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  • MW3 Gameplay: 2 AH-6 Overwatches in 1 Game! I got 2 AH-6 Overwatches in one game! How awesome???? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: http:///themcshields.
  • Ginger Dragon Plays: XCOM Enemy Unknown [Episode 8: Overwatch] IT seems like your standard abduction mission, but then some amazing overwatches change the battle... FOREVER!!
  • X-Com Rookie dreams of going faster. Gottagofasterfasterfasterfasterfaster to avoid those Sectoid overwatches.
  • NumbVirus - MW3 3 AH-6 Overwatches I ended up going 53-9 hellyeahh!!
  • Sniping Assault MOAB - 4 Preds, 4 Choppers, 3 Overwatches = 82-9 it would be dope if we can get 300 likes for this live stream gameplay. Please let me know if you think you will like this new series in the comment section ...
  • Xcom gameplay on classic difficulty, overwatch Over watch, should be called over missing. STOP missing. This is just a short video taken from my alien base assault, I managed to get pretty good gear for t...
  • Krazy Killsteakz Episode 2: AH-6 Overwatches Thank You all for having a success in the fist episode! Can i get 130 views please? This episode of Krazy Killstreakz contains a pair of AH-6 Overwatches! If...
  • SuddenDAVE - MW3 39-4 with 3 back to back AH-6 overwatches I actually came 2 kills short of a moab in a 6v6 tdm. Enjoy ;)
  • Dome Gameplay Overwatch madness Modern Warfare 3 Most Overwatches in a game Me doing work on dome. Check out my friend naim's channel. NAIMSpider.
  • soz hunn! getting my own back on my friend who comes over, watches football then sleeps :)
  • MW3 Gameplay: 70-10 w/ ACR Christian plays Kill Confirmed on Mission and goes 70 and 10 using the ACR, the RPG, Bouncing Betties, Predator Missiles, Over-watches, and Pave-lows. The so...
  • DROP ZONE: 55-13 WITH SHOTGUN | OSPREY GUNNER | CALL OF DUTY:MW3 I use the USAS shotgun and get 55 kills on Outpost. I manage to get an Osprey Gunner and a couple AH-6 Overwatches. Even though I die 13 times, almost all of...
  • black ops 2 zombies solo farm part 1 black ops 2 zombies solo farm part 1 TWG TheWelwynGamers the host rhys (aka, Huntswar pns name) ) plays black ops 2 zombies solo on farm and reaches a person...
  • Dome 46-6 Domination|Dual Ac-130 Gameplay|Gold Ak47 I was playing some mw3 and I managed to tear apart the enemy team with : 4 Attack helicopters 2 Ah6 Overwatches 2 AC-130s !!! Final score : 46-6 kd of 7.67 ;...
  • 3 AH-6 Overwatches in one game on MW3 the FAD is so good.
  • MW3- MunnyBoy97 OWNS Me owning with a P90 and getting 4 AH-6 Overwatches! Also sorry for the bad recording, this is the first i have ever done. It was originally recorded via the...
  • Camper: Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 1, Day 19 The Camper Volvo Ocean Race team is storming along at speeds in excess of 25 knots. The 24 hour record is firmly in mind as Nico talks through conditions and...
  • Krazy Killsteakz Episode 1: MW3 AC:130 This is the 1st Episode of the series,"Krazy Killstrekz" Episode 1 featuring a AC:130. Go to 6:03 for the AC130. Episode 2 will have 2 AH-6 Overwatches! If t...
  • MW3 - I Like Destroying Friendly AH-6 Overwatches! - Hardhat destory a friendly helicopter :) IGNORE [EXTRA TAGS] mw3 best perks modern warfare 3 mw3best killstreaks pointstreaks modern warfare mw3best smg lmg assault ...
  • MW3 Kill Confirmed on Mission 2 AH6-Overwatches/Commentary really nervous and did not know what to talk about.
  • Mw3//Moab + 3 A-H6 overwatches If you do leave a like and a favorite Don't forget to sub! Links// Last Video : http:///watch?v=pMcqr_x4qR8&list=UUchf72DjNl2Q73Buh2qKOpA&inde...
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3|MP7 Gameplay+2 AH-6 Overwatches My Twitter: https:///#!/CODPLAYER695.
  • DayZ Gunfight: Trapped in Elektro firestation Artyom and Abtekk get caught in Elektro firestation and pinned down while Mike overwatches and keeps them noted on his position.
  • Got Air Support??? got 2 a-6 overwatches and a pave-low.
  • Watches for Self Reliance I go over watches that could help you in a self reliant situation My website - https:///site/easternwoodlandsurvivalcom/home.
  • Modern Warfare 3 on Outpost 29&2 2 A-h 6 overwatches and the last 3 kills.
  • Shacktac Halloween Episode Map: Celle 2 Date: 1/11/2012 Mission: pFNG Town Sweep Side: Blufor Type: CO-OP TONIGHT ON A SPECIAL HALLOWEEN SHACKTAC! : * Delta Squad discusses killing alp...
  • Modern Warfare 3 - Two AH-6 Overwatches in a row (TDM) Achieving AH-6 Overwatch is always fun and rewarding for me. Achieving two in a row made me feel a lot happy :D :D :D.
  • 39-1 2 Choppers,2 Overwatches,2 Pavelows (Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay/Commentary) I will be leaving to Utah next Monday,but I will upload videos so don't worry about that.Please like the video;it helps a lot! Follow me on twitter! http://t...
  • 32-7 2 ah-6 over watches You watch this kid play he's really good you will like this if you like mw3.
  • Double AH-6 Overwatches Map: Sanctuary (DLC) Gun w/Attachmeants: Striker. Damage, Silencer, Blue Camo Remember to like the video and subscribe.
  • Mw3 over watches infect spots New channel fill free to subscribe!
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -- Oasis Tactical Rush Positions A compilation of various squad and sniping tactics, flanks and overwatches which may give your team the edge. Other related tactical rush videos: Valparaiso:...
  • Lyle J. Hayden- Near East Foundation 221628-03.mp4 Longines Chronoscope w/ Hayden, DR - Near East Foundation (NEF), 05Mar52] Title sequence; Frank Knight does commercial over watches. Introduction of Elliot ...
  • Servers and C4 and Overwatches, OH MY! eallens gameplay lightheartedly commentated on by NastyNort presented in a formal fashion.
  • black ops 2 zombies solo farm part 2 black ops 2 zombies solo farm part 2 TWG TheWelwynGamers the host rhys (aka, Huntswar pns name) ) plays black ops 2 zombies solo on farm and reaches a person...
  • But Who Overwatches The Overwatch? Game Clip.
  • XCOM Multiplayer - Match #35 XCom SC vs. XCom Rookies Map: Boulevard (Public Unranked) Short: Crawling my way out of the hole I dug for myself during the first few turns. Mistakes includ...
  • COD:MW3 - 2 AH-6 Overwatches,No Pave Low Going in with AH-6! Like,Comment and Subscribe!

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