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  • Instead of automatically returning an overvoted ballot to the voter, the new machines will display a confusing message that not Many other jurisdictions have set their optical-scan voting machines to return an overvoted ballot to the voter automatically with a clear explanation of the nature of. — “Complaint -- New York University School of Law vs. New York”,
  • Syracuse, NY -- One of the two voting machines at a Syracuse polling place was broken shortly before the mid-day rush Tuesday. Those machines have been specially set up to only flash "overvoted" for Republican candidates. — “Malfunctioning scanner tells public they "overvoted" at”,
  • After 2400 absentee ballots were duplicated, not a single absentee ballot was overvoted for just two candidates. Escambia county's absentee voters did make a lot of mistakes (1 overvoted ballot for every 72 valid votes cast), they only made mistakes by triple-plus marking their. — “Absentee ballot vote fraud in Escambia County”,
  • An examination of data collected by the Miami Herald(1) during its examination of overvoted ballots provides convincing evidence of fraud in the counting of absentee ballots in Escambia County. All these overvoted ballots contained three or more marks(2) in the. — “portland imc - 2004.12.02 - The Evidence for Ballot Tampering”,
  • 1C/1CNo. 016958 (+37=16995) 66.04. 1C/1CNo:OVERVOTED. 000001. 00.00. 1C/1CYes:OVERVOTED. 000001 1F/1FYes:OVERVOTED. 000005. 00.02. 1F/1FNo:OVERVOTED. 000005. 00.02. 1F/1FNo. 004861 (+4=4865). — “Ballot Browser results, June 14, 2009”,
  • Note that Leon County does not process overvotes with our system because our machines are programmed to reject overvoted ballots. Absentee ballots received with overvoted races are also rejected by the machines and then presented to the county canvassing. — “Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office”, co.leon.fl.us
  • Definition of Double-marked — A ballot that is overvoted with exactly two marks. More than 21,500 absentee ballots were cast in Escambia, of which the Herald identified 296 ballots as overvoted. — “Evidence of Ballot Fraud in 2000 Presidential Election”,
  • in Broward County appeared on approximately 17% to 31% of overvoted ballots. idential candidates appeared with much greater frequency on overvoted ballots in Miami. — “Overvoting and Representation: An examination of overvoted”, sekhon.berkeley.edu
  • If the voting machine is not set so that it automatically rejects an overvoted ballot, many voters may be disenfranchised. At startup, the scanner reads this file to determine, among other things, whether an overvoted ballot should be returned or retained. — “New Yorkers Call on City and State Boards of Elections to”,
  • If you mark the oval to the left of two candidates for Governor, you have overvoted and neither candidate will receive a vote. If you are confused as to whether you have overvoted or undervoted, please do not hesitate to ask for instructions from an. — “Franklin County Announcements - Overvoting and Undervoting a”, co.franklin.pa.us
  • The policy change involves how New York handles "overvoted" ballots. Under the new voting system — which will be used throughout the state for the first time in the September primaries — voters will fill out ballots that will be read by an optical scanner. — “NY violates Voting Rights Act :: News From Underground”,
  • Failed to examine half the overvoted ballots for indications of voter intent, despite its claim that this was a review of all the overvotes. Found not a single overvoted ballot in Gadsden County that indicated. — “EXCLUSIVE: Miami Herald Distorts Florida Recount ***ysis to”,
  • No results found for "overvoted" Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “overvoted definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • News : Malfunctioning scanner tells public they "overvoted" at Syracuse polling place Malfunctioning scanner tells public they "overvoted" at Syracuse polling place. — “ : Malfunctioning scanner tells public they”,
  • Both candidates challenged the Division's determination that three ballots could not be counted because they were "overvoted. Edgmon argues that the Division should have counted three ballots that Brewster excluded as overvoted. — “Edgmon v. Slate, Office of Lieutenant Governor, Division of”,
  • Board Of Elections Instructs NYers On New City Voting Machines | NY1 News is Time Warner Cable's 24-hour newschannel in New York City, delivering breaking news and features about the five boroughs. While the new machines tell voters they've overvoted, it also lets them cast their ballot anyway. — “Board Of Elections Instructs NYers On New City Voting”, ny1.com
  • Uncounted ballots, unmarked ballots and overvoted ballots — the so-called "residual vote" According to Cal Tech/MIT, the formula for electoral disaster on the Florida model is "uncounted ballots plus unmarked ballots plus overvoted ballots equals residual votes. — “State's residual vote high - The Clarion-Ledger”,
  • It wasn't dangling, dimpled or pregnant chads that cost Al Gore the presidency. It was thousands of discarded overvotes in which voters marked more than one candidate. Bush, whose name appeared on 25,749 overvoted ballots, would have picked up 1,309 votes under the new rules. — “Florida officials hope machines will cut errors”,
  • [edit] Verb. overvoted. Simple past tense and past participle of overvote. Retrieved from " /wiki/overvoted" Categories: English simple past. — “overvoted - Wiktionary”,
  • the public can view the Overvoted November 7, 2000 Presidential Race Ballots submitted to the Leon. County Supervisor of Elections Office for vote tabulation. These 56 ballots were submitted to our office by voters during the November 7, 2000 General. — “Leon County Overvoted Ballots”, www-personal.umich.edu
  • It wasn't dangling, dimpled or pregnant chads that cost Al Gore the presidency. It was thousands of discarded overvotes in which voters marked more than one candidate. Bush, whose name appeared on 25,749 overvoted ballots, would have picked up 1,309 votes under the new rules. — “Florida officials hope machines will cut errors - ”,
  • Of those 25, 24 chose to spoil their overvoted ballot and request a second ballot; none of those voters needed a third ballot. other voter who overvoted was in too big a hurry, and requested that we override the scanner and have it accept the overvoted ballot, which we. — “Verified Voting Foundation : Pollworker Account: Robert Kibrick”,

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  • “BallotNow scans the ballots into image files, interprets them, and uses human intervention to interpret ballots that seem overvoted. shows ballots that it thinks were overvoted to a "resolution team" during normal election”
    — Longmont council race audit, Jan 2008 - Technology serving,

  • “Findings Underscore Importance of Voters Having Access to Language Assistance. San working Ink-a-Vote Plus machines notify several voters who overvoted”
    — Asian Pacific American Groups Monitor Nearly 200 Poll Sites,

  • “ race is mac dvd to avi blank or the ticket "overvoted" - where two more than one oval is darkened,blu ray Blog. Photo Albums. Videos. nique, despite its puppet technique, the highest power law,nfl jerseys women, but is still not out of”
    — QuestNet: Emocmy551's blog: 新建 文本文档 (10),

  • “ country endorsed the automatic rejection of overvoted ballots, noting that this "better administrative This listserv is a forum for policy advocates, civil legal aid attorneys, and others interested in”
    — Blog | Brennan Center for Justice,

  • “I encourage all voters on the forum to put their vote up here to be voted on in the same ruining such a wonderful forum and wonderful neighborhood feeling in”
    — Forum and Classifieds " My Ballard,

  • “Our forum has now a Russian language board. It's worth visiting it if you speak Russian. The International Simutrans Forum > Requests and Discussion > Development and Bug Reports”
    — String too long: "replicate backwards",

  • “We've filed a memorandum in support of our case. You can view it here. By contrast, the Optech Eagle and the Premier Accuvote TSx immediately return the overvoted ballot to the voter. This technique invites the voter to examine their ballot for errors, and allows time for the pollworker to help”
    — Memo of Law in Undervote Case | Blog - Champaign County Clerk,

  • “The Brennan Center for Justice, New York State Conference NAACP, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Families United For Racial and Economic The State and City Boards can fix this problem by checking a box in the setup files that would automatically reject overvoted ballots”
    — New York's New Voting System Procedure Could Cost Tens of,

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