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  • Story from ronit24 on ronit24's Spot : Darn pointe shoes honeycombed 4 posts - 4 authors - Last post: 14 Jul 2006Spot darning is used to correct incorrect pointe shoe alignment such as sickling or over winging. — “Darn pointe shoes honeycombed - Spot : ronit24's Spot”,
  • Text goes here and here and here and here and here. Text goes here and here and here and here and here. Text goes here and here and here and here and here. Text goes here and here and here and here and here. People need to get over winging it, even for routine meetings and their equipment. — “ - Career - Meeting morass: Time to adjourn - March 1”,
  • and reflect the quality of the software. For the test manager, the first task category primarily involves managing inward: assembling the test team offer to get the information immediately win out every time over winging it or dodging the question. — “Effective Test Status Reporting”, rbcs-
  • is the leading resource for game developers, featuring daily news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, and the most active game development forums anywhere! I personally fancy this approach over "winging" it. — “Total Game Engine Design - Discussion Forums”,
  • By Terry J Daniel People ask me all the time, "How do I get started in voice over's? And in the field of voice over's, winging it simply doesn't fly!. — “Acting Colleges”,
  • SalesNexus was founded on a basic truth of business: A structured and automated sales methodology will win over winging it every time. SalesNexus' easy to use contact management and sales automation service is a product of Adam and Craig's extensive. — “Adam Halpern Professional Profile at Toolbox for IT”,
  • Scotland UK naja je zegt het al eigelijk en ut wat zeker een leuke wedstijd maar een overwining is overwinging uiteindelijk gaat om de 3 puntjes. — “YouTube - Jrhynie's Channel”,
  • hi my ds is 23 months and when ever i take him some were play school ect he is so clingy he wont go and play with the other children he draggs me a runs over winging ,grabs my hand and pulls me back to where he is sitting ive tried to tell him to play with the other boys and girls but he wont. — “clingy ds - pg. 1 - 19-24 month baby - Baby, Parenting”,
  • lets you safely and easily get in touch with others who are affected by the same or similar disabilities, medical conditions or special needs as you are. I brought him home and started the process all over winging him of the vent,Walking. — “Zacharys Mom : ”,
  • After all, you have persevered through many of my, shall we say, un-orthodox ties over the last couple of years. Progressing from the simplest of flies she takes this material up through wings, tails, throats, overwinging and etc. She also gives the materials list to tie about 42 flies in this one. — “Copper and Partridge, "Fly of the Week #168 - FAOL"”,
  • Please read this page if you have questions. Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Afghanistan Maybe they'll give over winging about the favour they did us in WWII now. — “Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Afghanistan”,
  • Ye Olde Rocket Forum is for the discussion of old model rockets. Mine was just figured out from the plans, but if I was going to do it again, I'd definitely go with one of the available kits over winging it from the parts bin. I've never built a Thrustline kit, but I've used their components. — “Ye Olde Rocket Forum - Andromeda - The five year project”,
  • How to Break a Habit When self-sabotaging rituals take over ("winging it" when you should have prepared, watching TV too late into the night), they crowd out opportunities to make better,. — “How to Break a Habit”,
  • I was looking after my sister when she was about 6 months (I was 19) and I left her led on the sofa whilst I grabbed the remote and she rolled for the in a day and runs over winging for me to rub it better then 10 seconds later hes doing the same thing again lol thank god kids arnt made of glass lol. — “Chat & Answers | Talk with Parents and Experts on Fertility”,
  • Confused over winging materials Re: Confused over winging materials " Reply #2 on: May 05, 2009, 08:35:43 AM " TMC Aero dry wing every time for me, best thing for parachutes, great for spinner wings and is fine for breathers, expensive but worth it IMO. — “Confused over winging materials”,
  • When preparing for a testing news meeting, sometimes it As long as I am usually well prepared, a forthright admission of ignorance coupled with an unstinting offer to get the information immediately wins out every time over winging it or dodging the question. — “Column info : Tell the Right Story”,
  • Posting video-clips, related to Airwolf, is a suggestion, and since Airwolf is the only " Personally I can feel a take-over winging it's way over the horizon in the shape of. — “tv- - God sake! That was a suggestion!”, airwolf.tv-
  • Want to avoid the overswing? Get the hinge in the wrist full swing video video golf lesson backswing exercise cause of overwinging overswing wrist flexibility. — “Get bent: Lack of flexibility main cause of overswing”,
  • Graham Duff's weird and frequently wonderful comedy Ideal returned for a fifth series and went all Dennis Potter on us. I suspect someone in BBC2's scheduling department lost their nerve over Winging It, hence the programme's burial in the middle of Saturday lunchtime. — “The Stage / Features / TV review”,
  • How to Build Bamboo Cabinets. With new people constantly seeking greener building choices there has been a recent growth in people looking for ways to build bamboo cabinets. Bamboo is a quick growing plant that is quickly the time they will save over 'winging it' with almost any building. — “How to Build Bamboo Cabinets | ”,
  • Chicken wings can transcend the evils of chain restaurants kitchens, but they're better made at home with one of these two great wing recipes. It's simple, delicious, and still makes me dizzy with happiness (or over-winging) when I eat my way through a pan. — “Two Great Chicken Wing Recipes | The Meatist”,
  • Earlier albums like Featuring "Birds" and Field Studies were built on minimalist melodies over winging drums but as time went on the band's approach has grown heavier and less precious. American Gong continues to ramp up the assault, with a. — “QUICK SPINS: Quasi, Shout Out Louds - Chicagoist”,
  • Different perhaps than the "quality art" that most of us strive for, it's the "quality idea" that engages and bends the mind. Then again, perhaps it's the Egyptian Goddess Isis overwinging her subjects. — “07/11/020 Ambiguity”,

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