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  • Jonathan Morton" >> > Then instead of "without sad mortality overswaying" the paraphrase will be "unless sad mortality oversways. — “新世代暨大網路多媒體英語教室”, english.csie.ncnu.edu.tw
  • How such who are completely cured of a wounded Conscience are to demean themselves. 17.] which shows, that by nature, without grace overswaying us, it is ten to one if we be thankful. — “Good Thoughts in Bad Times and Other Papers. | Christian”,
  • 11 letter words beginning with O: oarsmanship, obdurations, obediential overswaying. oversweeten. overswelled. overswollen. overtalking. overtasking. overtedious. overteeming. overthought. overthrower. overthwarts. overtighten. overtipping. overtnesses. overtoiling. overtopping. overtowered. overtrading. overtrained. — “11 letter O words : 11 letter words beginning with O”,
  • outwalking outtalking outwalks outtalks outwell outtell outwelling outtelling outwells outtells overawe overate oversew overset oversews oversets oversway overstay overswayed overstayed overswaying overstaying oversways overstays oxbow oxbot paw pat. — “wt”, zen6741
  • The True Interest and Political Maxims of the Republic of Holland (London: John Campbell, Esq, 1746) then make such orders and laws by their overswaying power, or would manage it so that it. — “Online Library of Liberty - CHAP. II. - The True Interest and”,
  • While Overswaying can dodge attacks. There are some attacks that can hit an opponent regardless of where on the screen he/she is. overswaying opponent = D Dash = f,f Backdash = b,b Dash Jump, f,f, uf. — “Real Bout Fatal Fury Moves List - IGN FAQs”,
  • Nothing about it appeals to me. I have been vegetarian for 4 years and haven't had a craving for it at all. I just quit liking meat-- for me I don't see any overswaying philosophical reason to be a vegetarian. — “Could you live without meat? - Page 3”,
  • History of Literature Then, contrary motions, overswaying these suspitions, he questioned his thoughts in another nature. Let me (quoth he) admit the case, that none of these surmises are. — “History of Literature”, all-
  • The Defense of Poesy. Sir Philip Sidney. 1909-14. English Essays: Sidney to Macaulay. The Harvard Classics stable; and he, according to the fertileness of the Italian wit, did not only afford us the demonstration of his practice, but. — “The Defense of Poesy. Sir Philip Sidney. 1909-14. English”,
  • Florio's Translation of Montaigne's Essays was first published in 1603. But this credite, this aspiring reputation, this overswaying authority, suppresseth my imagination. — “Montaigne's Essays”,
  • Dua-ya-Man Azhar Al Jamil. Dua-e-Kumayl. Dua-e-Noor. Hadith Al Kisa. Duas relating to How to Urge Others to Dua? Best time for a DUA. Dua a-E-Salaamathi Imam-E-Zamana(Ajallahu. — “Shia-Azadari Madras”, shia-
  • Whereon, Under The Government Of Madame Aimilia, The Argument Of Each Severall Descourse, Is Not Limitted To Any One Peculiar Subject: But Every Then, contrary motions, overswaying these suspitions, he questioned his thoughts in. — “Decameron Web | Texts”, brown.edu
  • Nothing could be his own, the road to the temptations arising from bad traditions of Comedy will appear to suffer the skates to bend under them in or destroying each other in form, rather overswaying the memory. — “bob ferris cirencester 43972 - XNA Essentials”,
  • Thou came to know that I am too weak to bear hardships and too exhausted to withstand misfortunes, and took notice of my in the name of Thy Might and overswaying Power, and for the sake of Thy Prophet,. — “Dua'a Jaushan E Sagheer”,
  • 26 Oct - Tuned in to the webcast of a jazz show on WKCR (89.9 FM), the Columbia Univ. station. ( And thankfully, no overswaying of her torso.) Yet I wished she could have added more fire. — “log 22”,
  • to oversway (third-person singular simple present oversways, present participle overswaying, simple past and past participle overswayed) the Presidents authoritie so overswayed the discretion of Master Scrivener, that our store, our time, our strength and labours were idely consumed to fulfill his. — “oversway - Wiktionary”,
  • Here, then, we have the formula for the ordinary pitch-and-run stroke with the mashie - a formula which has the approval in practice of all the good players I have ever seen, and the principles of whi a fairly short one); then there will be little danger of overswaying. — “Mashie Shots. Part 3”,
  • ligaments of government, and to erect an universal overswaying power to ligaments of government, and to erect an universal overswaying power to. — “Parliamentary Committees Evaluation”, aph.gov.au
  • So with Thy might, Thou came to stand by me, and Thy help made me strong and disappointed him in spite of the in the name of Thy Might and overswaying Power, and for the sake of Thy Prophet,. — “Du`a al-Jawshan al-Sagheer”, al-

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  • “Welcome to the Shakespeare forum. Join the conversation. the world and fall back into the ancient Chaos; but that the overswaying concord of things (which is represented by Cupid or Love) restrains its will”
    — Authorship controversy 2 - Shakespeare,

  • “Originally Posted by Order then what does your prayers change ? I told you, we pray to remember God and to thank him for everything that happens to us”
    — ~*PRAYERS*~ - Page 6 - The Orange Room - ,

  • “salam yekee az doostam be amn goft ke baraye adamhoye lobenan khob ast ke suraya fath va duaye Jawshan Al-Sagheer ra bekhoneem, lotfan een khabar ra paksh koneed ke lobenan peerooz bashad (sorry for bad grammar)”
    — Dua bara lebonan,

  • “My dad kinda walks like a penguin and I notice that my feet flare out at 45 deg angles in a comfortable stance, too. But my left foot spints out and”
    — Left foot spins out - Brian Manzella Golf Forum,

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