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  • He couldn't preserve the political lives of fellow Democrats this month, but he can still save a turkey. "Today, I have the awesome responsibility of granting a presidential pardon to a pair of turkeys," Obama, standing with his two daughters in the White House Rose Garden, told a smiling audience. — “After election stuffing, Obama pardons turkey - Yahoo! News”,
  • While the president has pardoned four turkeys, he hasn't pardoned any humans, causing some advocates of presidential pardons to ask: what's taking so long?. — “Obama's White House Pardons: Turkeys, Yes; Humans, No : It's”,
  • President Obama Pardons Turkeys Named Apple, Cider. An annual Thanksgiving tradition, now in its 63rd year, continued Wednesday when President Obama pardoned "the National Thanksgiving Turkey" from the Thanksgiving table in a Rose Garden ceremony. — “President Obama Pardons Turkeys Named Apple, Cider | The”,
  • In what has become a Thanksgiving-eve ritual, Obama offered a presidential pardon to "Apple" and its pal "Cider. In what has become a Thanksgiving-eve ritual, Obama offered a presidential pardon to "Apple" and its pal "Cider. — “Obama pardons 2 turkeys on Thanksgiving Eve - Politics | Tri”, tri-
  • Gov. Ted Strickland granted pardons or commuted the sentences of nearly 40 Ohioans on Tuesday, erasing or easing past criminal convictions. Richard James DeMartini Jr., 43, was pardoned for a theft conviction in 1985 and tampering with a coin. — “Youngstown News, Strickland pardons 33, grants six commutations”,
  • The two turkeys were pardoned by President Barack Obama at the White House's Rose Garden on Wednesday as part Twenty five turkeys out of about 20,000 born at the farm this summer were selected for a final competition to receive the pardons. — “President Obama pardons two turkeys - The Source - Latest”,
  • President Obama pardoned turkeys 'Apple' and 'Cider' at the White House Wednesday morning, but the two won't be making what had become a traditional trip to Disneyland. — “Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys: no 'shellacking' this day”,
  • Taking part in an annual ritual, President Obama pardoned a pair of California turkeys at the White House Wednesday, sparing the birds from the Thanksgiving dinner table. — “Turkey pardon: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys - ”,
  • President has now Pardoned Four Turkeys From Thanksgiving Slaughter but has Yet to Grant a Pardon to a Human Being Read more by Mark Knoller on CBS News' Political Hotsheet. — “Obama Pardons Turkeys - but Not People - Political Hotsheet”,
  • A good-natured President Barack Obama on Wednesday spared the lives of two turkeys that played their own parts perfectly. The Thanksgiving turkey President Barack Obama will pardon this year is going to George Washington's house, not Mickey Mouse's. — “Obama pardons 2 turkeys on Thanksgiving Eve - Politics”,
  • Live Stream: President Obama Pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey Today, President Obama will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a ceremony in the Rose Garden, celebrating the 63rd anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation. — “Live Stream: President Obama Pardons the National”,
  • Two lucky turkeys raised in the Central Valley have been granted a presidential pardon from the dinner table. — “Obama pardons two Central Valley turkeys |”,
  • Declaring that it "it feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November," a smiling President Obama pardoned two male turkeys at a Rose Garden ceremony Wednesday. There were claps, cheers and a relieved flapping of wings. — “At White House, President Obama's pardons prevent turkeys”,
  • (NewsCore) - Keeping with years of White House tradition, President Barack Obama issued pardons Wednesday for the National Thanksgiving Turkey "Apple" and his stout and aptly named and tradition of the turkey pardon, before walking over to the birds. — “President Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey at White House”,
  • US President Barack Obama has pardoned a turkey at the White House as part of an annual presidential tradition held in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. — “BBC News - Barack Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkey”,
  • Latest Online and up to the minute breaking news for current events, latest headlines and photos. Opinions on what matters to Canadians from Canada and around the world,Sheldon Kennedy, the former professional hockey player who was ***ually. — “Abused NHL player speaks out against granting pardons”,
  • See President Obama pardoning Thanksgiving turkey named 'Apple' This year he pardoned a bird named 'Apple'. Meanwhile a standby bird named 'Cider' was waiting in the wings should 'Apple' not be able to fulfill his responsibities. — “Apple: President Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkey”,
  • President Barack Obama on Wednesday spared the lives of two San Joaquin Valley turkeys that played their own parts perfectly. The Thanksgiving turkey President Barack Obama will pardon this year is going to George Washington's house, not Mickey Mouse's. — “President pardons two turkeys from the Valley - Top Stories”,
  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama performed an annual rite of presidents on Wednesday, pardoning a pair of turkeys on Thanksgiving Eve and cracking jokes about the competition that brought them to his famous doorstep. sns-ap-us-obama-turkey-pardon. — “Not gobble, gobble: Obama issues Thanksgiving pardons to”,
  • A pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the penalty associated with it. Today, pardons are granted in many countries when individuals have demonstrated that they have fulfilled their debt to society, or are otherwise deserving (in the opinion of the pardoning official) of a pardon. — “Pardon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Apple and Cider were then driven to the home of George Washington, the nation's first president, in nearby Mount Vernon, Va. For the past five years, the presidentially pardoned turkeys had been sent to Disneyland in California, upsetting animal. — “Obama pardons pair of turkeys | The Salt Lake Tribune”,
  • WASHINGTON (AP) -- Barack Obama performed an annual rite of presidents on Wednesday, pardoning a pair of turkeys on Thanksgiving eve and cracking jokes about the competition that brought them to his famous doorstep. "For the record, let me say. — “Barack Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey (PHOTOS)”,

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  • Genevieve Allen singing Here You Come Again by Dolly Pardon. Genevieve Allen singing Dolly Pardon's song "Here You Come Again" with slideshow of pictures
  • Paris Says: "No Pardons" Paris says, "Don't let Bush pardon himself and his badass buddies. . ."
  • President Obama Pardons National Turkeys Named Apple, Cider An annual Thanksgiving tradition, now in its 63rd year, continued Wednesday when President Obama pardoned "the National Thanksgiving Turkey" in a Rose Garden ceremony. Apple and its alternate Cider, both 21-week old, 45-pound turkeys were pardoned from the Thanksgiving dinner table and will live out their days at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.
  • Obama pardons girl for missing school One 10-year-old Wisconsin girl has a rock-solid excuse for missing the last day of school: a personal note to her teacher from President Barack Obama.
  • CNN: Obama pardons turkey What happens to the turkey that the president pardoned for Thanksgiving? CNN's Ed Henry reports
  • The Clinton Chapters Ch.10 The Pardons Take a look at the paid for Clinton pardons.
  • Bush Pardons OJ! As his final term comes to a close, George W Bush decides to have a little last-minute fun. MORE BARELY: Click here to subscribe! Follow us on Twitter Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Watch Amber's channel --
  • Changes to Pardon Legislation Bill C-23 Learn more about Bill C-23 from Pardon Services Canada. Azmairnin Jadavji, President & CEO of Pardon Services Canada, discusses the proposed changes to the Criminal Records Act and renaming of pardons to record suspensions. If you would like to contact us with your opinion, please visit
  • Raw Video: Bush Pardons National Turkey President George W. Bush pardoned Pumpkin, the National Thanksgiving turkey, at a Rose Garden ceremony Wednesday. (Nov. 26)
  • Gerald Ford pardons Richard Nixon Gerald Ford died Dec. 27, 2006. This is an audio of Ford telling the nation he is going to pardon former President Richard Nixon.
  • Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turkey as others die around her. The Political Pop CAUTION: This is actually GRUESOME In one of the most bizarre press conferences- Gov Sarah Palin pardons a turkey then talks about how fun it was as turkeys right behind her are slaughtered.
  • Barack Obama Pardons Turkey Nov. 25, 2009: A turkey named Courage didn't have to live up to its name today. Following the curious presidential tradition started by George HW Bush, Barack Obama pardoned the big bird of its "delicious fate"—despite the fact he was "planning to eat this sucker"—freeing it to spend the rest of its days in Disneyland.
  • President Obama Pardons Turkey President Obama grants a pardon to 'Apple', the National Thanksgiving Turkey. November 24, 2010.
  • Obama 'pardons' Thanksgiving turkey US resident are to mark the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Barack Obama, the president, has honoured the occasion by pardoning a turkey. A rather important decision. But Obama faces more difficult challenges. There is a host of issues, including funding for government tax cuts, and an arms reduction treaty with Russia. Al Jazeera\s Mike Hanna reports.
  • President Obama Pardons 'Courage' The Turkey November 25, 2009 CNN
  • Bush Pardons Scooter Libby In Giant Turkey Suit The pardon assures that Libby will not face any more repercussions for his role in the Valerie Plame scandal or be eaten on Thanksgiving.
  • Obama fails to pardon political prisoners One issue shadowing America's human rights record is the existence of political prisoners in the US Civil rights lawyers argue political prisoners are in direct violation of articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Universal UN Declaration on Human Rights. US President Barack Obama recently granted clemency to nine men and women who committed for low level offenses such a forgery, drug possession and even mutilating coins. Most of them never spend time in jail or prison. Human rights advocates insist the pardons were misguided given reports that many US prisoners are either wrongfully convicted, over sentenced or legally trapped by the criminal justice system. Such is the case of America's political prisoners.
  • Countdown: The Unforgiven- No Pardon for Libby Keith talks to John Dean about the decision by George Bush not to pardon Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney's displeasure with that decision. They also discuss the possiblity that Bush did issue pardons but decided to keep them secret.
  • President Obama pardons turkey November 25, 2010 - (CERES TV News Center @ Spain) - In a tradition that comes to the White House every year, the president of the United States pardoned a pair of National Thanksgiving turkeys on Wednesday wishing them a "wonderful and joyful life." © 2010 CERES TV News [more info at]: [e-mail] [email protected] For further information: Teléf.+34 983 457460 • Fax: +34 983 233387 Valladolid - (Spain)
  • Raw Video: Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey President Barack Obama has pardoned the National Thanksgiving Turkey. Continuing a decades-old White House tradition, Obama issued pardons Wednesday to a gobbler named 'Apple' and its alternate, 'Cider.' (Nov. 24)
  • Obama Pardons Girl From School During a town hall meeting in Green Bay, Wis. President Obama pardoned a young girl in the crowd who missed school that day to see him.
  • Saudi King "Pardons" Gang Rape Victim Saudi woman who was gang-raped, then sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison is now "pardoned" by King Abdullah. If you're a woman, Saudi Arabia is not your friend.
  • President Obama Pardons White House Turkey The President grants the traditional Thanksgiving pardon to Courage, this years Official White House Turkey in a ceremony on the North Portico of the White House. November 25, 2009. (Public Domain)
  • Pres. Obama Pardons White House Turkey After 10 months in office, President Barack Obama has granted his first pardon -- to "Courage," a turkey spared the Thanksgiving table. Accompanied by daughters Sasha and Malia, Obama honored the White House holiday tradition. (Nov. 25)
  • Preview of White House Turkey Pardoning On November 25, 2009, one lone turkey will walk the hallowed halls of the West Wing... and leave a free bird. (Public Domain)
  • Countdown: Jonathan Turle on Pardons/Prosecutions Keith talks to Jonathan Turley about Bush might pre-emptively pardon anyone who committed crimes in his administration and an Obama legal advisor Cass Sunstein who has said that only the most egrecious crimes would or should be prosecuted.
  • Morocco's king pardons nearly 25000 prisoners To mark the 10th anniversary on the throne, Morocco's King Mohammed VI pardoned 24865 prisoners and commuted 32 death sentences.
  • Gerald Ford Testimony on the Pardon of Richard Nixon - Part 3 (1974) October 17, 1974 Watch the full program: Ford was involved in The Boy Scouts of America, and earned that program's highest rank, Eagle Scout. In subsequent years, Ford received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award in May 1970 and Silver Buffalo Award from the Boy Scouts of America. He is the only US president who was an Eagle Scout. Scouting was so important to Ford that his family asked that Scouts participate in his funeral. About 400 Eagle Scouts were part of the funeral procession, where they formed an honor guard as the casket went by in front of the museum. A few selected scouts served as ushers inside the National Cathedral. Ford attended Grand Rapids South High School and was a star athlete and captain of his football team. In 1930, he was selected to the All-City team of the Grand Rapids City League. He also attracted the attention of college recruiters. Attending the University of Michigan as an undergraduate, Ford played center and linebacker for the schools football team and helped the Wolverines to undefeated seasons and national titles in 1932 and 1933. The team suffered a steep decline in his 1934 senior year, however, winning only one game. Ford was the teams star nonetheless, and after a game during which Michigan held heavily favored Minnesota (the eventual national champion) to a scoreless tie in the first half, assistant coach Bennie Oosterbaan later said, When I walked into the dressing room at half time, I ...
  • Presidential Turkey Pardon: A Look Back Two birds were sent off to Washington to potentially be pardoned by President Obama. John Blackstone reports on the story of the traditional presidential pardon of the official White House turkey.
  • Gerald Ford Testimony on the Pardon of Richard Nixon - Part 4 (1974) October 17, 1974 Watch the full program: At Michigan, Ford became a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity (Omicron chapter) and washed dishes at his fraternity house to earn money for college expenses. Following his graduation in 1935 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, he turned down contract offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers of the National Football League to take a coaching position at Yale and apply to its law school. Ford continued to contribute to football and boxing, accepting an assistant coaching job for both at Yale in September 1935. Ford hoped to attend Yale's law school beginning in 1935 while serving as boxing coach, assistant varsity football coach, and teacher of JV cheerleading, at which he was very good because he knew how to do several tucks and back handsprings. Yale officials initially denied his admission to the law school, because of his full-time coaching responsibilities. He spent the summer of 1937 as a student at the University of Michigan Law School and was eventually admitted in the spring of 1938 to Yale Law School. Ford earned his LL.B. degree in 1941 (later amended to Juris Doctor), graduating in the top 25 percent of his class. His introduction to politics came in the summer of 1940 when he worked in Wendell Willkie's presidential campaign. While attending Yale Law School, he joined a group of students led by R. Douglas Stuart, Jr., and signed a petition to ...
  • NEWSHOUR | Kim Jong Il Pardons Journalists | PBS North Korean leader Kim Jong Il pardoned two jailed American journalists after a surprise meeting with former President Bill Clinton. Experts examine the implications of the meeting.
  • Ford Pardons Nixon - September 8, 1974 Newly inaugurated Gerald Ford pardons his predecessor Richard Nixon in the wake of the Watergate scandal.
  • eXo - No Pardons eXo - No Pardons From The X Files
  • George Bush Might Hand Out a Blanket Pardon Watch more at
  • Paltalk News - Pardon Me Remember the hoopla over the 11th-hour pardons of the Clinton administration? Well the pardons and commutation of sentences in the waning weeks of the current Bush administration are well underway. So far, no high profile pardons. But interesting ones none-the-less. It makes you wonder how the president of the United States decides who to pardon. What would compel a president to pardon, for example, a guy convicted of use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine at the Air Force Academy? And how would the case of Leslie O. Collier of Charleston, MO come to the attention of the president? He had been convicted of unauthorized use of a registered pesticide. Apparently he was trying to use the pesticide to kill coyotes but three eagles fell victim. Then there was the case of Obie G. Helton. The Rossville, GA man was sentenced to two-year's probation for acquiring food stamps without permission. How is his case, as opposed to other food stamp convicts, worthy of presidential review? Another guy who was convicted of income tax evasion got pardoned. Maybe the president had a soft spot for the man's hometown, Traveler's Rest, SC. Bet you didn't know it was against federal law to use a telephone to further a narcotics felony. Well that's what Ronald Alan Mohrhoff of Los Angeles was convicted of. He is now among those pardoned by President Bush. We'll be talking about the presidential pardons during today's edition of News Talk Online on and CRN Digital Talk Radio at ...
  • Obama's First Turkey Pardon President Obama granted his first pardon to 'Courage,' a turkey spared the Thanksgiving table. The White House holiday tradition dates to Harry Truman's time as president.
  • Guess Who Got Bush's Pardons? Watch more at
  • Countdown: Sarah Palin's Turkey Pardoning Fiasco Sarah Palin pardons a turkey in Wasilla, Alaska and things don't go so well in her interview after the pardoning.
  • Chile Denies Pardon for Dictatorship-era Human Rights Crimes Human rights advocates are relieved after Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera, denies pardons for those jailed over the dictatorship-era crimes. Chilean President Sebastia Pinera, on Sunday, denied a pardon to people jailed for dictatorship-era crimes. It's a move likely to ease tensions with the opposition and rights groups over a controversial call for clemency. Chile's Catholic Church asked President Pinera to free or lessen jail sentences of military officers convicted for human rights violations as well as other criminals. The church is asking for clemency to mark the country's upcoming bicentennial celebrations. The pardon request infuriated human right groups and the center-left opposition, rekindling memories of General Augusto Pinochet's 1973-1990 rule that still divides many Chileans. [Sebastian Pinera, President of Chile]: "Excluded from these (pardon) benefits are those convicted for serious crimes like crimes against humanity. We need to promote a culture of unrestricted respect to human rights." President Pinera, whose brother was a government minister under Pinochet, says he will still offer pardons to some convicted criminals who are old or sick, (quote,) "as long as these benefits don't hurt the soul of our country." Rights advocates say President Pinera's decision is positive. But relatives of leftist dissidents kidnapped and jailed during the dictatorship say they will remain alert for any future pardons. According to Chile's former government, almost ...

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  • “Bush Pardons Lindsay Lohan – Funny video where President Bush talks to Scooter Libby, Plaxico Burress and other people seeking Presidential pardons. And then he pardons Lindsay Lohan LOL!”
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