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  • Directed by James V. Kern. With Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley. 1 Back to the present, Fred has overtrimmed the tree and is sent out to buy another one. — “I Love Lucy Christmas Show (TV 1956) - IMDb”,
  • The hotel is beautifully landscaped, and while I do prefer a nice full crown, I kind of liked those overtrimmed sabals, very tropical looking, and they don't need to worry about winter warmth in South Florida. I kind of liked those overtrimmed sabals, very tropical looking, and. — “Back from Florida; 1st of many pics to come”,
  • Advice on how to deal with an overtrimmed bush - The Forum, Winner of BusinessWeek Magazine's Best of the Web Award! Visit the friendly place for home gardeners. — “Advice on how to deal with an overtrimmed bush”,
  • Stupidly bought an overtrimmed brisket--not much fat cap. Too late to take it back as the party is coming up soon. I'll be cooking it in a water smoker, so that will help. Any other thoughts on keeping it moist? http:/// bean. — “National Barbecue News Forums - Rescuing overtrimmed brisket”,
  • If the spinnaker is touching the headstay it is DEFINITELY overtrimmed. to flutter (meaning that the genoa was overtrimmed); continue easing until the leeward telltales are. — “The Fabola Diva Collection. A sailing project for fun and”, diva35.com
  • The breed's antique' features and substance are critical to establishing type and understanding the breed. He should never be overtrimmed. The coat is hand-stripped and NEVER. — “American Kennel Club - History of the Glen of Imaal Terrier”,
  • A forester of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said yesterday the trees along Dr. A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque City looked “overtrimmed,” based on a photograph from The STAR. — “DENR says Sucat Road's trees 'overtrimmed' | The Philippine”,
  • Definition of Overtreat with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. overtrimmed. overtrimming. overtrims. overtrip. overtrips. overtrump. Literary usage of Overtreat. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or. — “Overtreat: Definition with Overtreat Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • So you have that nice big spinnaker hoisted up the mast, what next? If you try sailing downwind in an asymmetric boat, you're just wasting lots of money spent on it. So what should you do? untrained eye, as it has a nice straight edge - however this is overtrimmed, and needs to be let out a little. — “Caution Water - Sailing - Sailing an asymmetric spinnaker”,
  • North Sails One Design has sails for everyone, from Olympic sailors to Junior sailors! The design of this sail has a very open leech as the small rudder on the Capri tends to stall easily if the sail is overtrimmed. — “North Sails One Design”,
  • CUSTOM CRAWLER PT CRUISER BODY .: Long Description :. CUSTOM CRAWLER PT. CRUISER BODY. OVERTRIMMED PT. CRUISER BODY FOR. CRAWLER. DUTY/CUSTOM PAINTED. DIAMOND PLATE/ROCK. SCHEME $50 PLUS TAX. Close this window ©2006 Zoom Room. All rights reserved. Website Design by: Insight Design & Communications. — “Zoom Room RC Toys and Hobbies”, thezoomroom.ca
  • Arch Enemy: Overtrimmed, Stubbly Brows Claire Sul Problem: Overtrimmed, Stubbly Brows. With a soft brow pencil, lightly draw a line along the top edge of your brow to make that uneven, too-trimmed line look more uniform. — “Arch Enemy: Overtrimmed, Stubbly Brows | How to Shape”,
  • An overtrimmed spinnaker is slow. Ease to a curl and trim, ease and The outside telltale is the important one - if it stalls the sail is overtrimmed. — “NorthU Sample Chapter: Performance Racing Trim”,
  • Do Not Be Tempted By the Overtrimmed Gowns Unless Sure That They Suit Your Figure THE American Nation is not given to studying the grace of walking, and yet our women do wonderfully well, considering their lack of training and their hurried existence; but those who make a practice of. — “Do Not Be Tempted By the Overtrimmed Gowns Unless Sure That”,
  • We overtrimmed the sails and she'd heel so far onto her side that the We'd scream and uncleat all the sails in a panic, the sheets would whir thrugh the mainsheet block and she'd round upright again, in irons, ready for the next exercise, while we tore around like the Keystone Cops trying to figure. — “David and Kelly Geldert Sailing Pathfinder”,
  • overtrimmed. Aug 23, 2010. 5:13 pm. 298. Deux Montagnes One Design, Just a update to reassure overtrimmed. Aug 27, 2010. 2:21 pm. 309. Pictures from CNDM. Hi All Although we did not race. — “montrealshark : Messages : 289-318 of 318”,
  • Driving a bass boat is not difficult. It can be done by anyone who can drive a car and who has some basic sense of how an outboard operates. If you're overtrimmed, your tach may go up to 6000 RPMs, but your speed may actually be slowing down because the prop is losing its bite in the water. — “How to Drive a Bass Boat”,
  • MariSafe offers a complete dictionary of boating terms to help you become safe, smart and secure overtrimmed. owner's flag. oxter plate. Dictionary Search. Word: Submit Boating Term. Word:. — “MariSafe - Dictionary of boating terms to help you become”,
  • Will Cafe Niko be another overtrimmed turkey? News. May 27, 2010 Will Cafe Niko be another overtrimmed turkey? Most Popular Stories. Tater Tot: Ben. — “Pima Community College - Phoenix”,
  • Overture definition, an opening or initiating move toward negotiations, a new relationship, an agreement, etc.; a formal or informal proposal or offer: See more. overtrimmed. — “Overture | Define Overture at ”,

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  • Stars A video installation within my Art Coursework, titled "Patterns and Paper", I used a variety of video clips and pictures to interpret "A song about stars" by Jason Castro. Some of the clips are over-trimmed at the top.... sorry, wasn't very successful when cropping it to fit widescreen :/
  • Brian, 3 weeks, Rolling Over (trimmed) He did this 3 times yesterday, so I thought I'd see if he could do it again today.
  • SCB Stingray 250XS Sport flying Over-trimmed on purpose showing bow lift capability
  • WDP Weismann marine Dual-Prop testing Counter rotating surface drive testing with v-bottom offshore patrol boat. transom shot with overtrim
  • Eyebrow Trimming 101 with Crickett Crickett shows you how to trim the eyebrows to enhance their natural shape
  • Hydrostream Overtrim The first day out in '09 and I almost ended the entire season...
  • Guitar: Donegal Danny A lively tune, but a sad story. I count this as one of my favourite songs. I had a slight accident on Christmas Eve when I over-trimmed part of my moustache. It had to come off which left my beard looking rather silly on its own, so that came off as well. Not decided yet whether to regrow them.
  • Melges24 RockSteady Upwind at Charleston Race Week Melges 24 Rock Steady upwind at pre-Charleston Race Week clinic. Video by Terry Flynn. Notice how the main breaks up. This is due to not enough mainsheet tension, vang & backstay. See when they sheet hard, add vang and more backstay. The main quiets down and the boat is well ballanced. Also be careful not to overtrim the jib as this can cause excessive backwind as well.
  • Hydrostream Viking - 102mph Flying 1/4 Mile Pass Here's my friend's Viking going 102mph...a real cool video.
  • Bowled over (trimmed) Recorded on November 27, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • eyebrows gone wrong I over trimmed my brows and they looked retarded (or so eye thought :] ) so I shaved them off...now I really look stupid...so, if you have done this before please give me some tips...I WON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN!!!
  • Hydrostream V king making a nice pass...
  • Partiy's Over (trimmed) Recorded on April 27, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Luke Litherland - Improvising 1
  • HydroStream Vector and Viking on Little Fork Lake Chad in his Vector and Mark and Janna in the Viking on Little Fork Lake in Three Lakes, WI
  • Quantum Melges24 Downwind - Jib Out Steve Kopf and his team on BLUR practicing before the St. Pete NOOD on Tampa Bay. Conditions were 12-16 TWS and flat water. Notice how faster the boat is when the jib is used in conjunction with the spinnaker downwind. The key is to not overtrim the sail and keep it on the verge of luffing. If the Melges24 is on a plane the jib out method will be faster!
  • RCBS Trimming - Power Drill Using a power drill to run an RCBS Trim Pro case trimmer, working with some Lake City .308 cases. For reloading in the Dillon Super 1050, tests showed that trimming to 2.005" before sizing would result in a post sizing length of 2.010-2.012" or so; this means I can just chamfer/deburr, lubricate the "overtrimmed" cases, toss them into the case feeder, and load away.
  • 79 Cane Cutter-test run.MPG This is a test run for a 1979 Cane Cutter with a 79 Evinrude V4 85hp outboard with a stock 3-blade 19" prop. Prop slips due to cavitation if over-trimmed so a lot of the hull stays in the water. Speeds shown are 38-39mph (GPS)
  • boatiing 2009 006
  • One, two, three! Roll over (trimmed) Recorded on January 12, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Serj Tankian - Sky-Is-Over-Trimmed-APO
  • jms0012 gets 99 fletching and trimmed cape! hey everyone, i just got 99 fletching and my cape trimmed. i had 99 before this so obviously i have 2 99 skills in runescape which merans u get trimmed capes. thanks alot to everyone there and those who couldnt be there. w00t
  • 1981 vking streaming on lake ont jims 1981 vking with a 1983 mercury 200 ..first ride of the season of 2009
  • hydrostream vegas xt 1989 with 200 GT 1994 radar pass at bo-bi-no marine montreal canada hydrostream vegas xt rigged with land&sea jack plate, bob machineshop nosecone, stock 30 pitch quicksylver chopper cold day thanks giving day top speed recorded @ 91.1 mph not bad!!
  • Ask a Hoof Trimmer - Don't Overtrim - Paul's Pedicures a hoof trimmer working on a small heifer.How not to trim to low,and harm a good hoof.
  • rollin over (trimmed) Recorded on January 4, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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  • “Almost all problems resulting from eyelid surgery happen when the skin is overtrimmed, or overtightened— errors that can lead to disastrous results. A Fresh Look at Eye Lifts " The Blog of Leo R. McCafferty M.D., F.A.C.S”
    — A Fresh Look at Eye Lifts " The Blog of Leo R. McCafferty M.D,

  • “[Archive] All aspects of palm culture, identification, and experiences. Overtrimmed. Some Misc Eye Candy of Things to Come. A very big thank you. Three Cheers for Palmpedia Member "Edric" Then and now”
    — GENERAL PALM DISCUSSIONS [Archive] - Palmpedia,

  • “Because of all the overprocessed and overtrimmed pork out there, the ribs of today have Cookshack Barbecue & Smoke-Cooking Center Cookshack Forums Additional”
    — Rib foil poll comments - Topic Powered by Social Strata,

  • “Before gluing, do some test fitting and trimming until you feel you've come to a place where the mask seems to sit naturally (Myself I overtrimmed a bit and had to reattach the Zabraks chin to get a good fit, but your experiance may vary). Now, remove the barrel of the Flamethrower”
    — The Wizards Community > arctrooper-a79 > Blog,

  • “weather helm revisited trim the sails untill they stop flogging and don't have a vang and are sailing off the wind may well have their main significantly overtrimmed due to twist. Some twist is good as apparent wind may be 2-3 degrees different from bottom to top of sail”
    — weather helm revisited,

  • “We called the vet and together decided since it was evening and the animals were going to if cut (although not as much as you'd see if you overtrimmed toenails and cut the quick)”
    — Alpaca Forum at AlpacaNation - Injured foot,

  • “A behind-the-scenes look at New York politics. The Capitol blog features coverage from the Times Union Capitol bureau. Workforce is dedicated to state worker issues. New York on the Potomac offers news of interest to New Yorkers from Washington”
    — New Human Rights Chief Discriminating? - Capitol Confidential,

  • “Some people think that removing leaves makes a palm grow taller faster, but this is only an illusion. The palm looks taller right after leaves are re healthy for palms.And piety that most of the phoenix species are overtrimmed for their looks(pineapple look) especially in california & florida”
    — Trimming Palms - PalmTalk,

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