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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Overindulge - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Many of us can't help but overindulge at the Thanksgiving table. Luckily this pumpkin chiffon dessert is a deliciously light alternative to traditional pumpkin pie. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, the golden pumpkin filling is spooned into. — “Browse Recipes”,
  • Find synonyms for overindulge in Roget's Thesaurus on Yahoo! Education. — “overindulge - Thesaurus Synonyms and Word Suggestions”,
  • We found 20 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word overindulge: overindulge: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] overindulge: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of overindulge - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Doom 3 Overindulge Yourself with QX6800 Something interesting happened with the Falcon Mach V with image quality enabled. For some reason the scores tail off faster than the Biohazard Armageddon. — “Doom 3 : Overindulge Yourself with QX6800”,
  • Whether you ate too many servings of scalloped potatoes, spent too much time sitting on the couch, or can't stop sneaking cream eggs from your kid's basket, an Easter weekend can easily leave you feeling not so joyous on Monday morning I sooooo overindulged this Easter weekend!. — “Did you overindulge this weekend? 8 ways to feel better today”,
  • What Teachers Can Do When Overindulged Children Come to School by David J. Bredehoft and Chelsae Armao (accepted for publication in April/May Vol. 142.1 in the Lutheran Education Journal) Parents want the best for their children, but sometimes they give too much, they overindulge. — “NewsletterMarch/April08”,
  • Synonyms for spoil at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. accommodate, cater to, coddle, cosset, favor, humor, kill with kindness, mollycoddle, oblige, overindulge, pamper, spoon-feed. — “spoil Synonyms, spoil Antonyms | ”,
  • Synonyms for overindulge. Other words for overindulge. Different words for overindulge. Antonyms of overindulge. — “overindulge - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Overindulge definition, to indulge to excess: See more. — “Overindulge | Define Overindulge at ”,
  • Such foods do not digest in the body. Your body is talking to you and telling you that it does NOT tolerate such foods. I have the same problem. Certain foods will tear me up inside. While others; no problem. As you go thru life you will find. — “Intolerance To Greasy Foods? I am 20 years old and consider”,
  • How to discipline ADHD children is essential to know. Discipling an ADHD child can increase the symptoms rather than help if done incorrectly. 7. Do not pity, tease, be frightened by or overindulge your child. — “How To Discipline A Child With Adhd - Disciplining Adhd Child”,
  • to overindulge (third-person singular simple present overindulges, overindulging, simple past and past participle overindulged) To indulge to excess. — “overindulge - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of overindulge from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of overindulge. Pronunciation of overindulge. Definition of the word overindulge. Origin of the word overindulge. — “overindulge - Definition of overindulge at ”,
  • Translations of overindulge. overindulge synonyms, overindulge antonyms. Information about overindulge in the free online English overindulge - overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself; "She stuffed herself at the dinner"; "The kids binged on ice cream". — “overindulge - definition of overindulge by the Free Online”,
  • overindulge. Definition of overindulge. What is overindulge. overindulge definition in the Dictionary. — “overindulge”,
  • overindulge ( ) v. , -dulged , -dulging , -dulges . v.tr. To indulge (a desire, craving, or habit) to excess: overindulging a fondness for chocolate. — “overindulge: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Boozing: The Holiday Sober Ride program is back! Nightly from 10PM to 6AM from now until Friday, January 1 taxis will be available to take your drunk ass home, free of charge. Now who loves Christmas? [WRAP's SoberRide] Wednesday, December. — “Overindulge: What Was Does In December”,
  • Most people will overindulge this Thanksgiving, stuffing their bellies with everything Most people will overindulge this Thanksgiving, stuffing their bellies with everything. — “Health News on ”,
  • Ch3LlEy: @Mz_Valerie kmt its not every sunday tho its jus that sometimes I tend to Overindulge loool CindyLaiFitness: Overindulge over the weekend? Move forward and get in your workouts, drink more water, balance out your meals and stay focused!. — “Overindulge - Define Overindulge at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Guide to Overindulge | Overindulge News, Parenting Photos, Diet Articles & Blogs. — “Overindulge Guide | Parenting | Diet”,
  • Definition of overindulge in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is overindulge? Meaning of overindulge as a legal term. What does overindulge mean in law?. — “overindulge legal definition of overindulge. overindulge”, legal-

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  • The Secret to NOT Overindulging this holiday season http:// One of the challenges that we all face during this time of year is excess. Most of us don't know when to stop. We give more than we need to because we are feeling obligated, even though most people aren't even gonna remember what you got them last year, and you can't remember what people got you last year. And sometimes, we overspend. And often, very often, we overdrink, or overeat. And so one of the things I recommend, 2 things actually. 2 things I recommend. First off, the reason that we give, the reason that we overindulge, is that we think that if we have more, or we give more, or we eat more, or we drink more, we're gonna be happier. But one of the things that you can discover right here, right now, is that happiness that you're looking for in people enjoying your present, that happiness that you're looking for in the food or the drink, is something that is already right within you. And you can just be that happiness right here, right now. So if you are about to overindulge by spending more than you should, drinking more than you should, eating more than you should. Just stop for a second, and give yourself the happiness that is already right within you that you're using food or drink, or overindulging to get. And if you give yourself that happiness, right here right now, you'll find that you wont need to overindulge. You can still drink, but with moderation. You can still eat, and enjoy it more and not overeat. You can still of course ...
  • Animation "Le café" SUBTITLED **************************************** The animation "Le café" (The coffee) with subtitles ! A lot of people asked me about the english subtitles because the language spoken in the animation is French. Anyway Danutzafly (Romania) and I (France), have answered to your request ! ;o))...
  • This is Beemer the pet kangaroo!!! There are plenty of kangaroos in South Australia but not many of them like cider, playing football, watching TV and sitting at the table for breakfast. But Beemer, the red kangaroo, does. Each morning he eats a plate of grass with a side of Vegemite toast watched by his adopted mum, Julianne "Julz" Bradley, in her Glendambo home in South Australia. He also loves dry cider but Julz - who saved him after a road accident 18 months ago - doesn't let him overindulge, Sometimes he's allowed to do. Every day, he plays football, his favorite pastime. On Tuesday nights, Beemer has a nap after dinner and wakes up in time to watch his favorite TV show, Skippy, which is on very late. "He just stands there and watches it. He relates to it, he loves the theme music and dances to it," said Julz,But Skippy isn't the only thing he likes to watch on TV. He'll even wear a blue singlet for his own safety. She said she always wanted a pet kangaroo but it was only when,18 months ago, a woman brought little Beemer into the Glendambo service station that Julz manages that her dream was realized. The woman rescued Beemer from his mother's pouch after she was killed by a BMW motorcycle. A woman took him to the nearest service station where Beemer met his new mum, Julz. Sunday, 31 Jul 2011 A football-playing, toast-eating pet kangaroo named Beemer, made famous by his human-like antics, has died after escaping from his yard in the north of South Australia, the (Adelaide) Sunday Mail reported. The ...
  • April Update April Update 4.26.10 I have had chest congestion (clear fluid) for last month and a half... no other symptoms. Not sure if its a cold, allergies, reaction to foods I have eaten, or detox - weird though. Still doing a mid-high raw diet. Its easy for me, but when I dont eat raw for that other 25-30% I tend crave the carbs or cheese. I dont crave white sugar anymore at all, but I think I over indulge in dates. Dates, I have decided are natures candy. My face is bloated and I am not losing weight but I am holding steady at about 153. Time to ramp up the energy output and cut down on the nuts and dates. Still want to lose another 20 lbs. Pity party is officially over. ; ) BOOKS I AM READING: The Pleasure Trap (by Douglas J. Lisle & Alan Goldhamer) These MD's have a water fasting live in healing center in Santa Rosa CA called True North Health Center. Premise is that like all species, we are driven by our quest for pleasure, avoidance of pain and procreation. There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program (by Gabriel Cousens). Dr Cousens runs the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ. www.treeoflife.nu Raw Food Cleanse: Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious, All-Natural Foods - Instead of Starving Yourself (by Penni Shelton). This is a great intro to raw food and cleansing by fellow youtuber. She also runs a website called of which I am a member. Very supportive raw food community for newbies ...
  • The "Freshman 15" Song Sometimes it's easy to over indulge in the college experience, but the only thing harder than being the waistband around a girl who has put on that Freshman 15 is being her boyfriend. Starring Mike Capes and Wendy McColm See more from Mike Capes Every Tuesday at http:/mademandotcom and check out Wendy on YouTube at
  • Healthy Candy Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Fat Burning Delicious Fast! Recent studies have shown that chocolate provides many health benefits — as long as you don't overindulge. Check out what chocolate can do for you: • Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. A recent study found that small doses of chocolate every day — about one square of a bar of chocolate — could decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent. Another study found that people who ate the equivalent of a small chocolate bar each week reduced their risk of dying following a stroke by 46 percent. Heart attack survivors who eat chocolate two or three times a week slashed their risk of dying from heart disease threefold. Studies suggest that chocolate has a low dose aspirin-like effect that could help prevent both heart attacks and strokes. • Boost brain function. British researchers found that a specially formulated cocoa with high flavanols increases blood flow to the brain, perhaps boosting brain function and delaying age-related decline. • Treat cirrhosis of the liver. Dark chocolate kept dangerous abdominal pressure, which can lead to the rupture of blood vessels, at bay in patients with liver cirrhosis. In the future, chocolate could actually be prescribed for people with liver cirrhosis, say Spanish researchers. • Keep wrinkles at bay. Dark chocolate can help protect skin from wrinkle-causing UV damage, and may even lower the risk of skin cancer, according to researchers at European Dermatology London. • Fight stress. A clinical trial published in ...
  • RockStar Marketing BootCamp HighLight — OverIndulge on the Internet RockStarMarketing BootCamp in Los Angeles every March and September. Craig Duswalt teaches how to use outside-the-box marketing techniques he learned while touring with Guns N' Roses and Air Supply to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Craig Duswalt is the creator of the RockStar System For Success - How to Achieve RockStar Status in Your Industry. Craig's background includes touring with Guns N' Roses, as Axl Rose's personal manager, and Air Supply, as the band's personal assistant. In his presentations, Craig shares numerous stories of his days with Guns N' Roses and Air Supply, and behind-the-scenes encounters with some of the biggest names in entertainment; people like Bono, U2, Metallica, Queen, Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, George Michael, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant, Elton John, Gianni Versace, Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Dave Navarro, Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, Michael Hutchense, and a bunch more. Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Craig combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker and author, promoting his RockStar System for Success all over the country, teaching entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based business ...
  • *** Christmas song (12 days of Christmas - Holy Crap!) Everybody poops! :o) Remember not to over indulge this year! And remember those less fortunate! Happy holidays one and all! Follow me on twitter: Facebook page: A special shout out to dear Kathy Eaton (twitter/keaton76) for her contribution during our long and arduous title meeting! Much love and smile always Beau~Jensen ***~oOo #Lyrics: On the twelfth days of Christmas my true love gave to me... Twelve pebble dashes Eleven lumps of crap Ten streaks of piss Nine diarrhoeas Eight skid marks Seven sour guffs Six none splashers Five lumps of *** Four round turds Three Birds droppings Two cow pats And a piece of corn I swear I didnt eat
  • The Invisible Men - In My Dreams The Invisible Men - Overindulge EP Label: Orbital Records Catalog#: 12 ORBIT P 15, ORBIT P18 Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Promo Country: UK Released: 13 May 1992 Genre: Electronic Style: Breakbeat, ***, Techno Credits: Producer - Lee Coombs (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) , Nick Annies (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) Written-By - Gareth Williams (4) (tracks: B1) , Lee Coombs , Nick Annies (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) Notes: A1 to A3: recorded at T-Bone Studios. B1, B2: recorded at Cottenham Groove Factory. Published by Orbital Music/Int Music Network Thanks to Gareth, Mark, Tony & Ringo ℗ & © 1992 Orbital Records Ltd The catalogue number appears as 12 ORBIT P 15 on label and as ORBIT P18 etched in the run out groove.
  • Fast Food IS NOT making us obese!! The obesity epidemic has been repeatedly blamed on the fast food industry. But in reality our lifestyle of overindulgence, lack of activity, and lack of prosperity has brought us into this epidemic. If you over indulge, do not take action, and do not prosper in your life - - your body will suffer.
  • 6. Nux Vomica Here is another touchy customer, irritated by every little thing, noise, light, touch and even smells can trigger a tantrum. They think they know best, and can be very bossy! They over-indulge, which is where a lot of their complaints begin. Whether old or ***age, they like drinking, drugs, and rock and roll. This is the typical hangover state. Thisvideo clip is taken from the School of Homeopathy's First Aid Course, the School offers home study and attendance courses from beginner to practitioner level across the world. . Copyright SOH.
  • Thanksgiving Survival Tips http Whether you intend to go HUGE or play it safe this Thanksgiving -these tips will help! What to do when you feel like crap after you overindulge and some things you can do to survive Thanksgiving, or ANY holiday, without regrets. Most of all, enjoy your time with family and friends, be thankful for your health, and give in a bit! Holidays ARE special occasions when you can indulge. The key is to keep it to one day and bounce right back. Hopefully, these tips will help. And a huge heartfelt thank you for tuning in!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!!!
  • How Holiday Stress and Overindulgence Can Lead to Depression Most of us overindulge in food and drink over the holidays, while cutting back on exercise. At the same time, we're stressed out planning the logistics of these holiday festivities. As explained in this KOMO channel 4 news segment with Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, this combination of stress and overindulgence can lead to depression. Dr. Jantz shares how to know when holiday blues have crossed the line into dangerous territory, and what to do about it.
  • Episode 9: George on Soda This is an example of how balance is needed in life; when you overindulge in something there is always a price to pay although, as George will soon find out, sometime personal faults hurt other people more than yourself. Music by Kevin Macleod /georgeandthechris/tv-show Facebook: Twitter: Blogs:
  • Kammy Do It? Drink More Pints Than Ricky Hatton Chris Kamara vs Ricky Hatton & http
  • Dave Chappelle on Grape Drink + Sunny Delight Commercial My favorite Dave Chappelle stand-up bit, with footage of the mentioned Sunny D commercial spliced in
  • The ***s Won - Donna's Last Peace Excerpt from The Destruction of the American Family (Living in America) - The fact is that many of today's parents over-indulge their kids the very way our government overindulges on spending and makes us all victims. Just like we become tax surfs, our future generation is being weakened by both weak leadership via parenting and the creation of a welfare state within our own government. I find it troubling that both of these situations are coexisting and rapidly advancing at the same time. I don't think it is a coincidence. If the American family deteriorates do does this country. So, stop living through your kids and let them grow up realizing that life is not fair. Life will never be fair, the government will not make fairer and this is an important lesson. Instilling the values of ethics and hard work is so crucial to our society's survival and this must be taught at home. We cannot espouse the idea that being a cheat either though bad parenting or via the governments belief of "leveling the playing field", is the way to get ahead. If more of us do this either as a parent or manager, we can restore the American Dream. So, when everyone else has given up on the good guys, stand up for yourself and your family, the good guys can win. Parenting, managing and governing through materialism is the easy way out. Throwing money at things only brings on more self-destruction and more want. Fancy items only hide the rot underneath just look what happened to Rome!
  • Zero-calorie Holiday Spa Treatments & DIY Pomegranate Scrub 'Tis the season ... to overindulge in the rich, wonderful tastes of the holiday. But why not indulge in a treat that celebrates the season with no added calories and that whisks you away from your holiday to-do list for an hour or two? Holiday-spiked spa treatments from around the Valley and do-it-yourself home spa concoctions that call on seasonal fruits and spices. Lisa Kasanicky of gives you the scoop. From Sonoran Living on ABC-15, Phoenix.
  • Gawker - Overindulge (solo acoustic for band mates) a couch session for my band mates
  • katy cider drinkers beware do not over indulge the effect of to many katy's
  • The Police "Driven to Tears" on bass - LRRG There are more than a few pop bands from the 80's that are really memorable, but sitting at the head of all of these bands is The Police. Even though Sting wasn't a very flashy bass player, he is one of the best song composers ever to touch the four-string. Couple that with Stuart Copeland's knocked out drumming and a solid, textural guitar player, and you have a legendary band. "Driven to Tears" is one of their lesser--known tunes, but Sting made sure to play it at Live 8 a couple of years ago, so the tune is still getting stage time. What I love the most about the tune is that last part with the chicken-scratch guitar. That area is just screaming for some creative bassing. I over-indulge on this tune of course, adding all kinds of little things (and messing up in the process here and there). I have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell! Well, I play this tune with a lot of cowbell. If you are playing this tune yourself, watch for those ing back is difficult timing as it took me a few takes to get this right (not that it is perfect by ANY means).
  • Overindulgence Your horoscope
  • Fathers Day Over Indulge and Save This Week Mona And Angie Share Home To Save Money, Over Indulge, Fathers Day Tips.
  • *** OF NOISE - OVERINDULGE - BANDWIDTH TV on CCTV BONUS UN-AIRED VIDEO from BANDWIDTH TV taping on 12.12.08 on a Full "Cold" Moon. SEE COMPLETE HALF HOUR EPISODE: PLUS more info and videos at: Bill T Miller (OBE - Kings Of Feedback - Drum Army) = ETC (Circuit Bent Toys & Electric Tennis Racquet) Michael Knoblach (Auddity - Little Mystery - Drum Army) = PERC Larry Dersch (AKACOD - Binary System - Drum Army) = PERC Jonathan LaMaster (Cul de Sac - Saturnalia - Sublingual) = VIOLIN +++ Plus a heap of SPECIAL GUESTS... * Jules Vasylenko (sax) * Joshua Jefferson (sax) * Cheryl Wanner (vocals) (Dreamchild) (on finale jam song only) Frank Gerace (Dreamchild) Ed "Moose" Savage (and His Litany of Complaints) Geoff Chase (Axemunkee - Bentmen) Vela & Dirk (Gang Clan Mafia) Al Nahabedian (Happy the Clown) Monte McGuire (sound mastermind) Michael Bloom (the one and only) Lurking in the shadows.... Heide Jason Sanford (Neptune) * BTM Documentary Crew... Adrian Montes (bonus video & audio on this clip) Sheri Hausey (color still photos) Jon Strymish (b&w still photos) Additional Bonus Video Editing by BTM (on this video clip) =========================== BANDWIDTH TV @ CCTV Director Marissa Acosta Host Matt Mitchell Producers Marissa Acosta Matt Mitchell Audio Engineer George Nagel Lighting Marcel Rizzo Technical Director John Melczer Camera Operators Daniel Jacobs Christine Luiggi Marcel Rizzo Sam Roya Handheld Camera Operator Marcel Rizzo Editors Lauren Erwin Renee Jackson Rock Louis Bandwidth ...
  • never over indulge in the demon drink, this is where you could end up An AA meeting with the Barlow's....Never take your gran or parents along to an AA meeting ..
  • Powerstation's "Some Like it Hot" on bass - LRRG Just for the heck of it, I like to play cheezy 80's tunes from time to time. This is one of those times. I believe the bass-line was written by Stanley Clarke, but it was performed by Duran Duran's John Taylor (who is an excellent and uncelebrated bass player). Anyways, I overindulge the crap out of this tune, but then again, the band's purpose was to overindulge a bit in a pop context, so at least I am with the spirit of the tune. You can really play with this song and still keep its essence intact.
  • Overindulge (acoustic) - Products of Monkey Love This is a little acoustic version of 'Overindulge' from Episode 5 of the Products of Monkey Love podcast (which is free to download by the way from Itunes or last.fm). The original song is much bigger with tones of vocal overdubs, check it out, you can hear the track on our my space page at /productsofmonkeylove Peace out, please comment :)
  • 7 Masturbation and Divinity - What is the Secret of GOD? Masturbation and The Law of Attraction: What is The Secret? Part Seven Text 29 March 2009 Common-Sense practically applied with Self-Honesty will show one the points that is required to change a World-System. Will there be pain? Yes, for some of the rich they will actually have to do something to get something. Theyll no longer be able to manipulate to get everything. Yes, therell be a difference for the poor, because suddenly theyll have something that they never had - so they might overdo it in the beginning. You know, I mean, if you can suddenly have, if you can suddenly have access to what you could never have initially you overindulge a little bit. But soon, when the sickness of overindulgence, you get to a point of equilibrium. Within this all, we have to consider the following interesting point: And, one must consider that this must have a definitive effect eventually is that when you die, what is certain? You are no longer Here in this Reality. And you no longer have access to this Reality. And everything that you have been in this reality - no longer exist, because if it did exist: When you were born - you would have remembered it. But when you are born = you remember nothing. There is that which you can call an Afterlife. We have found such a place, but it is disturbing in its nature, because what is left of a human after death; is rather limited. I would advise you to consider that there is a consequence for every single thought you have this is in all ...
  • The Chicago Blizzard Was Adorable Moriarty the Corgi didn't mind the blizzard at all. For more of this pup, see
  • Pudgy, Pampered Pets Veterinarians say the modern tendency to over-indulge our animals is causing some serious health problems.
  • Get Skinny Fit #2 ~ Do you overindulge in sweets? Here is a tip on what you can do to stop the sweet cravings.
  • Gawker - Overindulge (LIVE at Paychecks 05-14-11)
  • Primus' "Kalamazoo" on bass - LRRG My rendition of this excellent tune from the Brown Album. I over-indulge a little bit towards the end, but it was my birthday. The party mood was definitely in the air. All in all, a REALLY fun video to make. I hope you enjoy it. My best friend from grade school is the fella hamming it up in the background. Every Living Room Rock God needs a dedicated fan. More to come.
  • Scaricity breeds motivation to over indulge Thoughts on why the old system of rationing scarcity through monetary economics and how it gives rise to tendencies to over indulge when upon "free' is introduced into your environment. My birth name is Tyson Austin Eberly and I am the chapter coordinator for Austin Tx. The Austin Chapter is currently focusing our efforts on a weekly live local public access tv show called, Zeitgeist Live. We feature live entertainment, progress of the movement, transformative technologies, visual ZM/VP media from around the world, round table discussions and live callers. Check out what we are up to at www.zeitgeistlive.tv And if you happen to of stumbled upon me by accident, and have absolutely no idea what im talking about when i say Resource Based Economy, please know that it is without question the most beautiful thing happening right now on the planet. Please set aside time to take a serious look and listen as to why so many are so passionate about this direction. Please visit The Venus Project Zeitgesit 3: Moving Forward Zeitgeist 2: Addendum Zeitgeist Activist Orientation Guide
  • European Escapes - Retiree Packages Take a European vacation this summer to beautiful Bavaria and beyond. Enjoy guided tours to vibrant cities, fairytale castles, postcard worthy scenery all while meeting new friends along the way. After the tours are over, indulge yourself in some of the Edelweiss Resort perks like delicious meals, a Swedish massage, or relaxing by hot tub. With European Escapes Packages, relaxation and memorable experiences are all guarantee. Please note: Vacation Itinerary will differ. Refer to for up to date details.
  • INVISIBLE MEN, SKIN UP AND TRANCE Invisible Men - Overindulge EP Label: Orbital Records, Orbital Records Cat: 12 ORBIT P 15 Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Promo Country: UK Released: 13 May 1992 Genre: Electronic Style: Break Beat, ***, Techno Credits: Producer - Lee Coombs (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) , Nick Annies (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) Written-By - Gareth Williams (4) (tracks: B1) , Lee Coombs , Nick Annies (tracks: A1 to A3, B2) Notes: A1 to A3: recorded at T-Bone Studios. B1, B2: recorded at Cottenham Groove Factory. Published by Orbital Music/Int Music Network Thanks to Gareth, Mark, Tony & Ringo P & © 1992 Orbital Records Ltd Tracklisting: A1: Skin Up And Trance A2: Tales Of The Unexpected A3: Where's The Skins (Bonus Beats) B1: Lhasa Fever Mixed By - Progression (2) B2: In My Dreams (5:10) Old Skool Old scool OldSkool OldScool Rave Break Beat *** Techno
  • execution of reason-skinless they say that a hanging man hear glorious music... i wonder what it sounds likeProcess of data in unconventional forms Strife between instinct and a reality that's flawed Revere an embraced mass hysteria Having the power to nullify The perilous nature of a rational mind is a blight Vast burial pits Seen it all before Where is the argument when every side is wrong Waves upon waves Without regard For the public execution of reason Waves upon waves Without regard For the public execution of reason Dispel the concept of winning There's only degrees of loss Overindulge on denial of self There are only degrees of loss Martyrdom's delusion has proven nothing at all Equality of opposite extremes has proven nothing Process of data in unconventional means strife between instinct and a reality that's flawed revere and embrace mass hysteria Having the power to nullify The perilous nature of a rational mind is blighted
  • Hotel California (Instrumental Acoustic) Just sharing the wealth. Hotel California is a song that was originally composed by The Eagles and released in 1977. Even though the song sounds very melodious, the lyrics are actually a little melancholy. The whole song describes how some people overindulge and waste their time with material things. Cover of Hotel California taken from the Acoustic Instrumental Memories Album.
  • You should be careful not to overindulge in you-know-what. It'll end up killing you if you're not careful. That would be most unfortunate, sir...
  • Insidermedicine In Depth - March 29, 2010 - Food Addiction Brain changes that occur in individuals who overindulge on junk food until they become obese mimic brain changes seen in drug addiction, according to research published online ahead of print in Nature Neuroscience. Here are some facts about obesity: • In 2005, about 1.6 billion adults were overweight and at least 400 million were obese • By 2015, an estimated 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese • Already a major problem in high-income countries, rates of overweight and obesity are on the rise in low- and middle-income countries too Researchers from of The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter placed electrodes into the brains of rats in order to directly measure the sensitivity of reward centers of their brains. They then divided the rats into three groups based on their access to tasty, calorie-rich foods of the type that are readily available to most people. The first group of rats had no access, the second group had access for only 1 hr a day, and the third had access for 18-23 hrs a day. During the 40 day study period, the rats with the extended access to the calorie-rich food grew to ingest nearly twice as many calories per day as the other rats and rapidly became obese. At the same time, the reward centers in their brains grew less and less responsive, requiring increasing amounts of stimulation to provoke a response. A similar pattern has been seen in rats exposed to heroin and cocaine. The specific brain cells that were ...

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  • “Previous studies have found that gourmet coffee beverages (GCBs) contribute to weight gain, but female college students may be at particular risk—especially if they choose whole-fat over nonfat options. Researchers from the Simmons College”
    — Female College Students May Overindulge in Coffee Beverages,

  • “Subscribe to This Blog. Add to My Yahoo!. RSS. Overindulge whenever possible! By All IS do Subscribe to My Blog " Updates from All IS do-able! Be positive. Posted I hate the cold!”
    Overindulge whenever possible! on Shine,

  • “Healthy Revelations Blog " repeatedly overindulge. Straight From the Headlines Eating Junk Food An Addiction?”
    — Healthy Revelations Blog " repeatedly overindulge,

  • “Forum. Polls. Groups. Videos. Quizzes. Events. Bulletins. Marketplace. Announcements. Gifts. Log In Many humans assume to ache from addled spells either during exercise or afterwards. If”
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  • “Schools Data Services - IRIS Blog. Behaviour, Support and Technical musings/updates from 'Tis the season to ..overindulge! Oh dear, done it again, blown the diet! To start at the beginning; I've been on a diet for a”
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  • “System builders show off the best that money can buy, including Intel's elite "water-cooled only" quad core QX6800. 1) I understand your hesitancy to post in a forum topic that directly relates to your product, as it may appear you are biased”
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