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  • AST has a history with our customers of providing quality products on time and at competitive prices. We specialize in: Compact motors that offer smooth speed control over wide RPM ranges.The unique technology provides product with zero cogging. — “Welcome to AST”,
  • Wireless technology Innovator, EnGenius, has just introduced their most powerful Wireless Access Point/Client Bridge for the business environment. The ECB3500 is a high-powered 802.11 Super G long range WiFi device that offers consistently strong communication over wide-areas and long distances. — “EnGenius Technologies Introduces a High-Powered, Super G”,
  • over wide areas of Syria. The lid of secrecy covering the Sept. 6 Israeli air strike into Syria remains tight but one new theory emerging amid the speculation is that the Israeli conducted an electronic warfare exercise in preparation for future strikes or an attack on Iran. — “World Tribune — Israeli raid caused electronic disruption”,
  • Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant reaches out over wide receiver Brandon Lloyd for an incomplete pass. Chronicle photo by Chris Stewart. — “Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant reaches - Media (7 of 8”,
  • Capability of a Portable Chromatic Unit for Monitoring Airborne Particles over Wide Urban Areas The unit was intended for conveniently obtaining fingerprints of airborne micro particles over wide urban areas in a holistic manner rather than as an instrument for the accurate. — “Capability of a Portable Chromatic Unit for Monitoring”,
  • Tents work very well over wide decks - even tents made for more conventional camping - Wharram Hitia 17 Still, tents work very well over wide decks - even tents intended for conventional camping!. — “Living space in multihull sailing yachts”, multihull-
  • Expertly carved turquoise bead with sterling silver grommet core. Bead slides easily over wide cord and chain, such as caprice, and can be used with SmartBead BPS™. — “Bead, Dione™, turquoise (IMIT) and sterling silver, 12x11mm”,
  • Mason Chemical Company, MAGUARD H-55 is a versatile and cost effective preservative that provides a high level of antimicrobial activity. It is Functional at low concentration, H-55 is fully compatible with surfactants, emulsifiers and proteins, and is stable over wide pH and temperature ranges. — “Mason Chemical Company >> Maguard™ H-55”,
  • EMERYVILLE, Calif. - (Business Wire) Aspera, Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world's digital assets at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions, announced when transferring large, bulk data over wide area networks. — “Aspera Awarded Patent on Data Transfer Technology from”,
  • 46' Over-wide Steel Reefer, Find complete details about container,storage container,food container from Jinan Qingong International Trade Co., Ltd.. You may also find other container,storage container,food container products or Container. — “46' Over-wide Steel Reefer products, buy 46' Over-wide Steel”,
  • The small aircraft that crashed yesterday in Seale, Ala., was badly fragmented and spread over a large area, an official with the National Transportation Safety Board said today. Downed plane fragmented, spread over wide area. — “Ledger- | 04/08/2008 | Downed plane fragmented”, ledger-
  • Royalty Free Stock Photo, Big sky over wide angle Liver Building in Liverpool, copyright ilbusca, iStockphoto LP. — “Big sky over wide angle Liver Building in Liverpool | Royalty”,
  • [edit] Overwide anatomy infoboxes. 30-March-2008: There have been several infoboxes that The Template:Infobox_Muscle was another overwide template that had expanded when MeSH. — “Template talk:Infobox muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • MANUFACTURING FIRMS SELECT RIVERBED TO OPTIMIZE APPLICATION PERFORMANCE OVER WIDE AREA NETWORKS replication and transfer of large design and database files over wide area networks (WANs). — “Manufacturing Firms Select Riverbed to Optimize Application”,
  • NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices rose on Thursday amid optimism over wide-ranging efforts to solve the U.S. financial crisis and amid mounting concern over the impact of back-to-back hurricanes on U.S. — “Oil up on U.S. rescue plans, slow Ike recovery | Reuters”,
  • A swarm of hundreds of earthquakes shook a wide area of central California today. Groceries were knocked off store shelves, but there were no reports of injuries or major damage. Earthquakes Swarms Are Felt Over Wide Area of California. — “Earthquakes Swarms Are Felt Over Wide Area of California”,
  • Amplification of turbulent exchange over wide Arctic leads: Large-eddy simulation study ( 2007), Amplification of turbulent exchange over wide Arctic leads: Large-eddy simulation study, J. Geophys. — “Amplification of turbulent exchange over wide Arctic leads”,
  • Thermocouple and stem dial thermometers offer temperature accurate measurements with datalogging, printing and hand held functions. Wide variety and selection. Microprocessor assures maximum accuracy to 0.15% of reading over wide ranges. — “Contact Thermometers and Thermocouples”,
  • Over-wide definition, having considerable or great extent from side to side; broad: See more. — “Over-wide | Define Over-wide at ”,
  • An aggressive tire with all-terrain tread design provides good traction over wide variety of surfaces. An aggressive tire with all-terrain tread design provides good traction over wide variety of surfaces. — “Dayton Tires Available at ”,
  • Wide Calf Boot Tips How to zipper or stretch boots over wide calves How to zipper or stretch boots over wide calves. I just bought this great pair of knee high wide calf. boots, but I can't get the zipper to close over. — “Wide Calf Boot Tips | ”,

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  • 1995 KOMATSU CD60R For Sale Title: 1995 KOMATSU CD60R For Sale Detail Listing: Description: It is powered by a 6cyl 135HP Komatsu Turbo Diesel engine. Showing only 2497 hours on a working hour meter. Runs great with no excessive smoke or blow-by. Also has glow plugs for cold starts. Engine is clean and there are no leaks that I can find anywhere on the machine. This machine also has the hydraulic dump bed with a 14000lb carry/lift capacity. And is 19000lbs empty. This machine has the hydrostatic drive and is very manuverable and very fast. This machine would be perfect for those hard to reach jobsites since it will be harder to get stuck in the mud with the LGP rubber tracks. Perfect for those real muddy wet areas. The rubber tracks are in good condition. Also can be used on concrete or blacktop with out having to worry about damage. This machine has the steel rails with bolt on rubber pads. It also has the 360 degree rotation feature like an excavator so you can rotate the whole machine completely around without ever moving the tracks. This is the largest crawler carrier you can haul and not need overwide permits. It is 99 inches wide. We have this one priced low, just search around and you will not hardly find one for under $45000 and we have a price of $39000 also don't be afraid to make me an offer, but also don't give me some crazy low offer either. Category: Dumper
  • BIBLE: HISTORY OR HOAX VIII - DEAD SEA SCROLLS DECEPTION [3Q15 LANGUAGE & UNKNOWN TEMPLE] In academic circles the Copper Scroll is known as 3Q15, the 3Q indicating it was found in Cave 3 at Qumran. It was written in an early form of Hebrew a square form script and has been shown to have linguistic affinities to pre-Mishnaic Hebrew and Aramaic, with some terms only comprehensible through study of Arabic and Akkadian. Other Dead Sea Scrolls were written in square form Aramaic script, or the so-called Paleo-Hebrew script, derived from Proto-Canaanite itself an evolution from Ugarit, Egyptian hieroglyphs and Phoenician. The language was a major puzzles for scholars. The Hebrew palaeography (style of script) and orthography (spelling) in the Copper Scroll is quite unlike anything found in other texts of the time, from Qumran or from elsewhere. It has, nevertheless, been almost unanimously classified as one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and now resides in the Archaeological Museum of Amman, in Jordan. John Allegro, a religious renegade, amongst a team of predominantly Catholic members, must have been the first person to translate the ancient Hebrew of the Copper Scroll into English. What he read, started a controversy that has raged for over 50 years amongst scholars. It contained a list of some 64 locations where fabulous treasures had been hidden, over wide geographical area, including large quantities of gold, silver, jewellery, precious perfumes, ritual clothing, and other scrolls. The Scroll does not reveal by whom, or when, the treasures were buried, let alone why ...
  • Barbell Bent Over Rows Wide Grip
  • NRL Round 7 2011 Highlights Canterbury Bulldogs Vs South Sydney Rabbitohs A potentially serious ankle injury to star prop Sam Burgess has increased the pain for the Rabbitohs after they went down to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 36-24 in front 22352 fans at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night. Down 20-6 at the break, the Bunnies appeared headed for a hefty defeat until half-back Chris Sandow inspired a brief second-half comeback that saw his side trail by just two-points with 18 minutes to play. But their momentum quickly evaporated when Burgess grimaced in agony as he was brought down in a tackle that may result in serious ankle ligament damage. The resulting delay that occured as the big Englishman was being carried off the paddock simply played into the Bulldogs' hands. The hosts would go on to score three tries in a nine minute period following the Burgess departure to effectively kill the game as a contest and secure back-to-back wins. Full-back Ben Barba was the architect of the Bulldogs victory, producing a stunning two-try performance from the back, while half-back Trent Hodkinson, hard-working prop Aiden Tolman and crafty hooker Michael Ennis were all steady influences in this high-energy clash. In further bad news for the Rabbitohs, 18-year old debutant full-back James Roberts suffered a suspected broken forearm in the second half to dampen what was an encouraging first-up performance by the youngster. After posting just a solitary try in their previous two matches, it took only five minutes for the Rabbitohs to strike in this one, with ...
  • Marcus Intalex - Wide Eyes timelapse : Scratch practice over Wide Eyes by Marcus Intalex
  • Remove Prorat & Recover all the damage caused by prorat ProRat is a Microsoft Windows based backdoor trojan horse, more commonly known as a RAT (Remote Administration Tool). As with other trojan horses it uses a client and server. ProRat opens a port on the computer which allows the client to perform numerous operations on the server (the machine being controlled). ProRat is available in a free version, and a paid version. In the free version, ProRat cannot connect to users over wide area networks (WANs), only over LANs (Local Area Networks). ProRat is known for its server to be almost impossible to remove without up-to-date antivirus software. Now the creator has also infected the client itself, so that you will have a virus when you download ProRat. Download~
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction (Xbox 360), #1. The Catacombs of Rome (2/4) Certain platforms are ghostly illusions. Use light to reveal a tangible, real platform. Ugh, this place is creepy and haunted. Humungousaur and Terraspin are needed to move crates, heavy objects, work on valves, cranks and to hover over wide gaps respectively.
  • Hurricane Tracking: Driftsonde Balloon Launch Researchers launched specialized balloons into the stratosphere to drop nearly 300 instrument packages over wide swaths of Africa and the Atlantic Ocean in August 2006 (see www.ucar.edu ). The instruments, designed by scientists and technicians at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), gathered detailed data from critical regions of the atmosphere where some of the most dangerous US hurricanes develop. Called driftsondes, the high-tech balloons included an NCAR-designed robotic gondola to release the instruments; the French space agency (CNES) designed the ballooning systems.
  • Cisco & SolarWinds Chat About IP SLA - SolarWinds Video Cisco's IP SLA Technical Marketing Manager and SolarWinds Head Geek discuss solutions for managing VoIP traffic over wide area networks. Learn more about how Cisco IP SLA works and the benefits of this network protocol.
  • high bench jump over wide
  • Masterguard Waterproofing System - ( Fiber Reinforced ) Part 1 The Masterguard is a one component water-based liquid applied acrylic waterproofing system. It comprises of 100% specially modified acrylic polymers, and is applied in 5- 6 coats incorporating a layer of chopped fibreglass matt. Compared to conventional waterproofing methods, Masterguard Waterproofing System has several advantages as explained below. • It is one component, fully acrylic water- based system • It is cold applied, odourless and solvent free • It allows instant setting and custom made acrylic membrane over entire roof profile • It is easily applied, allows excellent adhesion and the finish is totally seamless • It provides high tensile strength with the fibreglass reinforcement • It has a crack bridging ability • It has high elasticity over wide temperature range • It is scratch and fire resistant • Upon exposure to constant heat (40oC for 600Jam), no degradation of the Masterguard finish was proved • It is non toxic and environmental friendly • It is specially modified for tropical climate protection • No protection board or cement screed required for the waterproofing • It limits dead load structure • Thermal movement is accommodated • It provides high resistance against UV radiations • It is resistant against aging • It is easy to repair, and maintenance cost is meager • It is trafficable to foot, vehicle with rubber or plastic wheel • It is available in various colours of choice • Masterguard is available in different packings (24kg, 6 kg, 4kg) The ...
  • Colorado National Monument Bike-O-Vision Cycling Video Colorful imagery captured with state of the art HD cameras and widescreen format! Push your cardio rate up as you crest the enormous red-and-orange rock mesa, peeking into astonishing side canyons, up at balanced rocks and over wide vistas along the way. Other highlights of Rim Rock Drive also include Artist's Point, and views of the Coke Ovens and Independence monument. Fans of the Grand Canyon and Zion will especially love this one! Additionally, you'll enjoy a tour of the Grand Junction area, ending with a pleasent ride along the the muddy Colorado River. Ruggedly beautiful!
  • BATTLEBOX Mobilizer Wheels, Part 1 The amazing CDK ISO sea/air/land container "BATTLEBOX" Container Load Trailer (CLT) mobilizer wheels enable M113 Gavin light tanks/APCs to tow BBs on the highway without being over-wide and encroaching into the other traffic lane. CDK makes US Army standard mobilizers for ISO shipping containers to enable the "BATTLEBOX" system of mobile fortifiable troop shelters and STOL observation/attack aircraft mini-hangers to be ground mobile by M113 Gavin light tracked armored fighting vehicles. General Gavin's KIWI pod system can also be lifted by fixed-wing aircraft like the C-130, C-17 and rotary-wing helicopters like the Sikorsky S-64/CH-54 Tarhe heavy lift helicopter now being produced by Erickson Aircrane. We should fully exploit the mobility and protection of ISO container BATTLEBOXes so when overseas the locals know we are only there temporarily and to eliminate greedy contractors building flimsy shacks that we leave behind as a colossal waste of $$$ as we are perpetually not ready for the next foreign deployment: /strategicmaneuver/battleboxes.htm Aircraft to exploit pod modularity: /air_mech_strike/aircraftphotos.htm Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google!
  • Grand Chase: Battle Mage Arme's 4th Job: Battle Mage; the Magician of Destruction. Characteristics: Battle Mages hold the highest rank of the Royal Court Mages, standing at the front lines of battle casting powerful magic spells with their immense elemental powers. Arme earned the honorable title of Battle Mage from the Violet Mage Guild in recognition of her efforts to protect the Bermesiah Continent after emerging victorious from her conflicts with Kazeaze and Dark Anmon. Unlike Mages who fulfill dual roles of inflicting damage and providing support to allies, Battle Mages only specialize in overwhelming their enemies with powerful magic. Arme can combine her long-range and wide-range magic attack skills with the Warlock classs specialty in melee attacks to devastating effect. Battle Mages are ideal for inflicting great damage over wide areas and at close range, but suffer from considerably low accuracy in long-range attacks, so they must employ different combat strategies according to each unique situation. Battle Mages also have a useful skill known as Teleport and other special abilities that are especially effective against long-range specialists like Archers. Weapon: The Battle Mage likes to use a War Staff. Basically a regular staff but with more power. Skills: Black Magic: 1st Bar: Fire Bust: Basically her combo, exept with a constant damage. 2nd Bar: Shockwave Force: The BM casts a fielding of Lightning around her. Just dont get too close and you'll be safe. 3rd Bar: Deep Impact: The ...
  • Masterguard Waterproofing System - ( Fiber Reinforced ) Part 2. The Masterguard is a one component water-based liquid applied acrylic waterproofing system. It comprises of 100% specially modified acrylic polymers, and is applied in 5- 6 coats incorporating a layer of chopped fibreglass matt. Compared to conventional waterproofing methods, Masterguard Waterproofing System has several advantages as explained below. • It is one component, fully acrylic water- based system • It is cold applied, odourless and solvent free • It allows instant setting and custom made acrylic membrane over entire roof profile • It is easily applied, allows excellent adhesion and the finish is totally seamless • It provides high tensile strength with the fibreglass reinforcement • It has a crack bridging ability • It has high elasticity over wide temperature range • It is scratch and fire resistant • Upon exposure to constant heat (40oC for 600Jam), no degradation of the Masterguard finish was proved • It is non toxic and environmental friendly • It is specially modified for tropical climate protection • No protection board or cement screed required for the waterproofing • It limits dead load structure • Thermal movement is accommodated • It provides high resistance against UV radiations • It is resistant against aging • It is easy to repair, and maintenance cost is meager • It is trafficable to foot, vehicle with rubber or plastic wheel • It is available in various colours of choice • Masterguard is available in different packings (24kg, 6 kg, 4kg) The ...
  • La Burrera Footbridge, Honduras The children of La Burrera want to go to school. But most of the students live across the Grand Liure River. When the river floods, they cannot attend classes for days, and sometimes even weeks when the rains are strong during the 3-4 month rainy season. Last year a child was in school late when the rains came heavy one afternoon. He was not able to go home for 3 days. The parents also want their children to go to school. All the village fathers are willing to give up time in the fields to build a bridge so their children can have an education. With this new bridge the community of La Burrera can eventually grow from a village to town, and lift themselves from the ranks of the poor to the middle class. All of this is dependent upon access to education for their children. For, when their children come home with college degrees and new methods of farming, agriculture, nursing or teaching, everything will change. The La Burrera Bridge is also the site of our first suspension bridge. Previously, our bridges had short towers that did not allow us to "lift" the bridge deck over wide valleys or flat-banked rivers. But, thanks to the design efforts of Bridges to Prosperity Board Director Jeremy Johannesen, and the sponsorship and Honduras construction support team from Ross Construction, this new highly efficient and sustainable bridge will help expand our mission to twice as many river crossings worldwide as before. Therefore, the impact of this bridge will be felt far beyond ...
  • American Chemical Tech. - UCON™ Trident™ UCON Trident AW hydraulic fluids are high performance hydraulic fluids designed for demanding industrial applications requiring excellent anti-wear properties over wide temperature ranges. UCON™ Trident™ AW Hydraulic Fluids do not break down to form sludge, and they do not hydrolyze in the presence of water. Furthermore, because of their high viscosity indices and excellent low temperature characteristics, one UCON™ Trident™ viscosity grade fluid may replace two or three viscosity grade mineral oils. These hydraulic fluids are ideal for use in applications such as dockside/marine, forestry, amusement, and industrial operations.
  • Betty's Party Pigs-in-a-Blanket Recipe In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Party Pigs in a Blanket. These are wonderful for an appetizer, a party, or just a snack anytime! Ingredients: 8 oz. refrigerated package crescent dinner rolls 24 small canned Vienna sausages Dipping mustard (I prefer herlocher's, but any type will do.) Separate dough into 8 triangles. Cut each into 3 triangles. Place sausages over wide end of triangle, and roll up. (Reshape dough a little, if necessary.) Place on ungreased cookie sheet or baking pan. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve immediately with dipping mustard. These are quick and easy to make--inexpensive, too! You will enjoy these with friends at a sports party! --Betty :)
  • Setting up the ***og Devices' AD9467 Evaluation Board ***og Devices' AD9467 is a 16-bit, monolithic, IF sampling ***og-to-digital converter (ADC). It is optimized for high performance over wide bandwidths and ease of use.
  • Visualcasting of 4K content (2006) This video is a demo showing multiple 4K content streams replicated and broadcasted in real-time over wide area 20 Gigabit networks shown on a 100 Megapixel display. Developed by students at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory.
  • pokemon fire red hack (rare pokemons[programs in description]) pokemon fire red hack programs: visualboyadvance; pkmn overwide world editor; advancemap; poketronic; pkmn fire red
  • Snowmobile Safari in Spitsbergen - Tempelfjorden You can choose between several destinations with varied duration. We can offer day trips to Russian Barentsburg and the beautiful Tempelfjorden. Longer trips to the grand East coastor to Pyramiden are also available. The trip All trips take you through the characteristic natural beauty of Svalbard, over wide plains and narrow valleys. Experienced guides ensure that our snowmobile tours are more than just a trip from A to B - they are full of knowledge and information on everything from history, animal life and Svalbard's geography. We make plenty of stops underway - to admire the scenery, to give information on the local history, or simply turn off our engines and enjoy the silence of the white wilderness. We make every effort to ensure that your trip is enjoyable, while giving top priority to your personal safety at all times. Lunch will be served on all trips. In Barentsburg, we have lunch at the hotel, on the trips to Tempelfjordenand to the East coast safari we have lunch en route. The trip We are equipped and briefed before heading up Todalen and west towards Barentsburg. The journey then takes us on to Colesdalen and along the coast past Kapp Laila and Kapp Heer before arriving at the Russian mining village. Alternatively we go through Skiferdalen and across to Grøndalen before going down to Grønfjorden and Barentsburg. Guided tour and lunch at the Russian Kitchen. Weather permitting we take the opposite route on the way back to Longyearbyen. THE FOLLOWING APPLIES ...
  • Sales Training Sales Olympian is an online sales training course. Sales Olympian teaches professional sales techniques by allowing students to have fun as they learn. A combination of games, puzzles, simulations, animations, photos, graphics, sound and music create an entertaining and motivating environment. Sales Olympian is the antithesis of the boring e-learning of the past. Employees work at their own pace learning how to use and apply techniques such as prospecting, qualifying, listening, questioning, covering the bases and closing. Professional selling skills are essential for the success of every individual and organization. In addition to sales of your products and services, selling skills are essential for good customer support and interdepartmental cooperation. Selling may be face to face, in groups or on the phone. Everyone in every company is involved either directly or indirectly in selling. Sales Olympian is designed to help not only direct sales people but all staff. Sales Olympian can be used by anyone, from any industry. Sales Olympian makes trainers more effective. Sales Olympian reduces trainers' workloads and allows trainers to spend valuable classroom time reinforcing principles rather than teaching the basics. By reducing the need for classroom training, Sales Olympian slashes total training costs. Sales Olympian makes things easy for the administrator too, with comprehensive reporting and flexible course setup options. It even allows you to easily add your own ...
  • Youtube Poop: Dr. Rabbit Teaches Some Child How to Have Cavities The one-year special, my 11th youtube poop that I finally completed. Some of the audio got cut off so I'll put up annotations of whatever is left out, and I apologize about the over-wide screen. Info of poop: When Dr. Rabbit comes to life out of a girl's stuffed animal, he teaches her the opposite of what is good for her teeth, giving her the wrong advice and what not. Hope you enjoy the one-year special!
  • Swift over wide Log.MOV This is an older video
  • UFO October 13, 2010 Seen today A continuation/comparison video, "Unidentified Object October 13, 2010 Not Laser" is shown at: and "UFO October 13, 2010 Seen today Comparison Video" at Video was filmed in Infrared this morning beginning at 7:10 The object didn't look like an insect because small things like soybean pods are in focus, also other insects are shown in infrared. With this camera equipment and lighting conditions, insects normally give a solid appearance because of their bodies; they do not look diffuse and translucent. Not reflection because over wide area from northwest to south of me. There were trees south of me, a soybean field to the west, and my house to the east. Soybeans are light color, but do not light up. Do not have diffuse appearance, even close ones A bird swooped down toward the object and then back up as if it were after it. This would suggest that the object was in the soybean field and possibly 20 or more feet away. The back side of the trailer was about 15 feet away. The object should have been in focus and not diffuse. :36 A bird passed it. It may have dived at it because it swooped down toward it and then flew up as soon as it passed it. It would be difficult for a bird to see at night. The bird appears solid and dark, even thought it is moving rapidly. .41 dissippear, but soybeans are in focus .41 dissappear when focus on it. 0.42 See Soybeen pods through it :56 - :58 see through it, when it comes close 1:13 move rapidly while camera is ...
  • Nick G. Jumping Over Wide and Tall Bush Nick G jumps over a bush that is very tall and wide and get hurt
  • Interop 2008 Winner Networking & Application Best of Award Cisco WAE 674 and Cisco WAAS v4.1 is the recipient for providing application optimization, services for customers to improve application performance over Wide Area Networks.
  • God on DVD? Take a trip back in time to the 1400's. You're a pagan farmer living your life the best you know how. This trend called "reading" is starting to catch on in your area, especially with the recent advent of the printing press. However, life is tough and you don't have much leisure time to learn reading. Despite your own busyness, reading has become the popular way for educated people to express and share ideas with each other over wide spans of distance, rather than having to travel themselves and give public speeches. Your educated friends tell you about this book called The Holy Bible, the first book printed in mass quantity. They explain its page turning tales of David and Goliath, Noah and his Ark, Joana and the whale. Most importantly, the book has taught them that you're responsible for the mistakes of your ancestors, but a man has recently died to take the heat for you. All you have to do is accept his sacrifice, and worship him to maintain your rights of forgiveness. The book has everything you need to live your life properly, including listed instructions, and the origin of human kind. You ask who wrote the book and how one author could possibly know so many things with such certainty. Your friends say it was written by multiple authors, all of whom were divinely inspired by the almighty creator of the universe himself, despite the book's outlandish claims and multiple contradictions. Everyone seems to be doing it so you jump on board, because you don't know any ...
  • SARAH PIERCE - CRUEL MAN Sarah Pierce has a wonderfully unique sound. Her music is a blend of both old and new world sensibilities. The Los Angeles Times stated, "Sarah Pierce seems a likely candidate for contemporary music fame." "Her lyrics daze with elegant poetry that carries the listener over wide musical vistas on each soul-bearing turn of her incomparable voice." uly, 2007, Sarah took three weeks away from writing and recording to go back to Italy for a tour of festivals. In seven*** days of headlining, the worst response was 'only' one encore. Once back, she performed locally through the fall and winter as she continued writing and recording newest release. Appropriately, this album would become her now critically acclaimed Cowboy's Daughter. Spring of 2008 was devoted to the finishing of the recording and to rehearsing the band in preparation for showcasing the new songs. Cowboy's Daughter was pre-released to Sarah's fans, select press, and European distribution in the summer of 2008. November saw the Sarah Pierce Band back in Italy. This time a two week tour of beautiful theaters. Once again, three encore nights were the norm. It's now fall of 2009. a great year thus far. Rehearsing the band that Sarah calls her very best EVER! Booking local and regional gigs to continue promoting Cowboy's Daughter. Writing and recording...a new project already begun. This one slated for an early 2010 release. It has definitely been a long, wondrous, and sometimes hard road for a girl raised on cattle ...
  • Suggestions vs. Solutions: How I Read Books For Max Effectiveness - Robb Bailey explains why reading books slower and more frequently is better for implementing solutions in your business, career, or life in general. Suggestions are only conceptual, solutions teach you how to implement. A famous quote says " "To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries." Isn't it rewarding to read a single chapter of book every day? Taking your favorite meal every single day does not satisfy a business oriented individual. He needs more than that, he needs more than clothes or good home to live with. What man needs to fulfill his journey is a good book perfect to supplement ideas for his mind. They are thousands of books found all over the world but few are worth to read. Below are good books and reading these books is more than just eating your favorite meal. Books covered: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki "Four Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber "21 Indespensable Qualities of a Leader" by John Maxwell The knowledge of entrepreneurship and outsourcing you get from these is very rewarding and it will surely last for a lifetime. Put in mind that no one can steal the knowledge you have stored in your mind and before I end my short description on this video, I want you to always remember that "Readers are Leaders."
  • Fortress Forever - Tutorial 6 - Flame Push In this tutorial I demonstrate the Pyro's flame thrower push effect. The flamethrower has a slight kickback to it. You can use this kick back in conjunction with jumping to help you accelerate quite fast over wide open spaces. www.fortress-
  • How Nose Surgery is Performed - Narrowing of Nasal Dorsum - Nose Job Enter the operating room and see first-hand how nose surgery is performed and learn about each specific procedure with Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a distinguished facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon internationally known for his innovative surgical techniques and expertise in revision & ethnic rhinoplasty. In this video you'll discover how the nasal dorsum is narrowed by fracturing the nasal bones. The nasal osteotomy is an integral element in rhinoplasty. A reproducible and predictable technique for the nasal osteotomy is a significant contributor to operative success. Osteotomies are typically necessary when the nasal hump has been reduced. They are also often necessary to narrow an over-wide nose or to improve a twisted nose. A small bone knife or osteotome is placed at the edge of the bone as shown. A gentle tap-tap technique is used to advance the osteotome along the planned path. Now the bone is cut and may easily be shifted as needed. Watch the experience of the patient who underwent this and many other procedures during her ethnic, or westernization, rhinoplasty at... http Dr. Nassif's practice, Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery, is located in Beverly Hills, CA. African American Nasal Anatomy Skin: Thick, Abundant Fibrofatty tissue Radix: Deep, Inferiorly-Set & Low Nasal Bridge & Dorsum: Short Nasal Bones, Wide & Flat Tip: Bulbous, Thick-Skinned, Under-Projected, Derotated (Ptotic), Abundant Nasal Soft ...
  • Miniature Impulse Generator for Mobile Device The Impulse Generator can generate Crisp Vibration. The Impulse Generator can operate over wide range frequency. The rising & falling time of the Impulse Generator is highly short. The Impulse Generator can provide realistic button clicking sensation by crisp vibration in mobile devices. The actuator has two operating mode : Crisp Vibration (0~300Hz) +Resonance Frequency (300Hz)
  • Agent Orange`s toxic legacy lingers on More than 30 years after it ended, the Vietnam War is still having a devastating impact on the lives of ordinary people. Up to five million Vietnamese were exposed to Agent Orange, a deadly herbicide sprayed by the US Army over wide areas.
  • Ariel Posen Blues Guitar Solo (with a Gibson Les Paul Special VOS) Taking a solo over Wide Mouth Mason's "Sister Sally" Gibson Les Paul Special Custom VOS into a Peavey Classic 50 using a Love Pedal Eternity Fuse, Zevex Box of Rock and MXR Carbon Copy Delay. Ariel Posen: Guitar Julien Desaulniers: Vox/Acoustic Guitar Meg Dolovich: Bass Paul Yee: Drums
  • Custom Stunticons- Wildrider & Breakdown Wildrider- Function: Terrorist Motto: "Either you're out of my way or you're out of luck" "Look out motorists- he exults in the accidents he causes! Drives recklessly, screaming and laughing. Some comrades think it's an act, others really know he's as nuts as he appears. Fears quiet, prone to tire blow-outs. In car mode goes up to 250mph with amazing maneuverability. In robot mode, his scattershot gun sprays laser beams over wide areas. Breakdown- Function: Scout Motto: "Keep your optical sensors to yourself" "Thinks everyone is staring at him, even Earth cars and stop lights. His self-consciousness hurts his performance. Finds heavy traffic nerve-wracking. Would prefer to be human so he could fit in better. In car mode, engine emits vibrations that cause mechanical failures in other vehicles; prone to leaky fuel pump. In robot mode, carries a concussion rifle which also causes mechanical failures.
  • IU & Whamcloud: Partnership to advance Lustre WAN Stephen Simms talks about how Indiana University partnering with Whamcloud will help advance IU's pioneering work in the use of Lustre over Wide Area Networks (WANs). For more information, read the IU news release at: uitspress.iu.edu
  • Devonte's 180 over wide 3 stairs Devonte doing a 180
  • Tuifly Song (Touch The Sky) Der offizielle Tuifly Song, der auch im Flugzeug immer abgespielt wird. Diesen gibt es unter als MP3 KOSTENLOS downzuloaden. LYRICS VERS1: I`m travel the world, as far as i would Discovered new places, wherever I could Saw that`s outthere, for people to see But now I know, where I wanna be VERS2: Would you like, to come with me To share with me, what I can see The worlds so small, peacefull and harm All the problems , are somewhere far BRIDGE: Leave all the troubles, far behind I show you how, to clear your mind REFRAIN: Close your eyes and touch the sky Flown away and passes by Higher and higher, come and feel free Let us fly, discover your dreams Fly, and and touch the sky Flown away, and take you high High and higher , come and feel free Let us fly with TUI fly VERS3: Over wide mountains, over the sea Close to the sun, where no one can be 30000 feet, over the ground Theres the freedom , I have found BRIDGE: This is where we want to stay Willkommen an Board, lets fly away REFRAIN: Close your eyes and touch the sky Flown away and passes by Higher and higher, come and feel free Let us fly, discover your dreams Fly, and and touch the sky Flown away, and take you high High and higher , come and feel free Let us fly with TUI fly
  • traps-bentover-wide-row.wmv traps, bent over wide row also focusses on the middle and lower traps
  • over wide funny boy - over wide funny boy

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  • “Over on the Biznik Blog Scott Bourne has a post about his Radical Approach to pricing his services. He just sits down, grins up at the waitress with his overwide smile and says "Bring me something good”
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  • “Cancan, foie gras, computers, expatriotism Overwide Tires are Bad for the Earth. Wednesday, November 1, 2006. The Chicago Tribune cites a University of Illinois study that estimates that the average American. has gained an average of 24 pounds per person over the last 40”
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  • “New 96" wide coach - The Four Winds Serrano Otherwise it has to get Registered as OverWide and that could cause all sorts of bother as you go from State to State”
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  • “ Reality -- quite different because a dozen overwide red pp called for vertical scores Fanned the batch; sponged it w kelgin, swished bundle fold- side thru undiluted bleach,”
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