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  • The demand for CT has soared in the past decade, particularly with the advent of multislice scanners. But the increased interest comes with a caveat: Don't overutilize. In today's atmosphere, facilities are looking at ways to best enhance the. — “People, not equipment maximize MDCT capacity, study finds”,
  • The Association opposes arrangements that create incentives to underutilize or overutilize services for personal or institutional profit, or that are in any way based on the financial interest of the referral source. invested in and to overutilize those services for financial reasons. — “APTA | Stark II Phase II Regulations - APTA Comments - 3/30/04”,
  • Substantial similarity is the standard developed and used by United States courts to The standard arises out of the recognition that the exclusive right to make copies of a. — “Substantial similarity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This article outlines the issues in cost identification and fair payment for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) research. Patterns of care can be too expensive if they: (1) overutilize the hospital as the locus of care, or (2) underutilize prevention and education. — “Financial issues in defining levels for HIV/AIDS research”,
  • Overutilize definition, to put to use; turn to profitable account: See more. — “Overutilize | Define Overutilize at ”,
  • This dovetails well with my previous post on emergency-room visits and the people most likely to overutilize that delivery of care. the system when Medicaid patients are the most likely to overutilize emergency rooms, thanks to the perverse economic outcomes Medicaid creates. — “Video: ObamaCare's impact on doctors " Hot Air”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Related Words: encroach, entrench (also intrench), infringe, invade, trespass; overdo, overuse, overutilize, overwork. — “Exceed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • An orgaization of 14,000 American physicians advocating for single-payer national health insurance. the idea that when access to health care is unrestricted, patients "overutilize" health services in wasteful and inefficient ways. — “"Moral Hazard:" The Myth of the Need for Rationing”,
  • BACKGROUND & AIMS: A common perception among purchasers is that academic medical centers are inefficient and overutilize technology; however, little empirical information exists. — “Care of patients with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in”,
  • There is some belief that Emergency Departments are being used for non-emergency medical care. In particular, do Medicaid recipients and uninsured patients overutilize ED for services better provided in other settings In two studies conducted at. — “To what extent are emergency departments being used for”, nerve.in
  • We overcompensate for some services and overutilize others," Evans says. has been that the agency hasn't done a good job policing those providers who overutilize. — “Changes surfacing for Texas workers' comp - Austin Business”,
  • Policymakers are trying to address how physicians use resources, yet most of the data that drives policy decisions and healthcare research measures ho And there are plenty of physicians who overutilize in regions that look below average on paper, at least according to the Dartmouth Atlas and. — “Cutting Costs by Profiling Physicians”,
  • (1) "Overutilize" means use of medical services at a frequency or amount that is above what is medically necessary. (a) continues to overutilize services despite being under restriction; or. — “UT Admin Code R414-29. Client Review/Education and”, rules.utah.gov
  • it's possible, but he is probably more likely to put you on light duty. Taking people off work is shown to delay recovery and overutilize healthcare resources. The sooner they go back to work (in most cases), the better off they usually. — “Back pain...can doctor help? I was in a car accident about 6”,
  • Read this auto newswire article from : Law Enforcement, Auto Insurer Partner in Major Crackdown on Staged Car Crashes involved in crashes, and unethical medical providers who overutilize treatment - gain financially by sharing fraudulently-obtained insurance money. — “Law Enforcement, Auto Insurer Partner in Major Crackdown on”,
  • Definition of Overuses with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. overutilize. overutilized. overutilizes. overutilizing. overvaliant. overvaluation. overvaluations. overvalue. — “Overuses: Definition with Overuses Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Definition of overutilize in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of overutilize. Pronunciation of overutilize. Translations of overutilize. overutilize synonyms, overutilize antonyms. Information about overutilize in the free online English. — “overutilize - definition of overutilize by the Free Online”,
  • Professional membership association serving physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and students. interest in ancillary services such as physical therapy and diagnostic imaging are more likely to overutilize such services. — “Illinois Physical Therapy Association (IPTA)”,
  • 2001 Jan;8(1):31-36. In the beginning, health care financing was relatively uncomplicated. blamed in part on a fee-for-service system that offered little incentive to manage costs and every incentive to overutilize. — “The Future of Health Care Financing - Jan, 2001 - Family”,
  • Home " Contributors " Ann Alexander " Yellowstone grizzlies: don't shoot the messenger If the people become greedy toward the Earth and overutilize it, denying it its Sabbath rests in order to rake in more material. — “Yellowstone grizzlies: don't shoot the messenger | Ann”,

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  • Going to Failure? Is it necessery or counterproductive? FITNESS. Many ppl over-utilize failure during their exercises... i think if you overutilize going to failure and burn out your central nervous system this will even a...
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  • “James Hamilton's recent MIX'10 presentation on economies of scale for large cloud providers was quite impressive. James gets it like few others in the Why 75-80% capacity, we in fact overutilize our cloud and usually run at 97%. Once we pass this thresehold we move workloads around to underutilzed”
    — Understanding Cloud Datacenter Economies of Scale | Cloudscaling,

  • “Where Moms and the people who love them fight for a better America We tend to overutilize healthcare and want convenience over conformity. Just check out your nearby Emergency Room and count the number of true emergencies there”
    — Would you like your discrimination now or later? " MomsRising,

  • “Jeneane Sessum has this to say in response to the Jupiter business blogging conference:No. Seriously. It's like this. What the best teachers of writing tell that's just 'cause I like to overutilize the term "meta" 'cause it makes me feel like a real academic — EricJ of webraw, a blog I found early on,”
    — Just blog it. | A Thaumaturgical Compendium,

  • “Gawande looks closely at a town in which Medicare spends $3,000 more on healthcare each for patients and therefore overutilize' diagnostic resources to safeguard themselves”
    — Overutilization: The X-factor in Heathcare Reform, blog.bioasis.ca

  • “The last several days there has been several news items impacting physical therapists: -we had over a drop of 21% in Medicare with claims withheld and then another temporary fix thru Nov which resulted in a 2.2% increase -Medpac released”
    — National Physical Therapy News Month | ,

  • “So additional mechanisms are needed to ensure that we don't overutilize the classes of service we have established in the network. Blog: Interoperability in UC. Keeping up with. No Jitter is your exclusive source for the in-depth content”
    — No Jitter | blog | QoS Has Four Parts,

  • “The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day's current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation”
    — Side Effects: More Americans Will Feel the Pain of Medicaid's,

  • “As Congress stands poised to make the most sweeping change to the U.S. healthcare system since the creation of Medicare, a look back at the incremental growth in that program may serve as a harbinger for the progress of healthcare reform”
    — The history of Medicare and its influence on American health,

  • “To see the true Health Care Tax forum you must stop thinking in 3-D,This multi tax forum is against a $100 Trillion Dollar system. This economy will not balance with this concept of a tax forum against the Health Care System”
    — NOW! Blog " Dissecting the Health Care Attack,

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