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  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is a Paraboloid? A hyperbolic paraboloid will open upward in one dimension and downward in the other, resembling a saddle. — “What Is a Paraboloid?”,
  • Because of this fact, in addition to the fact that the surface has parabolic cross-sections when sliced along the plane y = x, the surface is called a hyperbolic paraboloid. It is sometimes also called a saddle surface, because a person could sit comfortably at the origin. — “The Hyperbolic Paraboloid”,
  • we can change from an elliptic paraboloid to a much more complex surface. But even the vertical cross sections are more complicated than with an elliptic paraboloid. — “IGQS: Hyperbolic Paraboloid”,
  • Paraboloid Antenna Manufacturers & Paraboloid Antenna Suppliers Directory - Find a Paraboloid Antenna Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Paraboloid Antenna Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Paraboloid Antenna-Paraboloid Antenna Manufacturers”,
  • A paraboloid is a three-dimensional shape that has two terms of x, y, or z that are squared and one term of x, y, or z that is not. When both squared terms are positive, like in the first equation, the paraboloid is an elliptical paraboloid (shaped like a roundish, eggish blob). — “Paraboloid - Conservapedia”,
  • Having now downloaded both Java and Java 3D, you may run the animation for the Paraboloid on the right by downloading the following: Animation Download. After the download, simply double click on the JAR file to see the interactive animation. — “Elliptic Paraboloid”,
  • Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Suppose that a mountain has the shape of an elliptic paraboloid , where a and c are constants, x and y are the east-west and north-south map coordinates and z is the. — “Gradients : Elliptic Paraboloid and Vector Fields”,
  • paraboloid: Definition and Pronunciation Geom. a surface that can be put into a position such that its sections parallel to at least one coordinate plane are parabolas.Cf. elliptic paraboloid, hyperbolic paraboloid. Random House. — “paraboloid: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • In mathematics, a paraboloid is a quadric surface of special kind. There are two kinds of paraboloids: elliptic and hyperbolic. The hyperbolic paraboloid (not to be confused with a hyperboloid) is a doubly ruled surface shaped like a saddle. — “Paraboloid”,
  • Definition of paraboloid from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of paraboloid. Pronunciation of paraboloid. Definition of the word paraboloid. Origin of the word paraboloid. — “paraboloid - Definition of paraboloid at ”,
  • This surface is called an elliptic paraboloid because the vertical cross sections are all parabolas, while the horizontal cross sections are ellipses. The cross sections on the left are for the simplest possible elliptic paraboloid:. — “IGQS: Elliptic Paraboloid”,
  • paraboloid (plural paraboloids) (mathematics) A surface having a parabolic cross section paraboloid c. Declension of paraboloid. singular. plural. Common. — “paraboloid - Wiktionary”,
  • Paraboloid. The surface of revolution of the parabola which is the shape used in the reflectors of automobile headlights (Steinhaus 1999, p. 242; Hilbert and Cohn-Vossen 1999). It is a quadratic surface which can be specified by the Cartesian equation (1). — “Paraboloid -- from Wolfram MathWorld”,
  • Paraboloid of revolution. In mathematics, a paraboloid is a quadric surface of special kind. There are two kinds of paraboloids: elliptic and hyperbolic. The elliptic paraboloid is shaped like an oval cup and can have a maximum or minimum point. — “Paraboloid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Paraboloid definition, a surface that can be put into a position such that its sections parallel to at least one coordinate plane are parabolas. See more. — “Paraboloid | Define Paraboloid at ”,
  • hyperbolic paraboloid n. A surface of which all sections parallel to one coordinate plane are hyperbolas and all sections parallel to another. — “hyperbolic paraboloid: Definition from ”,
  • Translations of paraboloid. paraboloid synonyms, paraboloid antonyms. Information about paraboloid in the free online English dictionary and paraboloid - a surface having parabolic sections parallel to a single coordinate axis and elliptic sections perpendicular to that axis. — “paraboloid - definition of paraboloid by the Free Online”,
  • I had heard about 'dual-paraboloid mapping' some time ago and always wanted to look into how the algorithm worked. The name itself begs to be investigated, and the paraboloid mapping could be applied to environment maps as well as shadow maps so it seemed like a good idea to look into it. — “ - Dual Paraboloid Mapping in the Vertex Shader”,
  • paraboloid, an open surface generated by rotating a parabola about its axis. If the axis of the surface is the z axis and the vertex is at the origin, the intersections of the surface with planes parallel to the xz and yz planes are parabolas. — “paraboloid -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Paraboloid. Information about Paraboloid in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. hyperbolic paraboloid. — “Paraboloid definition of Paraboloid in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Describes an algorithm to calculate the dimensions of flat quadrilateral segments that when assembled approximate a paraboloid. — “Instructions for Making Big Parabolic Reflectors”,

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  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid Embracing an Elliptic Paraboloid The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. This Demonstration shows two elliptic paraboloids that have one tangent point. One of these is modified to be a hyperbolic paraboloid, which results in a tangent curve. Contributed by: Alejandro R. Barroso
  • Paraboloid (Video File) Paraboloid (Video File) Video size (in HD) Duration 8.58 MB 00:02:37 File link location-
  • PARABOLIC MIRROR 55.7" PARABOLOID SOLAR POWER STEAM GENERATOR Concave Mirror Solar Collector This is on of our new 55.7" Paraboloids that produces almost 2K of solar power. They are beasts when it comes to solar heating. I hope to do videos with Steam and Stirling Engines to provide a working model that actually can be used to produce some power. These boil 12 oz of water in under a minute. Still testing and will have videos on that soon. Please Rate this video and subscribe to our channel.
  • Mobius strip+kaleidocycle made of hyperbolic-paraboloids How to make a Mobius strip+kaleidocycle made of hyperbolic-paraboloids
  • Geometry Hiperbilic paraboloid, hyperboloid of two sheets, elliptic paraboloid. Parameters: a=b=c=1
  • 3 PARABOLIC DISH MIRROR PARABOLOID REFLECTOR SPHERICAL SUN This is a more detailed video. We have a local manufacture who is working out the details, I have a few prototypes which work perfect. I will be adding them to my website shortly:-) The 35" mirror is also in the works. They are pretty cool:-)
  • Hyperbolic-paraboloid-focalsurface 2 Moving the normal along the other principal curvature direction on a surface makes it roll along a geodesic of the other focal sheet of the surface. For more information, films, and interactive material, see
  • double pass autocollimator for null testing paraboloids This is a video of our new doublepass autocollimation tester for null-testing parabolic mirrors. It has a superbright blue laser, as you can easily see. It has an elliptical flat mirror that has been trepanned by us. It was acquired from Surplus Shed and looks like military surplus; was clearly a flat diagonal mirror for god-knows-what, with a minor axis of about 8 or 9 inches, don't remember exactly. The mirror under test is a fair one that is still being worked on. It has a bit of a turned edge and a raised center.
  • Elliptic Paraboloid - Focal Surface Shows the two focal sheets (upper and middle part of the image) of an elliptic paraboloid (bottom part). The yellow line is a normal to the elliptic paraboloid. When this normal moves along a principal direction on the elliptic paraboloid, it simultaneously roles along a geodesic on one of the focal sheets and touches a curve that is conjugate to a geodesic on the other focal sheet (top part of the image). For more information, films, and interactive material, see
  • DIRECT TV SOLAR DISH UPGRADE CHEMICAL STRIPPER Follow up Direct TV Satellite dish conversion to solar. This is another option to the adhesive material. It takes some time but the results are promising for a Solar Parabolic Reflector.
  • Elliptic Paraboloid The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. An elliptic paraboloid is a quadratic surface given by x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 = c z. Contributed by: Jeff Bryant
  • SATELLITE DISH CONVERSION Huge Parabolic Mirror Solar Power Reflective Film DIRECT TV SOLAR This is a short video lining a parabolic satellite dish and a pattern for a parabolic shape.
  • Hyperbolic-paraboloid-focalsurface 1 Moving a normal along a principal curvature direction on a surface makes it roll along a geodesic of one of the focal sheets of the surface. For more information, films, and interactive material, see
  • Paraboloid A tutorial lesson of making paraboloid using photo story
  • Hyperbolic-paraboloid-focal-parallels 1 A hyperbolic paraboloid (saddle surface), its two focal sheets and a parallel surface to the saddle surface moving as a wave front. For more information, films, and interactive material, see
  • Hyperbolic paraboloids composition It is a very simple composition made of hiperbolic paraboloids and transition surfaces.
  • PARABOLIC MIRROR PARABOLOID CONCAVE SOLAR CONCENTRATOR This is an acrylic mirror I helped design and I am trying to get more. They are fantastic and this parabolic mirror boils 12 oz of water in 90 seconds.
  • PARABOLIC DISH MIRROR REFLECTOR SPHERICAL SUN PARABOLIC SOLAR COOKER REFLECTIVE ALUMINUM This is a video demonstrating the 24" paraboloid which is roughly a 75% mirror vs. a spherical shape with a 95% mirror lining.
  • Rotating paraboloid with a texture Created using Mathematica 8
  • Normal Sections and Gauss Map for the Hyperbolic Paraboloid The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. The curve that is the intersection of the hyperbolic paraboloid with an orthogonal plane is called the normal section. The Gauss map assigns to each point on the surface its unit normal vector, which lies on the unit sphere. This Demonstration shows tha... Contributed by: Adrian Galdran Suggested by: Juan Monterde
  • PARABOLIC MIRROR SOLAR COLLECTOR SQUARE PARABOLOID FREE GREEN ENERGY This is a large fiberglass parabolic shape made out of fiberglass. It is very powerful and has the part A mirror 80%. I will be adding the Part B to jack it up to 95%. The focal point is longer and takes a bit getting used to, especially getting in the habit of walking behind the parabolic mirror:-)
  • Elliptic Paraboloid The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. An elliptic paraboloid is a quadratic surface given by x^2/a^2+y^2/b^2=cz. By Jeff Bryant
  • Hyperbolic paraboloid Rendering of a hyperbolic paraboloid
  • LEGO hyperbolic paraboloid This is a LEGO Technic Hyperbolic Paraboloid. It is an example of a ruled surface. See for more info.
  • Hyperbolicky paraboloid konecna faza demonstracie s handrou FMUK
  • PARABOLIC DISH MIRROR PARABOLOID DIY REFLECTOR DIRECT TV SAVE ENERGY Solar Reflective Film The reflective film is here: This is a dish conversion.
  • Hyperbolic-paraboloid.focalsurface 22 Showing the original surface (which is a saddle surface, both of its focal sheets, and a normal to the saddle surface that is moving along one of the principal directions of curvature of the saddle surface and rolling along a geodesic on one of the focal sheets of the saddle surface. For more information, films, and interactive material, see
  • PARABOLIC MIRROR 55.7" PARABOLOID SOLAR POWER STEAM GENERATION Concave Mirror Solar Parabola 2 This is the second video with the 55.7" Parabolic Dish. The water boiled in 90 Seconds from 50F. The container is a Venom Energy Drink made out of thicker gauge Aluminum. I added some black paint to the back but kept the from because it is a cool design. The drink was too sweet for me:-) This dish was slightly damaged so I softened the dents and corrected the surface. This dish is operating at full strength even with the slight damage. It was like that when I got it. I decided to test this one incase something happened that way I did not damage a near perfect dish. This one also has a center hole for mounting.
  • HYPERBOLIC-PARABOLOID ROUND OBJECT This video shows standard AutoCAD 3DORBIT on OBJECT with round base and with roof made from hyperbolic-paraboloid cable structure covered with blue thin concrete membrane resistant of rain moisture. Grid of ACAD 2011 is visible both in parallel and in perspective projections. Author : Marko Ribar, dia (architect)
  • Dual-Paraboloid Reflections & Shadows Demonstrates the use of dual-paraboloid maps for reflections and shadows. For more info on the technique, visit my blog:
  • Genei Interlocking solar Concentrator and Stirling Engine Genei "Solar Eye" Concentrator Dish powers a Stirling Engine for electric generation. Target ring temperature 450 to 500 degree temperature with Stirling engine running. For large scale utility generation, Genei series of patent protected "Solar Eye" Concentrator Dishes are more effiecient, lighter, cost less and easier to construct compared to glass based dishes. Genei is a technology licensing company. Our patent protected interlocking, load bearing design with good, better and best mirror elements affirms our leaddership position after 30000 worldwide patent searches. Because our patent protected interlocking and load bearing construction Genei solar eye concentrators are easily scalble to large utility applications.
  • Dual paraboloid variance shadow maps & reflexion - Irrlicht I've made dual paraboloid variance shadow mapping (with additionnal 3x3 PCF) and reflexion mapping with shaders / Irrlicht, openGL renderer (C++/GLSL) during 2010 summer vacations. This had been done mainly to be used with my deferred renderer for my current game. My references are here : and here : and also here : The dual paraboloid mapping is faster than cubemap (from 6 to 2 scene render) and nicer than a sphere map. However the scene have to be more tessellated in order to have accurate results. Stefbuet.
  • PARABOLIC DISH MIRROR PARABOLOID HOMEMADE DIY REFLECTOR RENEWABLE ENERGY PLEASE RATE THIS VIDEO:-) Make your own homemade parabolic mirror out of fiberglass with adhesive reflective material.
  • Folded paper hyperbolic paraboloid animation
  • Horizontal traces of a hyperbolic paraboloid This shows a hyperbolic paraboloid being sliced by horizontal planes to show the conic section traces.
  • Dual-Paraboloid Matrix an experimental test :)
  • Roofing : What Is a Cylindrical Paraboloid Roof? A cylindrical paraboloid roof is one in which the roof has a curved dome, and this is often seen in army barracks. Discover how cylindrical paraboloid roofs are great for shedding rain and snow with help from a professional carpenter in this free video on cylindrical paraboloid roofs. Expert: Stephen G. Anthony Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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