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  • [0034]As depicted in query block 412, a determination is made as to whether the first chassis is being overutilized. Thus, it is determined that the first chassis is overutilized if the resource usage level difference exceeds a pre-defined action. — “DYNAMIC LOAD BALANCING BETWEEN CHASSIS IN A BLADE CENTER”,
  • Graphical icons in the Utility Explorer show servers that are under or overutilized. Luckily, the Utility Explorer spells out the answer in plain English too: "Over 1 hour, there will be 4 policy evaluations and 1 must be in violation before the CPU is marked as overutilized". — “Brian Egler's SQL Server Strategies: R2 UCP - What”,
  • Testimony on Controlling Medicare Payment for Overutilized Services by Gary Kavanagh Thank you for the invitation to testify on the Health Care Financing Administration's (HCFA) management of contractors' prepayment screens to prevent payment for inappropriate claims. — “Controlling Medicare Payment for Overutilized Services”, hhs.gov
  • Sidebars_in_article: Issue Number: 9When treating athletes, podiatrists may use corticosteroid injections to treat various conditions. However, are such injections overutilized in athletes? Here is what our expert panelists have to say. — “Steroid Injections: Are They Overutilized In Athletes”,
  • Chiropractic research, chiropractic news, chiropractic articles, chiropractic research email-newsletter, clinical chiropractic. Is Radiography for Acute LBP Overutilized? In Ontario, Canada, one-third of all patients with low back pain (LBP) go to a chiropractor; in nearly half of these cases,. — “Is Radiography for Acute LBP Overutilized”,
  • How about starting with some good old fashioned birth control?. — “What should countries in Asia, Africa and South America do to”,
  • Solution: Reducing overutilized OR time - the time an OR is occupied beyond its allocated If you allocate too little, then much will be overutilized to finish the cases, resulting in even more expensive overutilized hours. — “OutpatientSurgery.net > April, 2005 > Drawing Up a Winning”,
  • Telemetry monitoring overutilized. The overuse of telemetry monitoring in step-down units may create bed control problems for hospitals, congesting the ICU and the ER. There are some high yield situations in which telemetry monitoring is indispensable. — “Notes from Dr. RW: Telemetry monitoring overutilized”,
  • The resulting overutilized OR. time was calculated. For the example, the end-point for the overutilized time (1–3,5). Our results are sensitive to the size of the surgical. suite. — “When to Release Allocated Operating Room Time to Increase”,
  • Overutilized Word, Underutilized Noggin. Video Rental | Chicago, IL, USA (This happened at our video rental store the weekend that Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out. We had received copies of the older three so people could get caught up on the series. — “Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes”,
  • Is Imaging Overutilized in the Evaluation of Headache? Findings from Six More Insurance of our earlier conclusion that neuroimaging is not overutilized for headache evaluation. — “RSNA 2004 - RSNA Event”, rsna2004
  • An F.B.I. email suggests Senator Joseph I. Lieberman's website was not the target of a political rival's attack, but went down because it was overutilized and misconfigured. .. (THOMAS KAPLAN / The New York Times). — “Explaining Lieberman's Web Crash - Blogrunner”,
  • Flushing Hospital is ready to start a three-year, $126 million overhaul to expand and modernize its facilities, officials said yesterday. "We provide more than adequate medical care, but our physical facilities are overutilized. . . . We need to. — “FLUSHING HOSPITAL SLATES 3-YEAR, 126M FIXUP”,
  • The utilization of such an expensive machine would probably never be at a proper level; it would probably be either underutilized or overutilized. On the other hand, if it were overutilized, it would be necessary to replace it with yet another server that is even more powerful and expensive. — “A Cluster System to Achieve Scalability and High-Availability”,
  • These days, news about B.C. health care is dominated by tales of overutilized hospitals staffed by. — “Brian Lewis: New Abbotsford hospital a big step forward”,
  • Gets the number of DACs that are deployed on managed instances run on overutilized computers. Gets the number of managed instances of SQL Server that have overutilized files. — “Utility Properties (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Utility)”,
  • secondary data showed that black cherry, red oak, hard maple, and yellow-poplar were relatively overutilized, while the Red oak was highly overutilized. in New England and overutilized in the other five regions. — “Utilization of the Eastern Hardwood Resource by the Hardwood”, fs.fed.us
  • As a result, IAC guarantees that the shared wireless bandwidth is not overutilized and the quality of all existing flows are preserved. As a result, IAC guarantees that the shared wireless bandwidth is not overutilized and the quality of all existing flows are preserved. — “An Interference-Aware Admission Control Design for Wireless”,
  • be overutilized and identify the aquifers potentially. capable of supporting additional deep glacial-drift aquifers may be overutilized in a. few small areas within the township, there is no. indication of the. — “Ground-Water Levels in Aquifers Used for Residential Supply”, il.water.usgs.gov
  • Overutilized Links Starting in November 2006. Selecting the link on the bottom of the Overutilized Links at Various Sites. The results from the capacity planning study reveal that several links will be overutilized by November 2006. The. — “Using Cisco Network Planning Solution for Capacity Planning”,
  • The FBI found accusations by Joe Lieberman's campaign that challenger Ned Lamont's supporters crashed the Connecticut Senator's Web site on primary eve in 2006 to be unfounded, reports Technology News Summaries. | Newser Site was 'overutilized and misconfigured'. — “Lieberman Campaign, Not Opponents, Crashed Site - Site was”,
  • Find Continuing Medical Education (CME), Medscape medical journal articles, MEDLINE, medical news, conference coverage and comprehensive drug information on Medscape, a free resource for physicians. Overutilized in Patients With Advanced Cancer Dr. Kathy Miller reports on a study that. — “Medscape Today- Medscape”,

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  • UF researchers find surgical breast biopsies overused in Florida Thousands of women receive unnecessary surgical breast biopsies in Florida each year, University of Florida researchers state in an article published online this week by the American Journal of Surgery. These surgeries carry greater health risks and are more expensive than a less invasive, equally effective procedure called a needle biopsy. "Open surgical biopsy is not accounting for 10 percent or 5 percent of initial breast biopsies, which is what's recommended," said Luke Gutwein, MD, a surgical resident in UF's department of surgery. "It's accounting for 30 percent of initial breast biopsies, so open biopsy is incredibly over-utilized." Gutwein and six other UF researchers ***yzed state public health data for the years 2003 to 2008 and found that about 30 percent of breast biopsies were performed through open surgery. The study reflects conditions outside Florida, too, said David P. Winchester, MD, a professor of surgery at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Ill., and a former chairman of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. "This is an important message and should be generalizable to other parts of the country, in terms of the desirability of using minimally invasive biopsy techniques," he said. Needle biopsies are usually more appropriate when the suspicious area can be seen clearly through imaging techniques, according to reports written by panels of breast health specialists. The procedure, typically performed by radiologists ...
  • Cherbuliez on Bee Probiotics Besides breeding smarter bacteria, overutilized "modern" antibiotic treatments have been apparently harmful to the honeybees' digestive systems by reducing the number and variety of lactobaccili - good bacteria - within. Dana discusses Colony Collapse Disorder with Theo Cherbuliez, MD, a physician and leading apitherapist in South Freeport, Maine. Dr. Cherbuliez treats diseases from obesity to Multiple Sclerosis with success using Apitherapy, a combination of products from the honeybee including venom, pollen, propolis, wax, queen jelly, bee bread and honey. Here Dr. C elaborates on some insights he gleaned having attended the 2009 Apimondia last September in France. Dr. Cherbuliez, currently the Vice President of the American Apitherapy Society , is a pioneer of what he calls Green Medicine, a synergistic, multimolecular approach to health. utilizing the what Dr. Cherbuliez calls the Api-pharmacopeia. Dr. Cherbuliez was raised in Switzerland, and trained there in Freudian ***ysis before emigrating. He discovered bees early, as a neighbor in Switzerland tended bees, and now so does Theo. Theo tells great stories of travelling to China and beyond in bands of apitherapists because in the rest of the world, apitherapy is actually an accepted reality. Folk wisdom old as mankind's earliest days in civilization shows the utilization and recommendation of bee products by Socrates,
  • Pass Creek Post-Livestock Livestock de*** one of the West's most scenic public places ~ along Pass Creek in the Lost River Range. Stream is de***d, loss of willow regeneration, lowered water table, grasses are over utilized robbing wildlife of food, etc.
  • NEW! DOVICO Planning and Timesheet Project management plus timesheet and expense tracking all-in-one software! DOVICO Planning & Timesheet has been designed to bring project planning, resource utilization and time tracking together like never before. This project planning and forecasting tool gives managers the ability to easily determine how long a project will take and how much the project will cost based on resource availability. Get real-time data such as who is being underutilized and who is over utilized while also ensuring that your top employees are working on the mission critical projects.
  • ASUN Meeting Oct 21 2009 Part 2 Executive Reports: 0:00 President Collins announced that East Campus ASUN office furniture will be delivered to the office on Friday, thus, Senators should begin office hours there next week; a key will be at the Union Crossing for senators to check out. Each of the executives will have a key as well. President Collins also announced that the top three candidates for PFEC will be interviewed on Monday, October 26th and Friday, October 30th with open interviews at 9;30 and 10;30 am. Finally, Collins reported that there is a Board of Regents meeting on Friday, October 23rd. 2:28 Internal Vice President Coburn reminded the body of the recycling event at Memorial Stadium this weekend (October 24th). Senators should sign up at www.unl.edu/psc and should arrive on the day of at 2;45 pm. 3:21 External Vice President Crook mentioned that the office will be emailing 475-RIDE riders who are over-using the service this Thursday as a result of the high cost of the program last month. She distributed information on a business card sized sheet, to be distributed to any interested/confused student. 4:49 Speaker Tidemann reported that the Wellness Committee is going to tour the UNO Rec center next Monday (October 26th) and that the entire Senate will tour the University Health Center on Wednesday, November 11th He also reminded Senate that the East Campus grand opening next week at 5;30 on the third floor of the East Campus union; Senators are highly encouraged to wear their polos ...
  • Utilization Of The Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library. The City of Palo Alto is proposing a significant increase in its libraries--costing the taxpayers perhaps $200M over the next 30 years. The City claims that the libraries are "overutilized", but has provided very little in terms of hard documentation to prove that point. Walk-thrus of the Mitchell Park Library Branch, and the Recreation Center, were conducted in January, 2008, from early morning until closing times. Actual costs for most of the day, is 20-30 people (most of them using the Internet). The Recreation Center is empty most of the time. It is beyond difficult to understand how the City can claim it needs this very large facility when both the Library and Recreation Center are empty most of the time now.
  • Naborí at Tumbao Now in its third year of existence, Naborí is the brain child of its founding members Wichy Ayala, Robert Figueroa and Tony Ayala. All songs performed by Naborí are composed and arranged by local musicians or in partnership with fresh Midwestern talent. Naborís music is deeply rooted in the genre of traditional salsa music referred to by many as Salsa Brava. This type of salsa holds true to form, in where the musical arrangements are structured with the dancer in mind. The songs are structured with aggressive percussion, upbeat tempos, vibrant brass and chord progressions , which electrify any dancer, in any venue. Naborí's subject matter is also traditional, in the sense that it predominantly deals with issues outside of the typical, many times over utilized, romantic topics. Some of Naborí's more visited topics are those centering on everyday Puerto Rican life, placed against a backdrop of aggressive musical arrangements and compositions.
  • Enterprise Reporting, Capacity Planning and Change Management for VMware Welcome to this overview of Veeam Reporter 4. Im Doug Hazelman, Senior Director of Product Strategy here at Veeam Software, let's find out what Reporter4 is all about. Reporter is part of Veeams ONE solution for virtualization management, which provides real-time and historical views of both the performance and the configuration of your virtual infrastructure to optimize both service delivery and resource utilization. Keeping up with your virtual infrastructure can be a challenge. There are many moving parts, and things are constantly changing. The key management challenges with virtualized environment can be grouped into 4 areas - •Real-time monitoring •Enterprise reporting •Change management •And Capacity Planning. Veeam provides the ONE solution for Virtualization Management, addressing all key areas - Real-time monitoring for even the largest, global VMware deployments with Veeam nworks you can integrate VMware monitoring into your existing Microsoft System Center or HP Operations Manager enterprise framework. Veeam also offers stand-alone Veeam Monitor, affording customers the most flexibility to address their particular real-time monitoring needs. To address other challenges we have Veeam Reporter! Veeam Reporter is Enterprise Reporting, Change Management and Capacity planning for VMware. Veeam Reporter 4.0 is the result of input from numerous enterprise customers on their needs for a comprehensive reporting solution for their VMware infrastructure. Veeam Reporter ...
  • Here Comes the Bride the extremely well-known Bridal Processional, needs no introduction! It may be a bit over-utilized, but then again, if played graciously, as I try to do, it is Classic--go for it!
  • Create and Manage Task Resources with MindManager version 9 In this Mindjet MindManager version 9 for Windows tutorial you will learn how to work with task related resources, including create resouces for your mind map, determine availability and find under and over-utilized resources. For more information go to
  • Twenty-fifth Mission An anti-war song using the World War II reference, the final 25th bombing mission, as a metaphor for the exhausted and over utilized soldiers currently fighting in the Middle East.
  • What About Surgery & Medicine? - Upper Cervical 75% of the medications in the world are consumed in the US. And although there are times that surgery and medications are necessary and save lives, to say they are over-utilized in our country is an understatement. Medications are a wonderful crutch in a crisis, but far too often patients view their medication as a solution and not a crutch. More often than not, dietary and lifestyle (including healthcare choices) changes will go a long way toward living a healthy medication-free life. Surgery should always be viewed as a last resort. The average person does not take the prospect of surgery as seriously as they should and are often much more willing to go under the knife than they are to try conservative alternatives. This is partly the product of our medical system, which doesn't take the time to teach doctors about alternative treatments and therefore they are unequipped to inform patients about alternatives to drugs and surgery.
  • Lincoln Brewster - Majestic - Drum Cover SOLI DEO GLORIA! Lincoln Brewster Majestic Drum Cover. Lyrics reference Psalm 8. Jacked this up a notch or two & gave it that Jim Gordon/Layla vibe that one doesn't hear in worship & praise music. There are more grooves available than the ubiquitous 4-on-the-floor type that is so over utilized in p&w. May this serve as an example of making a cover your own, you don't have to play the feel on the record, play your own, as long as it works musically.
  • Surf & Snowboard Physiology; CV Fitness 101 Base Level CV Fitness is important for everyone & is crucial for surfers and snowboarders but is often incorrectly 'prescribed' and over utilized. This leads to injury, fatigue and poor performance. Find out how to start your base fitness and set yourself up for a good season both in the water and on the mountain! HR

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  • “This is the fourth post in our series based on the new whitepaper "The Next Frontier for Virtualization: Over-Utilized Systems" by iTKO (Ahrens, English). In this installment, we discuss 2 of the big 3 challenges of Over-Utilization: Limited”
    — The iTKO LISA Soapbox: Cloud Application Virtualization,

  • “The TrinityJacobs monthly newsletter, The Next Level, is filled with marketing, administrative, and other tips, tricks, and fancy bits! PowerPoint, as it's commonly used, is by far overutilized. I say Death To PowerPoint because, we need to see the use of it limited, at least”
    — The Marketing VA " Death to PowerPoint!,

  • “Forum discussion: I am pretty sure the node I am on is overutilized again. Been about two weeks or so that I have been trending response times and speeds in the evenings. Oddly, this coincides with another poster east of me who said they”
    — [VA] Node Overutilized - Cox HSI | DSLReports Forums,

  • “Arrogance is an overutilized, misinterpreted word, with misunderstood, disrespected On many an occasion i read an old blog post and hang my own head in shame at my attitude”
    — Blog | The Gremlins Umbrella Authority,

  • “[Archive] Microsoft Excel - the most over-utilized underutilized program and thoughts on slowin Additional Career-Related Links /blogs/matthewmoran/microsoft-excel-the-most-overutilized-underutilized-program-and-thoughts-on-slowing-down-to-speed”
    — Microsoft Excel - the most over-utilized underutilized,

  • “Dallas Fort Worth Architecture, Urban Development, City Issues, City Planning, Public Policy, Public Affairs, Urban Photos, Skyscrapers, High Rises, Towers, Buildings, Discussion Forum with Chat Its overutilized and needs about 10 patrol boats patroling it at all times in the summer”
    — Dallas Fort Worth Urban Forum - View Single Post - White Rock,

  • “On review of systems she stated that for the past few weeks she had been feeling a little PAP screening in the elderly was overutilized because it was performed despite the rarity”
    — Medical Informatics Student Blog, academic.amc.edu

  • “Professor Hollis' posting on me-too drugs presents a number of interesting economic otherwise be under- or overutilized in each of their uses), but it increases private”
    — Response to Hollis on Me-toos, who.int

  • “O'Reilly Sysadmin Blog A common problem with some cabinets is that one resource suddenly becomes overutilized or unavailable. For example, all of the outlets in a power strip may be fully populated, but the cabinet is only half full”
    — O'Reilly Sysadmin,

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