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  • overuse ( ) tr.v. , -used , -using , -uses . To use to excess. n. ( ) Excessive use. The Impact of the Community on the Land Overuse in China. — “overuse: Definition from ”,
  • Overview: Overuse injuries, otherwise known as cumulative trauma disorders, are described as tissue damage that results from repetitive demand over the course of time. The term refers to a vast array of diagnoses, including occupational,. — “Overuse Injury: eMedicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation”,
  • Overuse syndromes are common orthopedic problems characterized by chronic irritation to a body part. Many forms of repetitive strain injury fall under the category of overuse syndromes. — “Overuse Syndrome - Repetitive Strain Injury”,
  • Overuse syndromes are common sports injuries that result from repetitive use, stress and trauma to the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, bones and joints) without proper time for healing. — “Overuse Injury and Chronic Pain - Why Overuse Causes Chronic”,
  • Definition of overuse in the Medical Dictionary. overuse explanation. Information about overuse in Free online English dictionary. What is overuse? Meaning of overuse medical term. What does overuse mean?. — “overuse - definition of overuse in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • As a result, there is a rise in the number of overuse injuries seen among children and adolescents. The majority of sports and overuse injuries are due to minor trauma involving soft tissue injuries - injuries that affect the bone, muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons. — “Overuse Injuries - My Child Has - Children's Hospital Boston”,
  • Overuse. Learn about Overuse on . Get information and videos on Overuse including articles on isn, annoy, diva and more!. — “Overuse | Answerbag”,
  • As a result, there is a rise in the number of overuse injuries seen among children and adolescents. The majority of sports and overuse injuries are due to minor trauma involving soft tissue injuries - injuries that affect the bone, muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons. — “Overuse Injuries”, health.uab.edu
  • The aim in managing overuse injuries is to get the patient back in action quickly while equipping him or her to prevent reinjury. 5 - MAY 97 In Brief: Cumulative, repetitive microtrauma can cause tissue damage that leads to overuse injuries, which constitute a large share of sports-related disorders. — “(here's more info on it)”,
  • Overuse definition, to use too much or too often: See more. — “Overuse | Define Overuse at ”,
  • to overuse (third-person singular simple present overuses, present participle overusing, simple past and past participle overused) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/overuse". — “overuse - Wiktionary”,
  • As the problem progresses, the acute injury phase--that began with overuse--is replaced by a chronic type of lip irritation that Overuse sets into motion a chain reaction that culminates in a. — “ Product 4”,
  • Overuse syndrome is a term used to describe a group of diseases that occur due to excessive stress on a anatomic area of the body. Examples of overuse syndromes in children include the following. — “Orthoseek | Orthopedic Topics | Overuse Syndromes”,
  • Antibiotic overuse is discussed. Dr. Greene explains when antibiotics should or should not be prescribed. — “Antibiotic Overuse | ”,
  • Category:Overuse injuries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pages in category "Overuse injuries" The following 36 pages are in this category, out of. — “Category:Overuse injuries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • An overuse injury is an accumulation of many tiny injuries of muscle, bone or ligament tissue which causes pain and loss of function. Overuse injuries are treated with ice, reduced levels of training and activity, anti-inflammatory medications as needed and referral to an orthopedic. — “Overuse Injury”,
  • Overuse tendinopathies are common. Painful overuse tendon conditions have a non-inflammatory pathology and therefore tendinitis is not a correct term. The finding that the pathological bases of overuse tendon conditions in athletes are due to tendinosis is not new. — “Chester Knee Clinic | Knee Problems - Overuse Injuries”,
  • An increasing number of boys and girls are playing recreational and organized sports. As a result, there is a rise in the number of overuse injuries seen among children and adolescents. — “Overuse Injuries Information on Healthline”,
  • More and more of the children we treat are involved in competitive sports and are at risk for these overuse injuries. The following article addresses the most common of these injuries and gives the proper rehabilitation schedules as well as preventative guidelines. — “Overuse Injuries”,
  • List of 10 disease causes of Overuse knee injury, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Overuse knee injury. — “Overuse knee injury - ”,
  • Detailed information on overuse injuries in children, including jumper. — “Overuse Injuries”, chp.edu
  • Definition of overuse in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of overuse. Pronunciation of overuse. Translations of overuse. overuse synonyms, overuse antonyms. Information about overuse in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “overuse - definition of overuse by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of overuse from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of overuse. Pronunciation of overuse. Definition of the word overuse. Origin of the word overuse. — “overuse - Definition of overuse at ”,

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  • Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes Dr. Cynthia LaBella, medical director of Children's Memorial Hospital's Institute for Sports Medicine, discusses common overuse injuries seen in young athletes.
  • Elbow Pain Rehab Video - Elbow Overuse THIS HURTS! What hurts... Tennis Elbow in my right arm How you hurt it...: Doing an intensive typing course When you hurt it...: April Your pain level (1 is low, 10 is high pain): 3 but was 5 until I did your exercises Your age and overall health...: health good, 48 years old Any other information you feel is relevant...: The pain has reduced since I followed your exercises on Youtube but pain has moved to nearer the elbow and in the elbow bone. Most noticeable when I straighten my arm or lift anything. When I wake up in the morning the pain is about a 5, and takes a while to warm up. I type a lot during the day and I think this aggrivates it. Again when I straighten my arm after some typing it increases the pain. YOUR INJURY COULD BE... Elbow Overuse REHAB YOUR INJURY BY... Scapular Setting: Bring your shoulder up, back and down. Hold this position. While you are typing, make sure you do not have undo pressure on your elbows. Your wrist and hand should be in a 'neutral' position while typing. Try to remind yourself to do this while at a stop light or when a phone rings. Stretching: Straighten your elbow and pull your hand straight down. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and release - do this 3 times. Go to the point of pain and not beyond - more is not necessarily better. Make sure you stretch both directions. Nerve Glide: Set your scapula up, back and down. Put your thumb inside your hand and close your hand. Glide up and back down. Go towards the ...
  • Over-Use of Thermal Paste! Quick vid highlighting a pet hate of mine, which I'm starting to see more and more often as I perform repairs on various items of computer equipment. There really is no need to over apply this stuff, as it can do more damage than good by either making things hotter or frying it as some of these pastes are can potentially be electrically conductive.
  • qLimAxzU - Overused-muxed.mp4 qLimAxzU - Overused work time: 1 month avidemo: 200 size in vegas: 58GB final size: 456 mb time: 7 mins i hope u enjoy this movie, not so much edit init as always, but the frags are alright. i got some LAN footage init aswell from CiC7, i was 2 lazy to put my stuff from SEC in this movie, but again i hope u enjoy this movie...
  • "DAMN!" READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING, IT'S THERE FOR A REASON! (Read "Notes" at bottom) Damn, I never would've guessed this video would become so popular! Apparently Shadow's favorite word is "damn". Making fun of the over-use of the word damn in the game "Shadow the Hedgehog". I've been wanting to compile a collection of various times "damn" is said from that game, but never got around to it until now. Those of you who have played the game know this isn't nearly as many times as it is said. Subtitles are very blurry, but I'm sure you can understand what they're saying. XD NOTES (PLEASE READ): -Yes, I know I did not include EVERY instance he says "damn", the purpose of the video was to make fun of the overuse of the word, not showcase every time it's used in the game. This video is NOT about "omg, shadow said a bad word!!!1!!11!" - like I ALREADY SAID, it is MAKING FUN OF the overuse of the word (that means how often they say it, not the actual word). -SEGA makes the games, they don't rate them. The E10+ rating had nothing to do with them.
  • WILL PALIN ASK LIMBAUGH TO APPOLOGIZE OVER USE OF THE WORD "RETARD" ? I'm no big fan of Rahm Emanuel . Palin I dislike more. However, in a rare moment, I agree Palin had a right to be offended of the use of the word "retard", used by Emanuel. She does have a child with Down Syndrome . Even though Emanuel was disrespecting and speaking of his own base, us liberals in a off the cuff remark on health care reform . A short excerpt taken from a story , you can read at the end of this text, below of how and why he used this word . Palin claimed Emanuel should be fired . Well, now Rush Limbaugh has used this same word and claims he will not apologize . If Palin doesn't condemn Limbaugh like she condemned Emanuel, it just proves what a real low life Palin is . It proves that Palin used her baby and the babies illness for political gain . However, if she condemns Rush Limbaugh, it will show she's consistent and right . Let's see what happens ? Rahm Emanuel excerpt below...... "Last August, Emanuel "showed up at a weekly strategy session featuring liberal groups and White House aides," the Journal's Peter Wallsten reported last Tuesday."Some attendees said they were planning to air ads attacking conservative Democrats who were balking at Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul. 'F—ing retarded,' Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items." A White House official confirms that Emanuel made the remark and reports that ...
  • Overuse Injuries with Ken Taylor, MD Meet Dr. Ken Taylor, sports medicine specialist at UC San Diego Medical Center. Dr. Taylor discusses the common training mistakes and factors that contribute to overuse injuries and effective treatment approaches.
  • Stan Freberg-The Yellow Rose Of Texas This here is Stan Freeberg and his take on the classic Mitch Miller hit from 1955! The only other video of this version on Youtube was some stupid home made crap, pluss one of those (videotaping the record player clips) witch i think suck, because EVEN THOUGH it GARANTES the original recording, usualy the quality is so ***ing bad you can`t here a *** of what Stan or whoever is saying! So it is with my greatest pleasure i bring you the absolute original in crisp clear digital remastered version! The song is taken from the album you see in the video! ENJOY!!!!!!!
  • South Beloit Police Officers Being Investigated Over Use Of Several police officers in South Beloit could face criminal charges of excessive use of force. Margo Spann reports.
  • Excess of Packaging -problems of casual overuse Pt1of3 An overview of the problems caused by the excessive packaging we encounter everyday. All organisms must consume to survive, but modern humans have become efficient at it to the point of compulsively consuming extra, often without noticing.
  • Boston Bomb Hoax MSNBC Coverage.
  • Let's Play Mitch - Part 12: Overuse of the word "glitch" Seriously, I say it about 90 times. But anyway, this is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion, and Level 7 itself is even better. Well, sorta.
  • RAWRRRR!!!! #OMG #FAIL #WIN #Overuse of new features that dont work in the video title Get the app yoooo: bit.ly
  • Protein Drink Dangers A new study found that overuse of some protein drinks could result in negative health effects or even be toxic. Susan Koeppen reports.
  • Blackberry Usage Increases Surgery on Thumbs StrangeBlackberry Usage Increases Surgery on ThumbsBlackberry Usage Increases Surgery on ThumbsThe Associated PressDoctors now say that the over-use of blackberrys is now leading to an increase in surgery on thumbs. (May 30)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] They are everywhere, and some people just wouldn't know how to function without one.SOT: i've had it over a year and I use it everyday, couldn't live without it keeping us all going and keeping us on the move, getting us where we're supposed to go when we're supposed to be there, knowing when I have those early across town meetings, that's what's important What Melissa Lejsak is describing is her addiction to her blackberry. For some people over-use is so bad, the hand-held devices are called 'crack'-berries. And now doctors say that over-use is leading to an increase in surgery and discomfort with people's thumbs. SOT: you know it makes your hands tired, your arms, your neck, everything's small and you're trying to do it fast too SOT: If you're getting some soreness in your thumbs you're probably over-doing it , if you are getting catching in your thumb you probably should see a hand specialist, and maybe seek some treatment before it gets bad Last year, 40 percent of all cell phone users text messaged ... To the tune - on average - of 188 messages per month. Doctors say scaling back on the amount of texts you send is the first remedy. But for many ... Talk is cheap.SOT: After I walk out of this office, a lot, i'm really connected ...
  • NEWZ: Assassins Overuse Star Wars Lawsuits TOPICS: The Old Republic, Assassin's Creed, and Sony BONUS:
  • Israel Under Pressure Over Use Of Phosphorus Israel is under pressure to complete an inquiry into allegations that it illegally used white phosphorus shells during the war in Gaza. The weapon is not meant to be used in civilian areas, but Palestinian doctors say some patients have suffered unusual burns. Israel says it is investigating. Sky's Emma Hurd reports from Gaza.
  • Dictionary of Jack: Literally I discuss the overuse of the word literally, and pray that Beyonce Knowles knows how to use it correctly. For more fun misuses of literally go to:
  • 1 Minute PT tip - jaw pain - overuse Avoid overusing your jaw with this simple tip.
  • Warning do not over use Aphogee products!!! My story.. I love aphogee but it is not a every weekend shampoo too much protein can be bad
  • Avoiding Overuse Injuries on a PCT Thruhike (Part 1) In 2010 I thruhiked the Pacific Crest Trial, a 2650 mile continuous path from Mexico to Canada that runs through California, Oregon, and Washington. I had expected to quit my hike with shin splints early on, but that didn't happen, and so I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned about how to hike. In 2011, I gave a short talk at ADZPCTKO to a crowd of PCT thruhikers and assorted PCT enthusiasts. This is roughly the same talk, but with a lot of "ums" and "uhs" I wasn't aware of. ADZPCTKO is the Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff, which is held each year at the end of April in Lake Morena County Park, east of San Diego, and about 20 miles from the southern terminus of the PCT. Kickoff unofficially marks the start of the PCT thruhiking season. In this part I try to tell my story about going from a weak, pain-prone hiker on the Appalachian Trail to a strong hiker on the PCT. In the next part I'll ramble about how I think about stress, overuse injuries, and hiking movement. Parts 2 and 3 are up, and linked in the video. In the second part I talk about how stress & adaptation relate to hiking and overuse injuries. In the final part I go over some of the tips I used to hike relatively pain and injury free. The physical therapist who got me looking at my gate was Mike Roberts with Central Mass PT (), and in the two weeks before I left I read "Born to Run" and "ChiRunning". (Now I'm getting into barefoot running, but ChiRunning changed the way I ...
  • Mubarak Resigns, IMF to replace Dollar & Overuse of Antibiotics! My commentary about the overuse of antibiotics, studies showing that medications for addicts can lower drug addict HIV infection rate, Mubarak resigning as President of Egypt and the IMF preparing for the end of the US dollar. Mubarak's exit met with joy, uncertainty in Egypt, US IMF calls for dollar alternative Group plans to beam free Internet across the globe from space An HIV Strategy Invites Addicts In Good cop is better than bad cop at getting confession CDC: Deadly Superbug "C-Diff" Spreading
  • POLICE STATE OVER USE OF FORCE I feel sorry for this family. This was just wrong!
  • Rant #7 - The Over-Use of the Word "Epic" Just...why?
  • Achilles Tendinitis Health Byte Achilles tendonitis usually occurs from over use or an injury. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments for Achilles tendonitis in this health video.
  • Querries over use of shs.19 b schools cash Heads are expected to roll at Jogoo house amid speculation that President Mwai Kibaki is set to announce a major shake up. The president is likely to take severe action against top ministry officials none of whom has taken responsibility for the free primary education cash scandal that has since led to the departure of one of the top donors to the programme. But even as the president prepares to act, auditors are now querying how the 19 billion shillings meant for the programme was utilized.
  • Dragonball RB2 Online Fights 11 - I'll show you the results of my Training! Meet my latest recruit, Krillin! Sad to say, I very rarely see Krillin on the Raging Blast 2 online which actually surprises me because he had some really cool moves like the following: Kamehameha - Well lets admit it, this is 1 of the best moves in DBZ, it looks awesome, does alot of damage and in general, is a awesome attack Homing Energy Wave - 1 of the best homing moves in the game. It may not look like much but it is very good for homing Solar Flare - I tend not to overuse this support super as it is abit on the cheap side but nevertheless, it is very handy when your in trouble Afterimage Strike - This technique is what surprises me of why Krillin is underused. We all know that afterimage strike is heavily overused on Super Vegito so why isn't it overused on Krillin? But again, same as Solarbeam uh I mean Solar Flare, I tend not to use this technique unless I really must As for his ultimate, to be honest, I kinda dislike it The reason is, he fires off all those awesome looking disks but did they give it a cutscene? no It just feels like a waste when they took the time to give him that many disks. As for the title of this video, the reason I called it this was because between Online 10 and this 1, I did alot of training in the training mode and now i've gotten better I still have abit of trouble against high rank players but at least my playing level has gone up
  • Scout LOVES Tacos WARNING: Contains overuse of the HWM models that have gotten old. Proceed with caution.
  • [MMV] Britney Spears - Radar Overuse of flash :D. Effing raped quality, hurrah. Disclaimer: All images being used are copyrighted to Nexon/Wizet. All audio and third party content in this video belong to their rightful owners. This video was created for entertainment purposes onl
  • Shathavadhani Dr.R.Ganesh visualises Over-use of laya(percussive instruments) in Carnatic music In a rare & unique month long program entitled Raganuraga to discuss aesthetics of Carnatic ragas Mother-daughter duo with sparkling voices demonstrated all the compositions including film songs. Shathavadhani Dr.R.Ganesh provided commentary in an apt way. He visualized & was critical on over use of Laya(percussive instruments) in Carnatic music. He was averse for introduction of new percussive instruments instruments with zero melody like Drums & many instruments. He felt that they are the real threat & bring disaster to our divine classical music. Also he opined that non-aesthetic experiments are just to en cash & draw attention & hoodwink audience. Viewers can find in this particular video the line of argument
  • Don't Use Antibacterial Soap, Or Overuse Antibiotics People are dying from MRSA bacteria as the result of the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial agents in soap, detergents and toothpaste. Antibacterial soap has also been linked to cancer, upsets hormones including thyroid, and contaminates breast milk. Some 72% of all liquid soap sold in the United States now contains antibacterial ingredients, as do many toothpastes. People who use antibacterial soaps and cleansers develop bacterial-born illnesses just as often as people who use products that do not contain antibacterial ingredients. This video mentions that it is natural for certain bacteria to be on our skin. Unlike what we've been taught, bacteria is not our enemy. Children exposed to bacteria in early childhood actually have stronger immune systems. Bacteria only becomes uncontrollable when our immune systems are suppressed by a lack of nutrition, stress, too little sleep and of course prescription drugs, which purposely suppress immunity. Over 95% of the time that antibiotics are prescribed it is for viruses such as colds and flu, despite the fact that this is futile - but it is big business. Bacteria fights back against attacks from antibiotics and antibacterial agents found in household products, and the result is "super bugs." The best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy and take high quality nutritional supplements. Get enough sleep, sunshine, and eliminate stress as much as possible. Antibacterial soaps bring in $16 billion per year for their makers ...
  • Kettlebell Instruction for Neck Overuse Jimmy Yuan coaches up Joe Hafera's kettlebell technique. TPItv is on the road, but the cameras are still rolling. In this case, the filming, editing and uploading were performed entirely on an iPhone 4.
  • Dawson's Creek montage A funny montage of the overuse of character's names in Dawson's Creek.
  • Seriously Extreme Overuse of the Filler-word Like The first issue in Seriously Grammar Month - Like Abuse The Srsly Crew has noticed that, like, some people, like, abuse the use of the word "like." Some people, like, can't think of anything, like, else to say. They can't think of anything else to say, and so they, like, fill up the spaces in their phrases with, like, the word "like." It's ridiculous, somewhat annoying, and brings attention to a lack of, like, vocabulary. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to comment, give us a thumbs up, and subscribe. ***Shirts*** ***Twitter*** ***Facebook*** ***Dailybooth*** ***Formspring*** www.formspring.me
  • Pitocin clip-Business of Being Born Business of Being Born-doctors and nurses talk about the effects of Pitocin during labor.
  • The 10 Most Overused Songs on YouTube Post your top ten overused songs in the comment section. ZOMG My first video! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the audio played in this video. This is purely a fan-made video for entertainment purposes only.
  • The Hygiene Hypothesis: We Are Too Clean According to Dr. Charles Raison, there is mounting evidence that disruptions in ancient relationships with microorganisms in soil, food and the gut may be contributing to increasing rates of depression. "It has been shown that people with depression, even those who are not sick, have higher level of inflammation," says Raison, a neuroscientist with the Emory University School of Medicine. Related Videos The Hygiene Hypothesis: Microorganisms and Depression The Hygiene Hypothesis: Using Bacteria Against Disease Related Links Are Depressed People Too Clean? shared.web.emory.edu Healthcare Expert: Charles Raison whsc.emory.edu
  • Elbow Overuse Injuries in Children Playing Baseball This story on Channel 12 NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia describes the growing rate of elbow injuries in children and adolescents playing throwing sports such as baseball. These days children select a single sport and play it year around in multiple leagues. This has resulted in an increase in overuse injuries. In some cases these overuse problems can be serious enough to require surgery. Common elbow overuse injuries in these children include stress fractures, little leaguers elbow, loose cartilage and nerve damage.
  • Mickey's Garden (1935) Enjoy!
  • The Overuse of "SWAG" The most overused word...SWAG
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution: The Overuse of the Sash Second battle for today. I battled an uber user who has equipped focus sash on everyone except for Latias (Soul Dew). The opponent didnt really make good moves through this battle. Scizor did most of the work while Regice cleaned up.
  • Watch out for overuse injuries www.hi10 shows a discussion about overuse injuries

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  • “What is this phenomenon? Generally speaking, in the west we use the term 'women' or 'girls' , right? Really , this is not a troll”
    Overuse Of The Term, 'Thai Ladies'. - Thailand Forum,

  • “ER overuse is a common refrain in the health reform conversation. But is it really true? After reading your blog on ER Overuse, the Slate article and all the comments in both, the only thing that is really apparent is the low level to which the debate on”
    — ER overuse may be a myth | ,

  • “Caring Medical Blog. Subscribe to the Caring Medical blog. Get Help Now > Overuse injury - consider Prolotherapy. Overuse Injury? Perhaps you just completed the Chicago marathon or are in the middle of training for a distance event. The pain experienced by the overuse or injury as well as its duration”
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  • “What causes overuse injuries? article by Stephen Scharmann and Jason Blackham. Correcting training errors and Keep a training log”
    — What causes overuse injuries? | Utah Running Blog,

  • “Too much exercise can lead to overuse injuries - People tend to do the same exercise routine over and over again, without varying it, w This blog is written by an individual forum member and does not necessarily state the views of Incorporated or any of”
    — Too much exercise can lead to overuse injuries - dpchen (Dr,

  • “Patients of all ages are complaining to their doctors about a variety of aches and pains stemming from their overuse of the popular Wii videogame, the New York Times reported. Doctors are calling it Wii Knee or "Nintendinitis." "Skateboarding,”
    — Wii Overuse Causes Injuries | The Outside Blog, outside-

  • “5: Don't overuse forum functions. This includes over-using smileys, uploading too many If you have a new website/blog/deviantart account/facebook page, post the link in your signature, rather than starting a whole new topic. There are topics where you can post a link to your art page or facebook”
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  • “The book teaches them (in its own way), and then warns you at the end not to overuse them. The advice about overuse is patterns is noted, but is a smaller detail, since most”
    — Coding Horror: Head First Design Patterns,

  • “Forum. Events. Newsletter. News. Blogs. Photos. The Blog Barn: an Entries Tagged with [overuse] Tamworth Pigs and Clabbered Milk. Blog: Spring Hill Farms - Thursday November 11, 2010 - By David. Almost gone and gettin' full 80% of our immune system resides in our gastrointestinal tract, which”
    — The Blog Barn,

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