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  • Voting for more candidates than open seats. For example, voting for 4 council members where the ballot specifies "Vote for not more than 3." An ove An overvote may disqualify an entire paper ballot, even if the rest of it is filled out correctly. — “Urban Dictionary: overvote”,
  • More Voices for a Better Overvote Procedure in New York. By ReformNY – 07/08/10 To read what others are saying about New York's overvote procedure and to join the chorus of voices calling. — “More Voices for a Better Overvote Procedure in New York”,
  • Of course the overvote issue was "one reason talks between the Herald and the consortium broke down," as kausfiles accurately reported. In my mind, the overvote question was one of the critical questions. — “Kausfiles Answers the Miami Herald: This Time It's Personal”,
  • Overvote rates on the DS200 were much worse than for any other Florida voting system. The DS200 did not provide significantly better overvote protection for Florida's Election. — “Why the New ES&S Digital Scanner Should Not Be Certified”,
  • One example of an overvote would be voting for two candidates in a single race with the instruction "Vote for not more than one. While an overvote in a plurality voting system is always illegal, in certain other electoral methods including approval voting, this style of voting is valid, and thus. — “Overvote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of overvote in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of overvote. Pronunciation of overvote. Translations of overvote. overvote synonyms, overvote antonyms. Information about overvote in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “overvote - definition of overvote by the Free Online”,
  • In this example, the voter has selected more than one candidate for President, causing the ballot to be considered an overvote. As a result, this optical scan ballot is considered an overvote. — “NES > 2000 Florida Ballots Project > Ballot Types > Optical”,
  • overvote (plural overvotes) (US, politics) A case in which a voter has marked a ballot for more choices than allowed by the rules to overvote (third-person singular simple present overvotes, present participle overvoting, simple past and past participle overvoted). — “overvote - Wiktionary”,
  • An overvote occurs when one votes for more than the maximum number of selections allowed in a contest.[1] - How USA TODAY and others examined overvote. — “Overvote - Ballotpedia”,
  • Here is the list of 16 challenged ballots which had been awarded to neither candidate because they were ruled to be either an overvote or no vote at all, and which attorneys for Republican Sen. — “Here is the list of 16 challenged ballots | ”,
  • Three individuals, operating independently, examined each undervote ballot and some of the overvote ballots. However, most of the overvote ballots, which are less subject to different interpretation over their markings, were viewed by one person. — “Florida Recounts Would Have Favored Bush ()”,
  • New York's voters are at greater risk of having their ballots thrown in the garbage and voters should be on their toes this fall, according to the Brennan No matter what button is pushed, if the voters overvote and they do not see an attendant and receive a new ballot, the vote will not be counted. — “Brennan Center issues voter disenfranchisement warning”,
  • In this example, the voter has selected more than one candidate for President, causing the ballot to be considered an overvote. As a result, this optical scan ballot is considered an overvote. — “NORC Florida Ballots Project”, www2
  • At 9:38am today, the State Canvassing Board upheld Coleman's challenge of the infamous Lizard People ballot, classifying it as an overvote and denying Franken. — “The Lizard People: DENIED | Minneapolis Metblogs”,
  • offers independent newsletters, discussion, and activism for Democratic voters and candidates who want political change. It was the overvote, much more than the dangling and dimpled chads of undervote, that cost America the president we really elected. — “The Florida Overvote: Tragic Mistake, or Katharine Harris”,
  • overvote ( ) n. A ballot showing the selection of more candidates or choices than are allowed in a given race or referendum. — “overvote: Definition from ”,
  • This report will show that the combined 67 counties' 2008 overvote rate increased; however, that method from the touchscreen method where that technology prevented an overvote in early. — “2008 Over and Undervote Report”, election.dos.state.fl.us
  • Definition of overvote from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of overvote. Pronunciation of overvote. Definition of the word overvote. Origin of the word overvote. — “overvote - Definition of overvote at ”,
  • New York Considers the Overvote Problem. Brennan Center blog by Larry Norden, including Paul Malischke's comment, Jan 15, 2010 When the DS200 detects an overvote, it holds the ballot in the top of the scanner, displays a note that a. — “Overvote”,
  • The Miami Herald's overvote data provides conclusive evidence of the fraudulent counting But the Miami Herald overvote data shows that Escambia County almost certainly was doing. — “Citizens for Legitimate Government”,
  • Overvote mistakes. The overvotes — ballots with too many candidates marked — tell a fascinating story of how voters err, how election officials Most of these people went to the polls to vote for Gore," says Salvanto, who helped USA TODAY build the overvote database and ***yze it. — “ - Florida voter errors cost Gore the election”,
  • When an overvote exists that does not involve a write-in candidate, it is impossible to determine voter intent for that race or issue. Such a vote is not an overvote if the board can determine the intent of the voter was to vote for only one. — “2008-105: Unofficial Canvass – for the November 4, 2008”, sos.state.oh.us

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  • that he or she has a right to and should take his ballot to a precinct election judge and ask to receive a replacement ballot so that the voter can correctly vote this replacement ballot 2 This is a notice to voters by the East St Louis Election Commissioner which explains that casting votes for more than the number of candidates to be elected for a given office will
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  • “Alas, a blog - Feminist, anti-racist, pro-fat, plus whatever else we feel like talking about. As for why blacks were more likely to overvote than whites, I'd say there are a lot of explanations – such as”
    — Race and Uncounted Overvotes in Florida 2000 | Alas, a blog,

  • “Blog. More Voices for a Better Overvote Procedure in New York. By ReformNY – 07/08/10 The ReformNY blog is written by Lawrence (Larry) Norden, Laura Seago,”
    — More Voices for a Better Overvote Procedure in New York,

  • “video and photo news about election summarized his arguments below, along with an explanation from election officials about whether there could be an overvote in the 2010 election”
    — election news,election videos,election images,election headlines,

  • “South Portland Cape Elizabeth NextSentry: Election Day error causes overvote (Printed Nov. 17) Subscribe to this blog. Remember me. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. Contact us 207 282-4337”
    — South Portland Cape Elizabeth NextSentry: Election Day error,

  • “Findings Underscore Importance of Voters Having Access to Language Assistance. San been alerted if they made an overvote on their ballots (marking more”
    — Asian Pacific American Groups Monitor Nearly 200 Poll Sites,

  • “It is like an all-star lineup of weirdness in the MN Senate recount, going beyond "my grandma voted for Jesse Ventura" weirdness: Franken's lawyer contended that since Lizard People was not a real person, it shouldn't count as an overvote”
    — Bekiyrah · comedy ballot,

  • “I'll try to get the Elections Supervisor Bill Huennekens to give us a better explanation about what constitutes an overvote. I didn't insist that it was an overvote, but asked that it be sent to the Canvassing Board, because that would be the closest way to follow the”
    — Backbone Campaign,

  • “blog: Actually, the fastest way to handle the overvote situation is to send it back to The way the DS200 is configured for New York, when it detects an overvote, the ballot is”
    — Comment by Paul Malischke on Larry Norden's blog at,

  • “The Wall Street Journal's John Fund makes a claim about the 2000 election that is only partially true: Democratic partisans still argue that the 2000 presidential contest was decided by a single vote in the U.S. Supreme Court, even though”
    — The overvote footnote on Bush v. Gore - Brendan Nyhan, brendan-

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