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  • Overstruck definition, to stamp a new device, value, or inscription on (a coin). See more. — “Overstruck | Define Overstruck at ”,
  • Occasionally, coins of other cities were overstruck to save the moneyers the task of Sometimes victors overstruck their symbols on existing coins as propaganda - a practice. — “...Sharing The Experience of the Ancient”,
  • Pages in category "Overstruck coins" This category contains only the Media in category "Overstruck coins" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8. — “Category:Overstruck coins - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • What is so fascinating about them is that their reverses are virtually always overstruck by series III (and some series IV) coins - examples that were not overstruck survive in very small numbers, thus the rarity of these coins. I coins are never found overstruck - it seems that series II coins. — “Resources for collectors”, ancientcoins.ca
  • The least expensive ancient coins and artifacts you will find on the net. Cheap! Bargain - Roman Imperial Coins, Roman Provincial Coins, Uncleaned Coins, Roman Artifacts, Greek Coins and much more. Roman Republican Triens overstruck on a Hemilitron of Hieron II. of Syracuse / Sicily. — “Ancient Coins . biz - Roman Imperial, Roman Provincial, Greek”, ancientcoins.biz
  • After being struck as a Proof Die Trial in copper by 1846 Proof $2½ Dies, it was overstruck by an 1846 PROOF Obverse $5 Die. The overstrike by the Proof $5 Obverse Die was struck over the reverse of the $2½ design. — “”
  • The following were existing coins that were subsequently overstruck or countermarked. An overstrike occurs when an existing coin is used as the planchet for a new coin without completely removing the features of the older coin. — “Overstrikes & Countermarks”,
  • Antiques Collaborative, Inc.. Georgian sterling silver mug by Peter and William Bateman, London, 1808; maker's mark overstruck by that of George Gray. The Batemans were one of the most famo. — “Peter & William Bateman Georgian sterling silver mug (item”,
  • eBay: Find 1817 Brazil 960 Reis silver coin Nice! OVERSTRUCK in the Coins Paper Money , Coins World , South America , Brazil category on eBay. — “1817 Brazil 960 Reis silver coin Nice! OVERSTRUCK - eBay”,
  • When I first saw the coin I recognized that this could have come about only through the fact that it was actually overstruck on an 1859 silver dollar. While unprecedented among Gobrecht dollars, there is a parallel to another famous coin, the 1851 dollar overstruck on an 1859-O or 1860-O dollar. — “1838 P$1 Name Omitted, Judd-84 Restrike, Pollock-93”,
  • New Jersey copper, 1787, Camel Head (M 56-n), rarity 1, 143.0 grains, Machin's Mills, overstruck on a Connecticut copper, 1787, date of host coin visi. — “New Jersey copper, 1787, Camel Head (M 56-n), rarity 1, 143.0”,
  • overstruck on an earlier Tancred Follis (CCS 4a), St. Peter, standing, wearing tunic and cloak, blessing with right hand, holding cross in left. overstruck on an earlier Tancred Follis (CCS 4a), Virgin standing orans, nimbate, wearing tunic and maphorion with jeweled border,. — “Principality of Antioch”,
  • Selection of Archives,Decorative Art for sale by Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Inuit Peter Parr polar bear stone sculpture carving. Continental silverplated oil lamp, Silberlight, Germany. — “Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Archives,Decorative Art”,
  • Overstruck Green Coin book is written for serious collectors of ancient coins. Overstruck Green Coin book explains how, when and why Greek coins were overstruck. — “Overstruck Greek Coin - ”,
  • Antique Georgian Silver Wine Funnel, London 1790 by Hester Bateman, over struck mark Peter & Jonathan Bateman. Title: Hester Bateman Georgian Silver Wine Funnel, overstruck Peter & Jonathan Bateman, London 1790. — “Hester Bateman Georgian Silver Wine Funnel, overstruck Peter”,
  • Large quantities of coins were issued in silver and copper with rebellious inscriptions, all being overstruck over foreign (mostly Roman) coins, when a file was used to remove the designs of the original coins, such as the In rare instances, the coin cracked when it was overstruck.[1]. — “Bar Kochba Revolt coinage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Nothing rare, overstruck or exceptional. What do you think are these realistic prices considering today's market? All prices for common date EM m Yep - according to Diakov, EM overstruck 28.200 pcs and struck 41.081.100 pcs on new planchets dated 1765,. — “Pricing of common Catherine II pyataka? - ”,
  • On my conquest on finding bizarre overstruck coins, this is one really odd one that I Shensi 2 cents overstruck on Honan 20 cash. This alone throws a lot. — “One bizarre Chinese coin overstruck on another Chinese - Coin”,
  • Coins that have been re-issued by Overstriking often look like coins that have been Double Struck. Both new and worn coins would be overstruck with new dies and new information. — “Types of Double Strikes”,
  • Shop for David MacDonald at Target. Choose from Overstruck Greek Coins (Hardcover), Great Battles of WWII (4 Discs) (Restored / Remastered) and other products. — “David MacDonald : Target Search Results”,

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  • is a silver Gigliato from Rhodes under the Grandmaster Juan Fernandez de Heredia~Knights of St John 1376 1396 AD This was overstruck on a coin from the previous grandmaster Robert d Anjou Rhodes AR Gigliato 1376 1396 AD
  • 1868 E to Scotland light edge faults with m s 2 overstruck by mainly fine red crowned circle PAID AT VALPARAISO with smudged cds of 3 May on reverse faults but a scarce item PHOTO see plate no 27
  • 1433 14 Antique American Silver Soup Ladle in the Fiddle pattern marked by Andrew E Warner Sr and struck with the Baltimore City assay marks used by Thomas Warner in 1821 later overstruck by Samuel Kirk in the 1830 s
  • 209 2 kopecks 1763 MM Bit 531 Overstruck on 4 kop 1762 1+ AE 25 210 Siberia 10 kopecks 1766 Bit 1012 Rare planchet defects 1 1 1
  • Russia 5 Kopeek Ekaterina II 1788 CPM overstruck obv
  • TIAV imitation on a sestertius of Agrippina senior An interesting double strike an Agrippa As overstruck by a Germanicus As with TIAV countermark at a regular position on the reverse of the Agrippa As
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  • on the front with an overstruck matching GIBRALTAR SHIP LETTER d s on the top flap overlapped by a very fine boxed LIVERPOOL SHIP transit d s Exhibition quality Ex Ivan Green PHOTO see plate no 3
  • Rome couldn t provide bronze which explain this overstruck on a currency of equal value carthage 3 shekels There are only a few copies of these overstrucks Utica 3 shekels Dioscurian head right two horses right
  • 20th June HK c d s nearby on the reverse there is a very fine but overstruck 19th June 2 ring CUSTOMS CANTON c d s early date of usage for this Customs mark Rare thus and very fine PHOTO
  • February 15 2009 Overstruck Coins Brazil 1815 960 Reis Overstruck on Spanish 8 Reale During the history of minting coins sometimes deliberately or accidentally coins have been made by using existing coins as raw material
  • This one looks like a overstruck one Attachments Description
  • Unique
  • Russia 5 Kopeek Ekaterina II 1788 CPM overstruck rev sized jpg
  • notice that it appears to be overstruck on some other design Look by the Phrygian cap and you can see traces of another device in the background Your probably right but I don t see it The tremendous problem we face is that we are becoming sharecroppers to our own cultural heritage we need the ability to participate in our own society
  • 127 5 kopecks 1766 СП M Bit 570 overstruck 1+ AE 100
  • Utica 3 shekels Dioscurian head right two horses right Carthage 3 shekels Head of Tanit right horse walking right uraeus above
  • 1 AR 60 124 Rouble 1776 СПБ ЯЧ Uzd 1075 scratches 1 1+ 1 AR 70 125 5 kopecks 1764 СП M Bit 568 Rare overstruck 1 AE 80
  • Indented 2nd Strike Indented second strikes show the second strike on only one side because a blank planchet had slipped in between the other die and this struck coin In this Italian example above the
  • 101 Rouble 1735 Uzd 0723 Bit 122 1 AR 250 102 Denga 1731 Br 21 22 overstruck Interesting 1 1+ AE 30
  • 142 2 kopecks 1788 СП M Bit 587 overstruck 1 1+ AE 30
  • Description Description
  • 130K JPG Imitation of Hermaeus circa 70 BC 50 AD AE Indian standard Quadruple
  • 1330 52 Antique American Silver Oyster Ladle in the Fiddle pattern original mark apparently of Littleton Holland later overstruck by Samuel Kirk also struck with the Baltimore City assay marks used by assayer Thomas Warner in both
  • slightly overstruck by US arrival c d s FE 9 SWATOW 88 Type D c d s Exceptional usage of this distinctive datestamp Webb only recorded two examples on cover card Doubly rare item PHOTO
  • Webb BB overstruck by a fine 34x4mm TOO LATE mark different from Webb AAii and probably struck in transit at Singapore 19th Jan 1886 c d s on back Remarkable Doubly Too Late cover PHOTO
  • 4653d1123686299 4connec 005 jpg
  • his pass was overstruck and Falkirk failed to get a shot in Young did really well to fend off gow in 70th minute and then McKenzie was down bravely to take Latapy s cross in from the right Stephen Simmons had a good chance just 12 minutes from time when Ross s delivery was teed up off Crawford but the effort hit the right goalpost Liam Craig then beat two men and threatened
  • redirected overstruck Beaumaris c d s on the reverse to London and the initial 3d charge was not paid so there is a m***cript 4 charge 3d + the 1d for redirection Exhibition Item PHOTO plate no 7B
  • TI UUFT jpg
  • Bit 532 Overstruck on 5 kopecks 1725 Scarce minor edge nick 1 1+ AE 75 89 Livonia Estonia 4 kopecks 1757 Uzd 4223 Bit 641 1 AR 100
  • Image not available
  • 1492 54 6 Antique American Silver Table Spoons in the Fiddle pattern with foliate scroll bowl back decoration the first mark of Harvey Lewis of Philadelphia PA overstruck by Samuel Kirk and also struck with the Baltimore City Assay Marks used by Samuel Steele c 1830 1831
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  • American Silver Soup Ladle in the Fiddle pattern with oval bowl made by John Ward Gethen working in Philadelphia PA 1811 1825 the original retail jeweler s mark later overstruck by Samuel Kirk of Baltimore MD c 1830 1845 Mono ST
  • 132 5 kopecks 1757 СПБ Uzd 0898 1 1+ AR 25 133 2 kopecks 1757 Bit 443 overstruck on kopeck 1755 old date clearly visible Interesting 1 AE 25
  • 144 Rouble 1762 СПБ I К Uzd 0924 Bit 11 scratches 1 1+ AR 300 145 4 kopecks 1762 Bit 25 Rare Overstruck on 2 kopecks
  • Mamluk copper coin crudely overstruck on an earlier Ayyubid coin Discovered in excavation unit 30 locus 003
  • 630ag3ao jpg
  • A close up of the overstruck date The overstruck mint mark

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  • “Navigation. Coin Forum Stamp Forum Mints Numismatic Toolbar Glossary Numismatic Search Engine Spot Prices Numismatic Articles Numismatic Event On my conquest on finding bizarre overstruck coins, this is one really odd one that I have never come across:”
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  • “Forex Help Forum Archive for 09/12/2004 In the 1790's England suffered a massive shortage of silver coinage, and ceased to mint larger silver coins, issued "token" silver coins and overstruck foreign coins”
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  • “Brazil 1815 960 Reis - Overstruck on Spanish 8 Reale During the history of minting coins sometimes, deliberately or accidentally, coins have been made by using existing coins as raw material. Basically this means that an existing coin with an”
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