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  • The blogger behind Uncov brutally dishes a lot of startups, but he's got high hopes for his own. He's the blogger behind Uncov, and he brutally dismisses most companies with a single word: Fail. Dziuba is the anti-Arrington. — “Q”,
  • The process of those artists is not documentary; they rather adopt a para-journalistic approach, being aware that "A picture of war is not war" (Hito Steyerl, November), as well as, that a work of art is no more a construction than reality and history is. — “Els Hanappe Underground”,
  • Definition of parakeet in the Medical Dictionary. parakeet explanation. Information about parakeet in Free online English dictionary. What is parakeet? Meaning of parakeet medical term. What does parakeet mean? parajournalistic. — “parakeet - definition of parakeet in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • This year, Slate asked a collection of writers, critics, editors, and artists to answer the following question: Which cultural happening most amazed or disappointed you this year? Here are their responses: I'm not talking about the para-journalistic political blogs that caused such a stir. — “The year in culture. - - Slate Magazine”,
  • In its two main forms, the referential purpose is used to present factual information or to draw logical conclusions based on those facts. reflective or parajournalistic. When You Use the Referential Purpose. — “Primer: Referential Purpose”,
  • Parakeet definition, any of numerous small, slender parrots, usually having a long, pointed, graduated tail, often kept as pets and noted for the ability to mimi See more. parajournalistic. — “Parakeet | Define Parakeet at ”,
  • Wojciechowski already in 1970s cooperated with artists connected with has evolved from conceptual-minimalistic photographic realizations (desolate landscapes, veristic rendering of surroundings, "incidental" para-journalistic street photography) to projects of more personal and intimate. — “Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski”,
  • Government officials are the steadiest and most important source of the raw materials that make up news. Because the practice relies on an increasing variety of parajournalistic sources, it weakens the sway of government officials. — “Aggregation and Recent Sourcing Practices”,
  • Definition of parajournalistic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of parajournalistic. Pronunciation of parajournalistic. Translations of parajournalistic. parajournalistic synonyms, parajournalistic antonyms. Information about parajournalistic. — “parajournalistic - definition of parajournalistic by the Free”,
  • Over the years, critics of all stripes have faulted the media for its relentless and lurid focus on crime. The He was telling us about them and therefore filling a para-journalistic void as I see it. — “Another Blog Bites the Dust - Minneapolis / St. Paul News”,
  • WOMEN AND MEN By Joseph McElroy. 1,192 pp. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $27.50.THIS is Joseph McElroy's sixth novel in 21 years, but his first since ' possible to understand, as he travels the world on mysterious para-journalistic errands, why he has difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction, or. — “BOY DOESN'T MEET GIRL - New York Times”,
  • parajournalism n. Subjective journalism that uses some of the techniques or license of fiction. parajournalist par ' ajour ' nalist n or license of fiction. parajournalist par'a·jour'nal·ist n. parajournalistic par'a·jour'nal·is'tic adj. English. English Deutsch Español Français. — “parajournalism: Definition from ”,
  • At the same time, there is increasing competition from para-journalistic products, and Wolfgang suggests that audiences increasingly have difficulty separating professional from such para-journalistic news products. Young people, again, particularly use such para-journalistic news now. — “Arresting the Decline in Trust and Respect for Journalists”,
  • Uncov got some para-journalistic love from Wired. I have mentioned uncov before. I have thought a bit more about the salty language Ted uses, and I've decided it's really interesting to my brain to have the subject be computer science and business. — “ArtLung”,
  • A word about HuffPo blogger Robert Creamer - Isn't this the same Robert Creamer who was sentenced to five months in federal prison and 11 you fancy yourself some sort of citizen journalist and online para-journalistic entities (media aggregators) won't pay fairly for the content they. — “Busterdawg on HuffingtonPost”,
  • Daring to investigate topics that others fear to even contemplate, the intrepid researchers of The Mysterious Unknown utilise the latest in cutting edge parajournalistic techniques to uncover the truth, even if there is none to be found. Internet. — “The Mysterious Unknown”,
  • Finding a place for a new breed of journalist: Laura touched on the resignation of Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel in last week's review, and several As trust in journalistic institutions wanes, the para-journalistic institution of polling may be about to take a big credibility hit here, too. — “This Week in Review: Weigel and new journalism values, Google”,
  • Archeology of Today? documentary; they rather adopt a para-journalistic. approach, being aware that "A picture of war is not. war"(Hito Steyerl, November), as well as, that a work. of art is no more a construction than reality and. — “Archeology of Today? - SNOWMAN”,
  • But Orwell, who pamphleteered on behalf of unpopular leftist causes, was not optimistic is no longer just a para-journalistic phenomenon is academic recognition: this fall,. — “Prickly Paradigm Press, LLC”, prickly-
  • 16 letter words beginning with P: pachydermatously, paedogenetically, palaeichthyology parajournalistic. parallelepi***n. parallelogrammic. parallelopi***n. paramagnetically. — “16 letter P words : 16 letter words beginning with P”,
  • The impact of the leaked war documents is being compared to the Pentagon Papers. However, some journalists think the impact might take months to show up. This event also brings into question the effect of Wikileaks on reporting. or I almost want to say a parajournalistic organization. — “GLOBAL JOURNALIST: How significant are leaked Afghan war”,

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