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  • BBC Music Review of Make a Change by Maddslinky funkier exploits don't always hit home, though, particularly when soul veteran Omar over-sweetens Special with the teeth-cracking equivalent of 10 sugars in your cuppa. — “BBC - Music - Review of Maddslinky - Make a Change”,
  • Breakfast on the run? Some bars will have you gnawing at your deskleg by lunch. Jordans (152 cal, 3.6g fat), goes to grain for the slow-release, starch of cereals (nearly 40 per cent) to fuel us, but oversweetens proceedings with lashings of cane sugar and syrup. — “Breakfast bars: what's in them? | Restaurants”,
  • View recipe reviews that KurtP has posted to (Page 1) 13334033 Reduce the 1/2 cup of sugar as this overpowers and over-sweetens the overall flavor of this wonderful salad. — “KurtP Recipe Reviews (Pg. 1) - (13334033)”,
  • Definition of Overt with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. oversweetens. oversweetness. oversweetnesses. overswim. overswims. overswing. overswinging. overswings. overswum. — “Overt: Definition with Overt Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Best Online Blackjack Review - The 10 Best Casino Gambling Sites - Fish for the Best Online Casino Bonuses Here - One of the leading and most successful online casinos. Online Casino offers Double Loyalty points over sweetens the pot even further by offering additional. — “Best Online Blackjack Review - Most Trusted Online Casinos”, union.umd.edu
  • Here's the beautiful thing about film: Movies speak differently to different people. That's a simple truth. And what a film truly means -- which is to triumph of director David Fincher, whose visual mastery and unsentimental approach never spoon-feeds the audience or over-sweetens the narrative. — “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review - Movies Review at IGN”,
  • List of words that are similar to the stem of 'Tense' including prefix and suffix. listens, martens, mittens, moistens, neatens, oversweetens, overtightens, patens, pattens, pectens, platens, prekindergartens,. — “Words Similar to 'Tense' - Word Checker - ”,
  • The newest trend in California cooking in Los Angeles might be called the Farmers Market School. This trend has its roots, of course, in the '80s food revolution and Alice Waters search for purveyors of fi The same vinegar oversweetens a salad of beautiful heirloom tomatoes and haricots verts. — “Zax and the Farmers Market School - Page 1 - Eat+Drink - Los”,
  • Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the word oversweetens. If you're sure it's a word, try doing a general web search for oversweetens: Google, AltaVista, other sources. — “Definitions of oversweetens - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • A random image for odiums, and a definition if applicable. What does odiums mean? Odiums definition at including odiums image. oleometer, outfielders, oenanthyl, outwaiting, ostic, oversweetens, oversensitive, operceles, overglorious, octoalloy, overcommon,. — “Odiums image and odiums definition”,
  • Plus this layer of chocolate over-sweetens the whole thing. Plus this layer of chocolate over-sweetens the whole thing. I love peanut butter cookies and I'm really disappointed in these. — “: Delamaine "Formerly B...'s review of Too Good”,
  • All Shook Up: A Reggae Tribute To The King: reviews All Shook Up: A Reggae Tribute To The King - Various (Trojan) Barbara Jones suffers by dint of mid-'80s production of insidious synth-plop and oversweetens Always On My Mind into a syrupy goo. — “All Shook Up: A Reggae Tribute To The King - Various | album”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “oversweetens definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Like a lot of people, I would rather have bobo tea across Castro St in Mountain View at Cafe Verde. Tapioca Express consistently oversweetens theirs. — “Tapioca Express on Villa: fry me a riddle - San Francisco Bay”,
  • Why tell a boring truth when an exciting lie is available. Mr. Bowers needs to watch the sugar count in his next novel as he over sweetens LOOSE ENDS with too much saccharine. — “Loose Ends by Neal Bowers Detailed Book Review”,
  • DePaula Confections creates artisan hand-made fine chocolates and confections from the freshest ingredients. He understands that chocolate is the most important ingredient, so he never over-sweetens, nor does he use preservatives or artificial flavors. — “DePaula Confections,LLC -- Handmade Artisan Chocolates and”,
  • Vince Gill MP3 Downloads - MP3.com offers legal Vince Gill music downloads as well as all of your favorite Vince Gill music videos. But the lyrics too often deaden the excitement; he over-sweetens the blues with a corny chorus, then drags every Cajun cliché imaginable into his Louisiana homage. — “High Lonesome Sound - Vince Gill - Music Reviews”, mp3.com
  • Review: Oscar and the Pink Lady: by Rob Stevens on Moreover, Frank Dunlop's syrupy direction further oversweetens this light confection. Fortunately, the one saving grace of this production is the chance to see theatrical legend Rosemary Harris up close. — “Oscar and the Pink Lady: Review on - 10/01/2007”,
  • Regent Thai Cuisine on 's Going Out Guide; your source for Thai restaurants in Washington, DC Now and then, the kitchen also oversweetens things. — “Regent Thai Cuisine in Washington, DC: Reviews and details on”,
  • Oversweetens definition, to make sweet, as by adding sugar. See more. — “Oversweetens | Define Oversweetens at ”,
  • The ultimate source for gourmet salt, finishing salt, sea salt, and artisan salts from around the world! Also specialize in gourmet dark chocolate, He understands that chocolate is the most important ingredient, so he never over-sweetens, nor does he use preservatives or artificial flavors. — “DePaula Bittersweet Chocolate w/ Marcona Almonds and Sea Salt”,

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  • “One forum, One thread, 8000 posts convoluted? Its nothing compared to others with 350 threads 27,000 posts, and over a thousand Like when she oversweetens my coffee, I still say "delicious sweetheart" best I ever had. I must admit, Its not too much fun”
    — [HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX], page 411,

  • “rumdood -> I believe all of the CSOWG member websites are on the blog-roll at the Mixoloseum blog: http://blog.mixoloseum.com BonzoGal -> I meant on your blog or something Do you have one?”
    — last week's transcript,

  • “1 scoop of maltodextrin to my postworkout shake? good or bad idea? Supplements IMHO from using maltodextrin before, it's kindda a waste of $ and oversweetens your protein”
    — 1 scoop of maltodextrin to my postworkout shake? good or bad,

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