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  • Rasmussen Reports - The best place to look for polls that are spot on The other problem is what I call the sloppy over-generosity of the American people. Except when aroused and alert, we have a tendency to be fat, dumb and happy, and to want to spread that happiness around. — “When Detainees Get Rights They Don't Deserve - Rasmussen Reports™”,
  • It is difficult to see how Saracens can now escape from the hole which they have spent so much of this season digging for themselves. They will have to beat Gloucester next week to have any chance of First Division survival while Bristol, two. — “Rugby Union: Saracens stung by Bracken - Sport - The Independent”,
  • The death of the welfare state in Europe? U.S. think tank labels over-generosity 'unaffordable' http://bit.ly/aUB0y2 U.S. think tank labels over-generosity 'unaffordable' http://bit.ly/aUB0y2 5:39 PM May 24th via SocialScope. — “Twitter / Milo Yiannopoulos: The death of the welfare s”,
  • If you are in a position to pay for it without causing you financial pain - let him do it. I know it adds up to a lot, especially for the whole family, but if you can afford it - let him feel like "the big man" paying for everyones dinner. He. — “My husbands' over-generosity? My husband always insists that”,
  • Current landscape of national foreclosures and new lender methods of helping defaulting homeowners subprime lenders has been boomtime facile lending practices of over-generosity to several borrowers coupled many times with instances of winking. — “Homeowners in Default receive help with Mortgage Loans”,
  • Kathi Goddard admittedly is "speechless" by the response from faraway fans and friends of her son. Johnathan Goddard, 27, died last month from a single-vehicle accident near his Jacksonville, Fla., hometown. Goddards 'speechless' over generosity. — “Goddards 'speechless' over generosity - The Herald Dispatch”, herald-
  • The social disability of mania can be severe, with disinhibited behaviour leading to significant debts (from overspending and over-generosity), lost relationships (from promiscuity), social ostracism and lost employment (from reckless or disinhibited behaviour). — “Hypomania Symptoms, Cause and Treatment”, depression-
  • Both parties are therefore free to openly offer reasonable settlement terms without the concern that a judge might learn about their "over-generosity" or "under-generosity" should a settlement not occur in mediation. Neutral—in both a private. — “Professional New Jersey Divorce Mediation | NJ Family Law”,
  • This is for the women readers. I truly don't believe men suffer from holiday stress. No one has stress over generosity and giving. Try to avoid being the "producer" of your family holiday fun. — “Beat Holiday Stress For Women Only”,
  • Overgeneralization definition, the act or process of overgeneralizing. overgenerosity. overgenerous. overgeniality. overgentle. overgently. overgesticulate. overgesticulation. overgesticulative. overget. overgifted. overgild. overgilt. overgird. overgive. overglad. — “Overgeneralization | Define Overgeneralization at ”,
  • Definition of expansive from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of expansive. Pronunciation of expansive. Definition of the word expansive. Origin of the word expansive state characterized by overestimation of oneself, overgenerosity, euphoria, and, at times, delusions of. — “expansive - Definition of expansive at ”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. shows how Palmer identified blossoms - the epitome of the overgenerosity of spring - with the fullness and roundedness of clouds,. — “A visionary spark: contained exultation / The Christian”,
  • Definition of overgenerosity in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of overgenerosity. Pronunciation of overgenerosity. Translations of overgenerosity. overgenerosity synonyms, overgenerosity antonyms. Information about overgenerosity in the free. — “overgenerosity - definition of overgenerosity by the Free”,
  • Philosophical essay on how greed keeps us from having abundance. STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine: Free daily horoscopes, emailed horoscope readings. Several things came into my little world in the last 24 hours which made me think about greed and what makes people choose greed over generosity. — “Michael's Musings on Greed - An Antidote to Abundance”,
  • Enslavement and freedom are themes central to our Passover Seder. Yet the topics themselves transcend our own communal slavery self-worth to simple opinions and pressures; enslavement to materialism over generosity; and enslavement to addictive behaviors. — “ - Chanukah - Slavery: Beyond the Seder Plate”,
  • We've talked a bit here (and here, over at Angry Bear) about how Social Security's large future shortfalls are a function not of over-generosity to future retirees, but to over-generosity to past ones. This sounds strange and it's been a bit hard to explain given the data available. — “Notes on Social Security Reform: More on how the future”,
  • If you want to catch up on the red-hot controversy over the Frost family and the Right's crazy and rapidly backfiring campaign to make them examples of the over-generosity of S-CHIP, you can review the whole story via a variety of ahead-of-the. — “The Right's Crazy Campaign Against the S-CHIP Kid”,
  • Avoid business financial problems with these money problem solving and financial problem solving tips and techniques. For the really nice customers, it's easy to extend a little more credit and a little more credit, perhaps to the point of over-generosity. — “Business Financial Problems? Use These Money Problem Solving”,
  • Research has found that women who pour wine often give themselves their recommended daily amount in just one glass. 'Over time, such over-generosity may backfire and harm your health. — “The problem pourers: Women 'drinking too much at home because”,
  • Even after it emerged, last month, that the home secretary had charged the taxpayer for her husband's pay-per It seems odd that the prime minister has leapt from the over-generosity of the current model to the blunt hand-outs of his. — “MPs' expenses: Rush job | The Economist”,

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  • “I've had to speak to you about overgenerosity before young man! I would say that homo flaccidus is more his mark *laughs* at the Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown”
    — Homo***uality: Born or Made? Controversy Stirs In Costa Rica,

  • “I've been seeing a therapist for about a year. I get on really well with him and I've made a bit of progress (I've learned to drive, I'm more”
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  • “As a resident of one the greatest cities in the Republic, I find Mayor Michael Nutter guilty of the following crimes against residents of Philadelphia: • His failure to be an effective mayor for the”
    — Philadelphians vs. the Worst Mayor in Philadelphia,

  • “MicSem's open forum discussion. Soldiers' Ground. Micronesians in the military. Religion. Faith-based Discussion. Participants. Bagar Taxi I don't seem to understand where you get all these "overgenerosity" by the FSM Prez”
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