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  • patchouli also patchouly n. , pl. , -lis , also -lies . A small southeast Asian shrub (Pogostemon cablin) in the mint family, having leaves that A relaxant with an earthy, sensual fragrance, patchouli is used as a balancing oil and is helpful in skincare, particularly for the mature skin. — “patchouli: Definition from ”,
  • Patchouli is a luxuriant perennial herb that grows up to three feet or one meter in height. Patchouli has been widely used as an aphrodisiac or a magic potion that arouses ***ual desire. — “Patchouli”,
  • Patchouli oil has a well-deserved reputation in aromatherapy, with it's deep, musky, and sweet odor, and Earth and Fire balancing energy. It is an exotic aroma that can forever leave an imprint on the olfactory memory. — “Patchouli Essential Oil - Counterculture Aromatherapy”,
  • This dark aged organic Patchouli is of the most exquisite quality available. Patchouli is well known as a natural perfume, and has anti-stress, anti-depressant and aphrodisiac properties. — “Patchouli, The Anti-Stress, Anti-Depressant Aphrodesiac Aromatic”,
  • Patchouli definition, a plant, Pogostemon cablin, of tropical Asia, that yields a fragrant oil See more. — “Patchouli | Define Patchouli at ”,
  • Look at this page for all the information on Patchouli oil, and what it can be used for. — “Patchouli oil (Pogostemon cablin) - information on the origin”,
  • What is Patchouli Oil ( pogostemon cablin) Patchouli is a perennial herb native to Southeast Asia, growing wild in Sumatra and Java at elevations between 3,000 and 6,000 feet - though it's cultivation is more pervasive in lower tropical jungles. — “Patchouli Fragrance & Essential Oil”,
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth; also patchouly or pachouli) is a species from the genus Pogostemon and a bushy herb of the mint family, with erect stems, reaching two or three feet (about 0.75 metre) in height and bearing small pale pink-white flowers. — “Patchouli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Patchouli is a shrubby plant that reaches up to 1 meter in height, widespread allover Asia, China, India, and South America. Patchouli is one of the rare perfume components that has the exact connection with 'its time' – the 1960's – as patchouli was one of the main components of the, at that. — “Patchouli perfume ingredient, Patchouli fragrance & essential”,
  • Pish Posh Patchoulis offers the ultimate self care products to pamper yourself with candles, body and face creams, fragrances and toiletries. — “Patchoulis- Patchouli's”,
  • patchouli hippie hippy homohomebody gippy homo***ual intellectual stoner patchouli pansy patchouli. buy patchouli mugs, tshirts and magnets. Used throughout the 60's and 70's not just as an excuse not to bathe, as some people claim, but to cover the scent of Smoke, Drink and Drugs on clothing. "***. — “Urban Dictionary: patchouli”,
  • Learn about Patchouli on . Find info and videos including: How to Use Patchouli, What Is Patchouli Good for, What is Patchouli Oil? and much more. — “Patchouli - ”,
  • Compare 7161 patchouli products in Beauty at , including Ne' Qwa Art Patchouli Fragrance Perfume, Patchouli by Demeter 4oz / 110ml Colognes for Women, Fresh Patchouli Original Soap. — “Compare patchouli in Beauty at ”,
  • In aromatherapy patchouli is often used as a relaxant. The warmth and depth of its aroma make it comforting and relaxing. — “Aura Cacia Patchouli Essential Oil”,
  • Patchouli Manufacturers & Patchouli Suppliers Directory - Find a Patchouli Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Patchouli Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Patchouli-Patchouli Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Patchouli Live at the Mabel Tainter Theater Available for Pre-Order Patchouli Live at the Mabel Tainter Theater" captures the powerful contagious chemistry of the duo Julie Patchouli and master guitarist Bruce Hecksel. — “Patchouli - Fast Forward Folk Music”,
  • Buy patchouli, Health Beauty items on eBay. Find great deals on Home Garden, Everything Else items and get what you want now!. — “patchouli items - Get great deals on Health Beauty, Home”,
  • Patchouli lime organic lotion - 219 results from 144 stores, including Dr. Bronner's Sun Dog's Organic Lotion Patchouli Lime -- 8 fl oz, Dr. Bronner Organic Patchouli Lime Lotion - 8 Fluid Ounces Lotion - Hand Lotion and Moisturizer, Magic. — “Patchouli lime organic lotion - Shop sales, stores & prices”,
  • Looking for a fragrance that is rich and earthy, something that you wont be able to get enough of? Then Patchouli perfume is answer. Read on to know more about mystic oriental fragrance and also to know how to make Patchouli oil perfume. — “Patchouli Perfume”,
  • Patchouli essential oil profile (Pogostemon cablin) Related Patchouli Information That Originally Appeared on AromaTalk, the blog of AromaWeb:. — “Patchouli Essential Oil”,
  • Hippy fashions, sarongs, hemp, incense, jewelry, and Burt's Bees. Lavender Patchouli. Hand Made Soap. Incense. Incense Burners. Bath and Body. Perfume Oils. Song of India. Soy Candles. Jewelry. Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil. Show Cart. About Us. Privacy Policy. Index. Search. Order By Phone. — “ - Patchouli Oil, Patchouli Perfume Oils”,
  • If you were alive during the sixties, you most likely know the scent of patchouli, even if you don't know that's what it's called. Patchouli was a very popular scent among the counterculture, featured in both perfume oils and incense, often burned to disguise other burning odors. — “What is Patchouli?”,

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  • Mag -- Black Coffee @ Skank Skates This is a video of MAG playing a Black Flag cover: "Black Coffee" at Skank Skates in Springfield, IL.
  • Pavel Pachouli @Â Minimalstation Fm 00 37 13 00 50 11 Acid Techno Acidcore B Breakcore D Detroit Techno Doomcore Dub-Techno F Frenchcore G Gabber H Happy *** Hardstyle I Industrial *** M Minimal Techno N Newstyle P Progressive Techno S Schranz Speedcore T Tech House Trancecore
  • Pavel Pachouli @Â Minimalstation Acid Techno Acidcore B Breakcore D Detroit Techno Doomcore Dub-Techno F Frenchcore G Gabber H Happy *** Hardstyle I Industrial *** M Minimal Techno N Newstyle P Progressive Techno S Schranz Speedcore T Tech House Trancecore
  • Luis Corchon shows his work in a marble quarry. The Argentinean artist: Luis Corchon lives in the USA. During a residency in Portugal (September 2010) he made an 8 meters long work and exhibited it in an abandoned marble quarry. More info: www.obras-.
  • Touhou 10.5 SWR -- Joseph vs Tom 2 Joseph's on the left, I'm on the right. I'm a bit better in this video, as this was the last game we had tonight and I was improving as i was going. I still never won a single game though.
  • Patchouli Knowledge Combo Movie (Hisoutensoku v1.10) welcome to (Chinese Simplified)
  • Bobby DeVito freaks out with Line 6 HD500 ambient Floyd-gasm Bobby DeVito freaks out with Line 6 HD500 ambient Floyd-gasm -- a cool patch downloaded from Customtone called "Floydgasm", and the built in looper in the HD500 with the Tyler Variax JTV-69 -- all it needs is some pachouli and mushrooms and some cool lights ;-)
  • Gidon Kremer plays Astor Piazzolla - Celos Gidon Kremer
  • The Back Garden With added Pachouli _______________________________________ Video shared with Trip Journal - www.trip-
  • Pavel Pachouli @Â Minimalstation Fm 01 08 08 01 22 25 Acid Techno Acidcore B Breakcore D Detroit Techno Doomcore Dub-Techno F Frenchcore G Gabber H Happy *** Hardstyle I Industrial *** M Minimal Techno N Newstyle P Progressive Techno S Schranz Speedcore T Tech House Trancecore
  • 【Touhou】 Koakuma ☆Get Down☆ by Patchouli ☆ゲッダン☆ ROFL 【手書き】パチュリーが☆ゲッダン☆【東方】(完成版) Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga: "I do not claim to have made the audio track featured in this video, it is under fair use as a parody. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  • Asher Roth and the Hippy at the Key Club At the end of "I love College" I broke out my camera. Asher starts in on this chant saying "do something crazy, do something crazy." Well, there was a Hippy with Dreads in the crowd that had been waiting for his time to shine and jumped on stage right as the chant started. In a big stank mess of pachouli and bees wax he proceeded to high step, jump up and down, and egg the crowd on with "look at me" hand jesters. Just as security was about to hem him up, he took the huge leap of faith, lunging like hippy high jumper, back first into the crowd. The problem was is that all the high school/college kids being extremely agile at their young age and had enough time to move out of the way as the natty dread came came crashing down. Yes, Babylon had fallen. Hard. On his back, managing to take out a couple anorexic LA girls along with him. It was epic.
  • The USA IN The 1960's... Two Opposites On The Same Side (Hippies, Soldiers, and The Vietnam War) A news/archive video montage sharing the realities of the two main opposites of the late sixties. The soldiers. The hippies. Actual war footage, soldier training, deployment videos; all placed opposite the scene at Woodstock in '69, including the crowd at the show, the scene before and during, and the hippies in their peace... A good look at the general scene of that important time in history.
  • Ascension Journal Entry 13: Transitioning Through NightFears The many things I do to help myself move through night fear-- Get out in the sun each day Eat high energy high vibration living foods Drink plenty of fresh clean water Listen to inspirational, spiritual talks Gardening, SkyGazing Pranayama; lengthening the breath Do only what I love / call love INTO me at every remembered opportunity In some way, purposefully help someone everyday Keep my sleep space and practice space ultra clean Leave lights off when the sun goes down; light a candle Light sweet smelling incense Adorn myself with scents; lavender, pachouli, etc.. Meditate Soak in the bath Drink an herbal tea and listen to music before going to bed.. Lightly stretch my body with easy restorative poses And much more . . *
  • The Hippies (1967) The Summer of Peace, Love and Groovy **Sound begins 9 seconds into the film.** This is an old compilation video showing vintage footage from the summer of 1967 in the days just before the tides turned on the youth and hippie movement. Great look at the scene and feeling of the time, set to era music with both video and still, even some old "super-8" film in the mix. Great rare stuff!
  • Volumen Cero CD Content Filming I've had the special honor of documenting the filming of content for the fourth album "I Can See The Brite Spot." The filming was held at Luis "Lucho" Tamblay's home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. A few lucky members of the Street Team were invited to witness the event as well as preview the new album. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek of what's to come from Volumen Cero. Check out their sites on the credits for upcoming tour dates as well as . Tuve el honor especial de documentar la grabación de contenido para el cuarto album "I Can See The Brite Spot". La grabación tomó lugar en la casa de Luis "Lucho" Tamblay en el vecindario Echo Park en Los Ángeles. Algunos miembros del street team tuvieron la suerte de ser invitados a ser testigos al evento y escuchar el nuevo album. Ojalá que disfruten lo que está por venir de Volumen Cero. Cheka sus sitios para informes sobre fechas de la gira y novedades. /volumenceromusic /volumencero /artist/Volumen+Cero also on
  • Mystical Chain Attack Mokou Only Failed Attempt Part 1 (Specialized for Poki#3) So Poki #3 did an attack Kaguya Only Run... so I decided to do a Mokou only run... but I failed at doing that... I guess I will have to redo this battle and hope for the best next time... Its actually not as hard to take down Mokou only, but there are some trouble spots... but not as bad as Kaguya... Anyway I hope this is not considered a fail run but if it is I will suffer through doing the battle again... I did chapter 2-4 in order to get my spell card gauge up for the boss fight... thats why I was able to use them so early...
  • the white pachouli baila el farolito mike deez moves
  • [Touhou 12.3] Pachouli vs Suwako Playing By Kong [วิถีแห่งเวทย์]
  • LUNARFEST Live Classic Rock Show ("Franklin's Tower") Live DEAD A clip from Lunarfest # 10. A Box of Freaks (The Lunarfest Band) performing The Dead's "Franklin Tower". A great live rocking version from the stage at Phil's Gradson's Place in Waterloo Ontario (1990). Great crowd boogie scene! Perormers are: Dan Davies- Guitar/Vocal Paul Martin- Guitar Kevin Gingrich- Bass Brent Faulkner - Sax Tom Melynchuk - Drums Paul Hoffman- Drums
  • Marvellous Mischa - Skin Deep This is a slideshow to show the different adverts/promotions Mischa Barton has participated in. These include: Calvin Klein Jeans Pachouli cK Accesorize Dooney & Bourke JASPAL Fall/ Winter Collection JC Winter 2005 Ked Promos and Advertisements Got Milk Neutrogena
  • How to get Touhou Soundtrack This video shows you how to get the Touhou Soundtrack! [Download Link]:
  • MMD Touhou Reimu,Marisa,Pachouli,Yukari And Meiring Cirnos perfect math class Another Touhou video hah theese models are totaly beautyful sorry models are so close each other TT
  • PatchouliT - The West Side Of Kauai An original about falling asleep during the raining winter and dreaming about chasing the sun to the west side of Kauai.
  • Pachouli Murders Recorded live in the garage with a little overdubs. Nothing fancy. Enjoy. Please Subscribe, Rate and comment.
  • Sour Shoes - Law of Averages Sour Shoes sings about a girl. He's cuter than a keebler elf. OOOOOoooooh!
  • Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man & Moon Knight Update Writer Brian Michael Bendis talks with Newsarama about Ultimate Spider-Man and Moon Knight at NYCC 2010.
  • VR to AutumnsMagic - 10 essential herbs/oils Just my little VR to AutumnsMagic!!! :) Sorry it's totally random and not in an actual list form, lol... but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. :)
  • Tango2011Duet.mpg Panov Ballet Theatre Ashdod Duet From ballet Tango- Adios
  • The Timmys - Bongos and Pachouli (live) The Timmys 10th Birthday Show @ The Black Sheep
  • 23-09-'09 Patchouli (Kanna) VS Suwako (Glyth) We've been playing for like three days now and Glyth had been improving a lot today. He beat my Patchouli with the default card set with Suwako! However.... for one round only. ^_^; Keep it up Glyth, we can make some awesome video's if you even get better. =D Kanna~
  • Pachouli vs. Suika Well, it's the first time I played the game so I suck at it. I uploaded it because I liked the fight and want to show the game to some friends. Disclaimer: I do not own Touhou or anything. Everything is owned by their respective owners. The music sucks because I couldn't turn off the weird sound of nothing if you get what I mean.
  • Loki eats pachouli lotion
  • We Are Robots: Tendertron (HD) This New Age Robot wants to change the world... through music and dance. She believes in fairies, sings songs about unicorns and channels the spirits of dead celebrities. When not sitting in a drum circle reeking of pachouli and cat piss, she's working as a counselor for at-risk ***s at the high school, where she tries to drive boys and girls away from suicide toward positive expressions of violence and competition, like sports and spelling bees. She has stacks of Tarot cards which she thinks is some kind of card game, belives in both magic and magick, and wants us all to join hands and dance upon a rainbow. She lives in her own magical fairy land inside her head, and she can't tell a Unicorn from a Charile Horse. She is made from 100% recycled materials and is of coure, very green. Al Gore would be proud.
  • Pavel Pachouli @Â Minimalstation Fm 01 04 28 01 17 26 Acid Techno Acidcore B Breakcore D Detroit Techno Doomcore Dub-Techno F Frenchcore G Gabber H Happy *** Hardstyle I Industrial *** M Minimal Techno N Newstyle P Progressive Techno S Schranz Speedcore T Tech House Trancecore
  • Pachouli being gorgeous Video shared with Trip Journal - www.trip-
  • April Fool's Day Revenge. April Fool's Day Retaliation. After weeks of placing pachouli bombs around my office, the victim of this prank (Jave) had no clue thiswas coming. Thankfully a copier that also 3-hole punches resides in our lobby. After emptying the reservoir and grabbing an industrial blower, my revenge is exacted.
  • Public Puppet Fun We decided that our new puppets were so cute that we wanted to share it with the public driving down the street. It was awesome how many people smiled, laughed, and waved. My whole family was into it. His name is Aspen Pachouli; he has tons of personality...This is only the beginning!
  • Touhou Personal Color: In This Life While I finish working on my latest animation, I'll post this Manga Music Video I made a while back. The idea for this video came from another music video I saw using fanart of Sakuya that was set to this song. I decided to try to use actual manga panels with it. all the manga I used come from and Touhou Wiki, all manga are by Personal Color, my favorite Touhou Doujin group. The manga I used are: The Young Girl and the Little Girl series The Tonari series Tinted with Love Color First Winter Going Home Daydream The Puppeteer and the White-Black Witch The ending picture is by pcmaniac88 from DA. The picture can be found here: Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the music or images, the music is In This Life by Delta Goodrem, and the images are from the above manga by Personal Color, the Touhou series is property of ZUN. I only made a fan video.
  • Simulation Of a Bee's Flight A bee's-eye view of pachouli flowers. The flowers were in a beautiful display in Harborough town centre.
  • Honest John Plain & The Amigos: 70's GIRL Honest John Plain: Vocals & Guitars Mat Sargent: Bass & Sitar Robbie Rushton: Drums 70's Girl (Honest John Plain/Mat Sargent/Robbie Rushton) Josh sticks and ***age kicks Will always get us through the night Hot pants and lava lamps Purple stripy tights *** foots and a mini-skirt Swinging on a Saturday night Black bombers and long hot summers Yeah I feel alright Ere we go...I fell in love with a 70's girl Ere we go...Platform boots, seven feet tall Ere we go...I fell in love with a 70's girl Ere we go...Pachouli oil and a glitter ball Sequined *** tube and roll-up boots Spandex pants and a nose full of toot Bopping down the discotheque Tartan scarf around her neck Bouncing round the street on a space hopper Aaaah gis' a go on your chopper! She thought Kevin Keegan was God And what she needed was a touch of the Rods Bullet belts and spiky hair I never wanted to wear those flares Glam rock was all we got Punk rock was the after-shock
  • Giri Giri Valentine! I thought this song had to be uploaded. It's my favorite on Cool&Create's album! Loving the synth solo round 2:50 :D

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  • “After watching The Fabulous Stains for, like, the thousandth time, dyeing each other's hair, smoking toothpick-shaped cigarettes Chan stole from her mom, and drinking the peach schnapps Chrissie bought with her fake ID, Chan Marshall, Chrissie”
    — Women Rejoice! Lilith Fair without All the Straight Jokes and,

  • “Early last Spring,Mister Mordechai and I were quick to connect on this need to cut loose Hippie Dippie over here shopping for pachouli and ear candles "”

  • “Why are so many people inviting angels into their lives? It seems the angelic realms are Essential oils: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Pachouli, Petitgrain, Vertiver, Helichrysum”
    — Dolphins & Angels " 2008 " April, blog.dolphins-

  • “A Child Stuck On Adulthood”
    — Pachouli,

  • “Academic Approach is an education company redefining SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE test preparation. Our educators hold the highest credentials. Our customized tutoring and online course solutions teach beyond the test. The results are not only”
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  • “Good day everybody! I was just wondering what are some of your personal favorite means of staying healthy (specifically for battling cancer) besides yoga and traditional medicine? I was thinking maybe some good books to read, eating certain”
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  • “I'm like Jane Goodall watching the monkeys throw poo at each other, except I look better in a kilt and the monkeys over there all smell like pachouli. 5. K. Robert Says: May 19th, 2010 at 3:53 pm. Revelations that Attorney General Richard Blumenthal,”
    — This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here " Blog Archive,

  • “Information and forums for those trying to conceive, expectant parents and parents of young babies and children the forum index. View full thread. Posted in reply to Question for crafters! by JaneH (R. 20-10-03 and N. 12-4-07) @ 10/02/2010 20:38. Title: Re: Question for crafters! Poster: Pachouli. Posted”
    — Baby Greenhouse: Re: Question for crafters!, baby-

  • “Think cumin, dried grasses, chocolate, pachouli, cinnamon or even leather. Perfect Back to Blog home < Previous: Kim Kardashian Keeps the Mixed Metallics Trend”
    — Ask Style: What are the Best Fragrances for Fall? - ,

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