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  • Senior citizens account for one-quarter of customers at pachinko parlors. Step into any pachinko parlor on the 15th of the month and a growing problem in Japan--elderly people gambling with their precious pensions and savings--is often being played out. — “(朝日新聞社):Seniors turn to pachinko to escape lonely”,
  • Pachinko, often described as 'Japanese Pinball', is a game in which the player buys a large quantity of silver balls and feeds them into a sort of vertical pinball machine where the balls cascade around, their paths determined by small metal pins. — “Pachinko”,
  • Pachinko is played on a round vertical table; the plunger fires the ball to the top, and it cascade s down through a forest of tiny nail s. Pachinko can be played with many balls in play, because it takes several seconds for your shot to clatter down past the target s (dammit) and. — [email protected],
  • Pachinko Players are well cated for with, this site covers everything that online pachinko has to offer and lots more besides including the origins of pachinko how and where to play online. — “Pachinko Online”,
  • Shop for Pachinko. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Pachinko - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Caroline Picking wins this week's travel writing competition for describing a visit to a Japanese pachinko gambling parlour. — “Just Back: within the pachinko parlour - Telegraph”,
  • Pachinko summary with 8 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Pachinko Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • We repair and sell vintage Japanese pachinko machines. We also sell pachinko balls, manuals and other pachinko items. — “Pachinko Machines, Manuals, Balls, and More - Vintage”,
  • Pachinko music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Pachinko on Yahoo! Music. — “Pachinko on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Comes complete with an ample supply of approx. 400 11mm Authentic Engraved Pachinko Balls, wood legs to stand it upright attached, startup manual, Machine specific Color Manual (pending our creation of it), and a 9 month transformer & circuit board warranty. — “Pachinko”,
  • If you want to play pachinko, you won't have to look very hard to find a parlor. These days the more popular deji-pachi (digital pachinko) machines have an LCD display in the center showing colorful animations. — “Modern Japan - Entertainment - Pachinko”, japan-
  • Pachinko remains one of Japan's favourite pastimes, even though pachinko parlours are considered rather seedy, the number of players has fallen by nearly half (from 29m to 18m) in the past decade and the industry operates in a legal grey area. — “Pachinko: Rules of the game | The Economist”,
  • pachinko- is ranked number 132,896 in the world according to the Alexa Traffic Rank. — “Pachinko- Site Info”,
  • slot- is a full service company that has been in business refurbishing and distributing slot machines and pachinko pinball machines since 1990. — “Slot Machines-Pachinko Machine Sales, Parts and Service”, slot-
  • Myspace profile for Pachinko with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - Pachinko - 28 - Male - Covington, KENTUCKY”,
  • How to Clean a Pachinko Machine. The Pachinko machine is a vertical pinball game, played in arcades and casinos around the world. Its name comes from the sound "pachin" that the descending pinball makes. Played for entertainment. — “How to Clean a Pachinko Machine | ”,
  • In Japan, Pachinko machines are used as gaming devices in Pachinko parlors, where people play to win prizes or money. Pachinko features: - Classic Pachinko emulates the original mechanical Japanese machines from the 70's and on. — “On-Core Pachinko”, on-
  • For 50 years, Japan's Pachinko was considered petty gambling. Now promoters of this huge industry dream of taking over the world. — “4.06: Pachinko über Alles”,
  • Restoration and Repair of Vintage Pachinko Machines also Buy and Sale Pachinko Machines A pachinko machine resembles a vertical pinball machine, but with no flippers and a large number of relatively small balls. — “Vintage Pachinko Machines”,
  • Star Beacons is a pachinko-style arcade game from Steel Panda Studios. Last year's pachinko-style title from PopCap caught us by complete surprise with its blend of deliciously simple gameplay and subtle strategy coated in the glossy paint of a stellar presentation. — “Tag Search - Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints”,
  • : pachinko "pachinko" Showing 1 - 16 of 422 Results. Choose a. Department. to enable sorting. Choose a Department to enable sorting. 1. The Genuine Pachinko Game. Available at external website: Hammacher for $329.95. Toys & Games: See all items. 2. — “: pachinko”,
  • Pachinko (パチンコ?) is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and A pachinko machine resembles a vertical pinball machine, but with no flippers and a large. — “Pachinko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • From Japanese パチンコ (pachinko), from pachin onomatopoiec sound + ko diminutive "http:///wiki/pachinko" Categories: Japanese derivations | English nouns. — “pachinko - Wiktionary”,
  • An in-depth report on the game Pachinko, the Japanese national obsession, and its social and personal implications. — “Japan Society, New York - Pachinko Nation”,

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  • Pachinko Ultra 7 (Ultraman) Ultraman promo video for the Pachinko
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  • pachinko pachinko is very exciting
  • Evangelion Pachinko Machine Here is a machine that I got quite some time ago for 500 yen which equals out to around $5. Had to do a bit of work on it but other than the settings for difficulty being set already it works great and is a fun little monster to have
  • Late Night Pachinko TV Show - Tokyo 12 Station - CR Cyborg 009 Late night TV in Tokyo Japan, on channel Tokyo 12. This show features new pachinko machines each week. This quick 3 minute clip is for the new machine CR Cyborg 009 and features footage from a pachinko parlour in July 2009.
  • Pachinko - Tokyo Pachinko slots in Tokyo. Incredibly noisy but apparently a relaxing activity for the Japanese...
  • Lupin The 3rd Pachinko (パチンコ ルパン 3世) This is my new Lupin III Pachinko machine in Jackpot mode. I got this machine at the California Extreme Arcade show in San Jose. It is really LOUD, but a lot of fun. I feel ike I am in Japan again!!!
  • Pachinko parlor in Shinjuku I shot this in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Pachinko machines can be found in pachinko parlors which are all over Japan. Pachinko is a mixture between slot machine and pinball. One can recognize parlors easily because they are bright and colorful; inside a parlor it is very loud and smoky. The player is quite passive while playing; he or she is only controlling the speed with which many small steel balls are thrown into the pachinko machine.
  • Japanese Pachinko & Slot Machines - Memoirs of a Gaijin Here's a little video about my Pachinko and Slot machine. I picked them up at a novelty store in Tokyo. If you want one, let me know. Maybe I can get one for you and ship it to you.
  • Part 1 of MrBungle's Pachinko and Pachislo Collection As Of 1/13/09 Just thought i'd share with everyone what i've collected over the past year. Enjoy! ^__^
  • Pachinko Buy at Copyright (c) 2008, M. Oskar van Deventer. Pachinko is a coin-dropping puzzle.Insert O- and X-coins such that all O-coins end up at the right, and the X-coins at the left.
  • Star Wars pachinko fever pt1 Star Wars pachinko fever
  • Evangelion Pachinko Japan My friends always talk about Pachinko and how fun it is, i never took any interest until i saw that they had an Evangelion version, so i went to check it out! What is Pachinko? Pachinko is the most popular form of gambling in Japan. How can i built my own Pachinko Machine? First, get a Pinball machine and make it have *** with an anime, then steal the speakers from that douchebags car down the street that wakes you up everynight, attach them to the offspring of the anime and the pinball machine and turn up the volume to 6000 decibels. 1 per recipe. What's with the sideburns hippie? SHUTUP
  • Planet Pachinko trailer - WiiWare World For more info see: www.wiiware-
  • Yoon Sona pachinko fever 2 Yoon Sona pachinko fever
  • Pachinko parlour in Japan : please enter the Japanese mirror - the book, other writings, films and photos
  • Pachinko Parlor The Green Monkeys have to spend a day working at a Pachinko Parlor. They have no idea what it is but get a crash course at one. PATRIOT.M is the well known Pachinko Parlor that this clip from the I Survived A Japanese Game Show was filmed at. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended & Has Been Uploaded For Entertainment & Educational Purposes Only. I Survived A Japanese Game Show Is Part of ABC Corp.
  • Nicholas Cage - Sankyo Pachinko ad Nicholas Cage japandering a pachinko manufacturer.
  • Vintage Pachinko machine basics Basic Operation of a 1978 Nishijin Sophia Vintage Pachinko Machine. For more help visit:
  • Nicholas Cage - Sankyo Pachinko ad Nick Cage japanders for a pachinko machine manufacturer.
  • Late 1960s Pachinko Late 1960s Nishijin Pachinko Machine from Japan. Imported to US by Pachinko Palace. This machine must be newer than my other machine because all of the mechanics in the back are plastic. This machine puts all the played balls into a ball dump that must be emptied occasionally. The machine is completely mechanical, the lights are just for show.
  • CHEjU - Pachinko Bringing you the best of the best from organic ambient music, CHEjU presents: "Pachinko" CHEjU is Wil Bolton, composer and producer of experimental electronica and co-owner of Boltfish Recordings. His style is a mixture of warm synth tones, crunchy broken beats, and layered atmospheric textures.
  • Pachinko Dont go pachinko Pachinko (パチンコ?) is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and gambling. A pachinko machine resembles a vertical pinball machine, but with no flippers and a large number of relatively small balls. The player fires a ball up into the machine, controlling only its initial speed. The ball then cascades down through a dense forest of pins. In most cases, the ball falls to the bottom and is lost, but if it instead goes into certain pockets, more balls are released as a jackpot.[1] Pachinko machines were originally strictly mechanical, but modern ones have incorporated extensive electronics, becoming similar to video slot machines. The machines are widespread in establishments called "pachinko parlors", which also often feature a number of slot machines. Pachinko parlors share the reputation of slot machine dens and casinos the world over — garish decoration; over-the-top architecture; a low-hanging haze of cigarette smoke; the constant din of the machines, music, and announcements; and flashing lights. Modern pachinko machines are highly customizable, keeping enthusiasts continuously entertained. Because gambling for cash is illegal in Japan and Taiwan, balls won cannot be exchanged directly for cash in the parlor. Instead, the balls are exchanged for token prizes, which can then be taken outside and traded in for cash at a business that is nominally separate from the parlor, and may be run by organized crime (yakuza).[2]
  • Tokyo-Ga - Pachinko & Mu Scenes from the documentary movie Tokyo-Ga, by Wim Wenders (1985). Language: english Subtitles: spanish Those scenes show two visits to a pachinko parlor somewhere in Tokyo. First we see different people playing pachinko. Even a person that gets a price. Later at night, when the shop is closed, the owner modifies the machines. The movie is a documentary about the filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu. It also includes several short scenes about live in modern Tokyo, like pachinko, golf in city...
  • IT#4 How to play Pachinko Showing how to play Japanese game device called Pachinko that is used for amusement and prizes in Japan.
  • Pachinko Machine (Bells) A vintage 1985 Nishijin "B" Pachinko machine in operation. For more help visit:
  • Nick Cage Complete Pachinko Commercial Collection These are the 5 japanese commercials nick cage did for Sankyo. Sankyo is a maker of Pachinko a japanese pin ball/ slot machine game. Players get silver balls which can be traded for prizes
  • Nicholas Cage Japanese Commercial - Fever Pachinko This is the wackiest japanese commercial I've ever seen. This is from Go there for other wacky japanese commercials. I personally like the Nick Cage and the Arnold commercials the best.
  • Jacob in Japan #21 - Pachinko If you cross-bred pinball and a slot machine and add a dash of video gameage, then you'd have Pachinko, or sometimes reffered to as Pachislot. A hallmark of Japan's quirky mystique, the gameplay involves turning a knob. The interaction ends there. Then you watch as many small silver balls are hurled into the playing field. There is only one hole in the center that you hope the ball enters. If it does, the slot machine game starts and you could potentially win much more money, as all of the holes in play that are normally inactive begin to count towards your credits if scored. Jacob played a machine featuring a Korean hearthrob, one Bae Yong Joon. I played New Sea Story, a game involving fish (of course). There was no shortage of ear piercing white noise or blinking lights. This is the nucleus of Jland.
  • Pachinko The Lower Moreland High School Symphonic Band performs "Pachinko" - with a twist! 4/24/08 --- Looking for computer repair or website design services in Huntingdon Valley? Check out
  • Pachinko Bending - "Shi-Goto" Circuitbent Pachinko Installation "Shi-Goto" Ver. 2006.12.11 This machine is based on 90's Japanese Pachinko machine, CR Monsterhouse By Takeya Co.,Ltd (竹屋 CRモンスターハウス). hxxp:// Pachinko Bending - Sound chip glitch Pachinko Bending - Solenoid Percussion What is Pachinko?
  • Castlevania - Pachinko Promotional Movie Teaser movie for the Castlevania pachinko arcade game. Features Trevor Belmont lookin' pretty boss. Personally, I think Koji 'IGA' Igarashi is just trolling us with Trevor footage.
  • Pachinko Crazy Went to Tokyo and this is what I saw...amazing!
  • Havok4 Pachinko Madness Lag test Well I set up a kind of pachinko machine then fired balls at random force into it. Then I set them to one force and added traps in each row to see how random they fell. Then I opened the statistics bar and fired 8 balls per sec then the time dialation dropped top around 50 percent. Oh and theres a part in there where I rode a ball down.
  • Yamato 2 Pachinko Footage Video of Yamato Pachinko machine in action during a jackpot.
  • Violent Pachinko - Girls /violentpachinko Girls
  • The Mask Pachinko Promotional Video This is the Intro video from the Promotional DVD advertising the Mask Pachinko machine released in Japan this year by Nishijin. The first minute or so is a bunch of clips from the movie, and then the pachinko shows up with some game play.
  • Playing Pachinko! Tony and I are in a pachinko parlor. It looks to be an Evangelion Machine I'm playing at. Also seem to play a successful ball at the right time, too!
  • Jackass The Game - Pachinko Precipice (Preston Lacy) Preston Lacy gets kicket into a long slide of rocks and cliffs. Will he survive? Find out, watching this clip from the official Jackass The Game 2007
  • DeMatha Wind Ensemble - "Pachinko" The DeMatha Wind Ensemble plays "Pachinko," Its last concert song for the 2007-2008 year. Pachinko, of course, is the high-action pinball-based Japanese game where the player attempts to maximize the amount of pinballs he/she can obtain. These can then be traded in at the arcade for prizes, or if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, cold-hard cash.
  • Nicholas Cage - Sankyo Pachinko ad Nicholas Cage japanders for Sankyo.

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  • “Home " Blog " Pachinko. Pachinko. 09/25/2007 @ 12:00 pm. The Japan Times this morning has a really informative article about pachinko. Filled with noise, bright lights and cigarette smoke, the attraction of the pachinko parlor is hard for many to fathom”
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  • “Pachinko parlors are as ubiquitous in Japan as karaoke bars, filled with people who try their luck at these bright and noisy pinball-style machines. Together with video game arcades, these electronic entertainment shops are another reason why”
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