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  • Paintball is a sport,[1][2][3] first played in 1981 in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them with capsules containing paint (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker. — “Paintball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • wikiHow article about How to Stay in Shape As a Nerf/Airsoft/Paintball/Manhunt Assassin. — “How to Stay in Shape As a Nerf/Airsoft/Paintball/Manhunt”,
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  • Read on for the latest paintball news and gossip concerning one of the top pro paintball teams. Rumors are circulating that Procaps is no longer supplying Walmart with paintball goods. — “Pro Paintball - Paintball News, Teams, Industry, Leagues”,
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  • Paintball companies, though, don't want to be left out on the mix and have started to Sine most of the largest paintball companies are primarily web-based,. — “Black Friday Paintball”,
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  • We specialize in providing a SAFE and PROFESSIONAL paintball experience for all players through big PAINTBALL EVENTS, unique PAINTBALL PROGRAMS and specifically designed PAINTBALL GROUP OUTINGS. becoming better in the sport of paintball and in their spiritual life. — “A Ministry of El Rancho De Paz - Home”, 212

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  • Tablet vs Paintballs - The Slow Mo Guys Lenovo have once again asked Gav and Dan to test out some of their new hardware. This time, the guys give the Thinkpad Tablet an absolute beating! Tablet vs Paintballs - The Slow Mo Guys
  • How it's made: Paintballs From the show "How it's Made" on Discovery Channel This Episode: Paintballs
  • Rali Ivanova - Paintball Paintmates This is Rali Ivanova. View her photos here: Say hello to her for us: and Paintmates on FB A Social Paintball Paintmate is a female model featured on Social Paintball. We bring the model to the field and get her geared up to play paintball. They are not necessarily life-long paintball players. Rather, they are new to the sport and have shown a liking to it. Subscribe and Watch Over 600+ Paintball Videos. Want to see actual girls that regularly play paintball, not models? Check out: Talk to us on Facebook: Soundtrack: Not Around, Frank C. Filmed on location at Blitzkrieg Paintball in Tampa, FL. Mature Audiences only. For more news, videos and coverage visit:
  • Oklahoma D-Day 2011 - Paintball Documentary - 39 Minutes World's largest paintball event with 3500 to 4000 players. Oklahoma DDAY 2011 coverage. Only had Saturday to get some decent videos. Did not realize Sunday was travel day for everybody. Also missed the signature Omaha/Normandy invasion re-enactments. Have to do better next time, but hope these images gives you an idea of how awesome this annual event is. Props to Kylester925 for making this happen and documenting his trip. Subscribe to: Keyboard Menu 1 - From the Bunker 2 - Go Pro Kid Under Fire 3 - Player Interview 4 - Allied vs Axis & Special Forces 5 - Whats Your mission? 6 - The Baum 7 - Defending the Ruins 8 - Advancing in the South-side 9 - Closing Cinematography... Music by: Kevin MacLeod ()
  • Paintballing Dir: Grant Orchard / UK / 2007 Two rival armies, camouflaged, lying in wait, guns at the ready.
  • World Paintball Championships WAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!! It's the World Paintballing Championships. Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts...see it all here @
  • Minecraft - Paintball Mod Dave tries out this fun Paintball mod Download the mod: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ● Texture Pack: Sphax pureBDcraft - ♬ Music: Spazzmatica Polka - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ● T-shirts: ● iTunes Podcast: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Google+: ● ● Donate to: [email protected] ● Submit art to: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Tampa Bay Damage 2012 - 30 Mins Raw Paintball Footage - Practice PSP Galveston Island Open Layout Tampa Bay Damage is getting ready for the 2012 PSP Galveston Island Open. They set up the new field layout that includes the new snake bunkers for the PSP for 2012. We were on hand to film their practice last weekend against Infamous. We take you through a parts of the practice at Central Florida Paintball with one of the best teams in professional paintball today. We keep this episode as RAW as it gets, just like you like it, just like it really is out there. You may even learn a little something... More at Like Damage on Facebook Become our Fan on Facebook:
  • 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Scenario Oklahoma D-Day 2012. One of the largest paintball scenario events with 3500 to 4000 players. Oklahoma DDAY 2012 coverage. Hope these images gives you an idea of how awesome this annual event is. Subscribe to Dynamictech: More videos, news and coverage at
  • Paintball Close Quarters Battle (HD) We have been playing just for fun - no tactics, all on rental markers ;) Game rules: TDM (one shot kill, respawn after touching wall, FF on).
  • Walmart Paintball Guns? An FN303 Riot Gun? People always ask about buying paintball guns at Walmart. So I paid a visit to my local Walmart and found an FN 303 Riot Gun. VERY productive day here at TechPB
  • Slowmotion paintball More slowmotion paintball Music: CBM - hurjapäät You cannot find this song @ internet, sorry. Filmed with Casio EX-F1, most of the video is 300 fps, but some 600 fps and 1200 fps clips also included ... ENJOY
  • Paintball Rocket Launcher! LAW! Build a small, portable rocket launcher that shoots Nerf footballs and paintballs! This LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) blasts an awesome payload! Complete instructions on Total cost about $50 There is a link for the CO2 Adapter in the instructions found on Check out the Tripwire Bang Alarm here ►Laser Videos: ►Easy Projects: ►Pranks & Jokes: ►Hacks & Mods: ►Spy Gadgets & Devices: ►Explosions & Loud Things: WARNING: Assembly and use of this project requires adult supervision. CO2 cartridges contain compressed air. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death. Read all warnings on the CO2 cartridge packaging. Never point this launcher at any living thing. Do not look into the barrel of the launcher when a C02 cartridge is loaded in the adapter. Always wear eye protection when assembling and using the launcher. Assembly and use of this project is at your own risk. Thanks to Nick at for the original rocket launcher design.
  • Scrapyard COD XP - Paintball with GO PRO HD HERO Paintballing in real life Scrapyard was AWESOME!
  • PSP World Cup 2009 Paintball Experience Extended Teaser 2 - HD PSP World Cup 2009: The Experience Pre-Order the DVD here: The first 50 pre-orders will receive a set of stickers and barrel band. The second teaser for the PSP World Cup 2009 Experience DVD. This is an extended teaser. PSP, Paintball Sports Promotions, in HD (High Definition) held the World Cup in Polk City, FL. We capture the entire event, the emotions, the games, the name it, we got it. Pro player and semi pro paintball action like you have never seen it before in hi def. Song: Break My Heart By: Darell Goode.
  • Euromillions Paintball Ad What markers and masks are they using? Leave the answers in the comments.... EuroMillions brand shows friends in a large paintball game on a tropical island. Filmed in Mt Tambourine and the Hinterlands up around Cairns in Far North Queensland. Gun fight in the gorge could only be accessed by white water raft or helicopter. More HD paintball videos:
  • Fresh College Paintball Action from the 2012 NCPA Nationals The best college paintball teams in the nation square off and do battle for the national title. Warning: alcohol consumption and a little random silliness thrown in as well. Watch the man at 1:15 in his own new video here:
  • Girls of Paintball - Jennifer Ulich, TCU Horned Frogs, NCPA More HD videos at and Fan us on Facebook It's time to give the girls of paintball some love. So here we go! This is Jennifer Ulich, a female paintball that plays out of TCU (Texas Christian University). The teams nick name is the Horned Frogs. She's been playing for 6 years and is 19 years old. Position: Any, Marker: Bob Long Infamous, Tank: DXS, Loader: Empire, Mask: Flex. This is footage of her from the 2010 NCPA College Paintball Championships held in Lakeland, FL. Show some support for the female ballers and women of paintball out there and let's get this video shared all over!
  • Crazy Southern Paintball Showdown What happens when you give two people a score to settle, two non-regulation overpowered paintball guns, insufficient safety gear and a bunch of crazy rednecks to encourage them?
  • How to Play Paintball - Part 3 In video #3 of the How to Play Paintball video series we show you What to expect when you're out on the field. We'll go through the basics so you know what to do when you're out there for the first time. For more information about playing paintball visit: For all the latest Paintball News visit ProPaintball at:
  • Newb School, Ep. 1: Paintball Snap Shooting Basics In this episode of Newb School, Macaul takes us through some paintball snap shooting basics with a little how-to video on how to snap shoot, play a bunker, and other various tips to help you become a better paintball player...with some fun on the side. More at Check out Macaul @ http For more Tips and Tricks follow him on Twitter @MacaulNeenan
  • Parkour / Free Runner vs. Paintball's best Team Dynasty CLICK HERE to create your own video and put yourself in the action
  • Paintball News, 11/7/12: Valken Legion, HK Dynasty, SARPL, Girls Galore at WCA, Close Captioned Weekly paintball news video show with info from around the world. Submit your paintball news here: This episode is brought to you by MOVEMBER!!! This weeks show covers the Russian Legion and Valken sponsorship news, HK Army and San Diego Dynasty sponsorship news, Destiny and a slew of females playing paintball at this weekends World Cup Asia put on by PALS, and our new closed captioned service for the hearing impaired and our international viewers, Ninja Paintball's new tanks, and more. This episode is hosted by Sqyire aka Justin. What do you think? Please provide feedback for us to improve. Do you like it? What don't you like? Help us make this better. For more news, videos and coverage visit:
  • How to Play Paintball - Part 1 In video #1 of the How to Play Paintball video series we show you what to expect for your first visit to a paintball park. We'll show you the basics so you know what to do when you get ready for the first time you're going to play paintball. For more information about playing paintball visit: For all the latest Paintball News visit ProPaintball at:
  • This Is Paintball Share this to show people what paintball really is. Want more? Supported by Empire Paintball: Special thanks to Simon Dalton for the additional footage, and Jason Gardener for the Contour footage. Song is "Feel Stronger" by Gemini: Filmed in New Zealand at Combat Zone Paintball during the final of the Southern Series tournament.
  • Paintball Documentaries - Birth of a Storm - MAO - The New England Hurricanes Paintball Documentary This is part 1 of the 4th episode in the series. The New England Hurricanes attend second national tournament together playing as a team. while losing another player... They played the 2010 PSP Mid Atlantic Open. After the termination of New England's only professional paintball team, former owner, Jeff Stein, and crew hold an open tryout to find the players with the talent and drive to take them back to the pro ranks. Fan the Hurricanes on Facebook @ Fan Social Paintball on Facebook @ Watch Episode 1: Watch Episode 2: Watch Episode 3:
  • 2012 NCPA College Paintball National Championships For our complete coverage of the event visit: Social Paintball was on hand to film the 2012 NCPA College Paintball National Championships held at Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, FL. College teams from across the country competed in the annual tournament. This is what we captured through our lens... Sountrack: "Untitled" Tyler Krug
  • Paintball Warfare - Epic Paintball Battle Make sure to subscribe for new vids EVERY WEEK! Or at least that's the idea :) I'll be coming out with a video tomorrow on the making of this, check it out on my second channel! As far as making videos like this, check out my blog on how we make these videos possible. My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video! Make sure to check out Stephen's website in the link below! http And a super huge THANK YOU to my friends who helped make this video happen!!! Especially Dallin Smith, Creigton Baird, and Austin Baird. Cinematography by: Devin Graham Jace Leroy Chris McClain Color Correction by Jacob Schwarz And a super huge thanks to my friends youtube channel, the Warialasky! Make sure to check them out! This video was shot with Canon 5D Mark III, and Contour cameras. For lenses we used Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series lenses and Canon 70-200mm F/2.8. Almost everything was shot with an ISO of 100, and shutter of 1/4000. My friend Jace Leroy who always shoots with me put together an edit just from the Contour cameras we used. You can check that video out in this link below. We had AWESOME sponsors that helped make this video happen! Without them, none of this would have. Here is how each company contributed! Nitro Circus - They hooked us up with their stunt drivers, and trophy cars!!! They were the ones they took the jump over the other car! And they let ...
  • Who can play paintball? Everyone. Please share this video to help show anyone can play paintball! Ryan (rnubby69 on ) plays college paintball for the Georgia State University (GSU) team. He really caught everyone's attention in our last college paintball video so we found a little more footage of him playing. This isn't a highlight reel, since we only had a small amount of footage of Ryan to work with. It just shows that virtually anyone can play paintball if they put their mind to it. Here's the original video. Look for Ryan at 1:15. Plus, this answers the most common question we heard after the last video: just how does he reload?
  • Auto Targeting Sentry Gun (video 8 of 18) This video is old! click my name to see newer videos of this system.
  • paintball : Millennium Paintball Series promo movie 2007 paintball : Millennium Paintball Series promo movie 2007 by
  • The best amateur paintball players in the world! Chicago and MAO PSP Sketchy reffing, Thomas Taylor's injury, spinning like a top, double bunkering and some good old fashion overshooting. It must be time for hot divisional action from PSP MAO and Chicago! There's even some pump play thrown in. Special thanks to Danny Quinn, Nick Cucuzza and Arthur Dolzhansky and the rest the Derder crew!
  • Paintballs against BARE SKIN in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys Gav and Dan see who is tougher as they receive some point blank paintballs. Ahh the pain we go through for you guys. Watch DeepSkyVideos SuperNova video: Slow mo is at 2500fps. Follow Gav on Twitter - Follow Dan on Twitter - The DeepSkyVideo mention was promoted on behalf of YouTube.
  • Backyard Paintball Paintballing at Alex's place at his pond. Guns: Tippmann Bravo One Tippmann 98 Custom
  • GoPro HD Paintball Test HD GoPro Cameras Available Here!!! www.x- This was shot by a member of AGOGEE paintball team with the BORROKA team they are part of "Putch Paintball" based in the south west of France.
  • Girlfriend Paintball In Shower While I was taking a shower my Girlfriend shot me with a paintball gun. She did not know how bad paint balls can hurt. Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:
  • Paintball News, 10/31/12: World Cup Results, Paintballs Save Planet from Asteroid & GoG eNMEy Weekly paintball news video show with info from around the world. Submit your paintball news here: This episode is brought to you by Happy Halloween! This weeks show covers the 2012 PSP World Cup results, an MIT student's idea about paintballs saving the Earth from an asteroid, the GoG eNMEy marker, and more. This episode is hosted by Sqyire aka Justin. What do you think? Please provide feedback for us to improve. Do you like it? What don't you like? Help us make this better. For more news, videos and coverage visit
  • Fully Automated Paintball Sentry (video 17 of 18) This videos demonstrates the newer turret kit and targeting software available on our website.
  • paintball : NPPL buffalo 2008 - Finals paintball : NPPL Buffao 2008 finals : Ironmen facing off Hurricannes for the pro division. Interview with Billy Wing of Ironmen and Thomas Mantoni of Hurricannes.
  • How to Play Paintball - Part 2 In video #2 of the How to Play Paintball video series we show you what to expect for your first visit to a paintball park. We'll show you the basics so you know what to do when you get ready for the first time you're going to play paintball. For more information about playing paintball visit: For all the latest Paintball News visit ProPaintball at:
  • FN303 modified for paintball! This video is a demonstration of the FN303 which has been modified to shoot standard paintballs & Tiberius Arms First Strike Rounds at the legal limit of 300FPS and under. The modification involved disassemble of the FN303, opening up the valve and inserting spacers inside the volume chamber to remove the massive amount of volume required for the standard riot rounds. As you can see in this video, the FN303 cycles perfectly at sub-280fps, and has full range from 220fps to 350fps. Fully adjustable via the regulator just like a standard Automag! Wicked accurate, quiet and feeds perfectly! Enjoy!
  • Human Paintball Target we made the news with this video! here is your reward... hah enjoy! it's gonna be a good year! special thanks to everyone who helped with this video... all 120000+ of you :) if you aren't a subscriber yet, make sure to click the yellow button and join in the fun! hehe watch the bloopers here: stalk me: my personal blog:

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  • “The Discount Paintball Blog is where we will talk about new paintball products, new features for our website, and local paintball sale items available in our showroom. Check back here often to see what is new”
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