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  • The cut-off date for an oversubscribed category is the priority date of the first applicant who could not be reached within the numerical limits. If a foreign state other than an oversubscribed country has little Family preference demand but considerable Employment preference demand, the. — “Visa Bulletin for April 2010”, travel.state.gov
  • CBB sukuk oversubscribed. Manama: The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) said the monthly issue of its Sukuk Al-Salam Islamic securities has been oversubscribed by 408.3 per cent. The securities were issued by the CBB on behalf of the government of Bahrain. — “CBB sukuk oversubscribed”,
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Oversubscribed) In the telecommunications industry, overbooking -- such as in the frame relay world -- means that a telephone company has sold. — “Overbooking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Oversubscribed InfiniBand Fabrics Cut Data Center Costs Table 2 provides application performance results for both FBB and oversubscribed bandwidth fabrics. — “Oversubscribed InfiniBand Fabrics Cut Data Center Costs”,
  • Oversubscription, in a SAN (storage area network) switching environment, is the practice of connecting multiple devices to the same switch port to optimize switch use. storage than it's actually able to use at the moment, that total storage capacity is said to be "oversubscribed" or "overbooked". — “What is oversubscription? - Definition from ”,
  • oversubscribed - definition of oversubscribed - Term used to describe a new stock issue in which the buyers want more shares than are available. — “oversubscribed Definition”,
  • The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) announces that the monthly issue of the short-term Islamic leasing bonds, Sukuk Al-Ijara, has been oversubscribed by 630. — “CBB Sukuk Al-Ijara oversubscribed | Central Bank of Bahrain”,
  • Definition of oversubscribed from select business dictionary. oversubscribed. Or, relating to, or being a new security issue for which there are more requests to purchase securities than there are securities available for sale. — “oversubscribed - Business Definition”,
  • Overwhelming Demand for School Vouchers in D.C. Education Science WTOP Investigates WTOP Series Consumer. Call For Action Recalls. Seriously? Watercooler Monkey News. Photo Galleries News Links. Traffic. Traffic Center Cameras Key Routes Commuter Links Sprawl & Crawl Weekend Wakeup Call. Weather. — “Overwhelming Demand for School Vouchers in D.C. - ”,
  • The retail tranche of the medicine distributor is more than 200 times oversubscribed as brokerages and banks received margin financing orders of more than HK$200 billion yesterday. As the local tranche for the former is oversubscribed by more than 100 times, a clawback mechanism will boost. — “Sinopharm IPO oversubscribed 200 times - The Standard”, .hk
  • * BHP $45 bln loan oversubscribed-bankers * $2.5 bln commitments include CIBC, Lloyds, Sumitomo Mitsui * Lead bank commitments expected to end up below $2.5 bln LONDON, Sept 10 (Reuters) - The. — “RLPC-BHP's $45 bln loan oversubscribed ahead of deadline”,
  • Just in from a source involved with the transaction - the $100 million Facebook Employee share buyback has been oversubscribed (its not clear by how much), and ex-employees are being cut back significantly. The program was announced on July 13. — “Facebook Share Buyback Oversubscribed, Ex-Employees Take The Hit”,
  • Definition of oversubscribed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of oversubscribed. Pronunciation of oversubscribed. Definition of the word oversubscribed. Origin of the word oversubscribed. — “oversubscribed - Definition of oversubscribed at”,
  • Oversubscribed A situation in which the demand for an initial public offering of securities exceeds the number of shares issued. — “oversubscribed: Definition from ”,
  • . Sponsored Listings. Associated Sites. Related Searches: Search:. — “ | Oversubscribed”,
  • Definition of oversubscribed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of oversubscribed. Pronunciation of oversubscribed. Translations of oversubscribed. oversubscribed synonyms, oversubscribed antonyms. Information about oversubscribed in the free. — “oversubscribed - definition of oversubscribed by the Free”,
  • Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi, a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House, will pay a coupon of 5.25 per cent on Turkey's first Islamic bond offering that was oversubscribed, people close to the transaction said yesterday. — “Turkey's first Islamic bond offering oversubscribed”,
  • oversubscribed (comparative more oversubscribed, superlative most oversubscribed) 2009 January 16, "QBE to sell $115m on oversubscribed retail share sale", Herald Sun:. — “oversubscribed - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of Oversubscribed in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Oversubscribed? Meaning of Oversubscribed as a finance term. What does Oversubscribed mean in finance?. — “Oversubscribed financial definition of Oversubscribed”, financial-
  • Lead manager says IPOs of four Saudi insurers have been oversubscribed Lead manager says IPOs of four Saudi insurers have been oversubscribed2. — “Saudi insurers IPOs oversubscribed - Search - ”,
  • Oversubscribed - Definition of Oversubscribed on Investopedia - A situation in which the demand for an initial public offering of securities exceeds the number of shares issued. — “Oversubscribed Definition”,
  • Stay informed on the latest Oversubscribed news. TheStreet is the source for financial market and Wall Street news, trading stock and personal finance advice. — “Oversubscribed | Glossary term for: Oversubscribed | ^DJI”,

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  • The Classic Malts Cruise We join the World Cruising Club who organise an annual cruise normally oversubscribed to visit distilleries at Oban and
  • smartphone The Arena is specially flourishing in Europe where it helped LG to delude nearly fivesome meg phones during the ordinal lodge of 2009 LG currently offers the Arena in 53 countries around the world for a retail sound of most €400 The sound module belike add soon especially since LG is primed to move infant touchscreen
  • not much to say really about an oversubscribed underwhelming bill other than primordial undermind were pretty ace a shortish set of extended guitar jams as much drone as garage rock as
  • She continued My partner is often away on business and when someone parks outside we wonder who they are Scroll down for more Oversubscribed The Lilliput First School in Poole Council workers spied on a family who were suspected of living outside the catchment area The council won t tell us if the people
  • carried out by World Call Telecomms and Salman Taseer has roped in Khaled Jufali from Saudi Arabia It s IPO on the Karachi stock market was oversubscribed and raised about Rs 250 million locally The Karachi Stock market keeps going up 2700 like the NASDAQ used to go up in the Dot com era in 1997 2000 Our sports juniors won the World Squash
  • Switching The cluster s proposed switch topology is as shown below XFig image source file This is a network design that is oversubscribed at one or two locations depending upon the choice of the core switch on the right While it would be possible to
  • Rooms are also heavily oversubscribed on most weekends Most Newportonians were resigned to witnessing the sad sight of the Waterloo crumbling into dust Its posh new life lacks the rumbustious character of its seamy past But it s a great new
  • St Georges Hospital Map jpg
  • 01 March Arab News MedGulf Initial Public Offering Oversubscribed Four Times
  • OFSTED 2009 AND SIAS REPORTS Scotby Church of England Primary School Foundation Status Scotby School is one of Cumbria s most popular and successful primary schools The school is oversubscribed for most year groups and serves the two attractive
  • the inaugural Montecristo Cup May 2 at the Varadero Golf Club in Varadero Cuba The competition which was open to amateurs and professionals was oversubscribed and exceeded expectations The event was a truly international competition with golfers representing many countries including the UK Canada Spain Andorra Korea Vietnam Japan as well as Cuba PGA Tour star Ernie
  • give her name said A woman I know had a lovely big house in Clapton but she moved her family into a rented flat above a shabby parade of shops just to qualify for Stoke Newington School The best performing schools remain heavily oversubscribed particularly the new academies some of which are receiving seven times as many applications as they have places available Last year
  • With the 2002 roadshow CEO Medhat Khalil says Raya was barely able to find the subscribers it wanted This time around the private placement was oversubscribed three fold Mohsen Allam
  • is now in rare supply Following our recent trip to Champagne we have no doubt that this will be oversubscribed so please telephone to book your places on 020 7353 5059 Tickets only £30 00
  • like all the models in the series is in Limited supply as we write the offers are again already oversubscribed We will do our best to satisfy the demand in the club
  • How data and models are combined jpg
  • The school is heavily oversubscribed all places are full and there is a waiting list for admission if places become available Extracts from A Guide To British Boarding Schools AUBREY House School is a converted 18th century mansion a mile or so from the Cornish coast It was originally designed to accommodate a large family and guests and is now rebuilt to hold
  • you tell where the moorings are oversubscribed by long stayers One particular spot is at Huddlesford Junction where quite a few boats recently have stayed and stayed and stayed There s a popular pub there The Plough Inn But thinking about it I m sure it s not the beer or the wifi which makes the liveaboards loiter Rather it s the car parking Not the pub
  • Standard proposals oversubscribed the expected amount of Cycle 6 observing time by 4 5X and Legacy proposals by about 3X A summary of Cycle 6 proposal statistics is posted below
  • oversubscribed with too much voice traffic data packets are dropped and the remaining voice calls suffer because they must compete for bandwidth available to the low latency queue Figure 7 5 illustrates the effect of voice oversubscription Using LLQ voice traffic is directed into a priority queue PQ while all other traffic is directed into various CBWFQ queues
  • The oversubscribed rate for the June 2nd bidding exercise was 24 for Category A COEs and 41 for Category B COEs respectively I also observed a spike in the over subscription of Category E
  • a Corporal at 220 Sqn is now on track to become an engineering officer in the Royal Air Force after being offered a place at the heavily oversubscribed Loughborough boarding college Operated jointly by the Royal Navy Army and RAF Welbeck offers a science and technology based A level curriculum tailored specifically to military careers Cpl de Vos who is currently
  • Are there still places on the course Yes if it is still showing as available on the website Our courses are typically oversubscribed and places are limited so we advise booking early
  • But the media these days simply go through the motions about the April Fool To work it has to be believable and April Fools are now so oversubscribed that no one believes them any more Since I saw a speed camera sign on the Upper Peak Forest C*** late last year not a camera itself just a joke slow down sign I ve long discounted the idea of c*** speed cameras Very
  • The oversubscribed rate for the May 1st bidding exercise was about 45 for Category A COEs and 25 for Category B COEs It seems that the smaller car COEs demand is well sustained and is
  • Yale Daily News Media Content Matt Lucas Staff Photographer
  • Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers Friday 26 June 2008 With club university events massively oversubscribed 211 crews competed in time trials on Friday 27 June for 74 first round places the
  • oversubscribed little spot where I could actually avoid the debris fencing and no I m not going to tell you where it is either Knowing my luck it won t be there in 2007
  • fund is going to be oversubscribed is there also a chance that there will be a little more money put into the pot Personally I don t think the $10 million is going to be enough Page 2365 MR SPEAKER The Hon Member for Saanich and the Islands MR CURTIS Mr Speaker the Minister might consider commenting on a couple of points First of all I think there
  • Henley Womens Regatta Time Trials Friday 20 June 2008 Time trials for Intermediate Eights Intermediate Fours and Senior Fours which were oversubscribed
  • ok here is what i got to a server in chicago
  • any comments are welcome send them to me or Laura Everything going well on the SheSays front August event at Dare is already oversubscribed and Sam and Dave will be dressing up soon
  • click here Only 110 places available Last year we were oversubscribed by over 200 people so hurry Following on from last years hugely successful party we are again inviting Bojangles to come back and entertain us for a second year Why not celebrate the new year locally and in serious
  • I met these guys outside a hostel for the homeless the missionaries of charity in Liverpool They couldn t get a room as its oversubscribed every day As a condition of staying at the hostel
  • The oversubscribed rate for the May 2nd bidding exercise was similar to the previous exercise at about 45 for Category A COEs and increased from 25 to 35 for Category B COEs Now that there
  • ok here is what i got for trace routes from about 6 something in the morning to about 11 20 am today
  • By Kang L Barrica was never on my eat list The original intention was suppose to be an impromptu power lunch at oversubscribed Lantana to give the now legendary steak sandwiches a try The steak
  • Friday June 1st Bat Walk 2 Because the walk was so oversubscribed we ran a second bat walk More than thirty people joined us this time Click here for some more pictures
  • Photos posted by fulltime in www myhometown sg Green units without an orange dot highlights 5rm flats available Another photo of the other two blocks the 5rm flats certainly don t look well received even after ballots were oversubscribed On the other hand the 4rm flats seem to have received
  • 9 December 2004 DIS Tech issue oversubscribed

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  • Content Market in India is fragmented and oversubscribed - Deepak Halan, IMRB on Mobile VAS in the 2nd Annual Mobile VAS summit, discussing the challenges in emerging markets, Deepak Halan, Group Business Director at IMRB, said that the content mark...
  • Royal Mail Shares Priced At 330 Pence In Oversubscribed Sale Royal Mail shares priced at 330 pence in oversubscribed sale LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is selling a majority stake in Royal Mail at 330 pence a share follow...
  • Amazing Ninja Defuse - OverSubscribed
  • NewsX Video: Oil India IPO over-subscribed The initial public offer of the state-run Oil India limited got over-subscribed 1.3 times on the opening day itself.
  • Bourse Boom: IPO for Nairobi Securities Exchange massively oversubscribed Investors in the Nairobi Securities Exchanges' Initial Public Offer will not receive their full application of shares following the massive over subscription...
  • On Board the World's Fastest Train Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Central Japan Railway Co., which is building a magnetic levitation rail line, was overwhelmed by applications for a ride aboard the wo...
  • ABC Banks's bond have been over-subscribed in the capital market ABC Bank has raised one billion shillings through a privately placed bond to fund the bank's expansion drive. The bank initially targeted to raise 650 millio...
  • Sources - Facebook IPO oversubscribed Sources - Facebook IPO oversubscribed.
  • 702.Class XII - CBSE, ICSE, NCERT - Oversubscription of shares Rejection of excess application provides this video, which is one of our collections of ever increasing videos on Mathematics, Economics, Accounts, Physics, Chemistry and o...
  • Housing finance bond oversubscribed by 41% Housing Finance has registered a 41 per cent over subscription for its recent bond issue collecting 7 billion shillings against the 5 billion shillings it ta...
  • Stima SACCO shares oversubscribed by 40% http://www.ntv.co.ke The Cooperative movement in Kenya is steadily encroaching on the commercial banks' space with members investing more in Savings and Cred...
  • MCX IPO oversubscribed more than 2 times MCX IPO oversubscribed more than 2 times.
  • QIP over-subscribed 1.5 times : Prestige Estates Irfan Razack, Promoter & CMD, The Prestige Group Estates said that several institutional funds in US and Asia participated in QIP and the same is over-subscr...
  • Goldman Sachs 50-year debt offering oversubscribed manoftruth contemplates and pontificates on Goldman 50 year bonds yielding 6.125% with 5 year call provision.
  • Muthoot Fin raises Rs 418 cr through oversubscribed IPP The IPP oversubscribed 1.8 times having raised Rs 418 crore that will be used for gold loan business.
  • Peugeot Says Share Issue Oversubscribed French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen said on Wednesday the second part of its share issue was oversubscribed, with demand reaching 145 percent of the shares o...
  • Kenya's debut sovereign bond has been oversubscribed by 300 per cent Kenya's debut sovereign bond has been oversubscribed by 300 per cent. Government figures show the national treasury received bids amounting to 696 billion sh...
  • KENGEN infrastructure Bond oversubscribed by 30 % The inaugural Public Infrastructure Bond Offer by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) has been oversubscribed by at least 30 per cent.KENGEN Ma...
  • Arm Bond Over-Subscribed Cement maker Athi river mining had its 1.6 billion shilling equity-linked note issue oversubscribed by 60 per cent in under 24 hours. The company raised 2.2 ...
  • OverSubscribed - Black Ops II Game Clip Game Clip.
  • Keki Mistry : HDFC stake was oversubscribed twice Keki Mistry : HDFC stake was oversubscribed twice.
  • How to Pronounce Oversubscribed Learn how to say Oversubscribed correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of oversubscribed (oxford dictionary): adjectiv...
  • New 2-room HDB flats oversubscribed by LGBT & other singles This news clip was broadcast over Channel News Asia during their "Singapore Tonight" bulletin at 10pm on Wednesday, 31 July 2013. http://www.channelnewsasia....
  • OFS oversubscribed 2.6 times : Oil India OFS oversubscribed 2.6 times : Oil India For more information: Subscribe - /etnow to get latest business news,***ysis and updates. Follow - w...
  • DTB Issue Over-Subscribed by 86% ABN's Larry Madowo speaks with Alkarim Jiwa, CFO, Diamond Trust Bank, to discuss the DTB oversubscription for the issue by 86%.
  • Kenya's debut Eurobond oversubscribed Kenya's debut Eurobond has been oversubscribed by more than 400 percent. As of this morning, Kenya had secured bids worth 8.8 billion dollars for the Eurobon...
  • Athi River Mining's 5-year equity-linked bond 60% oversubscribed () Kenya's third largest cement firm, Athi River Mining's 5-year equity-linked bond for 1.2 billion shillings was 60 percent oversubscribed...
  • Overland Storage Jumps 13.5% on Oversubscribed Private Placement Financing Overland Storage (OVRL) is higher after it says it has agreed to sell in a private placement 8722904 shares and warrants to purchase up to 3838069 shares...
  • PH dollar-denominated local bond sale oversubscribed NewsLife - PH dollar-denominated local bond sale oversubscribed - [November 28, 2012] For more news, visit: http://www.ptvnews.ph Subscribe to our youtube ac...
  • TSB flotation 10 times oversubscribed TSB Banking Group (LON:TSB) has completed a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange. Lloyds Banking Group (LON:LLOY) sold 35% of its holding in a sub...
  • Nairobi securities exchange initial public offer generates interest oversubscribed by 663.9% The Nairobi securities exchange initial public offer has generated investor interest with the share offer oversubscribed by 663.9%. NSE was offering 66 milli...
  • Kingsdale Foundation School l Academy Consistently Oversubscribed Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich is one such school that was recently identified as being hugely oversubscribed.
  • APD Share Offering Oversubscribed 3 Times Over Officials of the Arawak Port Development share offering say that the IPO that set a new Bahamian Record is oversubscribed three times over.
  • CIC Insurance Sh600m rights issue oversubscribed with Nelson Kuria () CIC Insurance Sh600m rights issue oversubscribed reports say it's a move that opens a new battle front for control of the sector. The co...
  • Soweto outdoor gym oversubscribed The Petrus Molefe Outdoor Gym in Dlamini, Soweto, is popular with locals barely a year after being open to the public. Lesego Ngobeni reports.
  • NSE IPO Oversubscribed The Nairobi Securities Exchange has announced that its recent initial public offering received applications that were nearly eight times the number of shares...
  • NTPC's tax-free bond issue oversubscribed 3.3 times State-run power major, received an overwhelming response for its bond issue by garnering Rs 3310 crore, much ahead of its scheduled closing. For more inform...
  • Our Over Subscribed Business Planning Workshops at The Business Show May 2014 Excel Our One Page Business Planning Workshops at London Excel May 2014.
  • BBC News Pope sells Harley motorbike in over subscribed auction
  • Bush doctors workshop over-subscribed A skills workshop for doctors in Brisbane contemplating going bush has been oversubscribed, in a healthy sign for medical services in rural Australia.

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  • “Forum discussion: If it is anything like the EVDO service they will underestimate capacity needs by about an order of magnitude”
    oversubscribed - | DSLReports Forums,

  • “HDB's sale of balance flats nearly nine times oversubscribed Punggol.org Forum > Interest Groups > Finance > HDB's sale of balance flats nearly nine times oversubscribed”
    — HDB's sale of balance flats nearly nine times oversubscribed,

  • “Rights Issue Closes Oversubscribed. You have no doubt been following our rights issue were pleased to announce today that the issue closed oversubscribed”
    — Rights Issue Closes Oversubscribed " Clancy Exploration,

  • “Amazon EC2 Oversubscribed? Here is a post that reports that all is not happy for some with their heads in the clouds. Is Amazon EC2 Oversubscribed and Suffering from Internal Network Latency? I am not directly involved with this, but figured I'd raise it in the blog”
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  • “Locksmithing Blog. A non-destructive entry specialist writes Posts Tagged oversubscribed' Thinking of organisation the NNAL is 750+ http:///forum/memberlist.php?mode=joined&order=ASC&start=750 )”
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  • “FE Tender Offer Oversubscribed -FE raises cap of oversubscribed offer. Sponsored Links. ***yst Blog. FE Tender Offer Oversubscribed. August 19, 2009 | Comments: 0”
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  • “Free Online Library: Regional ASIAN FORUM on CSR in Manila is Oversubscribed in Spite of the Times. by "ACN Newswire"; Business, international”
    — Regional ASIAN FORUM on CSR in Manila is Oversubscribed in,

  • “Oversubscribed user testing for WUD. – posted November 13th, 2008 by Shane Diffily No This is the blog from iQ Content. We write about user-centred web design and living and”
    — " Oversubscribed user testing for WUD - iQ Blog,

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