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  • The Jackson County community will say its final good-byes to Mellie McDaniel and DEP Mike Altman on Saturday. The two were gunned down in front of the sheriff's home on Tuesday. funerals, with Leon County Sheriff's deputies taking over, sworn in as Jackson County deputies for the day. — “Final Good-Byes to Jackson County Shooting Victims”, wctv.tv
  • Weslaco city leaders have turned over sworn affidavits to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Investigators will now look into allegations of criminal misconduct. They're the same sworn statements featured in a CHANNEL 5 NEWS special investigation. — “Update on Betraying the Badge Investigation - KRGV CHANNEL 5”,
  • Against, Altar, Eternal, Every, Form, God, Hostility, Man, Mind, Over, Sworn, Tyranny, Upon Against, Altar, Eternal, Every, Form, God, Hostility, Man, Mind, Over, Sworn, Tyranny, Upon. — “Thomas Jefferson Quotes”,
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is facing a possible perjury investigation over his sworn testimony on the Bush administration's domestic spy Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Could Face Perjury Probe Over Sworn Testimony on Domestic Spying. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is facing a. — “Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Could Face Perjury Probe”,
  • Tags: Raja Petra charged over sworn statement. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin was charged with three counts of criminal defamation over his statutory declaration on the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu. — “Raja Petra Charged Over Sworn Statement | Voice of Malaysian”,
  • They favor flexible partnerships over sworn-in-blood band loyalty and rely more heavily on taste and intelligence than on instrumental chops. Their projects reflect underground pop's increasing fascination with uncovering historical side streams;. — “Stars head to music studios”,
  • Rival Factions Mission #3 is complete! Global Risk soldiers have fought a close battle to earn their first victory over sworn enemy Black List. Lt.Steadman's team escaped from the underground subway, taking with. — “Cross Fire - Free Online FPS - Rival Factions Mission #3 De”, crossfire.z8
  • (See front cover) With all the stories in the world to choose from, which story would a shrewd cinema producer pick to coincide with the coronation of a King of England? This was one problem which In this scene Tom Canty, already prayed over, sworn and anointed, is about to get the crown when Prince. — “Cinema: Mauch Twins & Mark Twain - TIME”,
  • Total Annihilation Tour Over, Sworn Amongst Escape Nottingham Blaze & Jonny Harper's Emergency Operation! Sworn Amongst also narrowly escaped a Nottingham blaze which engulfed buildings surrounding both Rock City & The Rescue rooms and nearly lost all backline & Merch!. — “Sworn Amongst News & Tour Dates -- Severance in stores NOW!”,
  • VERNON, Vt. -- A controversial Vermont nuclear power plant that shares a border with Massachusetts and New Hampshire is in the midst of a busy week. Tuesday, February 23, 2010. utilities, and is reeling from widespread outrage over sworn testimony it gave to state regulators that. — “Vt. Set To Vote On Power Plant Re-Licensing - New Hampshire”,
  • Paraguay is five points above it in third and need just three points Chile's meeting with Brazil in Salvador De Bahia is sure to have a celebratory air following the home side's historic victory over sworn enemies Argentina, but Selecao captain Lucio says they cannot afford to slacken off. — “Saudi Gazette - Make or break trip for Argentina to Paraguay”, .sa
  • Viva la Vida [Slipcase] by Coldplay - User Rating: 5 stars. Review Summary: I'm now willing to admit that these guys might be more than just quaint piano lines and special ed dance moves. Cons: Not different enough from their previous albums to win over sworn enemies of Chris' voice. — “An original direction dawning - Viva la Vida [Slipcase] by”,
  • Corazon C. Aquino went home for her inaugural luncheon today. It was a quiet affair. THE FALL OF MARCOS: THE NEW CHIEF TAKES OVER; SWORN IN, NEW PRESIDENT HAS A QUIET LUNCH. — “THE FALL OF MARCOS - THE NEW CHIEF TAKES OVER - THE FALL OF”,
  • Exercises direct supervision over sworn, management and technical staff. Examples of Duties: EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – Duties may include but are not limited to the following: Direct and participate in the development and implementation. — “Employment Opportunities - City of Davis”,
  • Directed by Ian Toynton. With Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth. 1 affair when he learns the woman's ex-husband will purger himself over sworn testimony he gave years earlier unless the President pays him not to. — “"24" Day 3: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (TV episode 2003) - IMDb”,
  • The DPP has decided not to prosecute former minister Willie O'Dea over a sworn affidavit he made that led to him leaving the Cabinet. No prosecution for O'Dea over sworn affidavit. — “No prosecution for O'Dea over sworn affidavit - RTÉ News”, rte.ie
  • Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin was charged with three counts of criminal defamation over his statutory declaration on the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu. Raja Petra charged over sworn statement. — “Raja Petra charged over sworn statement”, .my
  • The cost of war is high, the greatest price paid by those left forever behind. Dana Canedy speaks only of her own experience, but tells a universal story in her memoir, "A Journal for Jordan. "I pored over sworn statements from soldiers who were in the vicinity of the blast that day, commanders'. — “Fatherhood cut short by war, drawn with insight, tenderness”,
  • White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi decline to testify before Congress about their caper. And the White House also refuses to send its social secretary. Rather than appear in person, the couple turned over sworn statements and their relevant e-mail correspondence with a White House. — “White House party crashers won't testify - Politics - White”,
  • Job Description of a Defense Attorney. Defense attorneys play an important role in our criminal justice system. When someone is The office duties of a defense attorney include reading court briefs, going over sworn testimonies, looking up prior precedents that may relate to the case and talking. — “Job Description of a Defense Attorney | ”,
  • NRL chief David Gallop has put clubs on notice that there is no time limit to stripping premiership points for salary cap breaches. Schubert prepares to fly to Brisbane this week to interview the club over sworn court claims from Nissen regarding secret payments to players by Queensland coal mining. — “Broncos cop a stiff warning | Fox Sports”, .au

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