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  • MySpace Music profile for Barely 13. Download Barely 13 Experimental / Rap / Other music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Barely 13's blog. Fluff Daddy - Vox, Action Figures, Falling Over, Swears, Drinking, Pushing Demo Button on Little Keyboard. — “Barely 13 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • posted by Paul Constant on September 9 at 15:51 PM. Funnybook Babylon has broken the story that DC comics tried to recall a comic book, All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder # 10, because the black bars that were printed over swears in word balloons were see-through. — “Robin Plasters on the Makeup Like a Trollop | Slog | The”,
  • Funky Fresh Northern UK Hip Hop/Rap organisation. Rap about the unecessary anger over swears, and the unecessary use of swears which hide the fact that people have a limited. — “Music page of PiPeLine Poductions - MP3 music page on SoundClick”,
  • Find music and more in Edmonton Area. Visit Kijiji's services > other category for free, local classifieds in Canada. Hi, I professionally censor videos and music (adding "bleeps" over swears) I will do it for free because I enjoy doing it. — “music Services Edmonton Area | Services and businesses - Free”, edmonton.kijiji.ca
  • Thanks everyone for another great year! We finish off 2008 with a few recipes, some great articles and the hopes of a great 2009. A buddy of mine mixes it with tequila when he comes over. — “Bar None Drinks Monthly Newsletter - New Years 2009 Edition”,
  • The party who finally has the higher total honour-price overswears the other one. Although probably rare prior to Christianity, written evidence is considered an "immoveable rock" which overswears any number of witnesses. — “Celtic Law : A Short Summary | DeDanaan | Page 12”,
  • Surviving the World is a webcomic offering daily lessons in science, literature, love and life. By Dante Shepherd (c) 2008-2009. Monthly crossword homework. I get why they feel the need to dub over swears, even though I don't think '***' needs to be one of those cases, especially. — “Surviving the World - Lesson 593 - Dubbing”,
  • The humble dustpan's days of being shoved away will soon be over," swears Maria Barnes, left, co-founder of the Alice Supply Co. The recently launched Orange County-based design house has turned the most unglamorous household items into something more than objects of utility. — “Alice Supply Co. coaxes tools out of the closet | L.A. at”,
  • Cruising the Tenderloin with San Francisco poet laureate Janice Mirikitani is like traveling with royalty. Storekeepers greet her with enthusiasm, diners in restaurants jump up and hug her warmly, the homeless nod and are sold at the Hilton one block over, swears she never touches them. — “Tenderloin Walkabout / A district that's overflowing with”,
  • Thank you for viewing my YouTube Channel!! Here you find Video Game Gameplay and Walkthroughs, Electronics reviews, App reviews, Unboxings and other Im also a professional when it comes to censoring videos (adding bleeps over swears) if you have a video that you would like censored, send me a. — “YouTube - 100dollarbillls's Channel”,
  • How to Elect a Pope. The procedure for electing a pope is steeped in tradition and ceremony, but the basics are easier than they at first appear. After filling out his ballot, the cardinal folds it over, swears before God that he has voted for the man he feels the Holy Spirit is guiding him. — “How to Elect a Pope | ”,
  • Where the garden blogs hang out Dirt on the Keys: A plant geek sweats over, swears : The Peony That Thinks It's A Rhubarb: Ludlow's Tree Peony (4). — “Blotanical - where garden blogs bloom”,
  • Get short, timely messages from Skip Elsheimer. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. Skip's shaving to shoot scenes saying 'shark' over swears like 'sh*t'. — “Skip Elsheimer (AVGeeks) on Twitter”,
  • My friend when she over swears at me. I kick her =] And like when people keep dissing me being stupid. at like My friend when she over swears at me. I kick her =] And like when people keep dissing me being stupid. at like one instand i would. — “Crunchyroll - Forum - Have you ever snapped and lost control”,
  • The next day, Rufus ordered those who were up before daybreak to hasten to the legate. He led them to Brutus, who asked them many them to the legate of the tenth; then that man looks them over, swears, and tells Rufus to take them to Lucilius (whoever he was). — “A little bit of help with some Latin translation? Hi everyone”,
  • Means cuts during kills and cheap dubbing over swears aweful! Means cuts during kills and cheap dubbing over swears aweful! Prom Night 4 while being not the edited version for television. — “: David Seguin "djzilla"'s review of Prom Night 3”,
  • Fan opinions on Original English Language manga (OEL manga) vary. Some believe that manga output should belong to Japan alone, whereas others believe that story ideas from outside The afore-mentioned incomprehensible plot is a headache to follow because you're always stumbling over swears. — “Manga Review: HEAVENSHIELD, Volume One - ”,
  • Reno 911! (TV Series): The Complete 2nd Season - DVD review - "Reno: 911" is a stitch. The only censoring on "Reno: 911" comes from nudity and a "bleep" over swears and ethnic slurs. — “Reno 911! (TV Series): The Complete 2nd Season - DVD review”,
  • The Difference Lonely leaves the impression that you are longing for someone or something . Alone can stand on its own MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts Hold its own independently. Lonely calls you up 3 am to ask you to Alone is through and over swears with palmed open right hands Lonely. — “anitastud - ”,
  • CASH-STRAPPED Livingston last night again failed to pay their players on time, sparking further financial fears for the future of the First Division club. lawyer insists he is putting money in every month to keep Livi ticking over, swears every player has been paid in full and that he has a deal in. — “Fresh fears for future of Livingston after club fails to play”,
  • An intrepid look into (part of) the campy epic mess that is Showgirls. TBS also dubs the dumbest substitute words over swears . Plus the "***y" joke wouldn't have worked as well. — “Showgirls Begins”,
  • Entertainment and Showbiz from a Canadian angle guru of gloom to generations of raccoon-eyed, black-clad ***s the world over -- swears it will be their last. — “CANOE -- JAM! Music - Artists - Album Review: THE CURE”, jam.canoe.ca
  • Okay, I think I know what the response is probably going to be but I need to hear from people who are not connected. I felt someone at my home should know .Now 3 weeks later he has apologized over and over. — “Answer this...will he do it again? ... - ”,
  • Hisbulla's rebellion over; swears in as a Minister (Lanka-e-News, May 22, 2008, 4.40 PM) A.L.M. Hisbulla took oath before the President Mahinda Rajapakse today (22) morning as the Minister of Provincial Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probationary. — “ | Hisbulla's rebellion over; swears in as”,

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  • Elegy 16 "On His Mistress" by John Donne Elegy 16 "On His Mistress" by John Donnecalmly beg: but by thy father's wrath, By all pains, which want and divorcement hath, I conjure thee, and all the oaths which I And thou have sworn to seal joint constancy, Here I unswear, and overswear them thus, Thou shalt not love by ways so dangerous. Temper, O fair Love, love's impetuous rage, Be my true Mistress still, not my feigned Page; I'll go, and, by thy kind leave, leave behind Thee, only worthy to nurse in my mind Thirst to come back; O if thou die before, My soul from other lands to thee shall soar. Thy (else Almighty) beauty cannot move Rage from the Seas, nor thy love teach them love, Nor tame wild Boreas' harshness; thou hast read How roughly he in pieces shivered Fair Orithea, wbom he swore he loved. Fall ill or good, 'tis madness to have proved Dangers unurged; feed on this flattery, That absent Lovers one in th' other be. Dissemble nothing, not a boy, nor change Thy body's habit, nor mind's; be not strange To thyself only; all will spy in thy face A blushing womanly discovering grace;
  • Kids these days over swear. Seriously. Tis Evidence. I randomly left my phone alone with them..and they made this currupted cursing video with a gift for me at the BLOODY end!! Evidence of kids overswearing these days. Scientific Findings this is. Ideotics.
  • One Sentence Rant: Overswearing Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Seriously, you 12 year old kids need to realize that we take you even LESS seriously when you're trying to act adult by swearing. You can't win.
  • Stimulate (Clean Version) This Is My Third Clean Version! I did a new method to censor using tv static effects over swears I didn't like it as much so this is most likley the last video I do with that method unless you guys comment differently.

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