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  • AutoZone auto parts stores provide do-it-yourself car owners with auto parts, car accessories, and vehicle information in-store and online. — “AutoZone Auto Parts Stores | Get In The Zone! | ”,
  • © smart USA Distributor LLC. — “smart USA Owners Portal - Home”,
  • The Official Site for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Vehicle Owners. View owner manuals & guides, schedule service, download coupons, get owner advice, & more. — “Official Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Owner Site | Personalized”,
  • The list is organized first by sport, then by franchise or team, then by Owner. If an organization has gone through a significant change (e.g. the team has moved and/or changed names), that information is noted after the years of ownership. Contents. 1 Auto racing owners & team principals. — “List of professional sports team owners - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Log in to your Honda Owner Link account and manage your vehicle service information, maintenance schedule, financial services, and find recall information. — “Honda Owner Link | Member Account Login”, ahm-
  • Enter hotel name and city Enter attraction name and city Enter restaurant name and city Select your hotel Select your attraction Select your restaurant Select your location. — “Manage Your Listing on TripAdvisor”,
  • Now we've got you covered online with the new Mazda Owners website. Register your vehicle with the Mazda Owners website and enjoy exclusive discounts, personalized maintenance schedules and content that will help you enjoy your Mazda vehicle to its fullest!. — “MazdaUSA > Owners”,
  • Comprehensive information for BMW owners and those who want to be: accessories, parts, services, warranties and driver training. — “BMW Owners : Overview”,
  • Since 1916 Auto-Owners Insurance has helped people with their insurance needs. Auto-Owners products are brought to you through caring, knowledgeable professionals, who live and work right in your community. — “Auto-Owners Insurance”, auto-
  • Login or register for My Acura to get the most out of your Acura ownership experience, such as keeping up with service and maintenance schedules and managing financing. If you're currently a member of My Acura or Owner Link®, log in. — “My Acura | Official Owners Site for Acura Cars and SUVs”,
  • Audi Owners receive convenient financial services, expert repairs, world-class roadside assistance, and much more. — “Audi of America > Owners”,
  • Visit the GM Owner Center to find important information on your GM automobile. View owner's manuals, service records and recent vehicle recalls. — “GM Owners Center - GMC”,
  • Become a MyToyota member to take advantage of exclusive access to owner information, discounts, and benefits. Register or Login for access to easy-to-follow videos to help you learn about features of your Toyota. Interactive Owners Manual. — “Toyota Owners Online | Official Toyota Owners Website”,
  • Largest selection of homes for sale by owner and top-rated home selling services. Buy or sell a home with the most trusted FSBO real estate website since 1996. — “”,
  • Dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Buick Rivieras. Owners Association is independent and not affiliated with GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION or its BUICK MOTORS. — “Riviera Owners Association”,
  • The personal contact information which you supply to Owners Selling Cars will only be used for necessary company releases and notifications you personally approve through the use of our sites. Our member and client contact lists will never be sold or made available to any third party. — “Owners Selling Cars For Sale By Owner - Welcome”,
  • Auto-Owners Insurance Group Contact Information Auto-Owners Insurance Group 6101 Anacapri Blvd. Lansing, MI 48917 MI Tel. — “Auto-Owners Insurance: Information from ”,
  • A hub for Volkswagen owners, you'll find help with vehicle features, learn more about how to maintain performance, and be able to locate the nearest VW dealer Service Store. — “VW Owners Portal < Volkswagen of America”,
  • Information for New Chevy automobile owners, including info on: OnStar, XM Radio, warranties, and the GM Ownership Club. Sign Up Here!. — “Chevy Automobile Owners Information | Chevrolet”,
  • My Jeep® VehicleHome Add/Verify Owner Profile Contact Us If we missed something or you have a question or comment, tell us so we can better improve your experience. Please limit your comments to 500 characters. Thanks. Media Center 430 (RBZ) CD/DVD/HDD radio with 6.5-inch touch screen,. — “Owners - Quality Home”,

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  • Clint Mansell - Dead Reckoning *The soundtrack belongs to their rightful owners* SONG: Clint Mansell - Dead Reckoning MOVIE: Smokin' Aces
  • The Witch Hunt Begins: Citizen Spy Network Targets Political Speech and Gun Owners A plethora of tyrannical campaigns have been initiated and designed to break up communities and turn citizens against one another. The justifications for these fascist programs are always a matter of national security. The real reason for these programs and even the events that brought them into existence is to set up a police control grid.
  • Serge Devant feat. Hadley - Addicted (Radio Edit) All rights reserverd to the owners. Lyrics: You came to me Was like a dream But maybe it's time I let you go It's all on me Can I find it inside And feel that fire burn in my eye Can I give you up can I come back down Gotta get you out of my head (repeat) And I wonder why I'm addicted to love One day I will run away from you and this love And I wonder why I'm addicted to love One day I will run away from you and this love
  • George Carlin - The Owners of America A great piece by George Carlin, taken from his album "Life Is Worth Losing" in 2005. RISomething, George. We miss ya.
  • Accounting Basics 5- Stockholders Equity Financial Accounting ACG2021 SFCC Spring 2008 Crosson Chapter 1 Videos
  • Job Interview Prank...Part 1 ***Josh is the store manager in Philadelphia. Bruce is one of the owners of Pets Plus and asked Josh to come to the Lansdale store to interview Teste. We were there an hour before setting up the cameras*** Thanks to our friends at Pets Plus in Philadelphia who arranged this prank for us. The owners of Pet Plus set up an interview with Josh, one of the store managers. I posed as Always Teste for the interview and was accompanied by Jack Vale who posed as my parole officer. Jack will be uploading another interview we did with a different manager, so stay tuned to his channel as well: The new Ed Bassmaster Intro was designed by my friend Austin Ragno from Killer Kreations in South Philly. The kid is amazing!!
  • Dog Waits By Owner's Grave New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews
  • Brad Paisley Then All copyright goes to the owners. Only putting this video on for entertainment!!!
  • Code MENT - Episode 10 It's a race to get the Aggro Crag. Guest Starring: Takahata101! Writing credits to: FreeBigLurch And finally the totally Non-Canon Long Version of Episode 10: --- Presented by: purpleeyeswtf ------------------------------------------- All rights are retained by their corresponding owners. This work is in no way affiliated with the aforementioned owners. This work is intended for parody. The opinions here do not reflect the owners of any copyrighted material and are not intended to infringe on any of these rights whatsoever.
  • Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard I was skiing in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and I found a roll of film. I had the film developed and this is what I found. Please contact me if you recognize the people in the photos. [email protected] Thanks everyone for the support! Your emails and messages have been amazing. As of Wednesday Jan 19th at 1AM -- I have NOT found the owners of the film. I'll keep you updated. By the way -- This story is 100% true. Cross my heart. I didn't realize that would even be an issue for some people. haha. Just interested in telling my story and finding the owners. The music is by Redneck Manifesto. If you're curious about me:
  • Drum cover of Vermilion / Tribute to Paul Gray Vermilion by Slipknot (c) Respective Owners. External Drums by Joeyjunior15. This is me playing Vermilion by Slipknot on drums. Wow, it's been a while OO but this is a very important cover for me that I really wished I could have done sooner, but situations just didn't allow me, but now, finally, 6 months after my last vid, I'm back^^ This is my tribute video/cover in memory of Paul Gray, bassist for Slipknot. A lot of people have asked me to make a tribute video in lines of my Michael Jackson tribute, but I didn't feel that it was possible to really do it the same way, so I made it a cover with a fitting song. A lot of people wanted me to make a cover of "Snuff" for this vid, but I felt Vermilion is more fitting for several reasons. I got very emotional playing the song, it got to me playing one of the most emotional songs in the world imo, and thinking of Paul not being with us anymore, so that's what you might see at times. As for the future, I can definitely say that I will not be quitting uploading videos onto youtube, I will in fact try to make one every week starting mid august, or at least one for every other week. Either way, more covers and other stuff! I panned the song I added to the song to the left and the sound of my drumming to the right, so if you use earphones you will be able to hear both sides a lot clearer!! I hope you enjoy it, and sit tight, more covers will come very soon, trust me ;) /Joeyjunior15//David
  • breeding horse brisco & tongoly ( Esteban y francisco owners) houston tx SONG: DON'T STOP (atb version)
  • Tucker piano #2- Caught on camera Tucker the Schnoodle plays the piano & sings, but then discovers that he's on camera. Camera work isn't as good as the original upload, but we love what happens at 52 seconds.
  • Project: Rant - RANT 016: Dear Honda Owners The sounds of your Civic kick this lady into gear and send her flying into the red. Actor: Lana Dietrich.
  • Guns 'N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine (Studio Version) Copyright to the owners, etc. I do not own this. Song:Sweet Child O' Mine Album:Appetite For Destruction Band:Guns 'N' Roses
  • Gucci Mane -- Mi Casa, Tu Casa [feat. Shawty Lo, Fozzie Bear, Nicki Minaj & Yo Gotti] All Credits to their Respected Owners New Fiyah Hip Hop Daily -- Subscribe [New Account Expect Fiyah Only] Gucci Mane [feat. Shawty Lo, Fozzie Bear, Nicki Minaj & Yo Gotti] from Evil Empire Mixtape. Mi Casa, Tu Casa Partial Lyrics: [Chorus] Coca, Coca, Coca, Cola Yaya Bought Me Errythang Yulla Yulla, Baking Soda, Cocaine is my Girlfriend Boila, Boila, Boilin Water Damn I gotta Forced Game Snorta, Snorta, Make an Offer No Prob I could Cook it for Ya Mi Casa, Tu Casa Partna My Partnas get Stupid Guallas Retail Shops and Beauty Parlas To Cover Up these Dirty Dollas [Gucci Mane] Mi Casa Tu Casa Partna Mi Casa so full of Rhastas More Ganja den Reefer Farmas You can see me with Binoculas White girl with me, Cindy Lauper Multi deep like Frank Sinatra Gave 10 birds to Waka Flaka Told him drop him more den Floza Whoozy like the mornin afta Try me then your skull get fractured Ransom yo lil hansom son So sad yo your first daughter captured Gucci hot as boilin water My pack just came cross the border Yo girlfriends a major snorta But, dat *** ain't worth a quarta Don't give that another thoughta If you serve me and you shorta Once a half an eighth a quarta Send my goons to do tha slaughta Hustle hard got from my fatha Take no *** got from my motha Never snitched and never will I put that on my baby brotha [Sorry for Partial Lyrics, don't feel like listening over and over and over to get them all, enjoy the song and Subscribe!]
  • ITV regional news: Christian guesthouse owners in court over their double bed policy The trial of two Christian guesthouse owners being sued by a homo***ual couple because of their policy of restricting double bed accommodation to married couples began earlier this week. Watch this report from the second day of the trial.
  • USA vs Spain Beijing 2008 - Gold Medal Game - 1st Half USA and Spain highlights Video Copyright owners : NBC
  • Hummer: Offroading Sept. 24 A video of a bunch of other hummer owners and myself having some crazy cannuck fun! Check out www.UrbanStylez.ca for Canada's Newest Online Clothing Store.
  • Mistah Fab, Turf Talk Ft. Dubee: The Owners The Owners Mistah FAB & Turf Talk Hyphy Aint Dead 2007
  • Real Deal & Fresco vs Phranchyze & Star Almighty 2X2 Tournament: The first battle of the 2x2 tournament that took place in Miami Florida. Top Tier mid-west rappers Real Deal and Fresco come down to face the Atlanta divisions Phranchyze and Star Almighty (formerly star eater). The winner of this battle advances to the next round.
  • Hot Wheels Track ! Hot Wheels Cars. One Owner Used Cars for Sale Record breaking length? Over 175 feet of Hot Wheels track. Hot Wheels cars racing side by side 2 and 3 wide. Does anyone know of a longer track? We built it to race on it and it was so much fun. Father and son fun. The amount of paint from the cars on the sign after only 3 daysof racing is amazing!(see at end of video) -- The signs were put up to keep the cars on the track. Used car dealers nationwide. There was a lot of fun racing. The video does not show all the fun. Far from it. Sorry about the annoying "here they come" this is my first video. Thanks for the comments. I just checked Guiness records. The record "Hot Wheels Track" is 1650 ft set by Mattel Inc on July 7 2002 in Canada. But that is "Hot Wheels Track". Here we have a "toy car racing track". Cars can actually race and pass and crash. We also used Matchbox cars and could call this a Matchbox track or toy cars and toy car track or fast track. Toy car racing. Fast Cars. Fast Wheels. Toy car race. Toy car crash. cardboard track cardboard race track cardboard racetrack one owner used cars auto dealers
  • Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe. *The soundtrack belongs to their rightful owners* SONG: Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe MOVIE: The Fountain
  • black beauty part 3 part 3 I will remove if there is a problem with this being on youtube though [don't want my account deleted] DISCLAIMER:black beauty is (c) to its owner no profit made uoading this.
  • George Carlin ~ The American Dream "You have to be asleep to believe it." A short excerpt from the video "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005).
  • Meeting the Homeowner Back in New Orleans, Kevin meets homeowner Rashida Ferdinand and her architect Rick Fifield for a look at the plans and model of the proposed work to her shotgun single. The plan calls for a camelback addition that will house a master suite, and also a new family room with back and side porches to take advantage of the cool river breezes. As demolition begins inside, builder Carl Hithe shows master carpenter Norm Abram how the house was originally constructed from dismantled bargeboards taken from vessels that once traveled down the Mississippi. At Musicians Village, Kevin meets Executive Director Jim Pate to see how Habitat for Humanitys houses are constructed post-Katrina, starting with an extensive foundation system that includes 35-foot deep pilings tied into a robust footing system. As work progresses at Rashidas house, the discovery of toxic mold is a setback, until mold remediation expert Dr. Eric Griggs arrives to begin a whole-house remediation and prevention program for the old part of the house.
  • New Cat 1 tong demo.avi New design Cat 1, 3 point hitch log skidder attachment
  • Alone Again by Alyssa Reid ft. P.Reign Full credits belong to their respective owners Buy the song here! song recorded with fraps from the my_space site: Enjoy If you want more! Comment Rate Subscribe! Maxterchief99
  • Bread Everything I own.wmv The music belongs to its respective owners.
  • Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Video from 1984 by Yes
  • Shopping with Kate Moennig DJ's turned Kin Boutique owners, Darrel Adams and Alexandre Mour, know hip and happening style, and The L Word's "Shane" (or Kate Moennig) loves their shop on West Sunset in LA. Kate takes SpinDaily's Katherine shopping and decides to dress her in her own cool signature style.
  • Project: Rant - RANT 097: Dear New Owners Happy Halloween! Actor: Hilah Johnson Real online rants recreated in video with professional actors.
  • Project: Rant - RANT 085: F&%$ You, Dog Owners Let sleeping dogs lie. And let me sleep while you're at it. Actor: Robert Lambert
  • Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics All owners Credited
  • Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 80er Jahre Stuff
  • Equus iPad Owners Manual There's nothing worse than buying a new luxury car only to sit down and have to learn about it through a boring owner's manual. Thankfully, every Equus comes with a 16GB WiFi Apple iPad, and instead of the boring owner's manual, the Equus Owner's Experience app teaches you everything you need to know through demonstration videos, interactive product and safety demonstrations. Download the free iPad app at
  • Code MENT - Episode 5 Unincepted Now with 20% more fat! Songs (In order of appearance): - Code Geass OST - Untouched By: The Veronicas - Mars, the Bringer of War By: Leonard Bernstein & New York Philharmonic - Oh Yeah By: Yello - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) By: The Prodigy - Without Me By: Dan Green --- Presented by: purpleeyeswtf ---------------------------------------------- All rights are retained by their corresponding owners. This work is in no way affiliated with the aforementioned owners. This work is intended for parody. The opinions here do not reflect the owners of any copyrighted material and are not intended to infringe on any of these rights whatsoever.
  • Dog Learns to Play Hide and Seek A rather intelligent dog perfects his game of hide and seek with encouragement from his owners.
  • IGN Daily Fix, 3-1: Sony Clock Blocks PS3 "Fat" Owners See more IGN videos at - PSN Errors cause panic across the globe, but there is good news Mega Man 10 is now out on WiiWare.
  • Bugatti Veyron + Shelby GT500 Super Snake Sound + Flyby's + Chase!! - 1080p HD Jorrik records two amazing cars. Ofcourse you know the Bugatti Veyron, but do you know the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake? This car has 750bhp and 0 to 100km/h goes in less than 4 seconds! This car is a real beast! The sound is not what you expect from a muscle car, but it is still great! These two cars were present at the Maarten Memorial, an event for people who have had cancer. They drive all day with these cars, in totall there were like 100 cars. The Bugatti Veyron and the Super Snake belong to 1 owner who has more exotic cars. The drivers of these two cars are not the owners but they are race drivers and the were permitted to borrow these cars for the event :-) Two exotic car spotters who live in Amsterdam, just like the owner of these cars, were lucky enough to get a ride in the Veyron and Super Snake to Amsterdam! We followed them on our way home in a BMW 130i. I hope you like the video and please leave a comment! :) Jorrik BTW the Nissan GTR you see in this video is shipped from Dubai to the Netherlands specially for this event!

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