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  • The Hunt Club by John Lescroart. (Audio Cassette 9781593553661) First, Lescroart often succumbs to lawyerese--his prose is labored and pedantic and overprecise. — “The Hunt Club Wyatt Hunt, John Lescroart. (Audio Cassette”,
  • PhineasCrank: /* Overprecise measurements */ With a spoon full of love PhineasCrank: /* Overprecise measurements */ Pecision is 9/10ths of. — “Talk:Fefferberry - Revision history”,
  • In fact, her problem was the opposite: she was quite overprecise, and wished everyone else to be the same. You don't have to be overprecise about it." As Mrs. Dinburton unrolled the world map in front of her whiteboard and started to. — “Word of the Day - October 17th | National Novel Writing Month”,
  • PEDANTIC: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term PEDANTIC in the Online Dictionary. What is a 8 letter word that starts with P? overinvolved, overnice, overprecise, overrefined, overscrupulous, overwrought,. — “Definition of PEDANTIC (Meaning of PEDANTIC), a 8 Letter Word”,
  • Overprecise definition, definitely or strictly stated, defined, or fixed: See more. — “Overprecise | Define Overprecise at ”,
  • It is suggested that the links are not strong and that most of the previou s work in econometric theory has been unnecessarily overprecise. The possibility of embedding cointegration theory into a very general, nonlinear theory is suggested. — “What Are We Learning about the Long-Run?”,
  • Synonyms for oversensitive, on the free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. overparticular, overprecise, overrefined, overscrupulous, oversensible, oversqueamish, overtender, passible,. — “oversensitive - synonyms for oversensitive by the Free Online”,
  • overprecise, overrefined, overscrupulous, oversensitive, oversqueamish, pedantic, overprecise, overscrupulous, oversensible, oversensitive, oversqueamish, oversubtle,. — “precisian - - Free Thesaurus Tool for Word”,
  • Definition of pernickety in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pernickety. Pronunciation of pernickety. Translations of pernickety. nit-picking (informal), finicky, punctilious, *** retentive, difficult to please, hairsplitting, overprecise He's very pernickety about neatness. — “pernickety - definition of pernickety by the Free Online”,
  • He won as many battles as he lost, although many people incorrectly say he lost more than he won. Let me start off with a few He often disposed his troops amateurishly" "His planning could be rash .or overprecise" "Washington was not a creative military thinker.that is not to say he was. — “Washington was considered a great general during the”,
  • A CRITIC AT LARGE about director David Fincher and his latest film, "The Social Network. He's prickly, overprecise, condescending; he keeps wrong-footing her and then scolding her for not keeping up. — “"The Social Network," David Fincher on Facebook : The New Yorker”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary Dictionary lookup for overprecise. Thesaurus lookup for overprecise. FREE Rhyming Dictionary. Get a FREE copy of our deluxe rhyming dictionary with purchase of: 3,001 Business & Sales Letters. — “overprecise”,
  • By CKR If you watch American tv weather reports, or even the news, you will hear, sometime today, "And the winter solstice will be at 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time." This is one of those overprecise statements that people like. — “Winter Solstice - WhirledView”,
  • Therefore overprecise conversions are not just bad style, but a subtle form of error. Quit if the article is about overprecise units. Quit if the units appear as part of a. — “User:UnitBot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • overprecise. Dictionary terms for overprecise, definition for overprecise, Thesaurus and Translations of overprecise to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish. — “overprecise in - dictionary and translation”,
  • Opened 7 weeks ago. Latitude / longitude overprecise. Reported by: nelson. Owned by: seang I'd prefer [122.186085, 37.413263], to save bandwidth on my server. Presumably simplejson. — “#232 (Latitude / longitude overprecise) – GIS-Python Lab”,
  • to play second fiddle die zweite Geige spielen. to play second fiddle to sb (fig) in jds Schatten ( dat ) c (=split hairs, be overprecise etc) Haare spalten, pingelig sein inf. — “Translation fiddle | English-German Dictionary | Reverso”,
  • Rhythm and line are not sacrificed to overprecise nuance. Warmth and humanity are not diminished by attention to architectural Rhythm and line are not sacrificed to overprecise nuance. Warmth and humanity are not diminished by attention to architectural detail. The first. — “: J Scott Morrison's review of Mahler - Symphony No”,
  • overprecise IN BRIEF: Extremely or unduly exacting. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only pay for. — “overprecise: Information from ”,
  • Contains draft chapters from Huff: "VII. Overprecise and Unknowable Figures" and "VIII. Semi-Attached Figures". Defines "overprecise and unknowable figures" as "any conclusion based on faulty or incomplete information or upon an inference of. — “VII. Overprecise and Unknowable Figures; [and] VIII. Semi”,

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  • “Forum: WikiDiscuss. Forum List Topic List. Forums > WikiDiscuss > methods of resolving for {zo'e} and even that seems overprecise for the real situation”
    — View Forum Thread,

  • “I have read Hal's explanations of a Tempo Run and have found that I still have problems Clint was overprecise in describing his run a minute at a time, so it does sound like a”
    — Tempo Run,

  • “First, I don't want the victim to think badly of me, and second, if I highlighted every error in every press release I received then, well, I'd be here all day and this blog would be rather long and tedious to read. But when the errors are so glaring, it is hard to resist”
    — Laboratorytalk Blog " Blog Archive " This is very serious!,

  • “Andrew McMillan's Blog Surely a modern laptop will sit at under 40 degrees when it's quiescent, and the temperature sensor that does show me something sits at around 30 degrees in this too, 26.8, to be overprecise. That one doesn't budge either”
    — I guess I should have known better | .nz, .nz

  • “There is no discussion of the fact that drawing on computer is overprecise. Just add /year/month/day/ to the end of site's URL, ”
    — Design-research roundup ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto,

  • “Over the last couple of years, I've been using Lego more and more in my D&D and Star Wars Saga Edition games, with startling and excellent results. then positioning is pretty much up to the GM, so there was no real reason to be overprecise with things just because we were using miniatures”
    — Using Lego in Roleplaying Games | Dice of Doom,

  • “Email This | Print This | Share This | Comment | Antiwar Forum. Following the GOP debate on Thursday night, Huckabee showed both You may well think this is overprecise, but that may be because you take "state" and "conventional polity" as”
    — Huckabee and Those WMD in Jordan " Blog,

  • “This Forum questions these. claims, suggests limits to predictability, and. argues that society can (and indeed Overprecise cli- mate predictions can also lead to maladap- tation if the predictions are misinterpreted. or used incorrectly”
    — forum,

  • “While some of us were eating our figgy pudding and drinking mulled wine, Salon's Glenn Greenwald was acting like a patriot would by arguing that my Dec”
    — Merry Christmas, Mr. Greenwald! - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine,

  • “ do sh on om oh of he lo la pi ha nu as in mu no at go yo ye ya xi by aw ax mi to led act fey ice rev few end tau sad rot sap out its irk who nag lay lug tab hit mad fix fag tam fad fit tat rag duh red bit tut boa mid cry sag jog lit ago”
    — adiss.the-

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