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  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. All the crashes and overtaking maneuvers from World Superbikes in Valencia. — “Videos tagged with Overtaking - Metacafe”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun overtaking has one meaning: Meaning #1 : going by something. — “Overtaking: Information from ”,
  • When it comes to overtaking, you also have to ask yourself, "Do I really need to overtake" Overtaking moving vehicles on the other hand is a different matter and requires skill, experience and practice because hazards are moving and the situation is constantly changing. — “Safe Overtaking”,
  • Discover, discuss and share the latest overtaking news, photos and videos from around the web. — “Overtaking News, Photos and Videos | RAC3”, rac3
  • Translations of overtaking. overtaking synonyms, overtaking antonyms. Information about overtaking in the free online English dictionary and overtaking - going by something that is moving in order to get in front of it; "she drove but well but her reckless passing of every car on the road. — “overtaking - definition of overtaking by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of overtaking in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is overtaking? Meaning of overtaking as a legal term. What does overtaking mean in law?. — “overtaking legal definition of overtaking. overtaking”, legal-
  • Overtaking. As only one driver can ever sit on pole position for a race, and the entire grid wants to finish on the top step of the podium, overtaking is of vital importance to the business of racing. Most people regard overtaking as meaning cars passing each other on the track, during the race. — “Formula 1™ - The Official F1™ Website”, formula1.com
  • We found 16 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word overtaking: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "overtaking" is defined. General (13 matching dictionaries) Overtaking, overtaking: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of overtaking - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Overtaking or passing is the act of driving around another slower automobile on a road. No overtaking sign from Japan. Note: In British English the meanings of inside and outside lanes are the reverse of US English. — “Overtaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Overtaking definition, to catch up with in traveling or pursuit; draw even with: See more. — “Overtaking | Define Overtaking at ”,
  • Read about overtaking techniques - Sport Rider Magazine If the overtaking rider's combination of front brake lever pressure and lean angle overcomes the available traction while attempting to make the pass, or the rider being passed suddenly changes lines directly into the overtaking rider's path, a. — “Riding Skills Series: Overtaking Made Easy - Sport Rider Magazine”,
  • Overtaking A Car - How To Overtake Video Lesson However, overtaking is also one of the most potentially dangerous driving manoeuvres you can undertake, so every overtaking manoeuvre you do undertake requires careful judgment and a full assessment of the risks involved. — “Overtaking A Car - How To Overtake Video Lesson”, driving-test-
  • While NXWM Enviro 4743 (BV57XJH) waits at the stop outside Wetherspoon's on Kings Heath High Street, sister 4759 (BV57XKC) zips past. Overtaking! While NXWM Enviro 4743 (BV57XJH) waits at the stop outside Wetherspoon's on Kings Heath High Street, sister 4759 (BV57XKC) zips past. — “Overtaking! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • I get so many emails from drivers who find it hard to overtake and even more from parents who are going nuts watching their driver sit behind slower 2) Learning to overtake is a step-by-step process, you don't need to be more aggressive or change your personality. — “UK Karting - Articles: Overtaking”,
  • How to Stop Getting Stuck behind slower drivers, and how to Overtake Any Driver you want I get so many emails from drivers who find it hard to overtake and even more from parents who are going nuts watching their driver sit behind slower. — “Karting 1 Karting Secrets to Overtaking”, karting1
  • [edit] Verb. overtaking. Present participle of overtake. Retrieved from " /wiki/overtaking" Category: English present participles. Personal tools. Log. — “overtaking - Wiktionary”,
  • Overtaking is one of the highest risk manoeuvres for both drivers and riders because it overtaking a stationary or parked vehicle, a rider or an object on the offside. — “Overtaking factsheet”,
  • Overtaking. When your PWC encounters another powerboat running in the same direction and the powerboat to the rear (astern) desires to pass, it must stay out of the way of the vessel being overtaken and passed. The vessel doing the overtaking is the give-way craft. — “Safety Handbook Page 27 | Overtaking”,
  • Definition of overtaking from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of overtaking. Pronunciation of overtaking. Definition of the word overtaking. Origin of the word overtaking. — “overtaking - Definition of overtaking at ”,
  • The secret of safe overtaking is to visualise in advance every detail of what might happen during the operation. Minimising exposure to danger is one of the first rules of overtaking. — “Better Driving: Overtaking”,
  • English Translation for overtaking - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | overtaking | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • Ride Drive, advanced driving courses, hints and tips for overtaking, advanced driver development, defensive driving, techniques for the road, handling skills for the high perfomance car driver, first chapter of four covering anticipation,. — “Advanced Driving, Hints, Tips and Advice on Overtaking, by”,
  • Latest Car Articles on Indian and Global Car industry. Overtaking, also known as passing', is the act of changing lanes or driving around a relatively slower vehicle to get ahead of it. Though it is. — “Car Articles India | Top 15 Tips for Safe Overtaking”,
  • As explained in the introduction for this section, overtaking smashes may not be the most common type of accident on our roads they are certainly among the most serious. — “Advanced Driving: Overtaking”,
  • Overtaking is the best part of F1. When you see a great overtaking maneuver while watching a grand prix live, it stays with. — “VIDEO: The Best F1 Overtaking Moves — Autoblog”,

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  • Michael Schumacher overtaking Giancarlo Fisichella That was a really nice overtaking from Schumacher, but unfortunately he had a pucnture in his rear left tyre... Its a Hungarian version! One of the commentators is the head of the hungarian track, the Hungaroring! Despite his madness, he is a realy good commentator! :)
  • F1 1988 Senna VS Prost Overtake Championship Japan GP Suzuka Mclaren BBC Senna overtakes Prost
  • Overtaking in F1 - Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell Strapped into AT&T Williams FW29 race cars on the Silverstone racetrack, former F1 drivers Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell show the various techniques F1 drivers use to overtake one another on the racetrack, including the 'switch back', the 'hang out', and the slipstream phenomenon. Martin Brundle also commentates video of the 2007 seasons, demonstrating where F1 drivers used these overtaking techniques during Grand Prix races.
  • 2010 overtake masters As per 2009, my selection of the best moves. Which was your favourite? NB: The only cool move I'm missing was Alonso poaching Massa in the pits in ... Malaysia was it? the beeb for whatever reason, elected not to show that in their highlights show (I didn't have the full race for that one)
  • Overtaking Fail - Car Crash Overturn On The Road Fatal Accident
  • 2010 Ninja 250 0-60MPH & 60MPH Overtaking Abilities Various people have asked me to demonstrate the Ninja's ability to get to 60MPH. People have also been very interested if the bike has enough power to pass or overtake other traffic on the road while cruising at 60MPH. In regards to the zero to sixty segment, I really feel that my take off is what's hurting this the most. If you can see past my slow clutch release into first gear, it would probably shave off a few seconds. I try to demonstrate (quite crudely) both of these situations in this video.
  • D4N OK Aggressive overtake and road rage (D4 NOK) This subaru driver, Dan, overtakes me badly in wet conditions, and takes "offence" at my beep and shout of "Oi". Notice the beep of my AirZound and that of the oncoming car blend together. He then reverses at me whilst on camera, you can see the reversing lights come on and the vehicle back up a little. The witness was scared of his behaviour and stopped well up the road to give details. D4 NOK D4-NOK
  • Overtaking Ford GT vs Ferrari F430 British GT Snetterton Great Overtaking between Ford GT and Ferrari F430.
  • Looking at a Rospa Overtake Clips from a recent ROSPA test
  • Nick Heidfeld Best Overtaking Moves The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, FORMULA 1, FORMULA ONE, F1 STORE, F1, GRAND PRIX and logos and the Sweeping Curves logo are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One Group Company. All rights reserved.
  • Nigel Mansell overtakes Senna - Hockenheim 1992 Nigel Mansell (GBR) Williams-Renault V10 FW14B overtakes Ayrton Senna (BRA) Mclaren-Honda V12 in 1992 German Grand Prix in the great old Hockenheim.
  • Gran Turismo 5 - Flying Overtake - Bugatti Veyron 100k Views - 8th January 2011 200k Views - 20th March 2011....My 2nd flying Bugatti video - Please Read I took this monster out onto Cape Ring for the 1st time, and straight away realised that this thing can absolutley fly off the top of the hill on one of the straights...This led to me attempting a flying overtake...I'd never done this before so it was great fun, took some pretty cool pics as well... I've done some flying overtakes using this car in proper racing conditions but they were never quite clean, I would always hit the top of the car or go out of control, so rather than try for hours to get the perfect overtake, I decided to simply wait and try it on a few cars per lap... The BGM in this game is poor so I used my own, the song is "Like A G6" by Far East Movement...I thought the idea of "being fly like a G6" was relevant to this vid :) Enjoy and be sure to check this circuit out with a really fast car, you can do some pretty spectacular things, plenty of photo opportunites...
  • tractor overtake yes in lincolnshire a46 lincoln to newark
  • Michael Schumacher overtakes Heidfeld Brazil 2006 Michael Schumacher overtakes Heidfeld
  • Alonso overtakes MS Alonso vs. M.Schumacher
  • Video Driving Lesson 30 Overtaking on a Single Carriageway Overtaking is one of the most risky manoeuvres on our roads, but it doesn't have to be so. The secret of safe overtaking is to visualise in advance every detail of what might happen during the operation. Before overtaking you should make sure:- *The road is sufficiently clear ahead the vehicle behind is not beginning to overtake you *There is a suitable gap in front of the vehicle you plan to overtake. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IT IS SAFE TO OVERTAKE, DONT Vist www.2 The complete resource for all your FREE Learner Driver information
  • Felipe Massa canada 2008 double overtake (natural sound) Massa canada 2008 f1 overtake natural sound
  • The Best Formula One Overtakes A video I made of Formula 1 overtaking manoeuvres. The music is by The Dandy Warhols. No copyright infringement is intended.
  • Takuma Sato overtaking David Coulthard (GP USA 2004) Takuma Sato overtakes David Coulthard in Indianapolis (GP USA) in 2004
  • love is overtaking me listening to arthur russell and hurtling through space
  • Overtaking Action at Australia 2007 These are all of the overtaking moves shown on ITV's broadcast of the 07 Australian GP.
  • Formula 1 - Overtaking 1979 - 2001 A compilation of some of the greatest overtaking moves of 1979-2001. Music is "Staying Out for the Summer" by Dodgy and "My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans.
  • F1 Hockenheim overtaking 1997 Jan Magnussen overtaking Norbert Fontana on lap 22
  • Crazy Overtaking In 2004 I went to Nasik Vintage Car Rally this is on the way there from Bombay. Notice the rider not letting go of the throttle even when there is on-head traffic.
  • How to overtake safely Dan from Rapid Training explains how to conquer one of the hardest biking skills, the ability to overtake safely
  • Lewis Hamilton F1 Overtakes part 3 Do I need to say anything? You already know what this is all about.... Music - I like the way - Bodyrockerz. Muscle car - Mylo
  • Overtaking cars in Romania - Live and let die... dangerous overtaking on romanian roads (alba iulia - sebes) - riskantes überholen auf rumänischen straßen - depasiri riscante si socante pe strazile din ro
  • ALMS Pagenaud overtakes 26 times in 4 laps ! Impressive onboard camera on HPD car for the start of ALMS Rd3 in Laguna Seca. Starting on the last row, the Frenchman overtakes 26 times during the first four laps !
  • D4NOK Excellent overtake A really nice piece of driving, thank you! D4NOK D4N OK D4N-OK D4 NOK D4-NOK
  • Cadwell Park Race 182mph overtake !!!! On Board Andy Lang's ZX10R Andy Lang #6 Kawasaki ZX10R (stock gearing) Onboard footage of Cadwell Park Wet Race With NG Roadracing including 182mph overtake
  • incredible overtake incredible overtake at bathurst lotus trophy
  • Fernando Alonso - Best overtaking moves (2007-2010) All contents belongs to Formula one Management (FOM). I do not own any materials. I hope you enjoy the video :) Fernando Alonso - Best overtaking moves (2003-2006):
  • Video Driving Lesson 31 Overtaking on a Dual Carriageway On a two-lane dual carriageway you should stay in the left-hand lane. Use the right-hand lane for overtaking or turning right. If you use it for overtaking move back to the left-hand lane when it is safe to do so. This clip shows you how. Vist www.2 The complete resource for all your FREE Learner Driver information
  • 2009 KOH Shannon Campbell drives over 52x Will Carter This was one of the most agressive passes I saw at the 2009 KOH event in Johnson Valley. Shannon Campbell drove right over the wheels of 52x driver Will Carter after Carter put his rig on its side. No one was going to stop Shannon from getting through this obstical on Sledgehammer!!! Kind of interesting to note that Shannon had more issues on this obstical with his IFS rig than the rig after him that walked right up it!!
  • Barcelona 96 part 1:Schumi overtakes Alesi Great overtaking by the Rainmaster.
  • Oliver Rowland Karting Oliver Rowland Karting Shenington February 2007 - Mclaren F1 Young Driver The the video that got Rowland the gig at Mclaren? Martyn Whitmarsh - "You cannot judge talent on one race, however a clear example of why we have joined forces with Oliver is his performance at a kart meeting in February at Shenington. Having jumped the start, Oliver was relegated to the back of the grid, but proceeded to take the win with some very classy overtaking manoeuvres. It showed dedication and tenacity." www.karting1
  • Best Drift Overtake ever from Fredric Aasbo ! That Supra from Fredric Aasbo is amazing.
  • Kamui Kobayashi overtaking Jenson Button in Abu Dhabi 2009 Kamui Kobayashi, the young japanese driver who overtook jenson button with a superb overtake after button pitted. Thanks for watching :)

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  • “Ben Thomas: Is a legal minimum of three feet better than nothing – or should we be rejecting that and asking for more? Blog home. Petition for rules on overtaking cyclists gathers speed – but is it enough? Is a legal minimum of three feet better than nothing – or should we be rejecting”
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  • “Sabah's #1 attraction, apparently, is Mt Kinabalu. Standing almost alone, to a height of 4095 m (OK just over 13,435 feet for easier reference) this is a mountain higher than our own Mt Cook. Howeve”
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  • “Further overtaking?”
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