes on the construction of the integrated Heuer CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1/100th Second Chronograph and is equipped with two escapements: - Regular time: 4Hz, 28800 beats per hour, 42-hour power reserve. - Ultra fast time: 500 Hz, 3600000 beats per hour. It relies on an unprecedented 11 patents pending. The chronograph movement's most remarkable innovations are: 1) There is no balance wheel system (patent pending). Its absence de facto eliminates all forms of isochronous errors normally caused by this conventional watch movement component, such as dilatation and inertial imperfection. 2) The mechanical regulating body, a high frequency 500Hz spiral (patent pending), developed together with Swiss watch component high-end manufacturer Atokalpa, is conceptually based on existing spirals but with an optimized rigidity and a reduced length. This gives static stability and extremely high dynamism with limited dilation. It also reduces gravity effects and shocks, while its low amplitude increases the isochronous precision of the pulse. 3) A dynamic lever/wheel transmission (patent pending) generates a hyper-velocity impulse unencumbered by pallet/teeth slippage: the lever literally rebounds on the wheel instead of sliding. 4) Unlike the self-starting balance wheel-spiral systems usually found watches, the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept Chronograph uses a Launcher-Hub-Brake system (patent pending) controlled by ...
  • Invention Patents - Patent Assistance Worldwide www.patent- Invention Patents, Patent your ideas and inventions. Patent Assistance Worldwide. Search Tags: how to patten invention ideas patent invention patent an invention how to patent an invention invention and patent patent and invention how to patent inventions...
  • How Developers Can Help Fight Apple's Lawsuits [Weekly Recap - 22 July 2011] For this round of the Weekly Recap, azrienoch and SassiBoB want Sam Caplat to know how much he's missed. They also want you to know about the recently announced Site Road Map, which lists the progress the administration made on the State of the Site Address, and what we have left to do. Azrienoch quickly lists off a few key articles from the past week, like Dual Boot for the Desire HD, the progress on S-off for the Sensation, Temp Root for the HTC Flyer, and Froyo for the Rhodium and Raphael. SassiBoB shows off the rage comic she made with ROiD RAGE, and finally, azrienoch dedicates the rest of the show explaining Apple's lawsuit against HTC, why he dislikes patents on coding, the lawsuit's importance as a precedent for future lawsuits, and pleads with HTC to let the developer community help. Links: XDA Site Roadmap www.xda- HTC DoubleShot (aka MyTouch 4G Slide) Forums Added www.xda- Interview with Recognized Developer Faryaab www.xda- Dual Boot on Desire HD www.xda- S-OFF For Pyramid Coming Soon! www.xda- Temp Root Achieved for HTC Flyer www.xda- Old But Not Dead -- Rhodium And Raphael Get Complete Froyo Ports www.xda- Build Your Own Rage Comics the Easy Way with Roid Rage for Android www.xda- ----------- Ruling Against HTC -- We Can Help! www.xda- ITC judge finds HTC in infringement of two Apple patents ITC staff ...
  • Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer: Fast Facts The Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) by Andrea Rossi will spark a new energy revolution. This is the first commercially available cold fusion device. Full production and shipping of units in 2011. Fuel source is powdered nickel with no radioactive or harmful waste. For crucial updates on the latest E-Cat news please visit Join our Facebook Page for more insider knowledge http
  • Apple Patents 3D Gestures, Facebook Teams Up With Skype, YouTube Cosmic Panda & More This is the twenty-sixth episode of my series titled "BestTechInfo And Rumors"! Links to the rumors/news articles discussed in this episode: 1. JailbreakMe 3.0 demo/tutorial video: 2. JailbreakMe 3.0 troubleshooting guide: 3. The Apple Tv 2 can be used to host websites: 4. Verizon has stopped offering unlimited data: 5. Facebook teams up with Skype: 6. Sprint iPhone: 7. YouTube Cosmic Panda: 8. Apple patents 3D gestures: 9. The 5th Generation iPod Touch Might get 3G/4G: 10. JailbreakMe passes 1000000 Jailbreaks in less than 24 hours: Subscribe and tune in every Monday and Friday night for a new episode on all of the latest tech related news and rumors! Add me on Google+ ‪ Like my Facebook for more updates and interactions: ‪‪ Follow all of these Twitter accounts to get updated on all of the latest tech news: Me: ‪‪ official Twitter: ‪‪ Doig: ‪‪ (he writes posts on BestTechInfo) Check out my new flickr album, " State of ‪‪‬‬ ", to see what my site looked like on specific dates ‪‪
  • Leyendecker & Lemire Animated Patent Searching Blog Post An animated version of Leyendecker and Lemire's blog post concerning patentability searches pertaining to new inventions. For more information see and the Leyendecker & Lemire blog, Control, Protect & Leverage.
  • How to Sell : Selling a Product or Service How do I Sell a product, service or even an idea ? In this episode we examine the art of selling as well as what you need to have before selling your idea. Whatever the circumstances of your sale you have to know your customers and target market. Identify the need of your clients and create a proposal either written or just as a mental reference, this would be your sales letter. Know core values of your product and how they address your customer's needs and wants..Selling your idea can be a challenging task. In this episode of StartMeUp Videos we invited Albert Behr to walk us through the process of patent search, product development and finally selling your product. He provides insights on how to protect your idea and how . Albert provides examples from his experience on trade marks, copyright and commercialization of ideas. You can examine the different channels that you can use to sell your product. Sales can be different based on what you are selling, different channels and distributions can be used and you need to ***yse your options. We ask him about sales and marketing your product with a limited amount of resources as well as the challenges of a startup might face in regards to the competition. Patents Guide : Canadian Patents Data Base Albert Behr is currentl the President & CEO of Cavet Technologies, the manufacturer of the revolutionary SmartGrid Lighting Controller, LumiSmart, Albert has been the Co-Founder of ...
  • Patents Pending Ares Armor RAD Pack Full Description of the Patents Pending Ares Armor RAD (Rapid Armor Deployment) Pack. Visit us online at
  • The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, Self Staining Device... All rights to this video and information is open source and free to do with what you want! But if you build one of these be careful!!! It may explode... you could be dealing with plasma! Please get back with ,me if you build and test this device! Please Upload and mass email this information and do it now!!! You can download and upload the Video File with the extension flv. my email [email protected] please be patient for replies! my youtube: The you tube video link: Download the video flv file here: You can play the flv file with VLC player download the VLC here: And upload it your servers and you tube account. Now! Be sure and attach all the info in the description! Make sure you prnt out the patents so you have a hard copy. Here is the patents: us patent 4613304 ca patent 1213671 Here is the link to Alex petty log: Here is Crag Westbrook's you tube videos: Here is the stanley Meyers estate video's:
  • APPLE & MICROSOFT SUCK! Apple & Microsoft SUCK - Both are seriously hurting innovation with their sue-happiness of late. Can't we all just get along? Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble for patents in the Nook reading device: Apple sues Amazon for their trademark of the phrase "App Store": TUMBLR About Me/Equipment: wilsontech1 DAILY iPHONE VLOG Channel: LIKE me on Facebook: FOLLOW me on Twitter: AUDIO Podcast: OUTRO performed by Charlie Puth
  • Body Corporate - 45min Documentary See Full Film Here: Bio-tech companies own 20% of your genes. Is patenting the only way to fund life-saving medical research? Or has it become a genetic landgrab, price-gouging the vulnerable? "I think the greatest thing I did was to create Myriad", says Mark Skolnick, founder of the company that discovered and patented two breast cancer genes. Many women struggling for diagnosis and affordable treatment disagree. Joanna was tested for the breast cancer gene: "it cost $4000 to find out I had the gene; getting a second opinion was illegal." In 2010, a judge ruled that no one had the right to own a human gene. Dr Wendy Chung was overjoyed. Finally her patients who had genes that warned of "a 50 to 85% chance of developing some kind of cancer" could be told. As Myriad appeals to the Supreme Court the gene war rages on - the decision reached there could have dire consequences for us all. Produced By ABC Australia Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
  • How to Get a Patent Part 1 Learn how to write your own patent application on your invention. This free do-it-yourself course will teach you how to write a provisional patent application and get your invention patent pending, without the need for an expensive patent attorney. Andrew Knight, JD, is a Registered Patent Agent, graduate of MIT, and inventor of 13 US patents.
  • The Three Types of Patents - Chicago Patent Attorney Rich Beem Explains Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem says that there are three types of patents utility, design, and plant. A utility patent is the most common type of patent and usually involves technology and how a product works. A utility patent includes a detailed, written description. A design patent - unique to the United States - involves the ornamental design of a product. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about patent law and my firm, visit our educational website at , which includes a collection of rare Presidential patents. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (312) 201-0011. I welcome your call. Beem Patent Law Firm 53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1352 Chicago, IL 60604-3787 (312) 201-0011 [email protected]
  • Bare Wires - "Dont Ever Change": SXSW 2011 Showcasing Artist Bare Wires patents their own brand of electrified garage punk with their latest album Seeking Love (Castle Face). The Oakland based trio fuses glam glitter pop with garage punk grime, producing what has been called everything from "Soft Punk" to "Leather Jacket Rock". Breaking away from the "Biker Psych" sound of Snake Flower 2, Bare Wires started as the side project of Matthew Melton in 2007 with the release of a crude garage punk single Voodoo Doll on European label Solid *** Lovie Doll. Later developing on what was called "a rawer Raw Power" and adding his own ***og recording system into the mix, Melton continued to record under the name, releasing the Artificial Clouds LP on Tic Tac Totally in 2009. With solid mid-fi production and a minimalist aesthetic, Artificial Clouds dispensed with the jagged, proto-punk edges of "She's So Out" and slipped into the smoother, hook-laden, but no less scrappy rhythms of "Go Away Frankie" and "*** Witch." Bare Wires' "smooth punk" found only further expression on the Let Down 7",a dirty, sleazy pair of fuzz-doused songs with guitars ripping through a crunching amplifier on a hazy cloud of smoke. With their latest album Seeking Love, recorded in Melton's bedroom studio in Oakland, CA, the three piece comprised of vocalist and guitarist Matthew Melton, bassist Fletcher Johnson, and drummer Nathan Price, delivers ten stadium-ready tracks of hand-clapping, speaker-blasting rock n' roll, while still speaking to the sincerity and ...
  • How To Patent an Invention - Patent Assistance Worldwide www.patentassistance- Patent Assistance Worldwide shows you how to patent an Invention. Inventors can patent inventions and protect their ideas. search terms: patent assistance worldwide what is a patent how to patent patent a patent patent of is patent an invention a invention...
  • Intellectual Freedom and Learning versus Patent and Copyright (by Stephan Kinsella) More videos on intellectual property at: 6 November 2010 Students For Liberty Texas Regional Conference University of Texas, Austin Thompson Conference Center Taken with permission from: Foundation for a Free Society f4 More from Stephan Kinsella: Kinsella blog post about this speech:
  • Stupid Patents (Stephen Kinsella) Stephen Kinsella points out some ridiculous patents. Against Intellectual Property Rethinking IP Completely [Stephan Kinsella] The Evils of Intellectual Property | Jeffrey A. Tucker The Ethical Case Against Intellectual Property (by David Koepsell) Yet Another Study Finds Patents Do Not Encourage Innovation
  • Jay Electronica - Patents of Nobility (Unreleased) (Real) Unreleased Jay Electronica song. Link to download

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  • “Not the forum for proven failures. Patients and Patents Blog. Patients speak out on global health and innovation - May 15, 2008. On May 15th (the eve of the 61st World Health Assembly), patient representatives from around the world gathered in”
    — Patients and Patents Blog / Resources / Home - Patients and,

  • “This blog post recaps some highlights from the discussion. conference (I take notes by hand and blog them later), so my comments seem woefully out”
    — Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Patents Archives,

  • “Blog Alive Patents Blog article: ALIVE: SOUND SUPPRESSOR Patents+TMS offers a flat rate to nationalize a patent or trademark application in the”
    — Inventor's Rock " ALIVE: SOUND SUPPRESSOR, blog.patents-

  • “Categories: Discussion Forum , News , Patents | [2] Comments. The Indian government's patent laws have been put on trial. Swiss Categories: Discussion Forum , Patents | [2] Comments. Where do you stand on the debate? Patents are a menace, according to”
    — Chemistry World blog " Patents,

  • “A blog celebrating the history of technology and creative genius over the centuries”
    — Patent Pending Blog - Patents and the History of Technology,

  • “ is the official website of the United States Department of Commmerce and Seceretary of Commerce Gary Locke”
    — Blog Category: Patents | Department of Commerce,

  • “Latest information from The-Business-of-Patents. If you are interested in keeping current with information that can help your small business protect it's intellectual property through patents or other IP, subscribing to this blog through the RSS feed is an effective way to do that. You will”
    — The Business of Patents Blog, the-business-of-

  • “Shop4: Patents for Sale, Licensing and Patent Related Services shop4patents Forum. Discuss Everything in the World of Patents and”
    — The FTC brings justice to the predators of inventors, shop4

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