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  • New York's new optical scan machines will treat overvotes in a way that threatens the voting rights of millions of New Yorkers. Overvotes are almost always mistakes and the letter and spirit of the. — “In the News - LWV of Plattsburgh”,
  • It wasn't dangling, dimpled or pregnant chads that cost Al Gore the presidency. It was thousands of discarded overvotes in which voters marked more than one candidate. — “Florida officials hope machines will cut errors”,
  • There are two types of ballots: undervotes and overvotes. An undervote is a ballot for which no presidential vote was recorded. For these remaining overvotes, the data relating to the single coder's evaluation are. — “FL Ballots Raw Data”, norc.uchicago.edu
  • Undervotes combined with overvotes (known as residual votes) can be an academic indicator While an overvote in a plurality voting system is always illegal, in certain other electoral methods including approval voting, this style of voting is valid, and thus invalid overvotes are not possible.[4]. — “Overvote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • overvotes. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] Verb. overvotes. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overvote. — “overvotes - Wiktionary”,
  • I now know how the 5800 Bush/Gore overvotes (what voter makes that odd mistake?) fit into the tampering scheme. These suspicious ballots alone prove the fraud. There may Furthermore, the Bush/Gore overvotes are found more often in Republican precincts than. — “The Florida Overvote: Tragic Mistake, or Katharine Harris”,
  • A uthor's Note: This is an updated version of the article I posted on Monday titled Who Lost Florida? that reflects the corrections explained in The assumption that both undervotes and overvotes would be likely to mirror the precinct-by-precinct breakdown for the candidates is certainly. — “Who Will Win the Recount? - Jacob Weisberg - Slate Magazine”,
  • Excel Format Second Machine Count and Hand Recount: Votes for all candidates, Undervotes and Overvotes. Excel Format Machine Count for all candidates, Undervotes and Overvotes, and Partial Hand Count for Bush and Gore. — “Florida Data Page”, ssc.wisc.edu
  • NORC's review of overvotes missed 1,427 of the ballots classified as overvoted by the supervisors on election night -- a difference of 1.25 percent. the result of the inability of supervisors of elections to find by hand or machine the same ballots classified as overvotes and undervotes on Nov. 7. — “Lostvotes: The public will be the ultimate judge”,
  • Overvotes in the 2000 Presidential Election. in Florida. Using ballot-level data from the NORC Florida ballots project and ballot were overvotes, where multiple marks on the ballot made the voter's choice ambiguous. Some officials, such as Orange County's. — “The Wrong Man is President! Overvotes in the 2000”, www-personal.umich.edu
  • Overvotes - Define Overvotes at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Overvotes. Look it up now!. — “Overvotes | Define Overvotes at ”,
  • data element calculated from known data items, overvotes and undervotes are actual numbers that Traditionally, overvotes occur when a voter casts more votes for an. — “Chapter 8 Overvotes and Undervotes”, eac.gov
  • But Gore was a fool to do so, as we learned when a Sentinel count of just one optical county--Lake County--turned up a net gain of 130 overvotes clearly marked, in writing, for Gore. It makes the Miami Herald look pretty stupid for failing to recount the overvotes in its own well-hyped recount. — “kaus files dot com”,
  • Floridians cast about 1.5 million more votes in the 2004 presidential election than they did in the disputed 2000 contest, yet the combined number of overvotes and undervotes fell by about 83 percent from 179,855 to 31,453, according to the report prepared by the Department of State. — “: Report: Invalid Florida ballots at all time”,
  • Florida voter errors cost Gore the election By Dennis Cauchon and Jim Drinkard, USA TODAY Who won Florida? Who would have won if Al Gore had gotten Salvanto says the leading causes of overvotes in Florida were ballot design, ballot wording and efforts by voters to choose a vice president as. — “ - Florida voter errors cost Gore the election”,
  • overvote ( ) n. A ballot showing the selection of more candidates or choices than are allowed in a given race or referendum. — “overvote: Definition from ”,
  • Reports by the Florida Division of Elections, 2006 General Election Facts, Report on Voter Education Programs During the 2006 Election Cycle, ***ysis and Report of Overvotes and Undervotes for the 2006 General Election,. — “Reports by the Division of Elections - Florida Division of”, doe.dos.state.fl.us
  • The ballot must be examined to determine if the basis for rejection was in whole or in part due to one or more overvotes. First, the board must inspect each such ballot for overvotes that resulted from the voter filling in the oval adjacent to the. — “2008-111: Official Canvass and Report Forms for November 4”, sos.state.oh.us
  • Had the court allowed even two days for a recount, Gore would very likely have won the presidency, since we now know that the overvotes probably would have been considered and that he would have prevailed under any counting standard that included overvotes. — “A Rendition of Bush-Gore That's Long Overdue | The New York”,
  • Because there appear to be 19 more Democratic votes than registered Democrats who voted, the apparent overvotes could affect the 12-vote margin separating the second- through fourth-place finishers. — “Reed team files election challenge | ”,

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  • were undervotes or overvotes counted Both categories were thrown out The Media are still counting and apparently plan to continue counting until they can declare that Gore Really Won February 28 2001
  • overvotes with an estimated rejection rate of 14 3 percent for votes cast by African Americans compared with an estimated rate of 3 9 percent for votes cast by non African Americans 71
  • for overvotes with an estimated rejection rate of 12 0 percent for votes cast by African Americans compared with an estimated rate of 0 6 percent for votes cast by non African Americans

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  • “In Carver County, a volunteer reported that both overvotes and undervotes are being challenged. The volunteer in Brown County noted that it appears as if only Emmer's challengers are challenging overvotes”
    — Creating the Tipping Point - Blog : EDUAdvocates,

  • “Ballots with more than one name (overvotes) are void, and I assume the same is true for in light of numerous earlier postings in this blog, is that it is easier to hack the US”
    — Schneier on Security: Hacking the Papal Election,

  • “Home " Blog. Limiting over-votes in New York state. About EVIC. We are a non-partisan do not give voters adequate warning of "overvotes"– ballots that cannot be read in full”
    — Limiting over-votes in New York state | Early Voting,

  • “To the contrary, by automatically rejecting overvotes, voters are immediately taken out of the voting line, provided with a new of both certified optical scanners to automatically reject overvotes requires a modification to the configuration files or to”
    — Blog: Voting Technology | Brennan Center for Justice,

  • “Alas, a blog - Feminist, anti-racist, pro-fat, plus whatever else we feel like talking about. The fact that the APA is providing a forum for debate is not evidence that Ruston and Jensen are not racists, nor is it an endorsement by the APA of”
    — Race and Uncounted Overvotes in Florida 2000 | Alas, a blog,

  • “It's close to certain that, had the tens of thousands of would-be voters disenfranchised in the Florida 2000 presidential election (mostly African-Americans, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic) been allowed to vote, Gore would have easily won”
    — Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Would Gore or would Bush,

  • “ that failed to register a mechanically verifiable mark) and overvotes (those that contained more than one mark), were found by But no one imagined that the number of overvotes would be so large. Contrary to Professor Elhauge's argument,”
    — JURIST - Brown: In Defense of Manual Recounts, jurist.law.pitt.edu

  • “As the AP report put it, "In the review of all the state's disputed ballots, Gore edged ahead under all six scenarios for counting all undervotes and overvotes statewide." In other words, he got more votes in Florida than George Bush by almost every conceivable counting standard”
    — Count me out ... | Media Matters for America,

  • “How many people outside of this forum remember the highly controversial election between never requested, and which included "overvotes" — spoiled ballots in containing more than”
    — 2000 recount interesting fact,

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