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  • While we understand you may have your own reasons for doing this, please be aware that Protagonize is quite JavaScript-heavy and you'll likely see broken functionality unless you enable it. All the tragedy collecting in a grey cloud over teeming neon-lit streets. — “2047 (by slowtumblinglife) on Protagonize, a creative writing”,
  • Curfew laws have been in place since I was a child. Are they effective? Most cities agree they are very effective. Are curfew laws fair? Not only , Stephanie Costello As a result, our town is over teeming with under aged drinkers and drug users; and yes, juvenile offenders. — “Should ***s be given a curfew by parents? - by Stephanie”,
  • Bartók: The 6 String Quartets / Takács Quartet, available at ArkivMusic from the pit of the stomach, while the third movement's bleary-eyed viola melody over teeming violin triplets (1'36) suggests peasants in caricature. — “Bartók: The 6 String Quartets / Takács Quartet | ArkivMusic”,
  • POLISH WEDDING. Claire Danes, Lena Olin, Gabriel Byrne, Adam Trese. Directed by Theresa Connelly. Running time: 101 minutes. At the Angelika and Sony 84th St. Theaters. in a similar community, and she is familiar with the sense of tiny houses overteeming with life, packed in among nosy neighbors. — “A 'POLISH' JOKE DESPITE A WELL-GROOMED CAST, SHOTGUN 'WEDDING”,
  • The over-teeming country to the east of the Riphaen mountains, must find it necessary to discharge its inhabitants. The first great wave of people was forced forward by the next to it, more tumid and more powerful than itself: successive and. — “Digitization Projects Philologic Results”, lincoln.lib.niu.edu
  • In the eighties, he screened his signature pop culture montages in venues across the U. S. and Europe; from the Danceteria in New York to Moscow Cinematheque, Parr's burlesque dancers and female contortionists gyrated over teeming tornadoes and atomic disasters. — “Oddball Film+Video”,
  • Centuries later, the Princess lives on in memories and legends, as do the charm and customs of her fascinating land.Fishmen stoll row baskets over teeming waters as salt fields offer up harvest; and farmers their plumpest dragon fruit. Be ushered. — “Princess D'Annam Resort & Spa, Princess D'Annam Resort & Spa”, vietnamhotels.biz
  • Its wonderful shopping, various cuisine and diversity of outdoor activities like wind surfing and scuba diving over teeming coral reefs make Sri Lanka unique. You can even take an elephant ride into the scrub jungles. Playing golf amongst tropical. — “:::: Welcome to | Place of Interest :”,
  • Naples is wet laundry flapping in the sea breeze over teeming, alley-like streets. It is a million once-elegant french doors opening onto wrought-iron balconies slowly rusting into oblivion. It's two grimy restorers dodging cars under the weight. — “WHAT'S DOING IN - WHAT'S DOING IN - Naples - ”,
  • Up, down and across the great triangle that is Maine, through moose-filled forests, over teeming trout rivers, went Major Arthur L. Thayer of Bangor, politely but roundly crying out upon a menace. — “National Affairs: In Maine - TIME”,
  • Synonyms: spilling over, teeming, swarming, brimming, abundant, brimful Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. — “Synonym for overflowing (adj) - antonym for overflowing (adj”,
  • Walk Japan's two day Tokyo Tour explores what is perhaps the most enigmatic cities of the world. Tokyo is the epitome of the ultimate modern, vast TV screens looming over intersections blast their messages down over teeming masses; the pride of Japan's industry proudly display their latest innovative. — “Tokyo Tour”,
  • Is it the U.S. trained elite and the sosi schools oligarchs holding sway over teeming masses in substandard schools and hence the actually uneducated lot? Way back in 1993, the Congressional Education Commission (EDCOM) already defined the ideal. — “Preda Foundation, Inc. NEWS/ARTICLES: "Are you an educated”,
  • Dungeons & Dragons - Wizards of the Coast battlefield, rending foes with fang and spear; mighty archmages soar over teeming armies on the vast leathery wings of manticores, wyverns, or dragons, raining down destruction from above. — “Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page”,
  • Islamweb is a site designed to enrich the viewers knowledge and appreciation of Islam Whether cast from metal loudspeakers over teeming city streets or lifted as the murmured song of camel drivers kneeling in the sand, it begins with. — “-English”,
  • We have a wonderful view over the entrance to Vågen, the cruiseships which visit Bergen over the summer months and our local fort Sverresborg, which makes a nice spot for evening walks with its views over teeming boatlife and beautiful sunsets. — “Alkoven Gesthouse - a good place to stay in Bergen - Norway”,
  • The British singer shot three separate clips for her latest single, ''Suddenly I See' Synopsis A whimsical journey through an animated wonderland, with Tunstall looming Godzilla-like over teeming city blocks, scaling a bridge, and floating through the sky. — “The Three Faces of KT Tunstall | Music | ”,
  • Book Your Special Offers for Hotels in Vietnam holiday and get Special Offers for Hotels in Vietnam lowest rates. Discover Special Offers for Hotels in Vietnam early bird promotions and get Special Offers for Hotels in Vietnam free nights Fishermen still row baskets over teeming waters. — “Special Offers for Hotels in Vietnam by Travel Forum | Trip”,
  • Farmers, weavers, traders and fishermen, the Muslim Chams of Vietnam and Kampuchea are the descendants of a great civilization of traders and builders that flowered between the sixth and ninth centuries. Sony billboards presiding over teeming boulevards, the mosque beckons,. — “Saudi Aramco World : The People Persist”,
  • Some 400 paramilitary police surrounded a prison in eastern Turkey on Saturday after radical Islamist prisoners took 17 guards hostage, the region's chief prosecutor told Reuters. — “ - Police ring Turkish jail where 17 hostages held”,
  • "Sailing the Barbarous Coast," the new exhibition at Walker's Point Center for the Arts, pulses with contemporary concerns underpinned by history. They float like icons over teeming figures, animals, shadows, and unknown forms. — “Sailing away to where?: Artistic voyages at the WPCA | Art”,
  • Philadelphia Weekly is your #1 source for local arts, entertainment, culture and nightlife. Check out reviews and upcoming events, or submit your own. I attended a ritzy high school six towns over teeming with overachievers who knew each other's parents and their classmates' GPAs down to the third. — “Education Guide | Arts and Culture | Philadelphia Weekly”,
  • The best beach resort & spa in Vietnam located at Ke Ga, Hon Lon, Tan Thanh, Binh Thuan, Vietnam Centuries later, the Princess lives on in memories and legends, as do the charm and customs of her fascinating land. Fishermen still row baskets over teeming waters. — “Princess d'Annam Resort & Spa, Vietnam Luxury Resort, Phan”,

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