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  • Overvoting In Miami-Dade's 2008 Presidential Election. FACT SHEET a. Overvoting on ballots cast by voters in person—that is, during election day and early. — “Overvoting In Miami-Dade's 2008 Presidential Election”,
  • Robert's Rules of Order notes that such votes are illegal: "If he votes for too many Undervotes combined with overvotes (known as residual votes) can be an academic indicator. — “Overvote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The domain may be for sale by its owner! The domain may be for sale by its owner! More details Related Searches. — “ - Election Voting Voting Machines Resources”,
  • This is called overvoting. The Approval Voting node explains what would happen if this were not "overvoting" but accepted voting practice. There is a grassroots movement for election reform that includes backers of several alternative electoral systems. — “Overvote (idea)@Everything2.com”, everything2.com
  • The problem, according to the legal complaint, revolves around voters who accidentally pick too many candidates for a particular race — an error known as "overvoting," which invalidates the incorrect part of their ballot. do not explain what, exactly, overvoting is, or its consequences, Mr. — “Lost in the Ozone...: New York's New Voting Machines Flawed”,
  • Of course it is important to require procedures to prevent overvoting, but The Election Transparency Coalition (ETC) has repeatedly insisted that If the Brennan Center's case succeeds, overvoting may be less likely to occur, but votes can still be nullified by the concealed vote counting. — “Brennan Center Sues NY Over Seasoning in Poisonous Brew”,
  • Now that Christopher Coke has been apprehended, we might be at a point of knowing a lot more about the west Kingston garrison constituency of which he was 'don'. He said he had much to say. Professor Stone found that overvoting was not even necessary in these cases. — “Jamaica Gleaner News - Reviewing Stone on garrisons - In”, jamaica-
  • Overvoting arises where a broker attempts to vote more shares than it has on deposit with See Marcel Kahan & Edward B. Rock, The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting, August 13, 2007, at 30 (noting that overvoting can result from mistakes such as the failure to revoke previously voted shares). — “theRacetotheBottom - Shareholder Rights - Shareholder”,
  • This error, known as overvoting, makes it impossible to count such votes. Instead, they consented to the replacement of our lever voting machines with computers that, unlike lever machines, facilitate both overvoting and vote switching between candidates and political parties. — “N.Y.'s elections being Floridized - Times Union”,
  • Of course it's important to require procedures to prevent overvoting. The suit acknowledges that lever voting machines make overvoting impossible, yet fails to mention that lever machines also cannot. — “OpEdNews - Article: Stop E-Voting in NY! Brennan Center”,
  • overvoting. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 10 November 2008, at 23:50. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “overvoting - Wiktionary”,
  • Hanging chads! Overvoting! A crash course in the Sunshine State electoral idiosyncrasies that could determine our next president. The 14,000 Palm Beach County ballots that were voided in '96, Deutsch stresses, included both overvoting and undervoting. — “Everything you need to know about the Florida recount”,
  • The purpose of this study was to identify and synthesize research findings of factors associated with eating disorders in women published from 1992-2008. Undervoting and Overvoting in the 2002and 2006 Florida Gubernatorial Elections: Are Touchscreens the Solution?. — “University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal”, urj.ucf.edu
  • Home " Luzerne County " Departments/Agencies " Bureau of Elections " Overvoting and Undervoting To avoid overvoting when on a punch card, optical scan or paper ballot voting system. Be sure to read the voting instructions for the voting system used in your election district. — “Overvoting and Undervoting”,
  • 12,181 Florida voters who used the DS200 lost their vote for president because of overvoting. Please delay certification of the DS200 precinct paper ballot tabulator until the high rate of overvoting can be corrected. — “Overvote”,
  • There's also the matter of overvoting, or inadvertently voting for more than one The lever machines didn't allow overvoting, but election advocates worry it will be an easy mistake to make on the paper ballot. — “: New ballots bring new complications in New York”,
  • Overvoting isn't a new word (a quick check showed it being used at least as far back as ( Note, too, that you see over-voting at least as much as overvoting.) There's even an overvote (verb) in the Oxford English Dictionary from 1641, but. — “Word Spy - overvoting”,
  • Election 2000: A Case Study in Human Factors and Design, by Ann M. Bisantz, University at Buffalo. From the Case Study Collection of the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. Another error that caused concern at the time was overvoting, or voting for more than one candidate for an. — “Election 2000: A Case Study in Human Factors and Design”,
  • Partisan patterns in overvoting, Florida 2000. Topic List < Prev Topic | Next Topic > MC Herron & JS Sekhon: Overvoting and representation in Broward & Miami-Dade counties,. — “RangeVoting : Message: Partisan patterns in overvoting”,
  • Last week, someone posted the overvoting question below in our "Q&A Forum" - note that overvoting reportedly occurs at 95% of shareholder meetings - and I couldn't help but have Julie conduct this interview with me to delve deeper into this unexplored topic. — “ Blog: Understanding Overvoting”,
  • notify the voter of the effect of overvoting (i.e. the vote for that office will not be counted) voting-system specific voter education programs notifying the voter of the effect of overvoting;. — “California's Plan for Voting in the 21st Century - California”, sos.ca.gov
  • Of course it is important to require procedures to prevent overvoting, but The Election Transparency Coalition (ETC) has repeatedly insisted that If the Brennan Center's case succeeds, overvoting may be less likely to occur, but votes can still be nullified by the concealed vote counting. — “Election Transparency Coalition: Brennan Center Sues NYSBOE”, re-
  • `Overvoting'' in the election in Palm Beach County refers to any situation in which for a single office more than one hole is The patterns of overvoting mistakes most likely to have occurred because of the defects in the design of the ballot are ones that imply spoilage of a. — “Report on Overvote Consequences of the Ballot Form in Palm”, elections.berkeley.edu
  • A summary of findings from our 2009 report about excessive overvoting on the DS200 and recommendations for immediate changes to protect Florida the reason for its very high rate of lost votes due to overvoting. — “Florida Fair Elections Coalition”,

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  • “More on Overvoting. We have posted the transcript from our recent webcast: "Understanding (in other words, there's a lot more overvoting than meets the eye)”
    — More on Overvoting - Blog,

  • “Perry purchased the shares in order to vote them in favor of a merger from which Perry We have resources on share lending, overvoting, empty voting, etc. in our "Share Lending"”
    — Blog - SEC Charges Investment Advisor for,

  • “Arizona 1972 County, and the two column ballots in several of the mark sense counties, which results some voters overvoting. Perhaps the description of the incident I heard was off”
    — Arizona 1972,

  • “Finally, if you still have questions ask questions in The Weblog Awards forum. All polls are subject to correction for overvoting, or other identified cheating, prior to the finalization of the results”
    — Best Photo Blog - The 2008 Weblog Awards, 2008

  • “Electronic voting machines have become a hot button issue this election year, with many computer scientists and privacy activists trying to raise concerns about machine security and the prospect of election tampering. Many election officials, on”
    — Texas (Voting) Two-step? - Technology Review,

  • “Why not debate and revise the budget in the open forum of the legislative chambers and then reconcile the differences in open Gallagher's new blog, we're happy to call your attention to yet another new voice on the Albany blog scene”
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  • “New Holt "Fair" Voting Bill will mandate TOUCH SCREENS and SECRET SOFTWARE! Planet Educational Forum and Library > New Holt "Fair" Voting Bill will mandate TOUCH SCREENS and SECRET SOFTWARE!”
    — New Holt "Fair" Voting Bill will mandate TOUCH SCREENS and,

  • “So, how do we get these officials to read Mr. Schneiers blog? I was impressed with its ability to discern where there were problems with overvoting and no votes on a specific ballot”
    — Schneier on Security: Voting Software and Secrecy,

  • “ to activate a new ballot (this procedure serves to eliminate overvoting). Henrico County uses Advanced Voting Solutions WinVote machines, which my put anything online (via web site, blog, forum, e-mail, whatever) that you don't want”
    — MrPikes Blog - 2006,

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